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turning to where Francisco lay, bleed- anchored, as I could make out part o ing like a carcass in the shambles; the greetings between the strangers and "but tie up his arm some of ye, I would Obed, in which my own name recurred be sorry lie bled to death."

more than once. In a little while all It was unavailing, the large arteries was still again, and Obed called down had emptied bis whole life blood-he the companion to iny guards, that I had already gone to his account. This might come on deck, a boon I was not most miserable transaction, with all long in availing myself of. We were its concomitant horrors, to my aston- anchored nearly in the centre of a ishment, did not seem to make much shallow swampy lagoon, about a mile impression on Obed, who now turning across, as near as I could judge; two to me, said, with perfect composure very large schooners, heavily armed,

“You have there another melancholy were moored a-head of us, one on each voucher for my sincerity,” pointing to bow, and another rather smaller lay the body; " but time presses, and you close under our stern ; they all had must now submit to be blindfolded, and sails bent, and every thing apparently that without further explanation at pre- in high order, and were full of men.

The shore, to the distance of a bow-shot I did so with the best grace I could, from the water all around us, was low, and was led below, where two beauties, marshy, and covered with an imperviwith loaded pistols, and a drawn knife ous jungle of thick strong reeds and each, obliged me with their society, one wild canes, with here and there a thicket seated on each side of me on the small of mangroves ; a little farther off the locker, like two deputy butchers ready land swelled into lofty hills covered to to operate on an unfortunate veał. It the very suminit with heavy timber, but had now fallen dead calm, and from every thing had a moist, green, steamy what I heard, I conjectured that the fe- appearance, as if it had been the region lucca was sweeping in towards the land of perpetual rain. “Lots of yellow fewith us in tow, for the sound of the ver here,” thought I, as the heavy rank surf grew louder and louder. By and smell of decayed vegetable matter came by we seemed to slide beyond the long off, on the faint sickly breeze, and the smooth swell into broken water, for the sluggish fog banks crept along the dull little vessel pitched sharp and sudden- clay-coloured motionless surface of the ly, and again all was still, and we tepid water. The sea view was quite seemed to have sailed into some land- shut out — I looked all around and locked cove. From the loud echo of the could discern no vestige of the envoices on deck, I judged that we were trance. Right a-head there was about in a narrow canal, the banks of which a furlong of land cleared at the only were reflecting the sound; presently spot which one could call a beach, that this ceased, and although we skimmed is, a hard shore of sand and pebbles. along as motionless as before, I no lon- Had you tried to get ashore at any ger heard the splash of the felucca's other point, your fate would have been sweeps ; the roar of the sea gradually that of the Master of Ravenswood; as sank' in the distance, until it sounded fatal, that is, without the gentility ; for like thunder, and I thought we touched you would have been suffocated in the ground now and then, although black mud, in place of clean sea-sand. slightly. All at once the Spanish part There was a long shed in the centre of of the crew, for we still had a number this cleared spot, covered in with of the felucca's people with us, sang boards, and thatched with palm leaves; out “Palanka,” and we began to pole it was open below, a sort of capstanalong a narrow marshy lagoon, coming house, where a vast quantity of sails, so near the shore occasionally, that our anchors, cordage, and most kinds of sides were brushed by the branches of sea-stores were stowed, carefully coverthe mangrove bushes. Again the chan- ed over with tarpauling. Overhead nel seemed to widen, and I could hear there was a flooring laid along the couthe felucca once more ply her sweeps. ples of the roof, the whole length of the In about ten ininutes after this the an- shed, forming a loft of nearly sixty feet chor was let go, and for a quarter of an long, divided by bulkheads into a vahour nothing was heard on deck but riety of apartments, lit by small rude the bustle of the people furling sails, windows in the thatch, where the crews coiling down the ropes, and getting of the vessels, I concluded, were occaeverything in order, as is usual in com- sionally lodged during the time they ing into port. It was evident that seven might be under repair. The boat was ral boats had boarded us soon after we manned, and Obed took me ashore willa


him. We landed near the shed I have I will be as good as my word, and land described, beneath which we encoun you at St. Jago." tered about forty of the most uncouth I groaned again.

