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discovered. Here six persons, includ- felt that he was running aground fast ing Andy, Jack, Tim- with his gun be- when he had the conversation to hiintween his legs—and Owen, sat to play self. He became quite furious, and, for a pig's head, of which the living after two or three efforts started up, and owner, in the parlour below, testified, made a rush towards his wooden adverin frequent grunts, his displeasure at sary; but the great slipperiness of the this unceremonious disposal of his pro- ground laid him on the flat of his back. perty. One boy held several splinters This gave time, so that several interto light them, and another was charged fered, and peace was made; but the with the sole business of making more, harmony of the night was destroyed. and drying them in little bundles at the At last, Jack Shea swore they must fire. This, however, did not prevent have something to eat; damn him but him from making many sallies to disco- he was starved with drink, and he must ver the state of the game. A ring, two get some rashers somewhere or other. or three deep, surrounded the players, Every one declared the same; and and in their looks exhibited the most Paddy was ordered to cook some grise keen interest. This group formed what kins forth with. Paddy was completely might he termed the foreground of the nonplused: all the provisions were picture. In one corner were squatted gone, and yet his guests were not to be five boys and three girls, also playing trifled with. He made a hundred excards for pins. But, notwithstanding cuses-" 'Twas late-'twas dry nowthe smallness of the stakes, there were and there was nothing in the house ; innumerable scuffles, and an unceasing sure they ate and drank enough.". But clamour kept up, through which the all in vain. The ould sinner was threattreble of the girls was sure to be heard, ened with instant death if he delayed. and which, every now and then, re So Paddy called a council of war in the quired curses loud and deep, from sonie parlour, consisting of his wife and himunfortunate player at the large table, to self. silence. On the block by the fire sat * Agrah, Jillen, agrah, what will we Paddy himself, convulsing a large audi- do with these? Is there any meat in the ence with laughter at some humorous tub? Where is the tongue? If it was story, or at one of his own practical yours, Jillen, we'd give them enough of jokes, while his wife bustled about, beat it; but I mane the cow's,” (aside.) the dog, set pieces of plates and keelers “Sure the proctors got the tongue ere to receive the rain wherever it oozed yesterday, and you know there an't a through the thatch, and occasionally bit in the tub. Oh the murtherin vilstopped, half-provoked and half-admir- lains! and I'll engage 'twill be no good ing, to shake her head at her husband. for us, after all my white bread and the Card-playing is very thirsty, and the whisky. That it may poison 'em!” boys were anxious to keep out the wet; “ Amen! Jillen; but don't curse so that long before the pig's head was them. After all, where's the meat? I'm decided, a messenger had been dis sure that Andy will kill me if we don't patched to Killarney, a distance of four make it out any how; -- and he hasn't a English miles, for a pint of whisky each penny to pay for it. You could drive time. The ale also went merrily round, the mail coach, Jillen, through his until most of the men were quite stupid, breeches pocket without jolting over a their faces swoln, and their eyes red ha'penny. Coming; coming ; d'ye hear and heavy. The contest at length was 'em ?" decided; but a quarrel about the skill “Oh, they'll murther us.

Sure if we of the respective parties succeeded, and had any of the tripe I sent yesterday to threatened broken heads at one time, the gauger.” Indeed, had Tim been able to effect the “Eh! What's that you say? I declare purpose at which he diligently labour- to God here's Andy getting up. We ed, of getting the gun to his shoulder, it must do something. Thonom an dhiuis very probable he would have taken oul, I have it. Jillen, run and bring me ample satisfaction for some dreadful af- the leather breeches ; run woman, front offered him by Andy; who, on his alive! Where's the block and the hata part, directed all bis discourse to a large chet? Go up and tell 'em you're putting wooden gallon at the other end of the down the pot.”' table. The imperturbable coolness of Jillen pacified the uproar in the kithis opponent provoked Andy exceed- chen by loud promises, and returned to ingly. Abuse is bad enough; but con- Paddy. The use of the leather breeches temptuous silence is more than flesh passed her comprehension ; but Paddy and blood can bear, particularly as he actually took up the leather breeches,

