Imatges de pàgina


witness, performed was disgusting to marched aft, preceded by a drum and 342

Τ Η Ε οέιο. since the latter must assent and smile evening on his quarter-deck conch, en regle. His legs seemed made for always doing me the honour to place no other purpose than to bend under me beside him with a chibouque; and him': his hands to run over his com no doubt it was a droll sight to the boloyo (rosary). .A . narghiler was crew, who 'all gathered 'round the never from his lips, except while he pasha and me thus cheek by jowl.ate, or prayed, or slept; how he per- His hand, consisting of as many drums formed the first of these offices I have and cymbals as could be collected, with described ; suffice for his meals, that two clarionets and one fife, usually they took place twice a day at unsettled made a noise for our benefit. It played hours. Officers continually stood be the hunter's chorus in Freischutz, Zitri fore him, arins crossed - eyes cast zitti, and Malbrook, over and over till down—a painful apprentissage which I fairly wished it at the bottom of the every Osmanley goes through before sea. I not only could not stop my arriving at power -- and anticipated ears, but' was obliged to 'applaud liber every desire with surprising dexterity. ally. Thinking, one evening, that its If he wished to rise, he was lifted on style was more adapted to Turkish muhis legs ; if he drank, the glass was sic, at the same time intending a comheld to his lips ; if he walked, he was pliment, 'l' asked the pasha whether it supported by the arms; if an ignorant could perforın any Turkish alighted on his brow, oficious fans Turkish air," he repeated with astowarned the intruder not to return; even nishment”; “Mashallah, have you not when he spat, whieli tvas not rare, he been listening to them these being asthmalic, there was never want- hours ?'' I bowed, and took refuge in ing one to hold his handkerchief for ignorance. He asked me one evening, the precious token. Such'servility” if I would like to see his regular solthough perfectly natural from the effect diers ; I had never heard of a being

'too, by men who fife, each carrying a musket, and wearin their own homes exacted the same inga shabby tactito uniform. A firstfrom their inferiors, and thus made rate's marines! I could scarce refrain themselves amends for their own humi- from laughing out at the idea, although liation. From the top to the bottoin of a thousand eyes were fixed on 'me to the ladder is a gradation of similar ser- observe my admiration. The pasha vitude. The grand vizir kisses the told them seriously to do their best, for sultan's foot; he bows to Mohammed. a judge of military performance was by. The pasha kisses the grand vizir's foot; Accordingly, they went through the the bey, the pasha's'; 'the 'aga, the manual exercise, and the same was renbey's, and so on. No inussulman sub- dered exceeding amusing by the drolject is so high but what he has a 'mas- lery of the jester, who, shouldering a ter, and none so low as not to have a long chibouque, acted as a fogelman,

the son is slave to the father. to the roars of both spectators and solI often saw the capitan pasha's son, a diers. I warmly applauded, and the royal page, with him; but the youth pasha in delight gave the corporal a never sat or tasted food in his presence. piece of gold, which was contested by With all his deficiencies, Achmet Pa- ihe jester, who swore that without him puchgi' was a good-natured man, a the troop would have been disgraced. complete contrast to his predecessors The chief entertainment of every evenduring the last twenty years, who were ing was provided by the crew, who, all remarkable for cruelty. The quality when our orchestra closed, comnienced seemed inherent to the office. In the acting gross buffoonery, such as duckmiddle of the day he crept into the ing in iubs of water for money, when kennel abaft the mizen-mast

, and repos- many a poor fellow half-drowned himed for some hours, his example being' self in vain attempts to take with his duly followed by the officers, stretched lips the thin bit of silver, shining at out on the quarter-deck, and covered the bottom; or playing at bear and by flags to keep off the sun. On awak- monkey, when both the bear and mon. ing, coffee and chibouques were served. key well deserved the piastres their Water was then brought, with a com- beating gained them; or blind man's plete change of garments, and in the buff. This last game was capital. same narrow box, six feet by three, by The blind man, provided with a stick, two high, he washed and dressed; then was at liberty to hit every body within came out and enjoyed the cool of the reach, only subject to the inconveni


prostrate fellows, or over the coinings their passage the day, who and whose Each

ein Infinite amusement. whom I perceived a sad spirit of appre- out his tongue? Talk to hiin,' he added,

his pilot,

missed down a batch way. The pasha's atten. absence considerably annoyed him. He dants received sundry blons in keeping was disappointed ; it brought an order off the presence, and as he readily froin the seraskier pasha to steer out to found his way amongst thein, I suppos sea again. Ilis countenance fell; and ed that he was purposely allowed a we were about to bll the maintop sail