The man and ferocious-looking rascals that my moved. eyes had ever been blessed withal; “I would I could do so sooner," he they were of every shade, from the continued ; “but you see by low prewoolly Negro and long-haired Indian, carious a tenure I hold my control over to the sallow American and fair Bis- these people; therefore I must be caucayan; and as they intermitted their tious for your sake as well as my own, various occupations of mending sails, for they would make little of murdering fitting and stretching rigging, splicing both of us, especially as the fellow who ropes, making spun-yarn, coopering would have cut your throat this morngun-carriages, grinding pikes and cut- ing, has many friends amongst them; lasses, and filling cartridges, to look at above all, I dáre not leave them for any me, they grinned and nodded to each purpose for some days. I must recover other, and made sundry signs and ges- iny seat, in which, by the necessary setures, which made me regret inany a verity you witnessed, I have been somepast peccadillo that in more prosperous what shaken. So good-by; there is times I little thought on or repented of, cold meat in that locker, and some claret and I internally prayed that I might be to wash it down with. Don't, I again prepared to die as became a man, for warn you, venture out during the afteriny fate appeared to be sealed. The noon or night. I will be with you beonly ray of hope that shot into my mind, times in the morning. So good-by so through all this gloom, came from the long. Your cot, you see, is ready respect the thieves, one and all, paid slung.” the captain; and, as I had reaped the He turned to depart, when, as if rebenefit of assuming an outward reck- collecting himself, he stooped down, lessness and daring, which I really did and taking hold of a ring, he lifted up a not at heart possess, I screwed myself trap-door, from which there was a ladup to maintain the same port still, and der leading down to the capstan-house. swaggered along, jabbering in my bro “I had forgotten this entrance; it ken Spanish, right and left, and jesting will be more convenient for me in my even with the most infainous-looking visits." scoundrels of the whole lot, while, God In my heart I believe he intended he knows, my heart was palpitating like this as a hint, that I should escape a girl's when she is asked to be mar- through the hole at some quiet opporried. Obed led the way up a ladder tunity; and he was descending the-ladinto the loft, where we found several der, when he stopped and looked messes at dinner, and passing througla round, greatly mortified, as it struck several rooms, in which a number of me. hammocks were slung, we at length ar “ I forgot to mention that a sentry rived at the eastern end, which was has been placed, I don't know by boarded off into a room eighteen or whose orders, at the foot of the ladder, twenty feet square, lighted by a small to whom I must give orders to fire at port-hole in the end, about ten feet from you, if you venture to descend. You the ground. I could see several huts see how the land lies; I can't help it.” from this window, built just on the edge This was spoken in a low tone, then of the high wood, where some of the aloudThere are books on that shelf country people seemed to be moving behind the canvass screen; if you can about, and round which a large flock settle to them, they may amuse you." of pigs and twenty to thirty bullocks He left me, and I sat down disconsowere grazing. All beyond, as far as late enough. I found some Spanish books, the eye could reach, was one continuous and a volume of Lord Byron's poetry, forest, without any vestige of a living containing the first canto of Childe Hathing ; not even a thin wreath of blue rold, two numbers of Blackwood, with smoke evinced the presence of a fellow- several other English books and magacreature ; I seemed to be hopelessly cut zines, the names of the owners on all off from all succour, and my heart again of them being carefully erased. died within me.

