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kogh; and he, the crater, fell into the nime coll in those days, and I sent fire a Sunday night, and him hearty, word that I would come to him when and sorrow stir he can make good nor the entertainment was over. But, sir, bad.' 'Ah, then,' said the humane the manager, a sweet man, who was my Commander, 'why should poor Brien great friend, resolved that nothing fatal be left out?' Arrah! run yourself, and should take place - I forget his name.: bring the cripple to us!'. In a twink- 'Probably Fleetwood, sir.' "Ay, that ling, off went the red virago, and after was the man,-sent a message to the a short absence, issued from a neigh- surly fellow at the pillar, and would bouring lane, with Brieney on her make up a bed for me at the theatre for shoulders. 'Are ye all here now?' in- fear of consequences, and so the matquired the tender-hearted chieftain. ter ended.'”Taylor's Records. Every single sowl of us;' said an old BIBB, THE ENGRAVER.—“How Bibb woman in reply. Ogh! that the light supported himself, having relinquished of heaven may shine on his honour's engraving, it would be difficult to condying bour, but it's he that's tender to ceive, if he had not levied taxes upon the poor.'

Amen, sweet Jasus !' res- all whom he knew, insomuch that, beponded a hundred 'voices. 'Silence !' sides his title of Count, he acquired said the Mad Major, as he produced a that of Half-crown Bib,' by which apsmall book neatly bound in red moroc- pellation he was generally distinguishco. • Whisht, your sowls ! cried the ed, and according to a rough, and, perbig beggar-man. "Are ye listening!' haps, fanciful estimate, he had borrowSha, sha! yes, yes ;' was responded in ed at least 2,0001. in half-crowns. I English and Irish. Then, by the con- remember to have met him on the day tents of this blessed book, and it's the when the death of Dr. Johnson was anBible ; a rap I won't give one of ye, nounced in the newspapers, and ex• you infernal vagabonds, if I remained pressed my regret at the loss of so a twelvemonth in Mullingar!'

great a man, Bibb interrupted inė, and Wild Sports of the West. spoke of him as a man of no genius, MACKLIN.— Taylor and Dr. Wolcot whose mind contained nothing but the were together one evening in the Rain- lumber of learning. I was modestly bebow Coffee-House, when Macklin came ginning a panegyric upon the doctor, in. " I forind his memory (says Mr. when he again interrupted me with, Taylor,) much impaired, but he recol “Oh! never mind that old blockhead. lected facts, though he forgot names. Have you such a thing as ninepence My little acquaintance with theatrical about you?? Luckily for him, I had a history, however, enabled me to prompt little more. There was something so him, and he told the following story whimsical in this incident, that I mennearly as I shall give it. “Sir, I re- tioned it to some friends, and that and member I once played the character of others of the same kind, doubtless, inthe boy wlio wears the red breeches duced Mr. Kenny to make him the and offends his mother.' • Jerry Black- hero of bis diverting farce, called aire, in “The Plain Dealer," I suppose, 'Raising the Wind. Another cirsaid l. Yes, sir, that was the part. cumstance of a similar nature was Well, sir, I played a great number of told me by Mr. Morion, whose dramatricks to divert the audience; and the tic works are deservedly popular. He chief part was played by the surly, fat told me that Bibb met him one day after fellow, whose name, I have forgot. the successful performance of one of 'Probably Quin, sir.'. 'Ay, sir, that his plays, and, concluding that a proswas the man. Well, sir, when I went perous author ought to have plenty of into the green-room, the surly fat man cash, commenced bis solicitation acbegan to scold me, and told me that cordingly, and ventured to ask him for while I played my tricks, it was impos- the loan of a whole crown. Morton sible to have a chaste scene with me. assured him that he had no more silver I told him that, different as our cast was, than three shillings and sixpence. This I had the public to please as well as Bibb readily accepted, of course, but said himself. But, sir,' said he, you must on parting, 'Remember, Tintended 10 get rid of your tricks.' I said I could borrow a crown, so you owe me eighnot. But, sir,' said he, 'you shall.' teen pence.'” By this time I was provoked, and said, « You lie.'. At the end of the play he sent me a challenge, and said he The grave is like a saw-pit made, should wait for me at the pillar in Co

Lin which like timber men are laid; vent Garden. But, sir, I was a panlo

The worms are Sawyers that divide
The finest trunks of human pride. J.R.P.



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these ; no mau lived better than Mr.