, peep-isole, especially as his excellency when a merchantmaji's boat was seen enjoyed it much. A game also of nien emerging from the shade of the canal's hanging in pairs to the spanker-boom, high banks. We distinguished in it a till one turned senseless or cried Frank and an Osmanley, the objects of

the pasha's solicitude.

The jester. the was

skipped on deck with the confidence of at the writhings the actors; the one who knew that his presence would pasha, forgetting his hauteur, would excuse his absence. He was gaily atjoin in the laugh, and rapidly coinbing tired in scarlet and gold, and his tez his beard with his fingers, throw pieces was bound by a silver band. lle was of gold at the victor. Well,' he said dumpy in stalure, but active in limb; to me one evening that I was more than and his countenance displayed more usually tired of this foolery-does archness than folly. He saw the supyour capitan pasha amuse hinself in pressed smile of the officers, and at this way? I could not for the life of orice ran up to the pasha, who affected me flatter him. I simply answered that to look stern, and, inaking a somerset, the English capitan pasha had always took hold of the hem of his robe, sayelse to do. A dead silence, and mu ing,' Thus will the Russian admiral tual looks of surprise, ensued. Such reel before your potent thunder, and were the occupations of the third man thus '

will I salute him, making a sign of the empire ; of one of the chiefs on with his foot. "Pezzveng,' said the whom depended the fate of Turkey," old man, taking him good humouredly

by the car, I will nail this to my caIn the morning we were close off bin-door.' The fool will then hear the Bosphorus, nearly becalined. Not the wiseman's secrets,' replied the a strange sail was in sight, a void mar- other, and you will have to sew his vellonsly consoling to the crew, among mouth up. What would you do withhension. I am not vain enough to say pointing to the pilot, who stood at the I did not share it, (the mere circum- gang way, doubting what to do ; with, stance of there being no surgeon on out his boat your highness's Tom Fool board was discouraging), but at any must have coine off on a porpoise's rate I did not shew it, and being in back, for the Pezzvéng caikgis will fairly for the worst, determined to not take jests for piastres. This acmake the best of it

. I considered the knowledgement, which included a scartrial of our strength only deferred. My casin on his slender emolumen's, seprincipal aim was to encourage the cured his companion's grace'; and with chief, and, therefore, having tirst break- this invaluable addition we made sail. fasted on coffee thick as chocolate, lle had originally been a dervish, (* without sugar, bread, and honey, I re- jester's profession, after all,) and was paired to him. He was undergoing much liked by all the crew, for wlion The operation of having his head shared, he was always ready to exert his inand looked very dismal; that done, he fluence." performed his minor ablutions, and said his prayers, I all the while smok 6. When the first news of the cap!ure ing his narghiler on the divan. "What of Varna reachd Warsaw, à German can I do?' the pasha despondingly said, trader ventured to doubt its truth, in a

with such men, such means ? they large coffee-house, where the company know nothing.' • Nor do you,' I were discussing on the subject, and thought, and rep'ied, · Let us do our said that it wanted confirination. Ile best; allow me to exercise the guns, was scarcely out of his bed, the next it will give the men confidence; if we morning, when a police-officer came indo meet the eremy, let us not die like lo his room without ceremony, and indogs!' He scarcely heeded me at the formed him that the grand duke wanted moment, for his attention was suddenly to see him. “Why-what-'exclaimattracted by the appearance of a boat ed the terrified German, “What have I coming off. He hoped it contained his done?' 'You will soon know,' replied

