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“ Ha!” cried the King, “ he who ledo (the Catholic writers make him an fled from our pursuivant ?"

archbishop, though the dignity was un“ The same," continued Archibald. known in Spain during the seven first “ Your Highness did once doubt my centuries), this prelate went to France, loyalty-let the corpse of that stout to visit his mastsr, Dionysius the Areocaptain speak for it."-(He pointed to pagite. As he drew near Paris, he was the body of Swart, who lay across the asked by some Roman soldiers, what blade of his two-handed sword) God he worshipped ? “I am a Chris

Though, perhaps, this token will tian !" was the reply. He was immesuffice. Thi Lord's Ancient sleeps diately beheaded, and buried no one with the Alman captain."

knew where. He untied the sash which was girt But Eugenius was too great a favourite around his waist, and unfolding it laid with Heaven for his corpse to lie for it at the feet of ihe King. It bore the ever in obscurity. One Hercoldus, a well-known arms of De la Pole man of distinction, being sick, a veneAzure, a fess between three Leopards' rable-looking person appeared to him heads Or ; a label of three Argent. in a dream ; commanded him to arise,

“ 'Tis the Earl of Lincoln's banner!” to go to a neighbouring lake, to draw exclaimed Henry—“ this is wonderful! thence the body of Eugenius, and cause Your sword, my Lord of Oxford.” it to be interred with all due honour.

The Earl presented his sword to the Hercoldus accordingly arose, as well as King, and Archibald Mervyn dropping ever he had been in his life ; and, aton one knee, rose up a knight.

tended by a great multitude of people, A few words will suffice for the se- he went to the lake, and drew out the quel of this tale. After his escape, corpse in as fine a state of preservation Archibald Mervyn repaired to the court as if the head had but just been lopped of the Duchess of Burgundy as soon as off. He thought no place could be more he reached the continent, and became suitable for such a relic than the abbey acquainted with the whole proceedings of St. Denis ; but the oxen which he of the malcontents, whom he closely had yoked to the team would not stir watched until their arrival in England. a foot in that direction : when left to Fortunately he had, on the day previ- themselves, they turned off to a little ously to the battle met with a party of field, where a church was erected to Wiltshiremen, who agreed to assist receive the holy prize. But this corpse him in his attack upon Swart, upon a seems to have been somewhat whimpromise that they should be amply re- sical : being carried in procession some warded for their aid. Archibald did ages afterwards to the church of St. not forget that promise: his courage Denis, and laid on the high altar, it and address had gained him the ap- refused to return to its former resting plause and favour of the King, who re- place; no force could move it an inch. stored to him his estates, and conferred What could be more clear than that the upon him many honours.

disciple wished to remain with the masEre the week was out, the bells of ter ?' The monks this time removed it Blunsdon were ringing loudly to cele- from the altar with ease, and laid it in brate bis return to the home of his an a chapel within the monastery cestors. The villagers were drunk with The mortification of the good people joy, and scattered flowers in his path. at Toledo was extreme on hearing of Sir Archibald Mervyn (for his curtailed these wondrous things: the question pennon proclaimed him a Knight Ban now was how to obtain a portion of so neret) as he entered the dwelling from valuable a relic. With some difficulty which he had been so cruelly torn, and the king of France was induced to spare clasped his beautiful partner to his an arm, and a solemn annual feast combosom, forgot the months of misery he memorated its arrival. Finally, in the had endured since their separation. time of Henry de Valois (1565), Philip


II. was fortunate enough to beg the re

mainder of the body ; which has ever ST. EUGENIUS.

since enriched the bony treasury of that

ancient cathedral. THERE are some circumstances attending the relics of this saint, which may CUBA FISHER ME N. gratify the curious, or divert the idle

