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and allowed W. to see that there were with acid. The taste of this liquid is only three or four brigands near the sour, pungent, and caustic; it kills all coach, and that they had not yet knock- the fish of a river into which it flows, ed the postilion off the horses. W. took gives violent cholics to those who drink his measures accordingly, with great it, and destroys all the vegetation on its presence of mind and boldness. As the banks.- Lardner's Cab. Cyclopædia. foremost rufian came to the side of the ANIMAL WEATHER-GLASS.-In Gercarriage, within reach, bawling and many there will be found, in many cursing for those within to come out country-houses, an amusing application and bę robbed, he caught hold of the of zoological knowledge for the purpose rufliau by the breast of his jacket, and of prognosticating the weather. Two called out to the postilion to gallop off frogs are kept in a glass jar about 18 for Capua, where he should be well inches in height, and 6 inches in diarewarded. The postilion, who had meter, with the depth of 3 or 4 inches known him before on the road, tock W. of water at the botion, and a small at his word, and, with a boldness rarely ladder reaching to the top of the jar. found in his class, whipped his horses, On the approach of the dry weather that went off (as Neapolitan horses ge- the frogs mount the ladder ; but when nerally will do)" an end." As the pose' wet weather is expected, they descend tilion's whip touched the withers of his into the water. These animals are of steeds, a bullet whizzed past his head, a bright green. but pissed its aim. Away then went AN INTERESTING GERMAN VILLAGE.' the carriage and the merchants and the - There is near Halberstadt, in 'the robber as swift as the old witches in kingdom of Prussia, a village named Goethe's Faustus, W., who was a ro- Strobeck, where all the inhabitants, bust man, keeping a firm hold of the boys and girls, are chess-players. They robber, who dangled his head and were converted to the game some censhoulders in, and the rest of his body turies since by a dignitary of the Caobtside of the vehicle -like a lamb or a thedral of Halberstadt, who allowed call over a butcher's cart. Wi's com them exemption froin imposts as long panion occasionally assisted him. After as they sliould be winners in this nomerous but vain struggles to extri- game, and every year a person was cale hinself from their grasp, the cap sent down to try them. Since the secujured brigand, whose legs were bruised larisation of the bishopric of Halberin the croelest manner against the rapid stadt, and its union with the kingdom carriage-wheels, and his breath almost of Prussia, they lost a game, and since bumped out of his body, protested it that time their immunity ceased, but was all a mistake, and begged inost pi- their predilection for this useful amuseteasly to be released. The merchants, ment continues. however, kept the prize they had made STRUGGLE BETWEEN AN EAGLE AND in so curious a manner, and soon ar A SALMON.—That eagles are extremely rived at Capua. This being a fortified destructive to fish, and parıicularly so town, most awkwardly for travellers, to salmon, niany circumstances would placed on the high roads, they had to prove. Eagles are constantly discovered wait some time until a letter was sent watching the fords in the spawning to the commandant, and permission ob- season, and are seen to seize and carry tained to adinit them. When the draw off the fish. Some years since, a herdsbridge was lowered, they rolled over it man, on a very sultry day in July, with the robber still dangling at the while looking for a missing sheep, obcoach side, and delivered hiin at the served an eagle posted on a bank that guard-house.

overhung a pool. Presently the bird Mac Farlane's Lives of Banditti. stooped and seized a salmon, and a vioLake op. VITRIOL—There is in the lent struggle ensued: when the herdsisland of Java a volcano called Mount man reached the spot, he found the Indienne, from which the Dutch East eagle pulled onder water by the strength India Company have been often sup- of the fish, and the calmness of the day, plied with sulphur for the manufacture joined to drenched plumage, rendered of gunpowder. At the foot of this vol. hin unable to extricate himself. With cano is a vast natural manufactory of a stone the peasant broke the eagle's that acid commonly called oil of vitriol, pinion and actually secured the spoiler although it is there largely diluted with and his victim, for he found the salmon water. It is a lake about 1,200 French dying in his grasp. When shooting on feet long : the water is warm, and of a Lord Sligo's mountains, near the Kilgreenish white colour, and charged leries, I heard many particulars of the

