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thai ess I arose, he could not con

>>>{{ THE DUEL. A M P opposing second again intervened, and

declared that unless I could 'stand, and IT was agreed that we should com- fire without assistance, he should reori mence the combat with our pistols, and move his principal from the ground. if they failed, we were to determine it I groaned with anguish ; and nothing, by our swords. The ground was mea- fear, prevented me from sending my sared, and, at the distance of eight bollet through the head of this zealous paces, my antagonist and I stood face to adviser, but the dread of thereby sufferface. Our seconds had arranged that ing my far more hated antagonist to esthe challenged party should fire first. cape. I instigated my second to protesti: We were asked if we were prepared,' against the injustice of this proceeding; and, having replied in the affirmative, but his remonstrances were vain; for, the signal was given. I saw the flash, as we both too well knew, the other was and treinbled to and fro for a few see acting in accordance with the common conds, then fell back wards on the earth: rules and precedents on such occasions. the ball of my toe had passed through During this discussion I was momenta ; my body. Dreadful, excruciating were : rily growing weaker. Hastily, there the sensations which I endured during fore, in the fear of becoming utterly in- . the few succeeding minutes, while 1 capacitated, I struggled to rise, and lay on the grass--the crimson grass, partially succeeded, but immediately which I had prophesied should be the fell again. A second time I made a still bed of my enemy. In spite of the great more violent effort, and contrived, with effusion of blood, which, conjoined to the assistance of the pistol, to raise my.. what I had previously lost, induced a self on one knee. But the pain 'I then mortal weakness, 1 yet retained a vivid suffered was excruciating, and the great consciousness of all that passed around difficulty was yet to be surmounted.

. My antagonist had thrown the How vividly intense, even at this modischarged pistol on the earth, and stood ment, is my recollection of the scene!' with his arms folded across his breast, My foe was still intently regarding me regarding with a stern and fixed coun. with the same impassive, inscrutable tenance the wound from which my life- gaze. Not an emotion was apparent in blood was fast issuing. Motionless and the stony rigidity of his fixed and pale impenetrable as a statue, it was impos- features. He neither quailed beneath sible to infer from his impassive coun- my wrathful glances, nor retorted with tenance the nature of bis feelings ; but a similar expression. His dark, deep he appeared to be awaiting the result set eyes seemed to penetrate the inmost withoot anxiety, and without exulta• recesses of my soul, but offered no clue tion. My second advanced to assist nie; to the secrets of his own. At length ! bat I snatched the handkerchief from his succeeded in attaining my feet, For a grasp, and applied it myself to the moment I reeled as though in a a state of wound." An increased feebleness thenutter ebriety; then, with one final, and subdued me, and I fell back on the 1 may also say, saperhuman exertion of grass, still keeping my eyes fixed on my remaining strength, I stood for 'a the countenance of my adversary, who single moment as firm and motionless retorted with an equally immovable as a rock, deliberately levelled my pisgaze. I had thus lain during what ap- tol at his throat, and fired. With the peared to me an eternity, but, in rea- fierce shriek of the death-agony he lity, perhaps, did not exceed a couple sprang convulsively into the air, and of minutes, when his second approach with a dull heavy sound fell on the earth ed him, and advised him to depart: a corpse. I saw the result-saw that “No, no!" I shrieked in the agony of my prophecy was fulfilled, that the green my dread lest 'my anticipated victim 2 grass was red beneath him, uttered a should escape me " stay, stay, I com-' faint cry of exultation, and sank into.." mand you'! I am prepared, and ca- the arms of my second. pable of tiring;" and I presented my pisar iol. But the second of my adversary

ATHENIAN PRIESTS. interfered, and stated that so long as I remained prostrate on the ground, the laws of duelling required tbat I should THERE were various persons among be considered hors de combat ; and the Athenians in 'Holy Orders.' The

Greek word 'parasitoi,' of a parasite, sent my foe should sustain my fire., was held in derision, and understood My friend then approached, in the in- in comic satire as equivalent to tention of aiding me to rise ; but the shark,' or 'smell-feast;' and though

