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men, and the relation is thus given by English miles from his own place of Sir Roger Twisden, who had it from abode. He travelled on foot, and took persons of undoubted credit, who were with him a small terrier bitch, then in not only inhabitants of Leicester, but the last week of her pregnancy. After saw the murderers executed :-When having been detained several days at King Richard III. marched into Leices- Eperies by floods, he was compelled to tershire against Henry Earl of Rich- return home without his dog, which in mond, afterwards Henry VII., he lay at the mean time had brought forth a litter the Blue Boar Inn, in the town of Lei- of five puppies. He had not been in cester, where was left a large wooden the house an hour when to his surprise bedstead, gilded in some places, which the bitch came in bearing a puppy in after his defeat and death in the battle her mouth, which she carefully placed of Bosworth, was left either through upon the mat where she ordinarily lay, haste, or as a thing of little value, (the and immediately rushed out of the house bedding being all taken from it,) to the again on the road to Eperies. In the people of the house; thenceforward space of twenty-four hours, she went this old bedstead, boarded at the bottom and returned four times more; on each (as the manner was in those days), be- occasion bringing home a puppy in her came a piece of standing furniture, and mouth. It is hardly necessary to slate passed from tenant to tenant with the that the puppies were quite dead as the inn. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth, mother brought them into the house. As this house was kept by one Mr. Clarke, the poor creature laid the last puppy who put a bed on this bedstead, which upon the mat, she could scarcely stand his wife was going to make hastily, and for weariness ; she whined and tremjumbling the bedstead, a piece of gold bled, looking pitifully upon her dead dropt out. This excited the woman's puppies ; and after walking once or curiosity; she narrowly examined this iwice round the mat she laid herself antiquated piece of furniture, and find- down beside them, and died in a few ing it had a double bottom, took off the minutes. In twenty-four hours the aniuppermost with a chisel, upon which mal had run about 180 miles. she discovered the space between them CHARACTER OF A GENTLEMAN.-A filled with gold, part of it coined by lawyer, at a circuit town, in Ireland, Richard III., and the rest of it in earlier dropped a ten pound note under the times. Mr. Clarke concealed this piece table, while playing cards at the inn.of good fortune, though by degrees the He did not discover his loss until he effects of it were made known, for he was going to bed, but then returned became rich from a low condition, and immediately. On reaching the room, in the space of a few years Mayor of he was met by the waiter, who said, "I the town; and then the story of the know what you want, sir, you have lost bedstead came to be rumoured by the something." “Yes, I have lost a ten servant. At his death he left his estate pound note.'

.” “Well, sir, I have found to his wife, who still continued to keep it, and here it is." “ Thanks, my good the inn, though she was known to be lad, here's a sovereign for you.' “ No, very rich, which put some wicked per- sir, I want no reward for being honsons upon engaging the maid servant est;' but, looking at him with a knowto assist in robbing her. These folks, ing grin—"wasn't it lucky none of the to the number of seven, lodged in her gentlemen found it ?” house, plundered it, and carried off How Eggs are BOILED.—Mr. Lightsome horse-loads of valuable things, foot Lee was exceedingly particular in and yet left a considerable quantity of boiling his eggs, which he was accusvaluables scattered about the floor.- tomed to say required more discretion As for Mrs. Clarke herself, who was than any other branch of the great art very fat, she endeavoured to cry out for of cookery. The preparations for this help, upon which her maid thrust her critical affair were always made with fingers down her throat, and choaked due solemnity. First, Mr. Lee sat with her, for which she was burnt ; the his watch in his hand, and the parlourseven men who were her' accomplices door, as well as all the other doors down were hanged at Leicester some time in to the kitchen, wide open. At the par1613.

lour-door stood Juba, his oldest, most FidelITY AND MATERNAL ATTACH- confidential, servant. At the end of the MENT.-A celebrated preacher, named hall leading to the kitchen, stood Pomp, Bucholz, who resided at Hasmark in the coachman; at the foot of the kitchen Hungary, had occasion to go to the stairs stood Benjamin, the footman ; village of Eperies, distant about twenty and Dolly, the cook, was watching the