eagle's habits and history from a grey IRISH WIT.-A gentleman travelling headed peasant who had passed a long to Brighton, the other day, was accostlife in these wilds. The scarcity of ed by an Irishman on the road, who hares, which here were once abundant, begged to be allowed to put his greathe attributed to the rapacity of those coat into the carriage, as he found it birds“; and he affirmed, that when in very heavy; when the former asked pursuit of these animals, the eagles him how he would get it again if they evinced a degree of intelligence that ap were not travelling to the same place. peated extraordinary. They coursed the “ Sure now,” said Pai, I shall be inhares, he said, with great judgment and side of it !" certain success; one bird was the active BURNS The Poet -One Sunday follower, while the other remained in morning, some time before Burns comreserve, at the distance of forty or fifty menced author, when he and his brother yards. "If the hare, by a sudden turn, Gilbert were going to the parish church freed himself from his most pressing of Tarbolton, they got into company enemy, the second bird instantly took with an old man a Moravian travelling up the chase, and thus prevented the to Ayr. It was at that time when the victim from having a moment's respite. dispute between the Old and New Light He had reinarked the eagles also while Burghers was making a great noise in they were engaged in fishing. They the country, and Burns and the old man, chose a small ford upon the rivulet which entering into conversation on the subconnects Glendullagh, and, posted on ject, differed in their opinions about it, either side, waited patiently for the ihe old man defending ihe principles of salmon to pass over. Their watch was the Old Light, and Burns those of the never fruitless, -and many a salmon, in New Light. The disputants at length its transit from the sea to the lake, was

grew very warm in the debate, and transferred from its native element to Burns, finding that with all his elothe wild ærie in the Alpine cliff that quence he could make nothing of his beetles over the romantic waters of antagonist, became a little acrimonious, Glencullen.

Wild Sports of the West. and launtingly exclaimed, “Oh! I supOPINIONS OF JEREMY COLLIER.

pose I have met with the Apostle Paul God in every dispensation is at work ihis morning." “No," replied the old for our good. In more prosperous cir- Moravian coolly, you have not met cumstances, he tries our gratitude; in the Apostle Paul: but I think I have mediocrity, our contentment; in mis met one of those wild beasts which he fortunes, our submission. — Faith says he fought with when at Ephesus.' takes God at his word, and depends AMERICAN Recipe FOR RAEUMAupon him for the whole of salva- TISM.—Take of garlic two cloves ; of tion,

God is good, and therefore he gum aminoniac one drachm; blend them will not he is true and faithful, there- by bruising together, make them into fore he cannot, deceive me. I believe iwo or three bolusses with water, and he speaks as he means, and will do swallow them, one at night and one in what he says.

-The true estimate of the morning ; drink, while taking this being is not to be taken from age but recipe, sassafras tea, made very strong, action.

so as to have the tea-pot filled with chips. Harieties.

This is generally found to banish ihe

rheumatism and cure contractions of How To FLOG A RASCAL.In some

the joints, in a few times taking. It is parts of the United States the high sle.

very famous in America, and a large sum riffs perform the same duties as our pa- .

has been giving for the recipe. rish beadles, and whip the criminals Çats.-The first couple of cats which themselves. The sheriff of Hartford were carried to Cuyaba sold for a pound county, in Connecticut, a gentleman of of gold. There was a plague of rats in good family and fortune, inforined me the seulement, and they were purchased that he always attended the trials of as a speculation which proved an exprisoners, and formed his own opinion cellent one. Their first kittens proas to their degrees of guilt. “ For other- duced thirty oitavas each; the next gewise," said he, how am I to know how neration were worth twenty; and the hard to hit him?. I can make one cut price gradually fell, as the inhabitants tell like twenty if I choose ; $0.) never were stocked with these beauitful and trust to the sentences of those old fools useful creatures. Montenegro presented on the bench, but always give it the ras, to the elder Almagro the first cat which cals jast as hard as in my own private was brought to South America, and was judgment I think they ought to have it.” rewarded for it with six hundred pesos.

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the country is wild and mountainous

bleak and sterile : the rugged rock WALTÉR VIVIAN, THE CORNISH sheltering the furze and fern from the SMUGGLER.*

sunbeam as well as from the blast ; ex

hibiting few habitable spots, and these THERE is a small village on the chiefly the sanctuaries of creatures who, coast of Cornwall, which was noted in. like poets, move in higher regions, and times long gone by as a rendezvous for on less beaten tracts than ordinary smugglers, but the name of which is mortals. Seldom do you see either rider withheld for reasons which will be or pedestrian ; never a mail-coach, or given in the sequel. Sixty years ago, other similar proof of artificial life. All though a place of some importance in is as still at summer eve and winter, the estimation of the daring men who noon-the sea-mew as proud, the curlived by the infraction of the revenue- lew as wild, at this instant as it was a laws, it was nevertheless scarcely thousand years ago. Over these soli, known beyond the limits of the county. tudes it is not likely that the traveller Its naine even yet lias not found a line would desire to pass at midnight. But, to honour it in any gazetreer; the beau- should anyforlorn or antiquarian tourist, tiful river that glides past it, and the or any other stray person, from any of bright blue estuary which it overlooks, the molives before enomerated, find himbeing 'known only to those who have self at the lone hour amid these moors, drawn their first breath beyond the when perchance there is, but a single Dartmoor, o

