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vyn who was advancing towards him. ply; "my orders are to carry you thiThe frame of the bridegroom, although ther with all haste.". large and powerful, could not be sur “ That you shall not do, Master passed in symmetrical proportion; with Pursuivant," said a short thickset man, ihe strength of a Hercules it blended - stepping forward, and fingering as he the beauty of the Apollo Belvidere. spoke the handle of a large woodknife His large chest, sinewy arms, and mus which hung at his girdle.“ So back, cular, yet graceful, neck, which the and tell King Henry that we have no costume of that time left exposed to traitors here, and that we will fight for view, indicated his great bodily Master Archibald to the death ;" then strength; while his well-turned legs raising his voice, he cried out, “Why, attested his agility in sport and dance. Fluister, Engleton, Watkin, where be The bride was such a one as “poets ye? will ye see our master hauled dream of," tall and stately, yet of such away withont a blow ?" exquisite proportions, that the most This appeal was not made in vain; critical eye might gaze and be content; several of those who had gathered her small feet occasionally peeping round drew their swords, and about a from beneath a richly wrought kirtle, dozen weapons flashed in the mornshewed that she possessed in perfectioning's sun. The men-at-arms, who rethat indispensable appendage to female mained at the gate, hearing the noise of beauty. Her round and exquisitely the tumult, instantly drew their weaturned arm was entwined within that pons, and spurring their horses, dashed of him who was now her husband, and towards the church door to aid the purher large dark and lustrous eyes mo suivant. A desperate affray would have destly cast downward, were almost taken place, but for the interposition concealed by the long lashes that fring- of the bridegroom, who sharply rebuked them ; while the freckles scattered ed his attendants for offering violence over that fair face, shewed that Phæbus to the king's messenger, and bade them himself had wooed the Grecian nose and instantly to sheath their weapons. short upper lip, which had robbed many “Peace, Adam," said he, addressing a lusty Wiltshire youth of his wits. Ah! the sturdy figure who had endeavoured little wot they of the shock that was so to effect his rescue, “ I have ever found soon to dash the cup of bliss from their thee a dutiful servant, and I would not lips. Onward they came, too much ab- speak thee harsh for thy mistaken zeal. sorbed in their own reflections to hee It is not by a rufile with ese men that the awful messenger who stood so near. my innocency may be proved ; this is Archibald felt not the pressure of the a stab from some secret enemy, and throng, nor heard aught save the accents must be met otherwise than by defiance of his bride, when he was suddenly and hard blows." aroused from his delightful dream by Then turning to his bride, who was the voice of the pursuivant, who, laying sobbing on the bosom of her mother, a his right hand on the shoulder of the venerable dame of sixty, he attempted bridegroom, thus addressed

to address to her a few words of conso“ Archibald Mervyn, I arrest thee as lation, but the anguish of his mind ala traitor to our sovereign Lord, King most choked his utterance. He next Henry.

begged of the pursuivant that he might, It would be impossible to describe with his bride and her mother, be perthe effect which these words produced mitted to retire to his house, the tall on those within whose hearing they chimnies of which might be seen amidst were uttered; the bystanders looked the foliage at the foot of the hill. This aghast and crossed themselves, as request was complied with, and the though an evil spirit had suddenly ap- whole party proceeded thither. peared before them, and a whisper ran

Archibald endeavoured to suppress round, which was quickly caught up the grief and alarm which he felt; and extended to the belfry, where the while the Lady Avice and her mother, ringers were prepared to send forth a drawing their winiples round their merry peal. The lovely bride sunk heads, sought relief in tears. The sersenseless into Mervyn's arms ; whilst vants of Mervyn followed, their eyes he, his face flushed with the blush of cast downward in sullen silence, and indignation, hastily demanded the name the deep scarlet of their tingling ears of his false accuser.

indicating an ill-suppressed indigna" You will know that, sir, when you tion at this interruption of their masreach London," was the officer's re- ter's happiness.