But there was nothing else that indi. "I am sorry to say you must consider cated the marauding life of our friend yourself a prisoner here for a few days,” Obediah, whose apartment I conjectured said Obed.

was now my prison, if I except a pretty I could only groan.

extensive assortment of arms, pistols, “But the moment the coast is clear, and cutlasses, and a range of massive

" Yowl

sense ;

cases, with iron clamps, which were dog, sing psalm ; good dog, sing psalm," ranged along one side of the room. I and thereupon a long loud melancholy paid my respects to the provender and howl rose wailing through the night claret; the hashed chicken was parti- air. cularly good ; bones rather large or so, “ If that be not my dear old Sneezer, but flesh white and delicate. Had í it is a deuced good' imitation of him," known that I was dining upon a guana, thought I. or large wood lizard, I scarcely think i The woman again spoke. would have made so hearty a meal. ong leetle piece more, good dog," and the cork, No. 2, followed ditto, No. 1; and howl was repeated. as the shades of evening, as poets say, I was now certain. By this time I began to fall by the time I had finished had risen, and stood at the open winit, I toppled quietly into my cot, said dow; but it was too dark to see any my prayers such as they were, and fell thing distinctly below. I could barely asleep.

distinguish two dark figures, and what I It must have been towards morning, concluded was the dog sitting on end from the damp freshness of the air that between them. came through the open window, when I “Who are you? what do you want was roused by the howling of a dog, a with me?" sound which always moves me.


“Speak softly, massa, speak softly, shook myself; but before I was tho or the sentry may hear us, for all de roughly awake, it ceased; it appeared rum I give him." to have been close under my window. Here the dog recognised me, and

I was turning to go to sleep again. nearly spoiled sport altogether ; indeed when a female, in a small suppressed it might have cost us our lives, for he voice, sung the following snatch of a began to bark and frisk about, and to vulgar Port-Royal ditty, which I leap violently against the end of the scarcely forgive myself for introducing capstan-house, in vain endeavours to here to polite society.

reach the window. • Young hofficer come home at night,

“ Down, Sneezer, down, sir; you Him give me ring and kisses;

used to be a dog of some Nine months, one picaniny wbite, down." But misses fum* my back wid switch,

But Sneezer's joy had capsized his Him say de shild for massa;

discretion, and the sound of my voice But massa say him

pronouncing his name drove him mad The singer broke off suddenly, as if altogether, and he bounded against the disturbed by the approach of some one. end of the shed, like a battering-ram.

“Hush, hush, you old foolish”. “Stop, man, stop," and I held down said a man's voice, in the same low the bight of my neckcloth, with an end whispering tone ; ," you will waken de in each hand. He retired, took a nodronken sentry dere, when we shall all ble run, and in a trice hooked his forebe put in iron. Hush, he will know paws in the handkerchief, and I hauled my voice more better."

him in at the window. now clear that some one Sneezer, down with you, sir, down wished to attract my attention; besides, with you, or your rampaging will get I had a dreamy recollection of having all our throats cut.” He cowered at heard both the male and female voices my feet, and was still as a lamb from before. I listened, therefore, all alive. that moment. I stepped to the window. The man began to sing in the same low “Now who are you, and what do you tone,

want ?” said I. 'Newfoundland dog love him

“Ah, massa, you no know me!"

" How the devil should I? Don't of all de dog ever I see; Let him starve him, and kick him, and cuff you see it is as dark as pitch ?”

“ Well, massa, I will tell you ; it is Difference none never makee to he.'

me, massa." There was a pause for a minute or “ I make no great doubt of that ; but two.

who may you be ? “ It's no use," the same voice conti “ Lord, you are de foolis person nued; “him either no dere, or he won't now; make me talk to him," said the

female. “ Massa, neber mind he, dat “Stop," said the female, “stop; stupid fellow is my husband, and surewoman head good for someting, ly massa know me?" know who he shall hear. — Here, good “Now, my very worthy friends, I * Fum-flog.

think you want to make yourselves

Him white almost like misses.

56 Now,

It was

master de


him de sorest,

hear us.

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known to me; and if so, pray have the dere, heel over head; oh dear, what
goodness to tell me your names, that is, display, Nancy, you was exhibit!”
if I can in any way serve you.