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many of the class were estimable men, love, preserve no pleasing recollections yet the object of Terence was more to of home, to make them regret their attack the bad portion of them, and country. Their destination is conbring them to a life of practical re- stantly before their eyes, painted in formation, than to cast odium on the glowing colours; and, so far from lives of those who were worthy of com- dreading it, they look for the moment mendation. For, when these had set of going to Anapa, or Poti, whence they apart such a parcel of land as they are shipped for Stamboul, with as much thought the revenues would suffice for eagerness as, a, parlour-boarder of a the sacrifices, they chose certain men French or Italian convent for her emanwho should regulate the proportions of cipation. In the market they are lodged the harvest, and with the income were in separate apartments, carefully sethe charges of the public sacrifices de- cluded, where, in the hours of business frayed. Hence, great yearly sub -between nine and twelve-they may ştance is used by Aristophanes for be visited by aspirants for possessing

great sacrifice, and conducted by such delicate ware. I need not draw a Ceryces,' a crier ;? but in sacred veil over what follows. Decorum prefunctions, a' minister, who slew and vails. The, would-be purchaser may offered the victim. Athenio, the comea fix his eyes on the lady's face, and his dian, ascribes much honour to them, hand may receive evidence of her bust. as if they had first taught inen to seeth The waltz allows nearly as much livictuals, the flesh of eep and oxen; berty before hundreds of eyes. Of course while before, they devoured each other the merchant gives his warranty, on raw. Their name is taken from Ce, which, and the preceding data, the ryx, the son of Mercury, and Pandro- bargain is closed. The common price sus. In the time of divine rights, of a tolerable looking maid is ahout they craved the silence of the people, 2001. Some fetch hạndreds, the value and when the service was concluded, depending as much on accomplishments they invoked praise. It was the duty as on beauty; but such are generally of these ministers to preserve that singled out by the. Kislar,

Aga, A which was found in the church, and coarser article, from Nubia and Abys. to keep it in repair, there being a law sinia, is exposed publicly on platforms, that what they laid out sliould be re- beneath verandabs, before the cribs of paid them. These are the priests ever the white china. A more white toothed, waiting on the gods, whose prayers the plump, cheeked, merry eyed set I selancients aequired at their sacrifices, dom witnessed, with a smile and a gibe out of which they had a fee the trots for every one, and often an audible ters and skins,' as the Ceryces bad the Buy me." They are sold easily, and

tongues.' And, indeed, there was na, without trouble. Ladies are the usual necessity for there being tables in their purchasers for domestics. A slight intemples on which they might lay their spection suffices. The girl gets up off oblations. Demosthenes states there the ground, gathers her coarse cloth were priestesses, on whom devolved round her loins, bids her companions the proper administration of the linen, adieu, and trips gaily, bare footed, and and they were compared by Dionysius. bare headed, after her new mistress, to vestals.

PYLADES. who immediately dresses her à la

Turque, and hides her ebony with white METHOD OF SELLING WOMEN veils. The price of one is about 161. IN CONSTANTINOPLE.

Hvis Slade's Records of Travels in Turkey. The Circassians and Georgians, who GHOST STORIES ; OR, SHADES OF form the trade supply, are only victims

THE DEPARTED. of custom, willing victims ; being 'brought up by their mercenary parents POOR PETER AND WILL O' TAB WISP. for the merchants. If born Moham

An ignis fatuns of the swamp, medan, they remain 80; if born Chris

Misleading silly folks. tian, they are educated in no faith, in order that they may conform, when How beantifully the liule clear-ripurchased, to the Mussulman faith, volet runs, like liberated quicksilver, and therefore they suffer no sacrifice along the valley which reposes in its on that score. They live a secluded hilly shelter, and is secluded in woody life, harshly treated by their relations, umbrage. Our ancestors took infinite never seeing a stranger's face, and pains to realise their wishes, when they therefore form no ties of friendship or scooped out a basin for their dwellings