him :

It is not my purpose to dwell on the glare on the stone floor. In the winparting of Mervyn and his bride; the dow-seat lay a book, from the press of separation of true lovers is a scene Caxton, entitled, “The Morale Prowhich few can depict, and to those wlio uerbes of Cristyne,” but the wisdom of have experienced such a separation, the lady author had no charms for him ; an imperfect description would be and after listlessly turning over the worse than none. Ere the sun had leaves he flung it down, and looked reached the meridian, Archibald Mer across the finely wooded country, in the vyn, mounted on his own horse, but hope of diverting his mind from the deprived of his sword and dagger, and deep melancholy which preyed upon it. clad in a plain travelling dress, was on The opening of a door aroused him, his way to London. He rode in the and turning his head he beheld a monk midst of the troop, and when the agony enter, whom, to his great surprise, he of his mind allowed him to speak, he recognised as his cousin, Thomas Meraddressed his guards, in the hope that vyn. A few words sufficed to explain he should elicit from them something the cause of their meeting. It appeared which might enable him to fix upon that Archibald's cousin, who resided at his accuser; but their brief answers the monastery at Wallingfood, had been were provokingly disappointing, they the bearer of a communication of some were either unable or unwilling to sa. importance from his superior to the abtisfy his enquiries. The pursuivant boi of Reading. The men-at-arms and appeared to be as ignorant as his assist the pursuivant were too busily engaged ants, and Archibald relinquished all in dispatching the good things before hope of discovering his enemy until them to notice the conversation of Arhe should be summoned before the chibald and the father; but even if they council. Alas! he knew not that, even had, the distance was too great to allow then, he might remain ignorant of the of their overhearing the dialogue which name of his accuser. The vile instru- passed between them. Drawing Archiments of the sordid king, Empson and bald still further into the recess formed Dudley, did not always produce the by the large window, the monk, after person, upon whose evidence men at listening attentively to his cousin's relathat period were frequently impeach- tion, enquired if he had contemplated ed.

any plan of escape. This question .It is not often that we find great bos completely staggered Archibald, who dily strength combined with a propor- assured the father that he had 'detertionate vigour of mind, but Archibald mined, from the first, to meet his accuser was as celebrated for his wisdom and face to face. The monk shrugged up learning as for his courage and prowess; his shoulders, and stroked his long auyet it required all the philosophy of burn beard. which he was master, to overcome the 6 In other times and with another grief and fear which weighed upon his king, this course might be politic,” said soul as he thought on the probable result be; “ but thou art ignorant of the temof his examination. They arrived at per of Henry; even should thy life be Reading on the afternoon of the follow- spared, (and thou knowest his conduct ing day, and the pursuivant, deeming it to the noble Stanley), thou wilt be fined not prudent to rest for a night at a hos- so heavily that the poorest hind on thy telry in the town, for fear of a rescue estate might pity thee; but thy blood by some of the friends of his prisoner, will make sure ; he scrupled not to take took up his quarters in the Abbey, the life of those who were his best where an apartment was assigned to friends, and will he hesitate to doom thein by command of the abbot. The thee to the scaffold and the block? No, officer and his men having provided for I counsel thee to flee.' their horses, entered the place with “Nay, nay, good kinsman, urge me their prisoner, and doffing their burgo- not thus ; I will to London, and if my nets, commenced a vigorous attack up- enemy dare appear, I'll claim the comon the various eatables which the good bat." fathers had so liberally caused to be 6. You will rush to your ruin,” said spread for them. Archibald's state of the monk, interrupting him ; “ to dismind would not permit him to eat, but grace, and death; fly this night, or he swallowed a draught of wine to make thy bride a widow!" cool his parched lips and throat, and Archibald hung his head in silence, walked to the window, through the and pressed his throbbing temples. stained panes of which the sun blazed He weighed well the good monk's words, strongly, and cast a many-coloured which, though strange, were not lost

upon him ; and after a pause, he en He cautiously led the way through quired in what manner he might effect several vaulted passages ; and, at his escape from his guards.