Morden, and his daughter Emily, and THE NIGHT ATTACK.* her orphan cousin, who resided with

her, were decidedly the finest women THE COLOneL's stORY..

who had attended the last race-ball. It is thirty-five years this yery month No wonder then that I accepted the old since I was quartered with my regi- gentleinan's invitation willingly, and ment in - ford; I recollect the time on the appointed day put myself into a particularly, for I got my company in post-chaise, and reached the place in the thirty-seventh on the same day that iime for dinner. I received an invitation from a Mr.' The house was one of those old-faMorden, with whom I had forined a shioned comfortable Irish lodges which mail-coach acquaintance, to spend a are now extinct, or only to be seen week with him, and join his nephew in ruins. It was a long low building, in partridge-shooting. This gentle- covered with an infinity of thatch, man's house was fourteen miles from which bade defiance to rain, cold, and the town, and situated in a very re storin. The tall and narrow casements tired part of the country.

It was a reached the ground, a handsome flowerwild but beautiful residence, placed knot extended in their front, bounded upon the extremity of a peninsula, by a holly hedge, and woodbine and which jutted into an extensive lake. other creepers festooned the windows To a sportsman it offered all the in- with their leaves and berries. At soine ducements that shooting and fishing distance a well-stocked haggard peeped could afford. But it had others beside over a spacious range of offices; the

lawn was studded with sheep, which * From " Wild Sports of the West,with appeared overburthened with good conLegendary Tales and Local Sketches.” work that cannot fail to interest the general

and as I drove up the avenue I reader and sportsman.

R. Beutley. passed a well-featured, well-clad simVOL. X.




2 vols.

pleton, urging before him from a neigh- crow if you please;" and, bidding us a bouring stubble-field a fock of turkeys, good night, he departed. as formidable for numbers as for size. Emily,” said young Morden, "you In short, every thing about the place are still thinking of your favourites ; bespoke the opulence and comfort of well, I will ride the country over till the proprietor.

I find you a handsome dog, Julia hand Mr. Morden was a clever and re me that violin from the piano, and spectable man; he was land-agent to Captain Dwyer will dance à reel with several large estates, noted for plain you and Emily.” and unpretending hospitality, punc “Heavens! who is' at the window?" tuality in business, and a character of exclaimed Miss Morden suddenly; “ it unusual determination,

looked like that nasty beggarman who The old gentleman received me with has been haunting the house and friendly sincerity, and his handsome grounds these three days. Ah, Wolf daughter added a warm welcome. They and Sailor! had you been living that apologising for not having company to vagabond would not have ventured meet me, but “two families which they here at this late hour. Henry Morden had expected had been detained by lad left the room on hearing his some unforeseen occurrences at home.” cousin's exclamation, but soon returned, Dinner was shortly after served. Like assuring the lady that the beggar was the host, it was excellent without dis- a creature of her imagination ; he had play; the wines were superior, and searched the shrubbery and flower-garwhen the ladies left us the claret went den, and no mendicant was to be found round the table merrily.

in either. 'We are in trouble here,” said Mr. The alarm was speedily forgotten, Morden, addressing me, " and you and we danced reels till sapper was have come to a house of inourning. We announced. The doors were locked, have just suffered a serious, I may say the windows fastened, the ladies wishirreparable, loss, in the sudden death ed us good night, and retired to their of two favourite dogs. They were of respective chambers. the genuine breed of Newfoundland, Henry and I remained for some time and for size, courage, and sagacity, in the eating room; the clock struck unequalled. Poor Emily has cried in- twelve, and young Morden conducted cessantly since the accident."

me to my apartment, and took his "Were they stolen ?"

leave. “Oh! no, I wish they were, for that I felt a strange disinclination to go to would afford a hope that chance or bed, and would have given any thing money might recover them. No, sir, for a book. For temporary employthey would not follow a stranger ; alas! ment I unlocked my gun-case, put my they died yesterday by poison. We fowling-piece together, and examined unfortunately laid arsenic in a meal. whether my servant had sent all necesloft to destroy rats ; and yet how the sary apparatus along with me. I opened poor animals could have got to it is a the window-curtains. The moon--a mystery; the steward declares the key full, bright harvest moon-was shinnever left his possession. I would give ing gloriously on the lawn and lake; an hundred guineas the meal had been I gazed on the sparkling surface of the in the bottom of the lake. By Jove! waters till I felt the chill of the nightno loss short of the death of a friend breeze; then closing the shutters, recould have given us all so much un- luctantly prepared to undress. easiness. They were my daughter's I had thrown my coat and vest aside, companions by day, and my protectors when a distant crash was heard, and a at night. Heigh, ho! come, sir, pass fearful noise, with oaths and screams, the wine." Tears stood in the old succeeded. I rushed into the corridor, gentleman's eyes, as he spoke of his and encountered a terror-stricken maidunhappy favourites, and from the valu- servant running from the extremnity of able properties of the lost dogs it was the passage. Miss Morden next apnot surprising that their death occa- peared; she was in complete dishabille, sioned so much regret to the family. and had hastily thrown on a dressingWe joined the ladies in the drawing- gown.