“Hold your tongue, Peter; you hab
“ To be sure you can, massa; for dat no decency, you old willain.”
purpose I come here."

“Well, but, Peter, speak out; when The woman hooked the word out of are we to make the attempt? where are his mouth. “Yes, massa, you must the rest of your crew?" know me is Nancy, and dat old stupid “Oh dear! oh dear; dat is de worstis my husband, Peter Mangrove, bim est; oh dear!” and he began to sob who

and cry like the veriest child. Here Peter chimed in " Yes, massa, massa" - after he had somewhat recoPeter Mangrove is de person you have vered himself;—“Oh, massa, dese peode honour lo address, and -" here ple devils. Why, de make all de oder he lowered his voice still more, al on board walk de plank, wid two ten though the whole dialogue from the pound shot, one at each foot. “Oh, if commencement had been conducted in you had seen de clear shining blue no higher tone than a loud whisper.- skin, as de became leetle and leetle, “ We have secured one big large ca- and more leetler, down far in de clear noe, near de mout of dis dam hole, green sea ! Oh dear! oh dear! Only to which, wid your help, I tink we shall tink dat each wavering black spot was be able to launch troo de surf; and fellow-creature like one-self, wid de once in smoot water, den nó fear but heart's blood warm in his bosom at de we shall run down de coast safely be very instant of time we lost sight of him fore de wind till we reach St. Jago." for ever!”

My heart jumped against my ribs. “God bless me,” said I ; "and how Here's an unexpected chance, thought did you escape, and the black dog, and 1. “But, Peter, how, in the name of the black-ahem-beg pardon-your mumbo jumbo, came you here?” wife I mean; how were you spared ?"

Why, massa, you do forget a leetle, “Ah, massa! I can't say ; but bad as dat I am a Creole negro, and not a de were, de seemed to have a liking for naked tatoed African, whose exploits, brute beasts, so dem save Sneezer, and dat is de wonderful ting him neder do my wife, and myshef; we were de only in him's own country, him get embroid- quadrupeds saved out of de whole crew ered and pinked in gunpowder on him -Oh dear! Oh dear!” breach ; beside, I am Christian gentle “Well, well; I know enough now. man like yourself; so dam mumbo I will spare you the pains of any farther jumbo, Massa Criogle.”

recital, Peter; so tell me what I am to I saw where I had erred.“ So say I, do." Peter, dam mumbo jumbo particularly; “ Stop, massa, till I see if de sentry but how came you here, man? tell me be still sound. I know de fellow, he was

one on dem; let me see”-and I heard “Why, massa, I was out in de Pilot- him through the loose flooring boards boat schooner, wid my wife here, and walk to the foot of the trap ladder leadfive more hands, waiting for de out- ing up to my berth. The soliloquy that ward bound, tinking no harm, when followed was very curious of its kind. dem piratical rascal catch we, and The Negro had excited himself by a recarry us off. Yankee privateer bad capitulation of the cruelties exercised enough; but who ever hear of pilot on his unfortunate shipmates, and the being carry off ? blasphemy dat, carry unwarrantable caption of himself and off pilot! Whoever dream of such a rib, a deed that in the nautical calendar ting? every shivilized peoples respect would rank in atrocity with the murder pilot-carry off pilot !-oh Lord of a herald or the bearer of a flag of and he groaned in spirit for several se truce. He kept murmuring to himself, conds.

as he groped about in the dark for the “ And the dog ?" enquired I. sentry—“Catch pilot! who ever hear

« Oh, massa, I could not leave him of such a ting? I suppose dem would at home; and since you was good have pull down lighthouse, if dere had enough to board him wid us, he has been any for pull. -- Where is dis senmessed wid us, ay, and slept wid us; try rascal ? him surely no sober yet?". and when we started last, although he The sentry had fallen asleep as he showed some dislike at going on board, leant back on the ladder, and had graI had only to say, Sneezer, we go look dually slid down into a sitting position, for you master; and he make such a with his head leaning against one of the bound, dat he capsize my old woman steps, as he reclined with his back to


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wards it, thus exposing his throat and ENGLISH FASHIONABLE SOCIETY. neck to the groping paw of the black pilot.