tore away the lining with great care, gnawing at them for some time,“ Well chopped the leather with the hatchet on says Owen Connor, “that I mightn't!the block, and put it into the pot as but these are the quarest tripes I ever tripes. Considering the situation in ate. It must be she was very ould.” which Andy and his friends were, and · By J-," says Andy, taking a the appetite of the Irish peasantry for piece from his mouth to which he had meat in any shape “ a bone” being been paying his addresses for the last their summum bonum the risk was half hour, “I'd as soon be eating leavery little. If discovered, however, ther. She was a bull, man; I can't Paddy's safety was much worse than find the soft end at all of it." doubiful, as no people in the world “And that's true for you, Andy,” said have a greater horror of any unusual the man of the gun; "and 'tis the greatfood. One of the most deadly modes of est shame they hadn't a bull-bait to revenge they can employ is to give an make him tinder. Paddy, was it from enemy cat or dog's fesh; and there Jack Clifford's bull you got 'em? They'd have been instances where the persons do for wadding, they're so tough.” who have eaten it, on being informed of “I'll tell you, Tim, where I got them the fact, have gone mad. But Paddy's - 'twas out of Lord Shannon's great cow habit of practical jokes, from which at Cork, the great fat cow that the Lord nothing could wean hin, and his anger Mayor bought for the Lord Lieutenant at their conduct, along with the fear he - Asda churp naur hagusheh.* was in, did not allow him lo hesitate a Amen, I pray God! Paddy. Out of moment. Jillen remonstrated in vain. Lord Shannon's cow ? near the steeple, “ Hould your tongue, you foolish wo I suppose; the great cow that couldn't man. They're all as blind as the pig walk with tallow. By J—, these are there. They'll never find it out. Bad fine tripes. They'll make a man very luck to 'em too, my leather breeches! strong. Andy, give me two or three that I gave a pound note and a hog for libbhers more of 'em.” in Cork. See how nothing else would “Well, see that! out of Lord Shansatisfy 'em!” The meat at length was non's cow: I wonder what they gave ready. Paddy drowned it in butter, her, Paddy. That I mightn't! but threw out the potatoes on the table, and these would eat a pit of potatoes. Any served it up smoking hot with the great- how, they're good for the teeth. Paddy, est gravity.

what's the reason they send all the “By J says Jack Shea, " that's good mate from Cork to the Blacks?" fine stuff. How a man would dig a But before Paddy could answer this trench after that.”

question, Andy, who had been endea“I'll take a priest's oath," answered vouring to help Tiin, uttered a loud Tom Cobill, the most irritable of men, Thonom an dhiaoul! what's this? but whose temper was something soft- Isn't this flannel ?" The fact was, he ened by the rich steam;

had found a piece of the lining, which “Yet, Tim, what's a priest's oath? Paddy, in his hurry, had not removed ; I never heard that."

and all was confusion. Every eye was “Why, sure, every one knows you turned to Paddy; but with wonderful didn't ever hear of anything of good.” quickness he said, “ 'Tis the book

“I say you lie, Tim, you rascal.” tripe, agragal, don't you see?” — and

Tim was on his legs in a few mo- actually persuaded them to it. ments, and a general battle was about “ Well, any low,” says Tim,“ it had to begin; but the appetite was too the taste of wool.” strong, and the quarrel was settled ; “ May. this choke me," says Jack Tim having been appeased by being Shea, " if I didn't think that 'twas a allowed to explain a priest's oath. — piece of a leather breeches when I saw According to him, a priest's oath was Andy chawing it." this :-He was surrounded by books, This was a shot between wind and which were gradually piled up until water to Paddy. His self-possession they reached his lips. He then kissed was nearly altogether lost, and he could the uppermost, and swore by all to the do no more than turn it off by a faint bottom. As soon as the admiration laugh. But it jarred most unpleasantly excited by his explanation, in those on Andy's nerves. After looking at who were capable of hearing Tim, had Paddy for some time with a very ominceased, all fell to work ; and certainly, ous look, he said, “ Yirro Pandhrig of if the tripes had been of ordinary tex- the tricks, if I thought you were going ture, drunk as was the party, they on with any work here, my soul and my would soon have disappeared. After * May it never come out of his body !

guts to the devil if I would not cut you HAWKS YARD HALL. into garters. By the vestinent I'd make

BY HORACE GUILPORD. a furhurmeen of you."