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Having laboured with extraordinary I could not help smiling at the gransuccess for some years in his see of To- deur of Dick's emphasis on the all,


when twenty hands, one-third of them a waistband and two knee-bands, from boys, and the others landsmen, scram which a few shreds fluttered in the bled up from below, and began to pull breeze, the rest of his canvas having and haul in no very seamnanlike fa- been entirely torn out of the boll-ropes. shion. He noticed it. “Ah, Tom, I For an upper dress he had borrowed a know what you are grinning at, but waistcoat without sleeves from the purI fear it has been no laughing matter ser of the schooner, which hung loose to my poor boats' crew all my best and unbuttoned before, while behind, hands gone, God help me!"

being somewhat of the shortest, some Presently being under the Firebrand's very prominent parts of his stern lee quarter, we lowered down the boat fraine were disclosed, as even an apoand went on board, where, for the first logy for a shirt bad he none. Being time, the extreme ludicrousness of my a decent man, however, he had tied his appearance and following flashed on large straw hat round his waist, by

There we were all in a bunch, strings fastened to the broad brims, the dog, Mr. and Mrs. Mangrove, and which nearly met behind, so that the Thomas Cringle, gent., such in ap- crown covered his loins before, like a pearance as I shall shortly describe petard, while the sameness of his black them.

naked body was relieved by being Old Richard Gasket, Esq., first clam- laced with blood from numberless lacebered up the side, and made his bow rations. to the Hon. Captain N-, who was Next came the female" This is the standing near the gangway, on the pilot's wife, Captain N again snow-white deck, where every thing sung out old Dick; but decency won't was in the most apple-pie order, him- let me venture on a description of poor self, both in mind and apparel, the most Nancy's equipment, beyond mentionpolished concern in the ship, amidsting, that one of the Gleam's crew had a group of officers; while the whole given her a pair of old trowsers, which, crew,

with the exception of the unfor as a sailor has no bottom, and Nancy was tunate absentees in the cutter, were not a sailor, were most ludicrously scrambling to get a good view of us. scanty at top, and devil another rag of

I have already said, that my uniform any kind had the poor creature on, but was torn to pieces ; trousers ditto ; my a handkerchief across her bosom. There shoes had parted company in the quag- was no standing all this ; the crew formire ; and as for hat, it was left in my ward and in the waist were all on the cot. I had a dirty bandage tied round my broad grin, while the officers, after neck, performing the twofold office of a struggling to maintain their gravity un. cravat and a dressing to my wound; til they were nearly suffocated, fairly while the blood from the scratches had gave in, and the whole ship echoed dried into black streaks adown and with the most uproarious laughter; a across my face and paws, and I was young villain, whether a Mid or no I altogether so begrimed with mud that could not tell, yelling out in the throng my mother would not have known me. “Hurra for Toin Cringle's Tail!" Dick made his salam, and then took up I was fairly beginning to lose couna position beside the sally port, with tenance, when up jumped Sneezer to an important face, like a showman ex- my relief out of the boat, with an old hibiting wild beasteses, a regular stir- cocked hat lashed on his head, a mahim-up-with-a-long-pole” sort of look. rine's jacket buttoned round his body, -1 followed him~ This is Lieutenant and his coal-black muzzle bedaubed Cringle, Captain N

with pipe-clay, regularly monkeyfied, “The devil it is !” said N-, try- the momentary handiwork of some ing in vain to keep his gravity. “Why, wicked little reefers, while a sınall pipe I see it is-How do you do, Mr. Cringle? sung out quietly, as if not intended to glad to see you.”

reach the quarter-deck, although it “ This is Peter Mangrove, branch- did do so. " And here coines the last pilot,” continuing Gasket, as Peter, joint of Mr. Cringle's Tail.” The dog bowing, tried to slide past out of sight. began floundering and jumping about,