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the satellite. With unpleasant fore

Mournfully' oh, mournfully

This midnight wind doth swell, bodings the poor man arrayed himself

With its quaint pensive minstrelsy, in bis best, and obeyed the suinmons. Hope's passionate farewell So,' says Constantine to him, you To the dreamy joys of early years, do not believe that the emperor's army

Ere yet grief's canker feil

On tbe heart's bloom-ay, well may tears has taken Varna- what do you know Start at that parting knell ! about Varna that makes you doubt of

Motherwell's Poems. its fall ?' 'Please your highness, I am a poor ignorant man:Imerely thought "You thought ; then, sir, you

RETROSPECTIVE AND PROSPECmust learn to think right.' Pardon, TIVE MOVEMENTS OF THE YEAR. your highness -I meant

no harm.' • There is no harm done; do not be

The kindly intercourse will ever prove

A bond of amity and social love. 100 bis afraid. Hold!' continued Constan

Bloomfield. tine, seeing the Gernian about to pros ERE half another week elapse, this trate himself a courier is this moinent year will be cast into the abysm of going to Varna, you will go in his ki- eternal ages, Were we to trace some bilka and clear up your doubts.' Away of the evenis which have taken place, they go, click clack, day and night politically and literary, we should call, the poor Gerinan in a mortal fright, io mind important changes likely to under the idea that he is on the road arise, by the loss of several great and to Siberia. They arrive at Varna, and shining characters. But, as politics do the courier addresses his companion for not fall into our immediate track, and the first time since they left Warsaw. the public press takes a full and cora 'Sir, this town is Varna ; you will have rect estimate of them in criticism, dethe goodness to put the question to any tail and chronology, we are reminded body you like, and convince yourself. of our losses in the lapse of the labours Now, sit, you see these troops look at of literary and scientific men, w

wbose them well-examine the uniforms. Are places are not readily filled in the yass you satisfied that they are Russian rious walks in which they were disting troops?' "am perfectly satisfied,' an- guished. Yet, as these men bave left swered the German. Then, sir,' re- their works for our edification, and plied his coinpanion, you have no for many writers in their several ther business here. In a quarter of an are eminent in their wake,, we needs hour another courier will start for not fear the want of Romance, in Warsaw; you will return in his kibit, which some have excelled ; double ka, and report yourself to the grand“ but quite as many disciples in the rane duke.' Away he goes again, jolt, jolt;" tio of organs, trill be, as ready taq in fear of dislocating half his bones, for bump,” as persons found to have their being free, this journey, from mental heads shaved for craniological and anxiety about Siberia, he had leisure to phrenological development. We doubts observe that he was made of flesh and not, that, as the colleges, boarding Constantine

welcomed him schools, and seminaries in the empire, with a horse-laugh. Now,' he said, are emptied of the refractory and stu-to ‘ you will go to that cafe where you dious; the grand emporium, the inetro-in were the last evening you were in War-polis, is filled in all quarters, and beris saw, and acquaint the company that the lieve the romances in real life, will Russians are in Varna..

supersede the necessity of troubling

the library shelves, containing the artin 1 THE MIDNIGHT WIND.

ficial and marvellous, Police Red

ports' will detail the works of delinMournfully! oh, mournfully

quents and criminals, and the Scand This midnight wind doth sigh.

Mag.' calendars delineate the teledy Like some sweet plaintive melody of ages long gone by ;

tete of the haut ton ;' and authors in It speaks a tale of other years

literature be temporarily, forgotten. Ty Of hopes that bloomed to die

Instead of feeling casts, many, will fully of sunny smiles that set in tears, And loves that mouldering lie!

prove their tendencies to be cast aga inst

harder, if not thicker, substances than Mournfully! oh, mournfully

those of which they are naturally posti i This midnight wind doth moan; It stirs soine chord of memory

sessed, by using remedies to allay : 4 In each dull heavy tone:

thirst, and gourmanderie, to exhibit The voices of the much-loved dead

the beauties of gluttony,,, to their, mosts Seem Aoating thereupon All, all my sond heart cherished

unamiable and fullest extent of capa. Ere death had made it tone.

