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happy an end as his.

To enjoy the prescribe salt water for his patients in folly of life with groaning of the Spirit, all disorders. Having sailed one even

- this is what I call virtue and under. ing on a party of pleasure, he happen. standing; patience and wakefulness, ed by some mischance to be drowned. and melancholy and ecstasy, and to build The captain, who had not heard of the the mansion of peace in one's own disaster, asked one of the tars next day bosom, are ten thousand times more if he had heard any thing of the doctor? costly possessions than gold or virtue. “ Yes," answered Jack, after a turn of Our business will not bitch ; and I will his quid, “he was drowned last night do my utmost as a widow."— Atheneum. in his medicine chest.'

SINGULAR ANECDOTE OF GARRICK. LACONIC INVITATION. — Upon one One afternoon, when Garrick expected occasion, the Ettric Shepherd, with the Dr. Monsey to call on him, he desired true waywardness of a poet, took umthe servant to conduct the doctor into brage at Sir Walter Scott, for some his bed-room. Garrick was announced imaginary slight or neglect, and refused for King Lear on that night, and, when for a long time to speak to him. The Monsey saw him in bed, he expressed Baronet knew his man, and said nohis surprise, and asked him if the play thing ; till Hogg's better feelings rewas to be changed. Garrick was dress- awakened, and induced him to write a ed, but had his night-cap on, and the long explanatory and apologetic letter. quilt was drawn over him to give him Sir Walter's answer was highly characthe appearance of being 100 ill to rise. teristic" Dear Jamie-Now that you Dr. M. expressed his surprise, as it was have come to your senses, come over to time for Garrick to be at the theatre to your dinner. Your's, Walter Scott.” dress for King Lear. Garrick, in a languid and whining tone, told hiin

To CURE DRAM-DRINKING. - Dr. that he was too much indisposed to per- Lettsoin mentions a person who usually form himself, but that there was an actor

drank twelve drams a day; but, being named Marr, so like him in figure, face, convinced of his approaching misery, and voice, and so admirable a mimic, took the resolution to wean himself that he had ventured to trust the part to from this poison. He always drank him, and was sure the audience would out of one glass, into which he daily not perceive the difference. Pretend- let fall a drop of sealing-wax. By ing that he began to feel worse, he re

this means he had twelve drops less of quested Monsey to leave the room, in spirit every day, till at length, his order that he might get a little sleep, glass being filled with wax, his habit but desired him to attend the theatre, was cured. and let him know the result. As soon as the doctor quitted the room,

TORTOISE-SHELL. The following

Garrick jumped out of bed, and hastened to the singularly barbarous process for obtaintheatre, Monsey attended the performn- ing the tortoise-shell is abstracted from ance. Having left Garrick in bed he

an Indian newspaper. called the Sinwas bewildered by the scene before him, gapore Chronicle :- This highly-prized sometimes doubting, and sometimes be aquatic production, when caught by ing astonished at the resemblance be- the Eastern islanders, is suspended tween Garrick and Marr. At length; its capture, until such time as the effect

over a fire, kindled iminediately after finding that the audience were convinced of the heat loosens the shell to such a of Garrick's identity, Monsey began to suspect a trick had been practised upon degree that it can be removed with the

The animal, now striphim, and instantly hurried to Garrick's greatest ease. house at the end of the play; but Garrick

ped and defenceless, is set at liberty

If was too quick for him, and was found

to re-enter its native element. by Monsey in the same state of illness.

caught in the ensuing season, or at any Some friends of Garrick who had been subsequent period, it is asserted that let into the secret, and were present at

the unhappy animal is subjected to a the performance, witnessed and enjoyed

second ordeal of fire, rewarding its Monsey's perplexity, who, when he

capturers this time, however with a discovered the deception, shared in the very thin shell. This, if true, shows laugh at his own expense, determining,

more policy and skill than tenderness however, to retaliate on the first op- islanders: it is a questionless proof,

in the meihod thus adopted by the portunity. –Taylor's Records of his Life. too, of tenacity of life in the aniinal.

EFFICACY OF SALT WATER.- A sur and must further be accounted a very geon on board a ship of war used to singular fact in natural history.

To CORRESPONDENTS-Ghertrude Bremmel will appear in our next number. We cannot judge of the merits of Ellen Gray until we have read thie whole.