Till this instant I had not had time and walloping amongst the people, to look at him—he was even a much most of whom knew him, and immediqueerer-looking figure than myself. ately drew their attention from me and He had been encumbered with no gar- my party to himself ; for away they all ment beside his trowsers when we bundled forward, dog and men tumstarted, and these had been reduced, bling and scrambling about like so many in the scramble through the brake, to children, leaving the coast clear to me


and my attendants. The absurdity of water, which divided the surf at the the whole exhibition had for an instant, harbour's mouth, having hit it to a even under the very nose of a prover- nicely; but when about a pistol shot bially taught hand, led to freedoms from the entrance, the channel narrowwhich I had believed impossible in a ed to a muddy creek, not more than man-of-war. However, there was too twenty yards wide, with high trees, much serious matter in hand, indepen- and thick underwood close to the wadently of any other consideration, to ter's edge. All was silent, the sun allow the merriment created by our ap- shone down upon us like the concenpearance to last lon Captain N trated rays of a burning-glass, and there immediately on being informed how was no breeze to dissipate the heavy matters stood, with seamanlike promp- dank mist that hovered over the surface tilude determined to lighten the Gleam, of the unwholesome canal, nor and send her in with the boats, for the there any appearance of a living thing, purpose of destroying the haunt of the save and except a few startled waterpirates, and recovering the men, if fowl, and some guanoes on the trees, They were still alive; but before any and now and then an alligator like a thing could be done, it came on to blow, black log of charred wood, would roll and for a week we had great difficulty off a slimy bank of brown mud, with a in maintaining our position off the splash into the water. We rowed on, coast against the strength of the gale the schooner every now and then takand lee current. It was on the Sunday ing the ground, but she was always morning after I had escaped that it quickly warped off again by a kedge; moderated sufficiently for our purpose, at length, after we had in all proceeded when both vessels stood close in, and it might be about a mile from the Peter and I were sent to reconnoitre beach, we came to a broom of strong the entrance of the port in the gig. timber clamped with iron, stretching Having sounded and taken the bearings across the creek. We were not unof the land, we returned on board, prepared for this; one of the two old when the Gleam's provisions were 32-pound carronades, which, in anticitaken out and her water started. The pation of some obstruction of the sort, ballast was then shifted, so as to bring had been got on deck from amongst the her by the head, that she might thus Gleam's ballast, and properly slung, draw less water by being on an even was now inade fast to the middle timber keel, all sharp vessels of her class re of the boom, and let go, when the quiring much deeper water aft than weight of it sunk it to the bottom, and forward ; the corvette's launch, with a we passed on. We pulled on for about 12-pound carronade fitted, was then half a mile further, when I noticed, manned and armed with thirty seamen high up on a sunny cliff, that shot boldand marines, under the command of ly out into the clear blue heavens, a the second lieutenant; the jolly boat, small red flag suddenly ran up to the and the two quarter boats, each with top of a tall, scathed, branchless palm twelve men, followed in a string, under tree, where it flared for a moment in the the third lieutenant, the master, and the breeze like the flame of a torch, and senior midshipman; thirty picked hands then as suddenly disappeared.

" Come were added to the schooner's crew, they are on the look-out for us I see. and I was desired to take the gig, with The hills continued to close on us as six smart hands and Peter Mangrove, we advanced, and that so precipitously and to accompany the whole as pilot; that we might have been crushed to but to pull out of danger so soon as pieces had half a dozen active fellows, the action commenced, so as to be ready without any risk to themselves, for the to help any disabled boat, or to carry trees would have screened them, simply orders from the commanding officer. At loosened some of the fragments of rock nine in the inorning, we gave three that impended over us so threateningly, cheers, and leaving the corvette, with it seemed, as if a little finger could have barely forty hands on board, the Gleam sent thein bounding and thundering, inade sail towards the harbour's mouth, down the mountain side ; but this either with the boats in tow ; but when we got was not the game of the people we were within musket-shot of the entrance, the in search of, or Obed's spirit and enbreeze failed us, when the order of sail- ergy had been crushed out of him by ing was reversed, the boats now taking the heart-depressing belief that his the schooner in tow, preceded by your hours were numbered, for no active humble servant in the gig. We dashed obstruction was offered. We now sudsafely through the small canal of blue denly rounded an abrupt corner of the