For the Olio. “ Is it I, Andy ? That the hands may fall off me!"

You see these lifeless stumps of Aspin wood,

Some say that they are beeches, others elins; But Tim Cohill made a most season These were the bower, and here a mansion able diversion. Andy, when you die

stood, you'll be the death of one fool, any how.

The finest palace of a hundred realms. What do you know that wasn't ever in The arbour doth its own condition tell, Cork itself about tripes. I never ate

You see the stones, the fountain, and the

stream; such mate in my life; and 'twould be But as for the great lodge, you might as well good for every poor man in the County Hunt half a day for a forgotten dream.

Wordsworth. of Kerry if he had a tub of it.”

The bees are in the sycamore, Tim's tone of authority, and the cha

His broadly-curtain'd boughs racter he had got for learning, silenced Boom with a pleasant song, as they every doubt, and all laid siege to the On boney blooms carouse. tripes again. But after some time, Andy The eternal Trent rolls royally, was observed gazing with the most as

Between his wealthy shores;

And heaven upon his painted tide, tonished curiosity into the plate before Its shower and sunshine pours. him. His eyes were rivetted on some

And purple floats o'er Cannock Moor, thing; at last he touched it with his

The heather's ancient pall; knife, and exclaimed, “ Kirhappa, dar And green woods wave o'er Startley Head, dhia!”—[A button by G-]

But where is Hawksyard Hall? What's that you say?" burst from The quaint carved house, whose gable front all! and every one rose in the best Look'd up the broad domain;

Far as the eastern towers and woods manner he could, to learn the meaning

Of knightly Malvesyn? of the button.

I knew its tapestried halls no more “ Oh the villain of the world!" roar Convened the vestal train; ed Andy, “ I'm pisoned! Where's the Nor fiam'd above its blazon'd porch pike? For God's sake, Jack, run for

The gilded dragon vane. the priest, or I'm a dead man with the I knew the Merloun's Milan bells breeches. Where is he? D-n yeer

No more at sunrise rang ;

Nor maids by moonlight blush'd to hear bloods won't ye catch him, and I pi What warrior minstrels sang. soned ?"

But then they said-'twas mine to trace The fact was, Andy had met one of The moat, and rushes wild; the knee-buttons, sewed into a piece of And see the stuuted Damascene,

Where once an orchard smiled. the tripe, and it was impossible for him to fail discovering the cheat. The rage,

Alas! the loneliest swamp that hears

The bittern's dreary cry: however, was not confined to Andy. As

Where never hut its shadow threw, soon as it had been discerned what had

Betwixt the turf and sky: been done, there was an universal rush

Is not more trackless to the view, for Paddy and Jillen; but Paddy was More dully desolate ; much too cunning to be caught, after than this, where courtesy combined

With patriarchal state. the narrow escape he had of it before. The moment after the discovery of the

And alder hedge, a heap of stones, lining, that he could do so without sus

By one pale oak o'erspread;

A broidery of bladed corn, picion, he stole from the table, left the And clover green and red. house, and hid himself. Jillen did the No more-not e'en an aged tree, same ; and nothing remained for the 'To shake his standard o'er eaters, to vent their rage, but breaking The honour'd site, whose vanislı'd walls

The Rugeley's roses bore. every thing in the cabin ; which was done in the utmost fury. Andy, how

Ah mel yon steep and bowery lane,

With pearly hawthorps drest; ever, continued watching for Paddy with

The knight unbeeding trod, who came a gun, a whole month after. He might To Hawksyard Hall a guest. be seen prowling along the ditches near He only mark'd mid waving woods, the shebeen-house, waiting for a shot at The high-hung portal bell; him. Not that he would have scrupled Orgable cray, or chimney shaft,

-gilt to enter it, were he likely to find Paddy

But now the meanest flower that paints there; but the latter was completely on The bank where sun-flakes fall, the shuchraun, and never visited his Wins the fond eye that idly seeks cabin except by stealth. It was in one

The site of Hawksyard Hall.
of those visits that Andy hoped to catch Traditions, chaunted chronicles,
Tait's Edin. Mag.