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Illustrated Article.

bushes, and occasionally a puff adder (a

reptile which I hold in utter abhorrence) GHERTRUDE BREMMEL; would crawl across the road. The

heavy masses of black clouds, overHARPONEER OF FISH HOOK BAY. charged with rain, darkened the heavens, A TALE OF SOUTH AFRICA.

and a vapoury mist hung on the mounFor the Olio.

tain tops ; the air was excessively damp,

and the low moaning of the wind was How exceedingly tedious did that part heard, as it swept in sudden fitful gusts of the road that passes over a dreary over the gloomy waste. I put my paard wild, lying between Wynberg and to his fastest speed, in order that I Muzemberg, (a distance of about eight might if possible obtain shelter in one miles) appear to me,

as ljournied thereon of the cottages at Muzemberg (which I towards Simons Town, on a dismal and had now nearly reached,) ere the rain threatening day, in the winter of 18. fell. The first habitation that I came to It is perfectly straight from one extre was a low thatched and white-washed mity to the other ; the moor on either cabin; a rudely painted sign-board hung side is covered with low stunted bushes, over the door-way, on which some cunand straggling briars, stretching for ning limner had depicted a man of most miles, and bounded in the distance by villanous countenance, habited in a rugged mountains, presenting the same smock frock, and leathern' gaiters, at the mountainous scene during the whole foot of which the following inscription extent of the road; the only individual was written, “ The Gentle shepherd of of the human species that encountered Salisbury Plain.This “house of my strained gaze, was a Dutch boor, entertainment for man and baste," was conducting his bullock waggon to Cape kept by an old west countryman, yclept Town: a few little birds of the most Peck. Farmer Peck, as he was entitled, beautiful plumage fluttered among the was a man about the middling stature, VOL. X.



rather inclined to be stout; bis head an inmense chain of mountains stretchbire a strong analogy in shape to that ing themselves into the interior ; here of a cod fishi, and his long, straight, dark and there a peak belonging to a distant hair hung on his shoulders with rude chain, towering high above the rest, was negligence; bis habit consisted of a faintly discernible, and appeared to blend duffle jacket that had once been white, with the horizon. In the centre of the but had long since changed its original bay is a small island, or rather a white colour for that of a dirty, yellowish sand bank, which is inhabited by brown, a blue striped shirt, his indis- penguins, and other sea-fowl, who flock pensible nether garment was coinposed inither in couniless numbers to deposit of tanned goat's skin, and reached very their eggs, and rear their young.* The little lower than the calf of his leg. neighbourhood of the cottage was coSuch was mine host of the “ Gentle 'vered with rich herbage, and shrubs of Shepherd !" Scarcely had I concluded the most luxuriant descriptions, among the repast which I had ordered to be which lay embedded immense fragments served up, when the large rain drops of rock that had rolled down the mounbegan to patter against the casements; tain, while its immediate vicinity was not being by any means prepossessed in surrounded by a fence, composed of rib favour of a wet jacket, i determined to bones of the whale, inclosing a small pass the night in an arm chair, (for beds spot for cultivation, and the arched there were none), at Peck's tire-side. gateway was formed by the two bones Evening had far advanced, the Nor-wester of the under jaw, of the same huge monhowled with furious and unabating ster of the deep. Within the fence grew violence around the cottage, and the a hedge of poinegranite bushes, interrain fell in deluging torrents. I desired mingled with the geranium and prickly the farmer to throw some fresh logs on pear; a sort of verandah of lattice work the fire, and had taken up my position extended from the gate of the cottage for repose, when the tramping of a door, which likewise served as a suphorse's hoofs were heard approaching, porter to a vine, over which it spread and a tremendous knocking at the door its creeping branches, and broad leaves, speedily followed, which was opened by forming a shady avenue, and a cool rePeck, and the stranger having requested treat during the heat of the day. Henthat his horse might be attended to, made drick Bremmel had quitted his native his appearance, drenched of course to country, Gerinany, to seek a home in a the skin ; he appeared to be a man of far distant clime, which his about forty years of age, bearing a very afforded not, his spirits buoyed up by pleasing and prepossessing countenance, the hopes and golden dreams that in and I was highly delighted at the pros“ general pervade the bosom of the emipect of such a companion; after having grant. His expectations had been so far taken a glass or two of schedum, and realized that he was at length enabled applied very vigorously to his snuff box, to live in comparative ease and indehe became very coinmunicative and pendence. He had on the onset to combat chatty, I soon discovered him to be a with crosses and disappointments, which man of highly polished manners, and combined against him, but by dint of conversation, and a perfect gentleman ; unflinching perseverance and industry it proved to be Mr. T-s, proprietor of he had fro:n time to time amassed sufthe great 'whale fishery at Fish Hook ficient sums of money to purchase a slave, Bay. To beguile the tedious hours of to whom he entrusted ihe duties of his night be related the following narrative. avocation, and if report