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and devotion in the identities of Castle him they parabled in mysteries : at one Coombe. Whichever way we enter, time he heard them speak in anguish of we suddenly quit tbe airy hills, and Agnes Broome" breaking her heart descending by an abrupt and narrow for love : at another they lamented the road, with the stones of rugged age be- suicide of " Ellen Scrope:sometimes side us, almost topple into the presence they talked of the ghost of the squire of chiinnies and low habitations. The appearing at the sun-dial in the green very tops of the church are rarely con- plat;--and at others they detailed oral cealed, till we seem, like Munchausen, traditions, which, ever and anon, amused to tie the bridles of our horses to them. him. When they discovered this sympIn this remarkable town, once cele- tom of reason dawning at the age of brated for its castle, but now in utter seventeen, they encouraged the exerretirement, many families lived and cise, though he could not be induced died without travelling far beyond the to look into a book but for a loved pefosse. Of the castle nothing remains rusal of the picture. To be sure the but a mound, the broken walls shrinking went regularly to church on Sundays, into the green usurpation of the ground, and lis demeanour in it was inimitable as if desirous of being concealed with for he rose, and sat, and mumbled the former grandeur of the possessors, the responses to the best of his ability, and ashamed of the ruin to which mute' and his heart indited the service faithisurvivors are liable. The ditch, once fully. This was so remarkable to those doubtless of considerable importance who knew him that he was known by ånd fortified, is scarcely observable-- the appellative of " poor Peter!" Inrank weeds, briars, and stagnant waters deed, he was so far pleased with this hate converted it into a swampy spot. significanti epithet, that he considered Castle Coombe is now a Coombe?'— being called “poor Peter!” was equifor there are woolcombers in it-with- valent to squire and a mark of honour. out a castle.

But with all the descriptions of those in By the side of an hermit-like meet a supernatural world, none had so ing-house in the stony recluse of the strong an effect upon his mind as the road, a weaver lived in coinfort. This accounts his father detailed to bim dwelling possessed the usual accom- which happened when he was a boy, paniments of a cotiage. A well in the during the weaving of the day,--of the garden, a long window for the light of tricks he and his old playmates, invented the loom, and a pretty bird's-eye view with the Will o' the Wisp, round the up and down the hill, with a few steps ditch of the castle. willowed each side down into a narrow. Many a night Peter lay awake in his path, which cut off the distance and bed, and resolved in his contracted forined a rather interesting object to the brain what he should do in imitation of perspective of an observer.

his father; and, no doubt, he ripened When Peter Jones, the only son, had his schenie to his fancy, ere he deterarrived to years old enough to workmined to put it in practice. This, howwith his father, Nelly, who had assisted ever, is only conjectural ;. for, one in driving the shuttle and the quills star-lighit night, when the moon slept between the warp or chain, many and on the waters, and the grass was crisp many a long day, now initiated Peter, with globules of silvery dew, being asher“ dear boy," into the service. sured that his parents were fast as death Consequently lie was kept in ignorance in the realıns of nature's sweet restorer, of the doings of other boys in the sham- he rose, and dressing himselfin hushing bles of the market-place, and, inore, secrecy, went forth alone with a stake over, being very destitule of a natural in his hand, to see if he could not play capacity ; which, singularly enough, a prank or two with the “Will of the was that which constituted him a perfect Wisp round the outer dyke of the natural in any thing, but weaviug. – castle's mound. Peter's judgment and experience, like a It was the distance of a mile from couple of unread novels, lay on the his home, for the zig-zag road.deceived shelf; yet, very often, after the labours the eye and the foot, and made it appear of the day were closed and the fire was only half as far. Peter reached the spot brightened up, when his father sat of his intention, though he lost his life sinoking and bis mother darned the in accomplisbing his supposed object, chasms of the hose ---Peter, half drowsy, It is evident in the sequel that he went with the petted feline crop-eared tabby in pursuit of the Willo' the Wisp, by on his knees, listened io the casual the situation in which he was found. conversation between his parents. To Well, then, when his father and inother