“ Good God! Captain Dwyer, room, After tea Mr. Morder took a what has occurred ?" A volley from bed-room candle, and apologized for without prevented my reply, and the retiring. “ Old habits best suit old crashing of the windows, as the glass people, Captain ; but I leave you with was splintered by the bullets, made it The ladies, who will sit up till cock- unnecessary.

"The house is attacked,”

« Now,

saw the

she said; and then, with amazing self- the idiot's spit, placed a coat upon it, possession, added, “ There are always while Henry and I chose a position at loaded guns above the kitchen fire- either side of the broken window. place.”. We both ran down the cor- Mr. Morden raised the garment to the ridor, she to alarm her father, and I to breach ; it was indistinctly seen from procure a weapon; young Morden, without; three bullets perforated it, armed with a sword, met ns. 6. The and it fell. “ He's down, by attack is upon the kitchen,” he said roared a robber, exultingly. hastily; “it is our weakest point; Murphy, now's your time ; smash in this way, Captain," and we both enter- the door with the sledge!" Instantly ed it together.

a huge ruflan sprang from behind a There was a bright fire burning on gable; his rush was so sudden that he the hearth. The large window was struck twice with shattering force. We shattered to pieces, and the idiot I had heard the hinges give ; we noticed on the lawn was standing be- door yielding ; and, at that critical side the ruined casement, armed with a moment, young Morden's gun missed spit, making momentary passes at the fire ! “Curses light upon the hand breach, and swearing and bellowing that loaded it !” he cried, as he caught frightfully. I leaped upon a table to up an axe, and placed himself delerseize two muskets wbich were suspend- minately before the door, which we exed in the place Miss Morden had des- pected to be momentarily driven in. Murcribed. I handed one to Henry, when phy, perceiving the tremendous effects the fire blazed out suddenly, and dis- of his blows, called to his comrades to covered me to the banditti without. In- “be ready.He stood about five yards stantly three or four shots, were dis- from me ; the sledge was raised above charged. I heard a bullet whistle past his head ; that blow would have shivermy head, and felt something strike myed the door to atoms; I drew the trigshoulders like a sharp cut from a whip, ger ; the charge, a heavy one of duckbut having secured the gun, I jumped shot, passed like a six-pound bullet from the table uninjured. We heard through the ruffian's body, and he dropMr. Morden in the passage ; his man- ped a dead man upon the threshold. ner was calm and collected, as he or Captain Dwyer,” said Mr. Morden dered the servant-men to the front of “the horse is yours !" the house, and dispatched his daughter I had now received my own double for ammunition.

gun, and gave the musket I had used so Meanwhile a dropping fire continued successfully to Henry Morden. The from without: from within no shot had death of the ruffian with the sledge been returned, as the robbers sheltered brought on a heavy fire from his comthemselves effectually behind the angles rades. Between the volleys they sum, of the offices and the piers of the gates. moned us to surrender, with fearful From some hurried words we overheard denunciations of vengeance if we resistthey were arranging a determined ed longer. We were within a few attack.

yards of each other, and during the in“They will make a rush immediate- iervals of the firing they poured out ly," said the elder Morden, coolly, threats, and we sent back defiance. "and here comes Emily in good time; Morden, you old scoundrel !” exdon't come in, love !" and he took some claimed the captain of the gang; “in forty or fifty cartridges, which she had five minutes we'll have your heart's brought in the skirt of her dressing- blood.” “No," was the calm reply, gown. Notwithstanding the peril of “I'll live to see you arrayed in cap and our situation, I could not but gaze a halter." “Surrender, or we'll give no moment on the white and statue-looking quarter.” “ Cowardly scoundrel! coine limbs of this brave and beautiful girl. and try your hand at the sledge!" said “Go, love, tell John to bring the Cap the old gentleman, with a cold and sartain's gun-case from his chamber; and castic smile, as he turned his eye on do you, Emily, watch from the end win- me, where I was watching the door, with dow, and, if you perceive any move. the confidence a man feels who has his ment on that side, apprise us of it here. own trustworthy weapon to depend Now, my boys, be cool ; I'll give my upon. best horse to him who shoots the first “ Morden, we'll burn the house about

