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been unexpectedly summoned that fore “Pardon me, my dear young madam ; noon to attend the last moments of his I did it not less because it became not uncle, whom he had at length succeed- the mother of such a lady to live by ed in finding ; but, in all likelihood, such means: I wished them all gone, he would be at home that night ; if not, indeed.” a card would come from him to Mr. “ Yet you could not guess," said Douglas at an early hour in the even- Diana, " that I wished such an ostening, stating the business for which he sible mode of life, merely to avoid sushad been invited, and distinctly ex- picion. Well, then, you wish me to plaining where his instant services go to Paris, and all the cities of the were needed. Douglas accordingly world, to win more jewels; for your dined with Mrs. Bucke, who, immedi- desire of gold is hungry as the grave. ately after dinner, craved his opinion And now that you feel I know you as to the respective qualities of two thoroughly, have you confidence in my sorts of home-made wine, about which discernment in other matters ?" a bet, she said, was pending betwixt “ Wonderful lady!” cried Vaulpas ; the lieutenant and herself. Douglas's “had my great master, Vaudeville, foldecision was knowingly given. She lowed your wisdom, from the first mowas sorry to say it was in the lieuten- inent that he won your heart, in Lonant's favour; then, retiring to prepare don, as implicitly as bis love of wealth him tea, she left him alone to his wine-he means of acquiring all strange and the newspapers of the day, which knowledge-was great, instead of comwere brought in, addressed to Tho- ing to the block as a felon, he might mas Bucke, Esg. Solway Cottage, by have roamed with you through the D N. B. ;” and, thus provided world, till every costly stone had been for, Douglas sal down before the sleepy your own. I obey, lady— I rejoice that fire. Ere long he was overcome by a you escaped— glory to have become pleasant drowsiness. His head nod. your servant. Let me follow you to ded, and gradually rose more slowly death! But now, in all humility perfrom bis breast, over which his arms mit me to ask, why will you encumber were folded.

The sparry embers of yourself with two such fantastic chil. the fire appeared to him gradually dren as Jenkins and this drowsy lengthened to misty bars, and reeled Douglas ?" and rose to the place of the wall, while “ Vaulpas !" ansivered the lady, “I the wall took the place of the roof. In know you wholly faithful; and in this another minute, he was in a dead sleep. matter you shall be satisfied_wbolly. The door was slowly opened : in looked Well, then, why have I left London, Diana Clement herself. At sight of the and come to this western coast of Scotslumbering youth, forward to him she land ? First, because I found out that shot in her swift and perilous beauty. those Dutch hounds of justice were in “So ho! Hinton Donglas,” exclaimed quest of us in the metropolis ; and, she, “ what hast thou to say for thyself, secondly, because I would give any that thou so mockest the awful stillness thing less than immortal life to thwart of the dead? Ha! Hinton Douglas, the marriage of this Douglas ; I came when shalt thou marry the beautiful to thwart it, and it shall be thwarted. Miss Marjory Maxwell? We must These are my reasons. Now, my means leave our country, it seems ; and is it and instruments. Jenkins somehow not ordained that thou shalt go with us? learned that I had taken this collage ; Thou hast drunk of our drowsy wine- he followed me with his eternal adcup, and must sleep a sleep!” She dresses, came near the coast with soine summoned Vaulpas,who came instantly. ship of his father's, proffered me much " Vaulpas, are you ready? he is se money, and said he would take me to cured?"

any part of the world I liked, provided “ It shall be done,” said her servant; there I would become his wife. I have yet, madam, allow me".

weighed his proposals ; I find it will Go, sir," cried the beautiful scarlet be necessary for our safety to leave creature, flaming up and shuddering; this country for a while. I have imi“yet hold,-a word: you wish me to tated admirably the hand-writing of go to France? You were afraid that Bucke, our pretended lord and master, this sleeper Douglas would for ever and got this boy Douglas in my power. detain me in this country? You did we will go to Jenkins. He will do your utmost to drive Bucke from our to Douglas what I wish—he will go house by fear and shame, that his whithersoever I wish - he will return friend Douglas might follow."