In vain deaf ages drown;
Still fancy decorates the place,

With colourings all her owo.

She weaves the golden web anew,

And if the muse be wanting; The antiquary's day dream makes

The nameless heap enchanting. Farewell then, -hall I may not say,

But, Hawksyard! fare thee weli;
And thus, manorial phantom ! bear,

In artless notes, thy knell!
There is a strength in honour's home,

A spell in valour's reign,
Beyond the power of time to touch,

Or ruin to profane.
And where soft charity haih dealt

Her blessings at the gate,
A thousand angels' viewless feet

The lone spot consecrate.
Years may transfer the feeting crown

Of earthy pomp and pride;
But pale oblivion spares the site,

That virtue sanctified.
Sleep then the corn where pavements rang,

And not a shield survive;
The very ground itself asserts

A proud prerogative.
The solemn woods, the princely stream,

The blue beath's mighty verge,
Shall blend in high mysterious tale

Its annals and its dirge.
The spirits of its shrouded lords,

Shall brood majestic by!
Such ruins never can decay,

Such dead can never die !

tendon just above the heel of the hind leg. The horseman again wheels, and returning at full gallop, bis companion vaults up behind him. The mischief being done, and the poor victim as it were tethered to the ground, the horsemen leave him to search for another of the herd, while a party on foot attack him with lances, and at last put an end to his sufferings and his life. One of the greatest dangers, in riding after the elephant, proceeds from the stumps of the trees which he breaks in forcing his way among them, and also from the young trees, which, bending without breaking, recoil with such violence, that they often have been known to dash both horse and rider

to the ground; whereupon the elephant generally turns, and trampling on his tiny enemy, luxuriously tears "The lord of the creation” limb by limb to pieces. Besides this, the soil, like that of all hot countries during the dry season, is cracked and spilt into such deep chasms, that riding is attended with very great danger.




Continued from p. 39.

The manner in which the Abyssini To my great joy and surprise, the ans kill the elephant is as follows:- poor dumb beast rose from where he Two men, absolutely naked, mount a had coiled himself at my feet, and after single horse ; one has nothing in his having actually embraced me, by puthand but a switch or a short stick ting his forepaws on my shoulders, as the which he uses to manage the horse ; he stood on his hind legs, and licked while his comrade, armed with a broad my face from ear to ear, uttering a low, sword, sits patiently behind him. As fondling, nuzzling sort of whine, like soon as the elephant is discovered feed a nurse caressing a child, he at once ing, the horsemen ride before him, and leapt on the window sill, put his forecrossing him in all directions, they each paws through the handkerchief, and vauntingly exclaim-“I am such a man, was dropped to the ground again. I and such a man; this is my horse, that could immediately perceive the two has such a name ; I killed your father dark figures of the pilot and his wife, in such a place, and your grandfather followed by the dog, glide away as in such another place, and now I am noiselessly as if they had been spirits come to kill you, who are but an ass of the night, until they were lost under in comparison to them !” This non the shade of the thick jungle. sense (which is used by the Abyssini I turned in, and what will not ans to almost every description of ene youth and fatigue do ?-I fell once my) the man actually fancies is under more fast asleep, and never opened stood by this enormous animal, who, my eyes until Obed shook me in my getting at last vexed and angry at being cot about eight o'clock in the morn

so pestered by a popinjay,” rushes at ing. the horse, following and turning after “Good morning, Lieutenant. I have him, to endeavour to seize him with his sent up your breakfast, but you don't trunk, or, by one blow with it, to level seem inclined 10 eat it." him with the dust. While he is thus “ Don't you believe it, my dear Obed. occupied, the horseman suddenly I have been sound asleep till this mowheels about, and then rapidly riding ment; only stop till I have slipped on past the animal, the swordsman sud my-ihose shoes, if you please--thank denly slips off and cuts the elephant's you. Waistcoat that will do. Now