or whom chance, or curiosity, star in the sky-a sort of Tom-of-Coor avarice, or duty, or love, have ventry planet watching his motions-. tempted so far out of the world.”- when the wind sings to the falling mist, Beyond the immediate environs of the and the clouds kiss the high tors as they yillage (for town it should not be called) are chased by the scarcely perceptible * Fruin Fraser's Mag. for Dec.

glimpses of the moon-- when the way, VOL. X.


before bim is dim, and the road he has stretched towards heaven, the tear of come dimmer-let him not take un- the disconsolate father wets his cheek, courteously our telling him that he is washing away the chill dew of the likely to see a sight, and hear a voice, night; and he invokes the unseen God which he will not forget to his dying of his ancestors to measure his sincerity day. At these solitary hours, on these by his sorrow, to compassionate his lonely wilds, an old inan, near ninety declining age, and take bim to the arms years of age, whose gray locks stream of those beloved objects—that wife, that from under a low-crowned and round child - who live in his memory with an broad-brimmed hat, and who is dressed ardour of affection that neither years, in the fashion of ifty years ago, with a nor sin, nor misery, can either weaken stick in one hand, and a small twinkling or obliterate. Passenger! for mercy's lantern in the other, may be seen wan- sake!--if you be a father-if you be a dering over untrodden paths like a spirit Christian - if you have a child--pass from the grave. The dew may be upon on--the pulsations of your heart only him, the gossamer may have added ring- louder than your step--and we will tell lets to his hair, the hoar frost may have you the history of his life and his miscovered him with a robe white as one fortunes. one from Heaven, as he walks out of Walier Vivian was the younger of the mist and ineets your eye-for on him three brothers, of a respectable and comthe dews and frosts and rains of night paratively affiluent family in the middle fall harmless-but start not, passenger! rank of society ; but who had for many -accost him not--disturb him not years been engaged in that precarious but mark bini well--for he is a man and afterwards illicit traffic which the " more sinned against than sinning.” excise-laws of the period were enacted Check your horse, or stay your step, to suppress. He was a well-educated that the wanderer may not have reason young man, of excellent address, brave, 10 surmise the approach or the presence spirited, reckless, generous, but, unforof any human being. Bę silent, but tunately, the dupe and the instrument of look and listen.' He slowly ascends his elder brothers. The latter had been the eminence to your right-he winds actively and entensively engaged in the round the spongy ground before you— contraband trade; but as their wealth his step lottering, his lamp glimmering increased, and as the laws were more on the stunted grass, his eye apparently rigorously inforced, they retired from asleep, his gait that of one only half the more hazardous part of the trade, conscious of his own locomotion-he and became merely the agents of the passes the highway a few yards in ad- smugglers, and the purchasers and disvance of you-he climbs the 'rocky posers of the illicit commodities. They ground to your left, towards the base of were the part owners of a large and that tremendous tor which looks like a beautiful lugger, called the Belle Amy, giant of the early world-his light that flew over the channel like a bird, gleams on its dark sides, rendering its dashed over the breakers and bars crest more sublime - he kneels-he where no king's ship dared to follow, prays - his voice first fecble, but still and that landed more cargoes on the solemn, then more clear, more animated, coast that any six of the fleet of his more impassioned, it now rings on the Majesty's “ honest rogues” the free deep solitude, as it pours out the accents traders of Cornwall. The three broof a bereaved and desolate heart. He' thers, John, Thomas, and Walter Vicalls, in a tone that thrills your blood, vian, were partners in the profits of this that swells on the wind, in sounds such trade. Walter commanded the lugger. as ear never heard-he calls on Him His generous habits, his daring and who created the stars that look down enterprising disposition, won him the on him, the wind that waves bis silver affections of his crew, who, young as locks, the crags that tower above him he was, loved him as if he had been the wave in the far-distant sea-- to that their father. His speculations were so almighty and incomprehensible Being eminently successful, that his very sucwho rules innunierable and immeasure cess excited the jealousy of his less forable worlds,' who rages in the storm, tunate competitors. All were active and who rides on the sunbeam, who descends fearless enough, but none were so forwith the dew, who“ tempers the wind tunate as Walter Vivian and the Belle to the shorn lamb,” to absolve the sins, Amy. The king's cruisers were numeand assuage the lingering agonies, of rous and vigilant, and many a severe his past life. His feeble knees are on conflict took place, and many a smuggler the cold earth, his wringing hands are was taken, and not a few burned in the