whensoever I wish ; what would you

more? You shall go with me, Vaul- on a bacchanalian table. Opposite to pas. Mark, now, your duty. This him sat two men, who seemed bold morning I saw Jenkin's ship stand into and rough seamen, in the tarnished our frith with the full tide, but now he dress of officers, and whose brown must be far out again with the ebb; for faces, evidently inflanied by the libahe durst not, even for me, anchor on tions which they had been making, the bare sands till another flow. At the wore also a sulky and menacing exsmall inn down by the sea-shore he pression. " A damsel in the wind !" said he would wait for me all day, lest cries one of these inen, as he was the I should wish to see him preparatory first to observe the lady enter; and, to my going with him, to which I have relaxing his features a little, he stared already agreed. So, then, I do wish upon her with insolent eyes. Meanto see hiin, that we may get Douglas while, Jenkins had observed Miss Cleinstantly conveyed on board his ship. ment, and had started up; reeling a Vaulpas, go immediately to the next liule, he turned to his companions, inn, and order a post-chaise to be ready “ My brave lieutenants,” said he, at our gate in less than an hour." “ will you give us sea-room for a few Vaulpas retired ; and Miss Clenjent minutes' space ? This lady comes to continued to walk up and down the settle the argument in your favour; apartment.

and to-morrow we stand out whitherIn a short time, Vaulpas returned, soever the hearts of my gallant fellows and said that the chaise was ready; shall bear away." and Miss Clement, after giving him “ Jenkins," said the lady, “ I like strict injunctions to keep the doors se. not this scented cabin of yours; I would curely locked till her return, glanced walk half an hour with you away on quickly down an avenue, and, getting thie free sands ; follow me when you into the carriage, which was waiting at have cooled your head with water." the bottom of it, ordered the coachman With nothing of beard save the to drive at full speed to the little inn down of boyhood on his cheek, though down the shore, which, with a signifi. he might be nearly thirty years of age, cant nod, he professed to know very Jenkins' face was in other respects also well. After following the main road of a delicate style of manly beauty. But for two or three miles, he turned into now its smoothness was broken up a soft hollow by-path leading down to with streaks like the channels of scaldthe sea-sands, which now lay broad ing tears; there were blue rings below and white bebind the far-retreating his eyes, whilst these were inuddy and tide, with here and there a stranded red, -all betokening evil passions and punt or brig, on the edge of the inazy low indulgence. Pathetically, as if river, which had entirely lost the ap- under a sense of his debasement, he pearance of a fresh water stream, and looked on the face of Miss Clement, crept diffusely down the oozy flat. To after her implied rebuke, and left the avoid the double rows of broken stakes, room apparently in haste to obey her, which ran from the highest water-mark She then walked out upon the hard a hundred yards or so across the sands, white sands, and up by the side of the the chaise was kept upon the shingly river, where in a few minutes she was border, between the softer-shore and joined by Jenkins. the sea-pink sward, and went forward To be continued in our next. at a moderate pace, till it was drawn up before a low house snugly set be

WACOUSTA.* neath the shelter of a pard of old trees, that grew forward alinost to the very beach ; and the driver, alighting, told Gaz. will shew the hero of our tale.

The following extract from the Lit. the lady this was Joe Martin's Anchor. Clara's brother has perished by his After ordering him to wait for her, hand previous to the skirmish in which Miss Clement advanced to the door of he was made prisoner. Wacousta is the house, and, meeting the landlord, proposing the life of the colonel's other demanded if Captain Jenkins was there. He answered in the affirmative, son, a captive with the Indians, in

ransom for his own. and opened the door of an apartment whence came a strong gust of tobacco that a request from yourself to the

“Do you mean,' resumed the colonel, and spirituous fumes; and Miss Cle- Ottawa chief will obtain the liberation ment, following close behind, without of my son? Unless the Indian be ceremony, was at once in the presence of Jenkins, who was leaning moodily * By the author of "Ecarte." Baldwin & Co.