creek, and there we were full in front cients, as if he had been going to of the schooners, who, with the felucca church, instead of to fight; “and who in advance, were lying in line of battle, the hell are you?" "I command one with springs on their cables. The of these Spanish schooners, sir, which horrible black pennant was, in the your boats so unwarrantably attacked a present instance, nowhere to be seen ; week ago, although you are at peace indeed, why such an impolitic step as with Spain. But even had they been ever to have shown it at all was taken enemies, they were in a friendly port, in the first attack, I never could un- which should have protected them.”derstaud, for the force was too small “ All very good oysters," quoth old to have created any serious fear of be- Dick ; "and pray was it an honest ing captured, (unless indeed it had been trick of you, or your friend, to cabbage taken for an advanced guard, supported my young friend, Lieutenant Cringle by a stronger, while it must have ap- there, as if you had been slavers kidpeared probable to Obediah, that the napping the Bungoes in the Bight of loss of the two boats would in all like- Biafra, and then to fire on and murder lihood lead to a more powerful attempt, my people when sent in to claim him." when, if it were successful, the damn- “ As to carrying off that young gentleing fact of having fought under such man, it was no affair of ours ; he was an infernal emblem must have insured brought away by the master of that a pirate's death on the gibbet to every American schooner ; but so far as resonl who was taken, unless he had gards firing on your people, I believe intended to have murdered all the wit- they fired first. But they are not murnesses of it. But since proof in my dered ; on the contrary, they have been person and the pilot's existed, now, if well used, and are now on board that ever, was the time for mortal resistance felucca. I am come to surrender the and to have hoisted it, for they knew whole fifteen to you.”—“The whole that they all fought with halters about fifteen ! and what have you made of their necks. They had all the Spanish the other twelve ?—“Gastados," said flag flying except the Wave, which the fellow, with all the sangfroid in showed American colours, and the fe- in the world, “ gastados, (spent or exlucca, which had a white flag hoisted, pended) by their own folly." from which last, whenever our gig ap- Oh, they are expended, are theypeared, a canoe shoved off, and pulled then give us the fifteen.”—“ Certainly, towards us. The officer, if such he but you will in this case withdraw your might be called, also carried a white force, of course ?"

o We shall see flag in his hand. He was a daring about that,-go and send us the men.” looking fellow, and dashed up along He jumped down into the canoe, and side of me. The incomphrensible folly shoved off;—whenever he reached the of trying at this time of day to cloak felucca, he struck the white flag, and the real character of the vessels, puz- hoisted the Spanish in its stead, and by zled me, and does so to this hour. I hauling on a spring, he brought her to have never got a clew to it, unless it cover the largest schooner so effectually was that Obed's strong mind had given that we could not fire a shot at her withway before his superstitious fears, and out going through the felucca. We others had now assuined the right of could see all the men leave this latter both judging and acting for him in this vessel in two canoes, and go on board his closing scene. He at once recog

one of the other craft. There was now nised me, but seemed neither surprised no tiine to be lost, so I dashed at the nor disconcerted at seeing me, or the felucca in the gig, and broke open the strength of the force which accompanied hatches, where we found the captured

He asked me in Spanish if I coin- seamen and their gallant leader, Lieumanded it ; I told him I did not, that the tenant ***, in a sorry plight, expectcaptain of the schooner was the senior ing nothing but to be blown up, or inofficer. “Then will you be good enough, stant death by shot or the knife. We Mr. Cringle, to go on board with me, released them, and, sending to the to interpret for me?"-"Certainly." Gleam for ammunition and sipall arms, In half a minute we were both on the led the way in the felucca, by Mr. GasGleam's deck, the crews of the boats ket's orders, to the attack, the corthat had her in tow lying on their oars. vette's launch supporting us; while the “You are the commander of this force ?" schooner with the other craft were said the Spaniard. “I am,” said old scraping up as fast as they could. We Gasket, who had figged himself out in made straight for the largest schooner, full puff after the manner of the an- which with her consorts now opened a