length, arrived at a postern door which “Leave it to me,” replied Thomas he opened with a pass key. The night Mervyn, “and you shall be free before wind sighed mournfully, and the moon midnight ; I have a powder which, if was struggling through several dark mixed with the wine sent to these fel. clouds; but enough of her light was lows, will cast them into such a slumber shewn to enable Mervyn to distinguish that thou mayest be many miles away at some distance a large house, to which ere they awake; and now I'll leave the monk pointed. thee, or our long conference may arouse “ Haste to the grange yonder,” said their suspicion, but be assured of my he," and greet Gaffer Andrews from assistance."

me; he will furnish thee with a ficet Saying this the monk quitted the horse and proper arms for thy journey; room, leaving Archibald to meditate on ride hard and make for the coast; thou his advice, and his own miserable for- may'st earn fame and honour in a fotune. The day wore away, and as the reign land, though they be denied thee evening advanced, the pursuivant and here ; if thou art found in England, his fellows began to shew evident symp- nought can save thee." toms of fatigue and drowsiness, to which Archibald wrung the hand of his the wine, several flagons of which they cousin, and burst into tears. had drained to the health of their en “God bless thee, Thomas,” he muttertainers, no doubt greatly contributed. tered; “God bless thee for this kindAt length the men-at-arms divested ness to a ruined kinsman-farewell.” themselves of a portion of their armour, The monk watched the receding stretched their wearied limbs upon the figure of his kinsman, until it was no large benches placed around the rooin, longer discernible, and then retired while the pursuivant, first looking care to his cell to pray for his safe escape. fully to the window which was guarded by massy iron bars, locked the door of

To be continued the room, and thrust the key into his bosom.

WINDSOR. My duty,” said he, to Archibald, in a more respectful tone than he had

We arrived at Windsor, and proceedhitherto used, “obliges me to refuse you any other resting-place ; give you terrace, eighteen hundred feet in length.

ed immediately to visit the celebrated good night, sir.”

The view from it is the richest and most So saying, he spread his cloak upon the floor, and streiching himself at his extensive I ever beheld. length, was soon wrapped in as sound • Here in full light the russet plains extend.' a slumber as his prisoner could have But the sublimity of the spectacle it desired. Archibald beheld the sleep- is said to present, has been much exaging group with satisfaction, and al- gerated. Descriptions generally lead though he did not then see how he one into error; and therefore I avoid could escape from their custody, he them in my letters to you ~ merely a trusted to the shrewdness of his cousin few sketches your brilliant fancy is to effect it. He was not deceived; in more likely to complete the tableau. less than an hour after he was aroused Now, this superb and boasted landhy a gentle tap at the door, and the scape is neither so majestic as the soice of the monk bade him lay his Alpine scenery of Switzerland; neiear to the key-hole. He did so, and ther so cheerful, nor so romantic, as the Father Thomas directed him to take winding banks of the Thames ;- nor of the key from the bosom of the pure such Arcadian loveliness, as the ensuivant, as there was no fear of alarm- chanting valley of Richmond. ing the officer or his sleeping compa- tensive a view is like unlimited power, nions. The command was quickly it never can belong to any body; it obeyed; the sleeping man was easily fatigues the imagination wiihout satisdeprived of the key, and in another fying the mind. moment Archibald was on the outside The castle itself is fine, only beof his prison.

cause it is vastly great, and venerably Now," said the monk, locking the antique. You are aware that William door after him, and placing a purse of the Conqueror laid the foundations of money in his kinsman's hand, “fol. this mighty edifice, upon which you low membut be silent."

cannot fail to observe the marks of chi


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of art.