false as yourself, I do.' 'And of the Haldimar was situated. It was Clara. lady who is with him?' continued the The guard of Wacousta formed the colonel, colouring with anger. *Of fourth front of the square ; but they both.? How is the message to be con were drawn up somewhat in the disveyed ?' Ha! sir !' returned the pric tance, so as to leave an open space of soner, drawing himself up to his full several feet at the angles. Through height, 'now are you arrived at a one of these the excited girl now passed point that is pertinent. My wampum into the area, with a wildness in her air belt will be the passport and the safe and appearance that rivelted every eye guard of him you send ; then for the in painful interest upon her. She communication. There are certain fi- paused not until she had gained the side gures, as you are aware, that, traced of the captive, at whose feet she now on bark, answer the same_purpose sank in an attitude expressive of the among the Indians with the European most profound despair. language of letters. Let my hands be cast loose,' he pursued, but in a tone in A loud and well-remembered yell

which agitation and excitement might burst on the colonel's ear. The next be detected, and if bark be brought moment, to his infinite surprise and me, and a burnt stick, or coal, I will horror, he beheld the bold warrior ragive you not only a sample of Indian pidly ascending the very staff that had ingenuity, but a specimen of my own been destined for his scaffold, and with progress in Indian acquirements. Clara in his arms. Great was the con*What, free your hands, and thus afford fusion that ensued. To rush forward you a chance of escape ?' observed the and surround the flag-staff, was the imgovernor, doubtingly. Wacousta bent mediate action of the troops. Many of his steadfast gaze on him for a few mo the men raised their muskets, and in ments, as if he questioned he had heard the excitement of the moment would aright. Then bursting into a wild and have fired, had they not been restrainscornful laugh-By Heaven !' he ex- ed by their officers, who pointed out claimed, this is, indeed, a high compli- the certain destruction it would entail ment you pay me at the expence of these on the unforlunate Clara. With the fine fellows. What! Colonel de Haldi- rapidity of thought, Wacouista had mar afraid to liberate an unarined pri- snatched up his victim, while the attensoner, hemmed in by a forest of bayonets? tion of the troops was directed to the This is good, gentlemen,' and he bent singular conversation passing between himself in sarcastic reverence to the the governor and Sir Everard Valleastonished troops ; 'I beg to offer you tort, and darting through one of the my very best congratulations on the open angles already alluded to, had high estimation in which you are held gained the rampart before they had reby your colonel.' Peace, sirrah!' covered from the stupor produced by exclaimed the governor, enraged be- his daring action. Stepping lightly yond measure at the insolence of him upon the pegs, he had rapidly ascended who thus held him up to contempt be to the utinost height of these, before fore his men, 'or, by Heaven, I will any one thought of following him ; and have your tongue cut out !-Mr. Law- then grasping in his teeth the cord son, let what this fellow requires be which was to have served for his exeprocured immediately.' Then address. cution, and holding Clara firmly against ing Lieut. Boyce, who commanded the his chest, while he embraced the smooth immediate guard over the prisoner- staff with knees and feet closely com*Let his hands be liberated, sir, and pressed around it, accoinplished the enjoin your men to be watchful of the difficult ascent with an ease that astomovements of this supple traitor. His nished all who beheld him, Gradually, activity I know of old to be great, and as he approached the top, the tapering he seems to have doubled it since he pine waved to and fro; and at each assumed that garb. The command moment it was expected, that, yielding was executed, and the prisoner stood, to their united weight, it would snap once more free and unfettered in every asunder and precipitate both Clara and muscular limb. A deep and unbroken himself, either upon the rampart, or silence ensued; and the return of the into the ditch beyond. adjutant was momentarily expected. Suddenly a loud scream was heard, and At length Wacousta was seen to the slight igure of a female, clad in gain the extreme summit. For a mowhite, came rushing from the piazza in ment he turned his gaze anxiously bewhich the apartment of the deceased De yond the town, in the direction of the