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heavy fire of grape and musketry, longer resist".And my voice which we returned with interest. I can obeyed by all except the fifteen we had tell little of what took place till I found released, who were absolutely mad myself on the pirate's quarter-deck, with fury-perfect fiends; such unconafter a desperate tussle, and having trollable fierceness I had never witdriven the crew overbroad, with dead nessed,-indeed, I had nearly cut one and wounded men thickly strewn about, of them down before I could make and our fellows busy firing at their them knock off firing. “ Don't fire, surviving antagonists, as they were sir,” cried I to one. Ay, ay, sir; but trying to gain the shore by swimming. that scoundred made me wash his shirts,"

Although the schooner we carried and he let drive at a poor devil, who was the Commodore, and commanded was squattering and swimming away by Obediah in person, yet the pirates, towards the shore, and shot him through that is, the Spanish part of them, by nó the head. “By heavens! I will run means showed the fight I expected. you through, if you fire at that man!” While we were approaching, no fire shouted I to another, a marine, who was could be hotter, and their yells and taking aim at no less a personage than cheers were tremendous ; but the in- friend Obed, who had risen to breathe, stant we laid her alongside with the and was swimming after the others, felucca, and swept her decks with a but the very last man of all. discharge of grape from the carronade, by G-! he made me wash his trowunder cover of which we boarded on sers, sir." He fired—the pirate stretthe quarter, while the launch's people ched ont his arms, turned slowly on his scrambled up at the bows, their hearts back, with his face towards me. I failed them, a regular panic overtook thought he gave me a sort of “Et tu, them, and they jumped overboard, with- Brute" look, but I dare say it was fancy out waiting for a taste either of cutlass -his feet began to sink, and he graor boarding-pike. The captain him- dually disappeared,-a few bubbles of self, however, with about ten Americans froth and blood marking the spot where stood at bay round the long gun which, he went down. He had been shot notwithstanding their great inferiority dead. I will not attempt to describe in point of numbers to our party, they my feelings at this moment,-they manfully fired three several times at burned themselves in on my heart at us, after we had carried her aft; but the time, and the impression is in lewe were so close that the grape came lible. Whether I had or had not acced, past us like a round shot, and only kile in one sense, unjustly, by thrusting myled one hand at each discharge,- self so conspicuously forward in the whereas at thirty yards further off it attempt to capture him after what had might have made a pretty “tableau" passed between us, forced itself upon of the whole party, by having had room my judgment. I had certainly promisto spread. I hailed Obed twice to sur- ed that I would, in no way that I could render, as our people, staggered by help, be instrumental in his destruction the extreme hardihood of the small or seizure, provided he landed me at St. group, hung back for an instant; but he Jago, or put me on board a friendly either did not hear me, or would not, vessel. He did neither, so his part of for the only reply he seemed inclined the compact might be considered broto make was by slewing round the gun ken ; but then it was out of his power so as to bring me on with it, and the 'to have fulfilled it, besides, he not only next moment a general rush was made, threatened my life subsequently, but when the whole party was cut down, actually wounded me ; still, however, with three exceptions, one of whom on great provocation. But what " is was Obed himself, who getting on the writ, is writ.” He has gone to his acgun, inade a desperate bound over the count, pirate as he was, murderer if men's heads, and jumped overboard. you will; yet I had, and still have, a He struck out gallantly, the shot pat- tear for his memory, and many a tine tering round him like the first of a have I prayed on my bare knees that thunder shower, but he dived apparent- his blue agonized dying look might be ly unhurt, and I lost sight of him. erased from my memory ;-but this can

The other vessels having also been never be. What he had been I never carried, the firing was all on our learned ; but it is iny deliberate opiside by this time, and I, along with nion, that with a clear stage and opporthe other officers, was exerting myself tunity, he would have forced himself to stop the butchery. “ Cease firing, out from the surface of society for good men; for shame, you see they no or for evil. The unfortunates who

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