, spoke truly, had In the hope therefore that it will (although contrived to lay by a considerable sum but a tale of humble life) excite that in- to boot. The most severe afliction that terest in the breasts of others, that it did he had to bear up against was the loss in my own, I have committed it to paper. of a beloved wife, and two smiling

In a situation highly romantic and babes, who had died of the scarlet fever picturesque, at the foot of one of the within a short period of each other; une Muzembery hills, stood the cottage of lovely girl alone remained to bless Hendrick Bremmelthe fisherman; arocky habitation of his declining years, in and almost perpendicular mountain whom all his happiness wes concenreared its cloud embosomed head to a trated. Ghertrude Bremmel, at the time dizzy height behind the cot, seeming to of our narrative, had attained her seven threaten-annihilation to this fragile work of hunian bands ; before its front * 'The pogs of the Penguin are accounted by were spread the broad expansive waters

many delicious eating, and afford a roosider.

able revenue to the fishermen aod orbers, who of False Bay, which were terminated by plunder them by the boat load. ***




teenth year. To a set of exquisitely ing scream, the affrighted maiden Bed formed features were added a peculiar from before him, towards the cottage, sweetness of expression ; her hair, of terror added speed to her footsteps; rich auburn, floated in playful curls over a horrible yell and the pattering of his her neck, on which the sun had exerted feet upon the sand, announced her purhis influence; in short, she was a pretty suer close in the rear ; loud were the brunette. Her disposition was gentle but cries of Ghertrude fer assistance;

her romantic: she loved to listen to the cries were heard, the barking of seves roaring of the breakers, that lashed and ral dogs rang in the air, and a powerful foamed among the rocks near to her voice ; already she feels the sharp own dwelling or to wander amidst the claws of her pursuer, her loose flying inountains, and watch the columns of garments are in his fangs, he was sur: spray, caused by the thundering cataract rounded by his fierce assailants, and which dashed down the perpendicular

was obliged to desert his intended precipices. It was in returning from victim, to defend himself from the one of these rambles that she had occa hounds who attacked him with great sion to pass over the sands of Fish Hook fury, and endeavoured to keep him at Bay, on one of those bright cloudless bay until their master arrived ; one of nights peculiar to the Cape ; the moon them however was speedily crushed by was shining with a degree of splendour the powerful jaws of the enraged aniand brilliancy that the inhabitants of mal. In the mean tiine the figure of a cold northern cliinates

man approached ; he was tall, well hope to witness; not a breath stirred made and most powerfully built, and hato cause a ripple upon the dark blue bited in a rough seaman's dress; in his waters of the Bay, whose surface uplifted arins he poised a harpooni, the might have been compared to a polished polished steel head of which glittered in inirror; all nature seemed hushed into the moonbeams. The wolf finding bim repose,' the only sounds that broke self so beset made a desperate spring at upon the ear were the faint gurgling of the man, who avoided him by slipping the waters, which were reduced to the

on one side ; in another instant the gentlest inurmur, as they layed the beach, fierce animal lay writhing in strong or at intervals the long melancholy convulsive struggles, pierced completely howl of the wolf among the distant through and nailed to the earth by the mountains. The surrounding rocky barbed weapon, while he snapped at hills presented the inost fantastic shapes and bit the iron shank thereof in his to the eye, the projecting parts of which expiring agonies. His struggles became were beautifully mellowed by the soft less and less violent; at length one terrays of the moon, while the ravines were rific hideous howl broke upon the stilldarkened into the deepest obscurity; to ness of night, echoing through the heighten the effect of which the bushes, mountains, and the ferocious beast sank which covered the side of one of the lifeless, bathed in his heart's blood, hills, were on fire, and the dense voluine which 'dyed the white sands of the of smoke rolled suddenly along the beach, ai the feet of Wilhelm Muller mountain's side; at a short distance the barponeer of the Fish Hook Ray stood a

da cabin, or hut, the door of which Whalers. This exploit, it must be unbeing open disclosed several ineu be- derstood, occupied considerable less time longing to the whale-fishery seated in the performance than is taken up in Tound a blazing fire; upon the beach the recital thereof. In the meantime a lay scattered in every direction scalls, number of other fishermen came to the fins, tails, and other parts of the whale, spot who were so intent upon mangling which had been washed up by the the carcase of the wolf with their sea. Lightly tripped Ghertrude over the hatchets and knives, that they did not silvery sand, when on a sudden her al- bestow a thought upon the main object ; tention was arrested by a low growl, not so Wilhelm, who having taken seemingly very near her, and on turn- breath after the tremendous exertion ing her head towards the spot, she be- that he had undergone, gazed eagerly held two flaming eyes glaring on her, around for the girl whose life he had from beside a huge fragment of putrid preserved. She had fallen fainting to whale's flesh. Merciful heaven! it was the ground. He raised her in bis árins ; an enormous wolf, feasting and gorging the moon shone brightly on her pale upon a carcase :* uttering a wild pierc- face, and the dark locks drooped over

When pressed by bunger the wolves wit her forehead, but when his eye enoften descend from tħe mountains to the precints of the fisheries in search of food. This is countered the well-known features of by ad means an upcommon occurrence.