bridge; and, after pealing forth one of Haldimar, I hope your heart is at rest,' his terrific yells, exclaimed, exultingly he shouted, as he rapidly glided by the as he turned his eye upon his enemy: cord,' enjoy your triumph as best may *Well, colonel, what ihink you of this suit your pleasure.' Every eye followsample of Indian ingenuity? Did I not ed his movement with interest ; every tell you,' he continued, in mockery, heart beat lighter at the certainty of

that, if my hands were but free, I Clara being again restored, and withwould give you a specimen of my pro- out other injury than the terror she gress in Indian acquirements ?' If you must have experienced in such a scene. would avoid a death more terrible than Each congratulated himself on the fathat of hanging,' shouted the governor, vourable termination of the terrible adin a voice of mingled rage and terror, venture, yet were all ready to spring ' restore my daughter.' * Ha! ha! ha! upon and secure the desperate author -excelleni!' vociferated the savage. of the wrong. Wacousta had now

You threaten largely, my good gover- reached the centre of the flag-staff. nor ; but your threats are harmless as Pausing for a inoinent, he grappled it those of a weak besieging army before with his strong and nervous feet, on an impregnable fortress. It is for the which he apparently rested, to give a strongest, however, to propose his momentary relief to the muscles of his terms. If I restore this girl to life, left arın. He then abruptly aban. will you pledge yourself to mine ?' “ Ne- doned his hold, swinging himself out a ver !' thundered Colonel de Haldimar, few yards from the slaff, and returning with unusual energy. Men, procure again, dashed his feet against it with a axes ; cut the flag-staff down, since force that caused the weakened mass this is the only means left of securing to vibrate to its very foundation. Imyon insolent traitor! Quick to your pelled by his weight, and the violence work; and mark, who first seizes him of his action, the creaking pine gave shall have promotion on the spot.' way; its lofty top gradually bending Axes were instantly procured, and two over the exterior rampart until it finally of the men now lent themselves vigo. snapped asunder, and fell with a loud rously to the task. Wacousta seemned crash across the ditch.

Open the to watch these preparations with evi- gate, down with the drawbridge!' exdent anxiety ; and to all it appeared as claimed the excited governor. if his courage had been paralysed by Meanwhile the fugitive, assisted in this unexpected action. No sooner,

his fall by the gradual rending asunder however, had the axemen reached the of the staff, had obeyed the impulsion heart of the staff, than, holding Clara first given to his active form, uniil, forth over the edge of the rampart, he suddenly checking hiinself by the rope, shouted.-'One stroke more, and she he dropped with his feet downwards perishes ! Instantaneously the work into the centre of the ditch. For a mowas discontinued. A silence of a few ment he disappeared, then came again moments ensued. Evey eye was turned uninjured to the surface; and in the upward,-every heart beat with terror face of more than fifty men, who, linto see the delicate girl, held by a single ing the rampart with their muskets learm, and apparently about to be pre- velled to take him at advantage the incipitated from that dizzying height. stant he should reappear, seemed to Again Wacousta shouted, — Life for laugh their efforts to scorn. Holding life, de Haldimar! If I yield her shall Clara before him as a shield, through I live?' 'No terms shall be dictated which the bullets of his enemies must to me by a rebel, in the heart of my pass before they could attain him, he own fort,' returned the governor. “Re- impelled his gigantic forın with a backstore my child, and we will then con ward moveinent towards the opposite sider what mercy may be extended to bank, which he rapidly ascended; and you.' Well do I know what mercy still fronting his enemies commenced dwells in such a heart as yours, his flight in that manner with a speed gloonily remarked the prisoner ; which (considering the additional but I come.'

weight of the drenched garınents of

both) was inconceivable. Wacousta began his descent, not as before, by adhering to the staff, but by Ostler's Essex Game TERMS.the rope which he held in his left hand Long tails, pheasants Middlings, while he still supported the apparently partridges-Shorts tails, hares-Lops, senseless Clara against his right chest rabbits, and Essex calves. with the other. Now, Colonel de Romford.