“ We are a selfish people," said a “Ah-here him is, snoring heavy as favourite leader of fashion, “ I confess, my Nancy--well, dronk still; no fear of and I do believe that what in other him overhearing we-nice position him countries is called "amor patriæ,' is lie in—quite convenient-could cut his amongst us nothing but a huge conglotroat now-slice him like a pumpkin, meration of love of ourselves; but I de devil is surely busy wid me, Peter. am glad of it; I like selfishness; there's I find de very clasp-knife in my star- good sense in it;"--and he added, not board pocket beginning to open of him- satirically, but quite in earnest, “Good self.”

nature is quite mauvais ton' in Lon| tapped on the floor with my foot. don ; and really it is a bad style to take

“Ah, tank you, Massa Tom-de devil up, and will never do.” nearly get we all in a scrape just now. It is true that if you choose to anaHowever I see him is quite sound - de lyse and hunt down every feeling with sentry dat is, for de oder never sleep, the greatest subtlety, you may discover you know.” He had again come under a sort of selfishness at the very bottom the window. “Now, Lieutenant, in of every thing; but in all other nations two word, to-morrow night at two bells, a noble shame throws a veil over it ; in de middle watch, I will be here, and as there are instincts very natural and we shall make a start of it; will you innocent, which are yet concealed even venture, sir?"

by the most uncivilised. “ Will į?

to be sure I will; but Here, however, people are so lilile why not now, Peter? why not now?" ashained of the most “ crasse" self-love, 6. Ah, massa, you no smell de day- that an Englishman of rank once in

near day-break already, sir. structed me that a good fox-hunter must Can't make try dis night, but to-morrow let nothing stop him, or distract his night I shall be here punctual.”

attention when following the fox; and Very well, but the dog, man? if he if his own father should be thrown in be found in my quarters, we shall be leaping a ditch, and lie there, should, blown, and I scarcely think he will he said, “ if he could'nt help it,” lead leave me."

his horse over laim, and trouble himself “Garamighty! true enough, massa ; no niore about himn till the end of the what is to be done? De people know chase. de dog was catch wid me, and if he be With all this, our pattern dandy" found wid you, den dey will sospect we has not the least independence, even communication togidder. What is to in his bad qualities -he is the trembe done?"

bling slave of fashion, even in the exI was myself not a little perplexed, tremest trifles ; and the obsequious, when Nancy whispered, “de dog have servile satellite of the fortunate indimore sense den many Christian person. viduals who are higher than himself.Tell him he must go wid us dis one Were virtue and modesty suddenly to night, no tell him dis night, else him become the fashion, nobody would be won't ; say dis one night, and dat if more exemplary_difficult as would be him don't, we shall all be deaded ; try the task to accomplish. bim, massa."

Destitute of all originality, and withI had benefitted by more extraordi- out a thought he can properly call his nary hints before now, although, well own, he may be compared to a clay fias I knew the sagacity of the poor brute, gure, which, for a while, deceives one I could not venture to hope it would with all the properties of a human come up to the expectations of Mrs. being, but returns into its native mud Mangrove. " But I'll try.

Here, as soon as you discover that it has not a Sneezer, here, my boy; you must go soul. home with Peter to-night, or we shall Whoever reads the best of the recent all get into a deuced mess; so here, English novels—those by the author of my boy, here is the bight of the hand- Pelham-may be able to abstract from kerchief again, so through the window them a tolerably just idea of English fayou must go; come, Sneezer, come.” shionable society; provided he does To be continued.

not forget to deduct qualities which national self-love has claimed, though quite erroneously;-namely grace for its roues,

seductive manners and amusing conversation for its dandies

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