skillet. “It boils,” cried Dolly: “It they are moist; if you find any resistboils," said Benjamin : “ It boils,” said ance, the flour contains whiting.– Pompey the great : and “It boils," Moisten the fore-finger and thumb with echoed Juba, Prince of Numidia. “Put a little sweet oil, and rub a small quanthem in,” said Mr. Lee: “Put them tity of the flour between them. If the in,” said Juba : “ Put them in,” said flour is pure, you may rub it for any Pomp: and “Put them in,” said Dolly: length of time without its becoming as she dropped the eggs into the skil- sticky and adhesive; the flour in the let. Exactly a minute and a half meantime becomes nearly black. But afterwards, by his stopwatch, Mr. if whiting be present, the flour will Lee called out “Done ;” and “Done" soon be worked up into the consistence was repeated from mouth to mouth as of putty, which will retain the original before. The perfection of the whole white colour, or nearly so. Mis a little process consisted in Dolly's whipping fiour with water in a tumbler, then drop out the eggs in half a second from a little numatic acid into the water. If the last echo of the critical “ Done." any chalk or whiting be present, an

effervescence will be produced by the George THE SECOND

discharge of carbonic acid gas. YOUNG PRETENDER. The young Pretender is said to have visited this coun The ROMANCE OF WAR. A French try on more than one occasion, during soldier who aecompanied the arinies of this reign, for the purpose of ascertain- Russia, concealed a small treasure at ing the state of public feeling in his the entrance of a village near Wilna, favour. The king, it is related, one day with the view of taking it with hiin on asked Lord Holderness, then secretary his return. After the defeat of Moscow of State, where the Pretender was ?- he was made prisoner, and sent to Si“Upon my word, sire,'' was the reply, beria, and only recovered his liberty “I don't exactly know; I suppose in about three years since. On reaching Italy; but l'll consult my last des. Wilna, he remembered his hidden treapatches.'—" Poh, poh! man,” said the sure, and after tracing out the spot king, “don't trouble yourself about where he had hid it, he went to take it despatches ; I'll tell you where he is : away. What was his astonishment to he is now at No. in the Strand, find, in the place of his money, a small and was last night at Lady -'s rout. tin box, containing a letter addressed What shall we do with him?" Lord to him, in which a commercial house Holderness proposed calling a council; was mentioned at Nancy, where he but the king said, “No, no; we can might receive the sum buried, with inmanage the business without a council. terest. The soldier supposed this was Let him stay where he is at present; all a hoax; he went, however, to the and when the poor man has amused house pointed out, where he received himself with looking about London, he his capital with twelve years' interesi. will go home again."

With this sum he established a small ADULTERATED FLOUR.

business in Nancy, which enables him are about to try the quality of flour, yet been able, though he has taken

to live comfortably; but he has never proceed as follows:-Grasp a handful, give it a sharp squeeze, and set the pains, to ascertain how his money was

taken away and restored to him. lump on the table. If it holds together and preserves the form of the cavity of

MEANS OF RENDERING The Vine the hand, the flour is good; but if the MORE PRODUCTIVE. A foreign Jourlump soon falls down, the flour is adul- nal, for the purpose above stated, reterated. When the adulterant is ground commends four ounces of alum to be bones, or plaster of Paris, the lump mixed with four pellets of clay, by soon falls down immediately; but when means of a sufficient quantity of water, whiting or pipe clay is present, the and, the roots of the vine being uncolomp keeps its form a little longer. vered on a fine day towards the end of The presence of much bran is detected the winter, they are to be moistened by the colour and feel of the flour; but with this mixture, and the earth then in this case also the grasped specimen changed, so that what was previously soon crumbles. Genuine flour retains uppermost shall be undermost. It is the fine impressions of the grains of the asserted that through this operation a skin much longer than any which is vine produces a great additional quanadulterated. Rub a little of the flour tity of grapes. between the palms of your hands when

. When you

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him), happens to cross my path; I fain

would live like the count, my master, CARL SCHWARTZEN THE who walloweth in his wealth and luxNEATHERD

ury. Oh that the mountain spirit would vouchsafe to bestow riches on me! I then perchance might have the power.

to revenge me on the count, for the many The last crimson tinge of the sun's cudgellings that I have received at his departing glory, which faintly illumi- hands; but woe is me, unhappy wretch ned the western horizon, gradually that I am, there is no such good fortune faded away, and gave place to the som- in store for Carl Schwartzen." bre shades of evening, as Carl Schwart After this strain reasoned he with zen, a neatherd, in the service of the himself as he pursued his rugged steps, Count Fiestenberg von Waxchlunger, till he sank exhausted and fatigued on a trudged his way homewards through the projecting fragment of rock, beneath a wild vicinity of the Hartz. Carl was clump of tall dark pines, wbich were one of those dissatisfied mortals who gently undulating in the cool evening are always grumbling at the hardness breeze, to rest his wearied limbs; and of their lot, and murmuring against the finding himself an hungered, unstrapwise dispensations of Providence. ped his wallet, and took therefrom the