valry and feudality. In no part of Eu. "A pittance that would scarce find food; rope have so many feudal customs been

And even in Winter's snow retained as in this country; nor in any

Was any left to purchase wood,

To warm my mother?-no! other where their forms have blended Cold, weary, weak, and wanting bread, themselves with a system of liberty. It I thank'd my God when she was dead. is from ancient decorations that the 'I cannot fawn as others do, splendour and inajesty of the throne are

I cannot feign a tear,

I hate the flinty-hearted crew, composed. But this splendour, this The soulless Overseer,majesty, which constitute the preserva. They grudge, they grumble, they enjointion and respect of public power, are

I curse them as I take their coin ! always in favour of the laws, and never

Their coin! Great God of Heaven! 'tis ours; against them.

They stamp it in our sweat:
The interior of the castle is far from They task us till our failing powers

Make young men old, and yet, being magnificent. The furniture is When at their niggard boards I've stood old, worn out, and in the very worst They've grudged to me the price of blood. taste. But here are the seven cele- 'I've tried in stubborn pride to steel brated Cartoons of Raphael. These

My heart 'gainst their control,

But now they've chafed me, and I feel sublime sketches, although merely The tiger in my soul. painted in water-colours, upon paper, Back, back a hundred fold they'll pay are in a high state of preservation. The The years of mine they've made their prey ! conception of the painter appears in all 'The 'Squire has covers many a one, its freshness, in all its energy, in all

I know the pheasant's haunt,

None who has courage and a gun its purity. Were I a painter, it would Need fear the pangs of want, be at the foot of such chefs-de'quvres Huzza! 'tis hunger claims her right, that my studies should commence. It is

The covers shall be thion'd to-night!" there that the imagination would best learn either to increase or moderate the PORTUGUESE ECCLESIASTICS. fires of genius. There, too, talent will grasp all the mysteries, all the resources

JACK Pills contrived to scrape an

acquaintance with the reverends of The Cartoon representing Paul the house in which he lived - albeit preaching to the Athenians, is that their domestic economy could not be which struck me most forcibly. What reduced to amalgamation. Indeed, a brilliant conception-what an ensem- though there were, perhaps, two thouble-what a variety in its com sition. sand persons to be cooked and proviThere are not two figures alike, with ded for daily by English means, í dare regard to attitude, look, or manner: all say the ecclesiastics knew no more are in perfect keeping ; not one but about our method of procedure than we possesses all that nature or dignity do about the real mode of lighting up could bestow.

the moon. Pills, however, from going After these magnificent paintings, oftener out and in than any body else, which we could not sufficiently admire, and from a jovial free-hearted disposiyou will easily perceive that we did not tion, made friends of all hands in the observe many things in the other gal- refectory. He was himself an Irishleries worthy of attention. However, man; but I think he was not a Cathowe stopped to look at some of the beau: lic. In all foreign countries, it is no ties of the reign of Charles II. some secret, that if a man is known to be superb Vandykes, a portrait of Henry Irish,' he is inscribed Catholic, as a VIII., by Holbein, frightfully true to matter of course; and my friend Jack nature a few paintings by Genario, was sufficiently aware of the advannone of whose compositions I had ever tage, not to have given such a notion seen before. They must be very scarce, any uncalled-for contradiction. Be and are not without considerable merit. that as may, he asked the whole Mirabeau's Letters. priesthood to a banquet one evening' ;

and all the subordinates duly came. We take the following from a clever little His lordship, the prior, or whatever he volume entitled,

Village Poor
House," by a Country Curate.

was, wisely staid away-sending an

apology, which proved him to be a WILL SOMERS'S SONG.

gentleman. ‘My mother she was frail and old,

Of course, I tell the story nearly as And I her only child;

Jack Pills told it to me. He said that Our home was desolate and cold,

he had provided a considerable quanAnd vainly still I toiled : They taxed my strength, I gave it free ;

tity of agoa ardente, which, by lemons, And what was all they gave to me?