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woke like the larks refreshed for the than, of course, his ghost was seen morning's duties, Peter's voice was wantonly attacking the wall of the missing. His mother drew the latch Wisp here and there about the castle's of bis sleeping room-she entered-it site. This was not all-whoever venwas empty. She shrieked, and the old tured that way over the bridge by moonman, who had descended to the weav. light could see the youth's form dising room, for the purpose of breaking tinctly musing over the place of bis up a faggot, hearing her, left the half death. Nay, more-his voice could be lit fire, and met her, falling and fainting heard (so it was said) distinctly in the in his arms. Not imagining, at the mo- lapse of the cadent waters, accenting mentary impulse, the real cause, be the melancholy tones of " Pror Peter !" called loudly for his son-but hearing A literary gentleman, in the vicinity no reply, feared the worst. As soon of Castle Coombe, determined to realise as Nelly was brought to, their eyes the truth, or dispel the fiction of Poor seemed to inquire, what has become of Peter's posthumous interposition. By their dear, poor Peter!—They searched repeated visits near the spot, 'he first round about, and looked among their accounted for the actual presence of the neighbours in vain. None conld give Will o' the Wisp; and, secondly, any information respecting Peter. All proved, by the removal of the stump of the folks, so deeply interested were a tree from the spot, that Peter's ghost they for his welfare, set their feet in all ceased to 'inhabit it with an 'untoned directions. Three days and corres- spell. This tree, certainly, before it ponding nights' anxieties and bewail- was pliicked up as a brand, resembled ings were unhappily employed to no a form in shade, by moonlight only, purpose. Some afirmed that he had of a human being. We are, therefore, gone after the soldiers and was enlisted; bound to demonstrate the agents, ere while others said, “ Ah! poor Peter we fix our belief in the subject of the was too good to be long in this world.” departed returning to our mortal career

A week had elapsed, and the old for no apparent cause than feeding couple were wearing out their sands of credulity, and wrapping the manile of existence with the most silent and sure ignorance round the half-cowled terrors expedition, when the squire's game- of superstition. keeper entering, disturbed their calin meditations, by informing them “poor

Varieties. Peter was found !!!!, They rose at one impulse, and looked unutterable wild AMERICAN TAVERNERS.A six foot ness, when they asked, “ Alice ?Kentuckian was not long since travelNay;

; not exactly so,” said the gaine- ling in the interior of Pennsylvania, keeper, humanely softening down their when he put up for the night at a Dutch calamity -" "This dog," + pátting the tavern, where he was excessively an. unconscious animal, yes, Carlo noyed by those tormentors of haman discovered him as I was out shooting flesh and blood which, time out of mind, this morning round the cast le. By the have been the peculiar denizens of unaid of Tom the shepherd, we dragged clean beds." fu the morning, when the

Peter out of the mire, and he was rest of his fellow-passengers had paid at peace' when we left him, and his their fare, our Kentuckian stepped up lodging, poor fellow, is on the cold, to the landlord, and in voice of thuncold ground!” Here he wiped away a der inquired the price of beef in that tear, and his anditors trembled in dumb vicinity. “ De price of beef?” responddistraction.

ed the half frightened and half wonderTrue was the account, and soon real- struck tavern-keeper. "Yes, what is ized in all its bearings. But it would beef a pound in your village?" ("Why be tedious to narrate the subsequent tish, let me see now tish sixpence de effects of an endearing son lost, and à pound." "" Here, then,” said the Kenhumble and heart-broken pair of self- tuckian, " take that," at the same tiine accusing parents, who, in their utter throwing down on the counter a silver despair, aitributed the fatal result from dollar, “ Dat! and vat ish dat for, their filling their son's head with fan- Mynbeer six footer ?” “Half of it is tasms they could not explain. Though for my bed and board, and half to pt

purthe old couple went out of time without chase beef." Beef !--for vat?! an elucidation of the cause of the Will “ For the d-d hungry búgs in your o' the Wisp; yet, in after years, the beds--they came near eating me np rising generations met with a full proof alive-look here, and here, and here! of it. But no sooner was Peter buried said he, at the saine time shewing the