ofing, in siglit of the owners; but the was under their quarter. The boats Belle Amy had bitherto escaped. She were commanded by Captain Stanmer had been chased, but never laken-fired himself, and a conflict ensued which upon, but never injured- and sometimes baffles description. For nearly an hour attacked by cruisers that suffered seri was the fight maintained-arm to arm, ously for their temerity. Vessels had pike to pike, cutlass to cutlass--so close, been wrecked that had lain in wait for that after the first discharge no re-loadher ; and many an armed flotilla, too ing of fire-arms took place. The pistol adventurous by far, which threatened was fired, and flung at the head of the to board her, has she either blown out assailant; while the eternal clash of of the water with her guns, or cut down, steel, the groans, the imprecations, the man by man, as they scaled her sides. heavy plunge of the slain in the water, The revenue board, however, were de- proved that the strife was bloody and termined to spare no exertions in order desperate. From some unknown cause to capture her. A sloop-of-war was or other, the vessel at length caught sent to hover off that part of the coast fire. The flames burst out from the where she generally landed her cargoes; forecastle, amid the still-continued and it is said that secret inforination had clang of swords. The spectacle was been given to its commander as to the awful. The men were seen engaged at time when he might expect the arrival every part of the lugger---each strugi of Vivian.

gling for his life, or bent upon termiIt was a breezy night, in the end of nating that of his antagonist-their September, two hours after sunset, the faces lurid and distorted—wild, frantic, young moon in the sky parıly obscured and horrible, in the glare of the burstby light clouds, when a tiring was heard ing filames. How the conflict might in the bay, a light blazed on H have ended, it is hard to conjecture head, and anon the Belle Amy, under the smugglers apparently had ihe worst every inch of canvass she could bear, of it--they seemed to be overpoweredcame dashing into H harbour. In- their comrades and abettors on shore stantly not fewer than 300 persons — could lend them no assistance, and at men and women, old and young-were this instant, too, another king's boat on the beach, some preparing to run was seen coming to the aid of the former. the goods. Joy, impatience, and the - But at the same important moment, mingling sensations of hope and fear, also, Walter Vivian was observed among were in the countenances of all. For the few men who still struggled for the about half an hour before the sinuggler mastery of the Belle Amy's deck, enentered, the firing had ceased. She was gaged hand to hand with Captain Stanscarcely at her mooring, when the cliff- mer. The flames were spreading with a light, already alluded to was quenched, rapidity which left but small space to and another, considerably to the west- fight upon ; and a doubly awful interest ward, and on a peak which overhung a was excited in the breasts of the spectremendous ridge of rocks, bare at low tators by the fear-by the almost cerwater, glared upon the heavens and tainty, that the lugger would blow up. threw its murrey light far over the foam Captain Stanmer was at length seen to and billows of the sea. But Captain fall – whether accidentally or not, could Stanmer was not to be lured to destruc not be ascertained and almost at the tion'by an artifice so palpable. Just as same moinent Walter Vivian sprang the broadside ot the Belle Amy was from the gunwale into the sea, and turned to the beach, and the order given swam towards the beach, where he was to undo the hatches, four boats, well received, amid mingled screams and manned and armed, pulled into the har- cheers, by many hundreds of persons, by bour with as much precision as if they some of whom he was instantly conhad come in the wake of the smuggler. veyed to a place of safety. The fifth The moment these boats were discovered boat had little to do The flames had from the shore, a' yell proceeded from nearly finished the Belle Amy before it the women so wild-so sbrill-50 came alongside. To attempt to save the piercing, that, it made the hearts of the cargo was vain-to land and attack destoutest quake. Not a moment was to fenceless women, ai the hazard of being be lost. The men on the beach stood cut 10 pieces by the infuriated partisans in ghastly silence, while their friends of the Vivians, would have been fruilaboard the Belle Amy-taken by sur- ' less-the boat consequently put to sea; prise, and awed by the boldness of the and next morning scarcely a trace of the measure-had scarcely time to run to wreck was to be seen. their arms, before the boarding party When the intelligence of this fatal

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