&c. he made into palatable-enough

** The

punch; and he had a bottle or two of In the midst of these enjoyments, or rum, an article much in request among rather about the time at which they had the higher orders, of both sexes, in reached the ne plus ultra, the awful Portugal. In the course of ten mi- scowling visage of the clerical comnutes, and long before the master of mandant appeared at the door of the the feast had felt the taste of his mouth, bacchanalian temple. In a voice of all the guests were drunk. This is the thunder, he ordered his subordinates to case, if Portuguese sit down to punch. attend their duty; and, in a voice of They do not drink it, they swallow it mockery, they, one and all, desired him off at once. They know nothing of to betake himself to a certain warm enjoying society by the aid of a cheer- place. He threatened them with his ing glass ; it is with them a mere ani- higli displeasure; they replied with mal indulgence, they know nothing of torrents of the lowest obscenity. All the intelleclual, moral, or intelligent this was bad enough, but so irresistibly feast. Moreover, they are of opinion, ludicrous, that Pills burst into an unthat if they do sit down in English governable fit of laughter, which was company, drunk they must get ; and, deemed more offensive than all the consequently, like cows, dogs, horses, scurrility the good padre had been asand sheep, in certain circumstances, sailed with. To this he was probably they are anxious " tentare extremum." somewhat habituated, and probably

Well-Jack was taken quite aback with it he knew how to deal: but to be by this beginning; expecting, as else- laughed at ! However, Jack seeing where he might have found, that there things about to grow serious, hearing would be a long evening. His com- something about informing Lord Welmenced somewhere between six and lington, and being heartily tired of his seven; and was no sooner, or but little company, he called in the servants of sooner, begun than ended. However, the hospital, who assisted the prior to as drinking is iniquitous, or dangerous get his refractory subjects down stairs. in the commencement only, he hoped How it fared with them, we never exto keep his company together by an as- actly knew, but no friar of the Da surance, that though all the liquor on Graea would speak to an Englishman the table was gone, he had abundance afterwards. more at hand. This delighted their

Sketches of Society in Portugal. reverences; and, when, at eight o'clock, a request came from the su- PADDY FOOSHANE'S FRICASSEE. perior that they should perform their evening duty, they sent an impertinent Paddy Fooshane kept a shebeen message in return, desiring him to go house at Barleymount cross, in which to prayers himself

- or something to he sold whisky from which his Mathat effect.

jesty did not derive any large portion of In a short time, another message his revenues-ale, and provisions. One came, of a somewhat more peremptory evening a number of friends, returning nature. Jack (seeing which way the from a funeral all neighbours toowind was about to blow, and delighting stopt at his house, “ because they were in mischief) observed that he thought in grief,” to drink a drop. There was his guests were very ill used, and him- Andy Angar, a stout rattling fellow, the self too. The result was, the expul- natural son of a gentleman residing sion of this messenger with ceremo

near there; Jack Sh who was afternials almost of a violent nature; their wards transported for running away reverences declaring that they would with Biddy Lawlor; Tim Cournane, not go to prayers for all the priors and who, by reason of being on his keepVirgin Maries in the universe, tilling, was privileged to carry a gun; they liked. Jack Pills very much ap- Owen Connor, march-of-intellect plauded this decision-hinted how un man, who wished to enlighten protectpolite it was of the prior not to have ors by making them swallow their profavoured him with his own company; cesses ; and a number of other “good and said, that if they would wait half boys.' The night began to “rain cats an hour longer, and take more punch, and dogs," and there was no stirring as he himself had scarcely had any, he out; so the cards were called for, a would not only go to prayers with them, roaring fire was made down, and the but order all the convalescents

whisky and ale began to flow. After tend. This was prime; and more due observation, and several experipunch was swallowed, to the success ments, a space large enough for the big of the projected congregation.

table, and free from the drop down, was


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