“Verily I am weary of this monotonous sast remaining crust. “ Better is a dry kind of life, quoth he, as he sauntered morsel and quietness therewithi, than along, “tending upon the lazy herd from an house filled with sacrifices with morn till night, and all the reward I strife;" saith the proverbs of the wise get is coarse food, and that scanty man, to which Carl by no means asenow, heaven knows), a bed of dirty sented; his meal was therefore renrushes, and a hearty drubbing when- dered doubly wretched, by his disconever the count (may the foul fiend rive tented disposition. VOL. X.


“Goodly fare this same, for a man “Even so, fair sir,” said Carl," but who hath toiled from the rising to the canst thou put me in the way of obtainsetting of the sun,” said he aloud. ing wealth ?" 66 An the Count von Waschlunger were “Ay, an thou wilt," answered the to pass a few days after this manner, other. belike he would vouchsafe to amend the “Then heaven bless thee," exclaimcondition of his dependants; would that ed the delighted Carl. I had a flask of his highness's old hock, “ Bab!" said the stranger, evidently that his cellar is so well stored withal; displeased, his features contracting into for I wax marvellously dry after my a frown; “I want not thy thanks; all day's labour."

I require of thee, is to subscribe thy i An thou wilt partake with me, name at the foot of this scroll." thou shalt be right welcome,” said a Carl glanced over the parchment, and voice near him.

discried a numerous assemblage of chaCarl stared with stupid astonishment, racters, the meaning of which he was on beholding at his elbow, seated on totally unacquainted with, not having the self-same rock on which he himself been initiated into the art and mysterie had just taken up his position, a rotund of reading; he therefore requested that figure, clad in an antique habit, of dark the contents might be made known to pea-green, thickly studded with silver him; a few words at the commencesugarloaf buttons, sad-coloured hose, ment, however, sufficed. “Der Duyhis legs were encased with monstrous vel," shrieked the affrighted neatherd, boots of tanned leather, a large black and away he flew as fast as he could Spanish cloak was thrown over his lay- legs to the ground; his heart shoulders, and his dumpling-shaped bumped hard against his side as he goodnatured-looking phiz was sur- heard the heavy trainp of the stranger mounted by a thrum cap, in which was close at his heels; panting, and breathstuck by way of ornament a single less, he turned the sharp angle of a cock's-tail feather. Whether he drop- rock, when to his infinite horror he ped from the clouds, or rose from out encountered the same figure, whose The earth, Carl could not possibly con eyes now resembled two flaming coals. jecture; all he knew of the matter was, “ Wilt thou sign the parchment ?'' that there sat his worship, beyond all said he, with a hellish grin, at the same matter of doubt.

time thrusting the scroll full in the “Here is liquor that will put the teeth of the terrified Carl, who answerbest wine o'the count's cellar to shame,' ed not, but dashed down the hill with said he, “ drink man, and tell me if the velocity of a terror-stricken fawn; thou didst ever taste better."

he had not proceeded far, when he beCarl took the proffered fiask, his held at a short distance ahead, his mouth instinctively opened, and he ap- former companion, who had coolly plied thereunto that of the flask, while seated himself on a large stone, awaitihe cool delicious liquid gurgled down ing the approach of his victim; he his capacious gullet.

would have turned, and fled in another ""By my Halidame, thou hast swilled direction, but as the timid squirrel falls wondrously well, my master,” said the into the jaws of a rattle-snake, petrified stranger, as Carl returned to him the by its gaze, even in a like manner was empty flask, “how likest thou the wine, Carl irresistibly led on, by the fascinate Carl Schwartzen ?"

ing glare of the demon's eyes, which Carl having taken a long heavy res were steadily fixed on him; his impulse piration to regain his breath, replied, was again to rush past him, but for the ( 'Tis the bravest liquor that I have tasted life of him he could not budge an inch, this many a day; but I fain would but stood fixed and immovable, as a know by what means thou hast my leaden statue, confronting his arch name so readily, for I do not remember enemy: the scroll was again thrust forth. to have seen thee before.”