city. Thus: eating and drinking will

1 classes,



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prevail atitbis season, to repletion.- love of literature. lf, then, we can Thus, the youngest will leave the ele give a fair debtor and creditor account ders in their glory,' while they will of our actions at the close of this year, draw liberally on their purse-strings, and a balance of clear conscience reAnd troi the busy town

mains, we can hope to increase our

mental treasures, and offer our smiles For pleasure and renown.

at the shrine of the Virgin year, and After six months absence from the co- break out in ecstacies::of laughter in teries of chat and fashion, what changes behalf of the conquests of Natúre and have been made-Felder brothers, sis- Deity.

di: “! OLIOJUI ters, and cousins, are married. The bridal visits must be paid. Lace caps

THE PRISONERi !'T and pincushions -furnished. The tall

TUIT !! 11011 misses that left home the last vacation, A YOUNG lady resided in the same are now finished and ready to accept street of St. Mala, where stood the pria advantageous offers to settle in life, and son of the town. One evening, while prefer, should an elopement be advis.' sitting at needle-work in trer own room, ed, to take a trip to Gretna. That they the door was suddenly but noiselessly are grown out of knowledge none will opened, and a man stood before her!) deny. Their brothers are also finished she did not scream, as many youngs and enter the counting-house, or shop, ladies would have thought themselves or prepare their taste for an indenture obliged to do ; for, although the cird! for five or seven years. At all events, cumstance was undoubtedly singular, parties are visiting iri all directions.- it was impossible that there could be Trade is the better for it. Exhibitions any real danger. It was broad day! look 20, bazaars 50, and perfumers, a light; the street was crowded with passt 100 per cent. Locks and bolts (ladies sengers, and in the house itself athere of course) are at a high premium. The were her father, and s brothers, and theatres are bringing out their operas a numerous tamily. The stranger gazed and pantomimes. Tragedians, orange- in her face for some moments as if he merchants, and butchers' shows, are in would read her very soul. An expres?? vogue. The emblems of peaceful, șion of relief, or satisfaction, ata lengely druídical," and friendship-lasting ver- beamed on his features and, turning dure, are in the order of decoration. round cautioasly, he shut and bolted" Beadles and dustoren, post men and the door." Lady,' said hey I have pew-openers, porters and butlers, escaped from the prison over the roofst bring the revenue of their boxing of the houses. Save me!l'r At the mos! perquisites into the calculating fund, ment a knoch ing was heard at the door." and bankers wind op their cash ac- There was no time to reflect'; she acted counts. Yet, after all, these incun- on the instinct of her woman's heart bencies and annuity duties-whether and, pointing to a closet, where she young, in prime, or aged, none should accustomed to keep her clothes it forget the moral obligations - the ties and books, the stranger entered, and of consanguinity=the power of the she locked him in. Why do you rich the duty to the poor. None keep your door Jocked ?" criedi her should omitself-examination, as to elder brother... You are ; wanted to how the account of gratitude stands come down to dinner." "I was asleep," with that Being who has created man said she; “ I forgot that I had locked but a little lower than the angels,' in it.” She went down to dinner, and spite of the prurient cavils of the subtracting a portion from every thing 'Drainatic Licenser,' and has given she put upon her plate, bid it in a lowet; the most beautiful link in creation, for the economy of the household was woman, to be his help-mate, not his 80 managed, that she could not othercheck-mate. None should neglect the wise have obtained a morsel of bread opportunities of doing good, as they without exciting surprise. On returncannot be more nobly registered than ing soon after to her room, she handed in the seroll which Time will shortly in the stolen property to her protege, hand into the care and keeping of in-, but without uttering a word; for her violable Truth and inscrutable Justice. younger sister, who slept with her, and As the love of life is great, so should who rarely stirred from her side, was be 'the love of harmony, the love of close at her heels. At midnight, when kindness and benevolence. As the this sister was asleep, and the whole love of nature is strong, so should be house was buried in silence, the young the love of knowledge united with the lady rose from bed, and, dressing her