Fine Forts.

are at once recognised. But we leave

the innumerable marbled features to | THE COLOSSEUM.

express their likenesses to the celebra

ted individuals, and retire to the cool. Few, hut can snatch from Time an hour,

ing 'Conservatories' - the refreshing For such delights as these;

Fountain' the 'Swiss Cottages'And bear the memory of their power, the declining blossomed 'Aloe', and With unrefracted ease.

the very sweet waterfall music of the

Cataract' and the Marine Cavern.' AMONG the numerous kinds of ra. It is no easy task to depicture these tional gratification which are offered to inspiring works of art -- we had alınost the notice of the “New Year' sojourn

said, nature. We must, therefore, ers to London, not any are more com

leave our readers somewhat in the bined with real desert than the allsac dark, to realise our feelings more than tions contained in the Colosseum.If our expressions; for to our irremediable there be nothing new under the sun,' regret, as there is but one step from the improvements and additions are made ridiculous to the sublime,' so, one in this now classic ground, which jus step only removes us from the beautiful tify our recommendation; and merit a evergreen, crystal, happy dwellings, revisit, by those who have heretofore into the noisy, nasty streets of jargon presented themselves, and to familiar. and terrene bustle. ise their noviciate friends who are wil. ling to do so. For, it is with great

TO A SLEEPING CHILD. pleasure we state, that considerable reductions in the prices of admission to these works of art have taken place, Sleep on, sweet child, no cares disturb thy rest, and which are strong incentives why No sigh yet breaks upon thy soft repose; the sight-seeing public should support Peace dwells alone within thy gentle breast, the very liberal sight-producing pro.

And Nature's hand thy little eyelids close. prieiors; particularly so, as the me. Thy thoughts are heavenly, as thy smiles are tropolis and its environs may be more

sweet, agreeably viewed in these comfortably Enough for thee the dawn of day to greet

All fancied pleasures are alike unknown; warm recesses than on the outside of And think the flowrets bloom for thee alone. St. Paul's, exposed to a catarrhal and No worldly cares thy peaceful dreams mulest, rheumatic atmosphere. The more in No absent friends thy waking thoughts shall timately our acquaintance with the • Panorama' has been cultivated, we

Nor unkind memory, lingering in thy breast,

Recalls past joys that never can return. are more persuaded of its vraisemblance, and discover some new feature with fond delight I saw thee wildly gaze we are delighted with.

which through yon lattice

shone, We, therefore, entreal our friends, Unconscious that its bright resplendent rays e specially the ladies who are curious Must guide tliee through a world as yet unin detail, to use the glasses in the galleries freely, and they will not be A world where envy reigns with tyrant sway, thought the older for it, or suffer by Ambition strews with flowers the thorny way, any quizzical imputation. But allons. And vice is oft with luxury supplied. As we descend (not into Avernus) to

There's many an eye that once with pleasure the next object of research, the ‘Saloon,'

smiled, many valuable additions by eminent The tear of sympathy has learned to shed; artists of celebrated men are deposited. And many a sunny lock like thine, sweet child, Here are busts - inodels-grottos-an

By sorrow has been changed ere youth has

fled. tiques-medallions and casts. Some of our favourites are-Mercury bear

Oh! I have dwelt too long upon this theme,

Ye gloomy visions from my brain depart; ing Pandora to the gods — Dislocobus For ye bave told of young affection's dream, the Coit Player'-a Horse's head' And touched the chord that vibrates on my cast from the Elgin marbles,-- a colos

heart. sal • Melpomene'- Apollo Belvidere' But now the morning breaks o'er land and lea, -the 'Graces'-'Nymph of Salmacis' And thiou must 80on from thy sweet slumbers - Musidora'-Moses'-Lorenzo de

wake; Medicis' and Our Saviour.'

Oh! that thy life may always peaceful be.

As that calm breeze that hovers o'er the busts of His Majesty' and his royal

lake. brothers, Sir Francis Burdelt, ihe

HENRIETTA Bishop of Norwich, and many others,


Upon the



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