“ Have mercy, good duyvel!” groan“That matters not,” said the stranger, ed poor Carl ; " have mercy, and never I would do thee a service; thou again will I be dissatisfied with my lot, saidst but now, or I grievously err, that or call for thy assistance." thou wouldst fain live after the fashion “Of a verity, thou art a fool," reof the count, thy master, didst thou not?” turned the other, " to drag on thy mi. he enquired.

serable way of existence, while riches “I did," replied Carl.

and power are offered thee; which thou * And 'thou wouldst become rich?" refusest, rather than perform the simple continued his companion.

office of subscribing this parchment;

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nevertheless will I give thee yet another “ These are not the millionth part of opportunity, even will I display before what I possess," said the fiend, “ folthine eyes the inexhaustible treasures low me, and I will shew thee yet greater that thou despisest, and if thou neglect treasores than these." to avail thyself of my terms, beware of They now passed through sumpluous the doom of those who call on me for apartments and galleries, which far assistance in vain."

surpassed that from which they had just The night had. grown dark, and departed; heaps of the glittering treaclouds of pitchy blackness overspread sure were piled in countless profusion; the heavens, indicating the approach of now they entered a grotto composed of a tempest. A light vapour now enve- rugged gold, besprinkled with jewels loped the form of the stranger, which which glittered like the innumerable by degrees expanded, and became more stars of the firmament, from which they and more dense ; suddenly it burst emerged into a scene which exceeded forth into a brilliant vivid glare of red all that Carl had yet witnessed. Here light, glooming like a furnace; the crim- he beheld silvery torrents, flashing and soned clouds rolled suddenly away, foaming over rocks of porphyry, sarand discovered to the wondering eyes dine, and clırystal, flowing in a majesof our hero the gigantic forın of the tic stream across the foreground of this mountain fiend, in propria persona ; fairy landscape, and ultimately setting his sinewy herculean linbs were itself in a mirror-surfaced lake. On the covered with glitering scales, a hel- other hand stood the splendid palace, met of gold covered his swarthy brow, where the countless riches of the demon from beneath which the coal-black had been displayed; it was formed of flaky Jocks flowed, and uniting with the purest marble, its gates were of a grizzly beard, fell on his breast; his adamant; numberless other palaces meteor-like eyes, gleamed on the shud- and pavillions of like beauty varying in dering frame of Carl as he took him in size, and intermingled with groves of his hand, and spreading forth his broad trees, on which ripe delicious fruit of shadowy wings, soared aloft in the every description hung in rich clusters, murky air. Away he slot “swifter extended in a vast amphitheatre until than an arrow from the Athenian's lost by the imperfection of vision; bow," wringing his flight high over the fountains spouting molten gold, in the rugged mountain peaks, and deep hol- air fragrant, aromatic odours low glenas he now descended towards emitted by the plants and flowers, the earth and plunged with his victim which sprang up in spontaneous luxuheadlore mto a deep pool, like a cor- riance around, while the ear was enmoran darting on its prey; down- chanted by the melodious warbling of pard liey went with incredible velo- the feathered tribe, of the most brilli

and seemed as if diving to the ant and beautiful plumage. They were eartbe centre. Carl was rendered in- instantly surrounded by myriads of little sensible when animation returned, he grotesque figures, some emerging from found himgelf in a stately hall, the mag- cavities of the rocks, others from the rificence of which it had never before lake, while some came floating on the entered into the imagination of our wor- liquid air. thy to conceive: the walls thereof were “ I have now shewn thee," said the alabaster, on which curiously wrought fiend, “ as much as will enable thee to devices were emblazoned with dia- judge of the immensity of my inexmonds, emeralds, and various other haustible treasures ; thou seest yonder precious stones of inconceivable size palaces, each of which contain as much and beauty; the pillars that supported as that through which thou hast past the silver fretted roof, were of porphyry but now; thou shalt possess as much and topaz, and the pavement pure gold, thereof as thy heart can desire, if thou studded with innumerable gems; heaps wilt now, ere it is too late, sign the of jewels lay scattered in every direc- scroll.” tion, as if worthless. Carl was struck “ I cannot, I dare not,” groaned forth with wonderment and admiration on Carl. beholding the vast treasures that were “Spirit of my will,” exclaimed the disclosed to his glistening eye, of which demon, his eyes flashing with indighe might become the possessor ; but as nation, and his huge form quivering the price thereof was nothing less than with rage, "" Spirit, I say, away with the eternal damnation of his soul, he the mortal to his doom.” could not comply with the terms of the Instantaneously the scene of endemon. ve

chantment fled from before the eyes of


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