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-coffee, fish, yams, and plantains, and “ I say, Obed, the felucca did not biscuit, white as snow, and short as carry more than one gun when I saw and eggs-and-zounds! claret to finish her, and she had no time to load and with? Why, Obed, you surely don't fire again.” desire that I should enjoy all these de He did not answer a word, but conlicacies in solitary blessedness ?" tinued, with a piece of guana on the

“Why, I intend to breakfast with end of his fork in one hand and a cup you, if my society be not disagreeable." of coffee in the other, as if he had been

Disagreeable? Not in the least, touched by the wand of a magician. quite the contrary. That black grouper Presently we heard one or two droplooks remarkably beautiful. Another ping shots, quickly thickening into a piece of yam, if you please.-Shall I fill rattle of musketry. He threw down you a cup of coffee, Obed ? For my own his food, picked up his hat, and trundpart, I always stow the ground tier of led down stairs, as if the devil had my cargo dry, and then take a topdress- kicked him. “Pedro que hay," I ing. Write this down as an approved could hear him say to some one below, axiom with all thorough breakfast-eat- who appeared to have arrived in great ers. Why, man, you are off your feed; haste, for he gasped for breathwhat are you turning up your ear for, in Aqui viene la felucha," answered that incomprehensible fashion, like a Pedro ; perseguido por dos Lanchas duck in thunder? A little of the claret Canoneras llenas de Gente.” -thank you. The very best butter I Abordo entonces, Abordo todo el have ever eaten out of Ireland now, mundo, arma arma, aqui vienen los some of that Avocado pear and as for Engleses, arma, arma.' biscuit, Leman never came up to it. I And all from that instant was a resay, man, hillo, where are you?- gular hillabaloo. The drums on board rouse ye out of your brown study, man." the schooners beat to quarters, a great

“ Did you hear that, Mr. Cringle?" bell which had been slang on the fork “Hear what ?-I heard nothing," re- of a tree, formerly the ornament of some joined I; “ but hand me over that land goodly ship, no doubt, clanged away at crab.—Thank you, and you may send a furious rate, the crews were hurrying the spawl of that creeping thing along to and fro, shouting to each other in with it; that guana. I had a dislike to Creole Spanish, and Yankee English, eating a lizard at first, but I have got while every cannon-shot from the feover it somehow; and a thin slice of lucca or the boat guns came louder and ham, a small taste of the unclean beast, louder, and the small arms_peppered Obed-peach-fed, l'll warrant.

away sharper and sharper. The shouts There was a pause. The report of a of the men engaged, both friends and great gun came booming along, rever- foes, were now heard, and I could bear berated from side to side of the lagoon, Obed's voice on board the largest the echoes growing shorter and shorter, schooner, which lay full in view from and weaker and weaker, until they my window, giving orders, not only to growled themselves asleep in a hollow his own crew, but to those of the others, rumble like distant thunder.

I heard him distinctly sing out, after “Ha, ha! Dick Gasket for a thou- ordering them to haul upon the spring sand! Old Blow hard has stuck in your on his cable, “ Now, men, I need not skirts, Master Obed-but Lord help us, tell you to fight bravely, for if you are man! lest os finish our breakfast; he taken every devil of you will be hangwon't be here this half hour.”

ed, so hoist away the signal,” and a I expected to see mine host's forehead small black ball flew up through the lowering like a thunder cloud from my rigging, until it reached the maintopill-timed funning; but to my surprise, gallant-mast-head of the schooner, where his countenance exhibited more amenity it hung a moment, and in the next blew than I thought had been in the nature out in a large black swallow-tailed flag, of the beast, as he replied,

like a commodore's broad pennant. “Why, Lieutenant, the felucca put “Now, shrieked he, “ let me see who to sea last night, to keep a bright look- dares give in with this voucher for his out at the mouth of our cove here. I honesty Aying aloft !” suppose that is him overhauling some I twisted and craned myself out of vessel.'

the window, to get a view of what was It may be so ;-hush! there's an- going on elsewhere ; however, I could other gun - Two!''

see nothing but Obed's large schooner Obed changed countenance at the from it, all the other craft were out of

the range of my eye, being hid by the

double report.

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