You have a good supply of ani- ye.” “Will you put the coal in the munition, if we could but coax the thatch, Bulger!" Morden, you have scoundrels from their shelter, and I'll a daughter!" and the ruffian pronountry a ruse." The old gentleman took ced a horrid threat. The old man shud


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dered; then, in a low voice tremulous learned afterwards, mortally wounded with

rage, he muttered, “ Bulger, I'll one man, and slightly injured two others. spare five hundred pounds to hang you, As we returned to the house we met and travel five hundred miles to see the some fifty countrymen, armed with all sight!"

sorts of rustic weapons, coming to our “ The coal! the coal!" shouted se- relief. Without a moment's delay, we veral voices, and unfortunately the launched boats, and set off to scour the scoundrels had procured one in the country; and at noon, so prompt and laundry. By heaven! they will vigorous had been the pursuit, that six burn us out!'' said Henry in alarm. of the gang, including the wounded “Never fear!”replied his cooler uncle; robbers, were secured. “the firing must have been heard across We reached the Wilderness completely the lake, and we'll soon have aid suf- exhausted by the exertions of the mornficient.' But a circunstance occurred ing, and the fatigue of the preceding almost miraculously that averted the night. We refreshed ourselves and went threatened danger. The moon became to bed, but previous to returning to my suddenly overcast, heavy rain-drops roon I visited the scene of action, Anfell, and in an instant an overwhelming other blow, even a very slight one, torrent burst from the clouds, render- must have driven in the door; and in ing every attempt the robbers made to the rush of twelve desperate rufbians ignite the thatch abortive. “Who dare the chances would have been fearfully doubt an over-ruling Providence?'' said against us. Murphy lay upon his back; the old gentleman with enthusiasm ; he was a disgusting object. The charge “surely God is with us !"

of heavy shot made as large a wound as The storm which came to our relief a cannon-bullet would occasion. He appeared to dispirit our assailants, and was the strongest brute I ever saw ; not their parley recommenced.” 66 Mor- more than five feet eight inches in den," said the captain of the banditti, height, but his liinbs, body, and arms, you

have Lord's rent in the house; were a giant's; he was a blacksmith give us a thousand pounds, and we'll go a man of infamous character, and most off and leave you."

sanguinary disposition. “All I promise I'll perform," said Our escape from robbery was forlothe old gentleman coldly. “ Bulger, nate indeed ; Mr. Morden had 7,0001. for this night's work you have earned a that night in the lodge, for he had just halter, and I'll attend and see you hang. received the rents of two estates. It was ed."

-"Dash in the door,” exclaimed alınost entirely paid in specie. This the robber in a fury; “ we'll have the was of course known, and two desperate old rogue's heart ont !” A volley of bands, who had kept the adjoining counstones rattled against the door, but ties in alarm since the rebellion was produced no effect, and again the rob- suppressed, united for the purpose of ber parleyed. “Will you give us an robbing " the Wilderness," and securhundred, Morden?" “ Not a sixpence" ing this immense booty. was the laconic answer. Once more The body of the smith was sent away, stones were thrown, shots discharged, and having brought the battle to a close, and threats of vengeance fulminated by I shall explain some matters connected the exasperated villains. At last the with this daring outrage. demand was reduced to “twelve gui A man named Mitchell originated the neas, a guinea for each man." "They'll intended robbery, and arranged the mebe off immediately,” said the old gen- thod of attack. He was a slight, lowtleman ;

they know assistance is at sized person, but his activity was amaze hand: would that we could amuse them ing, and no attempt was too hazardous for a little longer.” But the ruffians for his desperate courage to undertake. were already moving, and Miss Morden On the morning of his execution (he, presently announced that they were with three others, was hanged the subembarking, twelve in number, in a boat. sequent Assizes)—he gave us a cool “Now far a parting shot or two," said detail of his plans. The dogs were to Henry Morden. We picked up a dozen be destroyed, and the premises reconcartridges, and sallied from the honse noitred. In the disguise of a beggar he as the bandirii were pulling hard across effected both ; laid meat, prepared with the lake. We opened a quick and arsenic, for the poor animals; then well-directed fire, which they feebly, made bis way into the kitchen, and asand without effect, replied to. While a certained that the fastenings of the backmusket-ball would reach them, we plied door were defective. He purposed surthem liberally with shot; and, as we prising the family at supper, or forcing


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