self, went into the closet to inquire into ukases-your lawyer may find an ukase the stranger's wishes and intentions. A perfectly applicable to your view, and hurried whisper was all they could es. io the justice of the affair in question : change, either now or afterwards. Dure, you may feel quite satisfied, in your ing the two days he remained in the own mind, that the decision must be in house, she never so much as touched your favour'; -but your antagonist's his hand ; and a brief question, and a solicitor will, in all probability, Ilnda monosyllable in reply, vwas their only: another ukase of a diametrically op intercommunication. At length, seizing posite tendency, or (wbich is the same the opportunity of a festival, when the thing to you,) it will be coaxed into streets were crowded at night, even the signification desired, by the attraca? after her father and his family had re- live influence of a parsonage welltired to bed, she called him from his known in Great Britain by the appellalurking place, opened noiselessly the tion of the Old Lady in Threadneedless outer-door, and set him free, neither street, and who issues her firmuns party daring to utter a word. From this here in the shape of Russian banknotes. time a change appeared to take place in It is true that a third ukase might poss the manner of the young lady. She ber sibly be discovered, which, accompacame restless and uneasy. Her only nied by a rouleau of dycats, would business was gazing from ber window make the scales of justice incline 10 into the street, and ber only amusement your side ; but this would be a costly poring over. newspapers. One day, proceeding, and even a just deeree when at this latter employment, she was might be evaded by an adept, who would observed to grow pale ; but not a word, be more than a match for you, with nor sign, nor even look, escaped her your old-fashioned, straightforward Enwhich could betray the cause of her glish ideas.'Enough, rejoined ; emotion. In that newspaper sbe read it has always been my opinion that that her protege had been retaken, and one had better make a great sacrifice shot at Bordeaux. Soon afier, to the than go to law ; but here nothing short grief and amazement of her friends, she of total ruin could ensue to an honest expressed a wish to take the veil. No man who might be tempted 19 meddle argument, no entreaty, had any effect. with imperial ukases. Upon expressShe was equally firm in adhering to her: ing my astonishment at the existence of choice of a locality; and is at this ino- such disgusting abuses, observing that ment a nun in one of the convents at I had imagined that the emperor was Bordeaux.-Turner's Annual Tour. high-minded and just, and that I pre.

sumed he must be ignorant of these vile. THE ADMINISTRATON OF JUS.

proceedings, I was told that the Czar.

knew all about it that he deplored the TICE IN RUSSIA.

evil-but that the government being too

poor to pay the public officers i ade-s UNFORTUNATELY (says Mr. Moore, I quately, these poccudilloes were winked am able to speak positively as to the Hat! To this was attached another piece total absence of all justice in this coun- of information, viz. tliat after a man bas try. It has fallen to my lot to bave to been at his post long enough to have manage a very unpleasant and compli- lined his pockets well by his mal-praccated business ; and, although I have tices, he is put on the shelf to make contrived to keep out of a law-suit, I room for some half-starved aspirant: have thought it my duty to make inqui so that the system is carried on from ries as to what remedy I should have, one generation to another. The con in case matters should be pushed to ex tracts for the government supplies are tremity. Alas ! I find that "the glo- secured and acted upon in the most nerious uncertainty of the law” is doubly farious manner. I know, from a good uncertain here. The Russian tribunals source, that the contractors' bribe the are all corrupt. The judges generally authorities whose duty it is to superinreceive fees from both plaintiff and de- tend the due performance of their enfendant, and the highest bidder usually gagement, and that the most wholesale gains the cause ! But,' said I to my peculation is carried on unblushingly. informant, the laws are there; the judge must surely decide according to the statutes.' 'Ah! my dear sir,' re-. plied my friend, you speak as an En,, Life's like lump sugar into water thrown, glishman; but the jurisprudence of this ji bubbling lessens in the liquid zone,

· The simile is liew but ord,' you say; country is all founded upon imperial 'Till every particle diesolves away.



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