Ghertrude Bremmel, a trenior came

over his whole frame; he could scarce to his lair as Wilhelm Muller, and in ly master his feelings sufficiently to the calling he was now engaged, who prevent himself from falling on the kept a boat's crew in such order, or sands; he who had braved death in nu was first on the beach on the signal fire merous shapes was completely over- being lightedt as he? His dexierity in powered by the bare idea of the nar- handling his weapon was unrivalled, row and providential escape from the and he was universally allowed to be jaws of death of her whom he loved far the most skilful harponeer in the cobeyond all things of an earthly nature, lony. He had long loved Ghertrude,

“Where ami ?" she exclaimed, in a which love was most affectionately retone of wildness.

turned by her ; their dispositions were “Fear not, dear Ghertrude," returned congenial, but Wilhelm dared not break Wilhelm ; 66 you are in safety now." the matter to her father, lest the graii

“Ah! is it Wilhelm that speaks to fication of her society, which their stolen me then ? am I beyond the reach of dan- interviews afforded, should be entirely ger? but what will my poor father cut off; he was poor and friendless. think of my long absence? I must has- Hendrick Bremmel was rich; an opporten homewards."

tunity however had now arrived, and Wilhelm of course tendered his ser he determined to throw himself upon vices as a protector, which were joy- the generosity of the father of Ghertrude, fully received, and while the lovers with a faint hope that the old man (for such they were,) are on their way, would encourage bis suit, in gratitude it may perhaps be as well to give the for his having preserved the life of his reader a little insight into the charac- only child. ter of the young harponeer.

The joy of old Bremmel was great on The father of Wilhelm Muller, a beholding Ghertrude in safety, for he Dutchman by birth, was possessed of a liad felt some uneasiness at ber profarm, near Siellenbosch, by which he longed stay; but when he learned the had amassed considerable wealth, but circumstance of her late deliverance was a man of a sordid and niggardly from death, hiş ecstacy knew no bounds, disposition, and had given his children he caught Wilhelm in his arms and to understand that they were to expect wept over him like a child, but his tears nothing from him during his life time; were the tears of joy ; Wilhelm made eat and drink they might to their heart's good use of her father's kindness, he content, it is true, by toiling from the declared' his love for Ghertrude and rising of the sun to the going down requested bis permission to their marthereof, but nota stiver could they extract riage. This unexpected proposal at from his gripe ; it therefore suited not first staggered the old man, but perceivthe proud spirit of Wilhelm to submit ing the bent of his daughter's inclination to the obligation of labouring as a me- he waved every consideration, nial on his father's farm. Possessed of Wilhelm's great astonishment and pleaa robust and powerful, though finely sure, cheerfully acquiesced, adding that made form, to which was added more he knew of none to whom he could so bodily strength than usually falls to the well entrust her future care as to him lot of man, he had sought an employ who had saved her life, at the imminent ment more congenial to his bold and peril of his own. It was finally madaring nature, namely, that of a whale- naged that they should be united at the fisher, which he now followed, and by termination of the ensuing fishing his superior skill had risen to be chief season; after which period, Wilhelm harponeer, an office of considerable should follow some less dangerous ocemolument in a successful season.* cupation; in furtherance of which,

In childhood endowed with cour Hendrick Bremmel promised to supply age beyond his years he loved to roam the means. The frequent visits of the amidst the wild gigantic mountains of young harponeer 10 the cottage his native Africa, bounding from rock, Hendrick, afforded a vast matter of to rock, with the agility of a chamois, speculation for several old vrows who or clinbing almost inaccessable heights lived near the spot; they congregated in search of the eagle's nest. In his together round the doors of their hovels youth was there a lion near the kraal, to prat, chatter discuss the subject who was so forward in pursuing him

+ A man is generally stationed upon one of * The chief harponeer is entitled to receive the hills on the look out, who when he perthe suin of one hundred rix dollars for every ceives a fish in the Bay, kindles a fire as a sigfish he kills, lodependent of his ordinary sa nal, which is answered by a flag being hoisted lary.

on a signal post near the fishery bouse.


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