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bites and marks of blood on his face, The SMOKING DOCTOR. - Dr. Als arms, and legs, “Do you mean to in- drich's excessive love of smoking was sinivate that my beds are buggy!” said well known to his associates; but a the landlord, stepping round in a great young student of his college, finding passion “ Buggy! to be sure I do ; some difficulty to bring a fellow-cola, and that you are but one door off from legian to the belief of it, laid hiina being a murderer : had it been a thin wager, that the dean, Aldrich, was consumptive fellow that had slept where smoking at that time (about ten o'clock I did last night, instead of me, he would in the morning). Away went the latter have been a dead man before morning; to the deanery. After being admitted and to guard against such a catastrophe, to the dean in his study, he related the I make a present to you of that money occasion of his visit. T'he dean, inbuy beef with it, and feed your bugs stead of being disconcerted, replied in every night before putting any body into perfect good humour, "you see your your beds." The Dutchınan was forced friend has lost his wager, for I am not to submit to the joke, the Kentuckian smoking, but only filling my pipe.". The all the while looking fiercely at hin in story, however, is not quite correctly 'the face, and keeping as cool and deter- told ; the wager was, that the dean was inined as if it were a case of life and either smoking, stopping, or filling his death.

New York Constellation, pipe. The parties called on hiin, and THE GAME OF THB TINKELER'S SHOP he who made the bet immediately exas played in West Cornwall : s claimed, “I have lost my wager, I per"A large iron pot, with a mixture of ceive;" for the doctor was not smoking

and water, is placed in the middle but had his hand in his waistcoat pocof the room, one of the party acts as ket, “ You have won it," said the dean, master of the shop, having a small mop to whom the matter had been explained, in his left hand, and a short stick in his “for,” said he, withdrawing his hand right, as his comrades have also ; each from its place of copcealment, “ I am ofthese assumes a naine, as Old Vulcan, filling my pipe at this very moment,”? Mend-all, Tear'em, All-ny-men, &c. his pocket being his tobacco-box. They all kneel down round the vessel; TOADS --The common toad, which the master cries out, “ Every one and is generally esteemed the most loath1;" they then all hammer away as fast some of British reptiles, and which boys as they can, some with ridiculous gri- too often heedlessly pelt with stones,

the master suddenly cries out, as if it were a creature injurious to All-iny-men and 1," " Mend-all and mankind, is an animal of considerable ,” or any other name he chooses, up use in the economy of nature, being on which all are to cease working, ex- evidently created for the purpose of cept the individual named. If any of destroying and clearing away worms them fail in attending to this, they are and other small vermin which would treated with a salute from the inop, injure vegetation. The character of this well soaked in the sable liquid ; and inoffensive creature has recently been as the master contrives to puzzle them well described by Mr. Fothergill, a by frequently changing the names, and naturalist. “The common food of the sometimes calling two or three together, toad (says he,) is small worms, and inthe faces of most of the party are soon sects of every description, but its fareduced to a state that would

vourite food consists of bees and wasps. even Warren's jet blacking look pale When a toad strikes any of these in

sects, however, deglutition does not CURIOUS SOUTH AMERICAN PAIŅt- immediately take place, as in other ING OF THE Last Supper. -Here the cases, but the mandibles remain closely cherubins and seraphims have under- compressed for a few seconds, in which gone a terrible degradation, for instead time the bee or wasp is killed, and all of being represented, as is usual, in danger of being stung avoided. The heaven, they are figuring as cooks and mandibles are provided with two proscullions. They are drawn as all head tuberances, which appeared to be desa, and wings, but busily employed :-one tined for this office. Although capable is scouring a dish is a kind of mo. of sustaining long abstinence, the toad dern European kitchen ; another is is a voracious feeder when opportunity blowing the fire in the Spanish man offers. To a middle-sized one the wri. ner;, a third is frying eggs; in the ter has given nine wasps, one immediback-ground some are officiating as ately, after another ; the tenth it refused, waiters, handling the plates, and mak. but in the afternoon of the same day it ing all necessary, preparations. took eight more. To see the load dis

maces ;

with envy.

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