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for desire.

none more than the two blind beggars, tonation—" I have brought you this who pleaded more money out of her purse-laying it on the table)—to cure purse than of fifty others. These fel. you ; for, since your prayers are not lows, not deficient in shrewdness, called heard at the Abbey, by your sincerity I her the Sister of Charity, which they know they will be heard in heaven." managed should reach her knowledge “ Amen!" said the blind men—" God in an apparent side wind. Nor was will never leave or forsake your ladytheir appellation lost upon them. On ship for relieving the poor stone blind !" a particular occasion, this blessed pair, Like the voluntary after service in the who had never been to Bethsaida, nor Cathedral, the music of the blind pair washed in the Pool of Siloam, nor sat at commenced in a psalm of thanksgiving the gate having five porches, were as her ladyship descended the stairs ; visited by ague, and prevented being at and if ever the heart took a part in liptheir accustomed post in Solomon's service, it was now. Porch.' The lady, missing them, lite The length to which the article has rally ferreted Bath half over till she run in respect of these characters, presucceeded in reaching their miserable cludes any further remarks upon others. abode. As the footman, a fine, tall, The lady was young Irishman, preceded her up the

Gay in her taste, and was gay in attire, steps in a corner of King's Mead-street, But in practice a Christian, with means he tapped at the door, the cue having been given him by an old washerwoman

INTERLOCUTOR. below stairs. He tapped a second and

SACRED MELODY. a third time. Great was the scuffle inside during the interval-but no reply There is a thought can lift the soul to the applicants. At length, however, Above the dull cold sphere that bounds it :

A star that sheds its mild control on the fourth tremendous ratatat-tant

Brightest when grief's dark cloud surrounds a-taro, the door was opened by a little

it; wizen female, with a patch over her os And pours a soft pervading ray frontis, who, struck almost lifeless to

Life's Ills may never chase away. see so fine a lady, and her gaudied livery When earthly joys have left the breast, servant, stammered out, " Your plea And e'en the last fond hope it cherish'd sure, good lady, with poor blind people.”

of mortal bliss, too like the rest,

Beneaths woe's withering touch hath "Oh! I see it is right, Simeon,” said

perishd; the lady; “

you may depart for the With fadeless lustre streams that light, present, and wait for me.” Simeon A halo on the brow of night, retired with a rather suspicious look And bitter were our sojurn here, which, if it meant any thing, indicated

In this wild wilderness of sorrow, credulity and surprise.

Did not that rainbow beam appear,

The herald of a brighter morrow, A chair was put for her ladyship; A beacon of mercy from on high, she sat down in it with as much com To guide us to ETERNITY. plaisance as in her own drawing-room. The blind men were wrapped in large EXTRAORDINARY DREAMS, AND blankets, shivering by the fire, and the THE EFFECTS THEREOF.* wizen woman, their nurse, held an abracadabra, muttering to them, to MR. DONALDSON, a literary man, in check their chattering, which now gave order to attend the House of Commons, full vent to the fit on them. The lady had taken apartments in St. Anne's raised her hands and eyes to heaven on church-yard, Westminster. On the evenhearing them. As soon as it subsided, ing when he took possession, he was they turned towards their distinguished struck with something that appeared to patroness and visitor, and kneeling be- him mysterious in the manner of the fore her, gave her the real and fervent maid-servant, who looked like a man outpourings of their hearts in utterance disguised ; and he felt a very unpleanever equalled. The leading boy, their sant emotion. This feeling was strengthvade mecum and guide, stared in vacant ened by a similar deportment in the wonder. Their nurse opened her face mistress of the house, who soon after into singular shapes ;' and Simeon, as entered his room, and asked him if he if distrusting the safety of his kind mis- wanted any thing before he retired to tress, stood with the door in one hand est; disliking her manner, he soon half opened, and his gold-headed walk- dismissed her, and went to bed, but the ing stick and hat held in the other. disagreeable impression made on his “ Rise, rise!” said her ladyship, in a little squeaking voice and pleasing in * Records of John Taylor. Bull.

inind by the maid and mistress, kept circumstance. When she was a young bim long awake; at length, however, woman, and in bed with her mother, he fell asleep. During his sleep he she dreamed that she was on the roof dreamed that the corpse of a gentleman, of a church struggling with a man who who had been murdered, was deposited attempted to throw her over. He apin the cellar of the house. This dream peared in a carman's frock, and had co-operating with the unfavourable, or red hair. Her mother ridiculed her rather repulsive countenances and de- terrors, and bade her compose herself meanour of the two women, precluded to sleep again ; but the impression of all hopes of renewed sleep; and it her dream was so strong, that she could being the summer season, he rose not comply. In the evening of the fol. about five o'clock in the morning, lowing day, she had appointed to meet took his hat, and resolved to quit a her lover at a bowling-green, from house of such alarm and terror. To which he was to conduct her home his surprise, as he was leaving it, he when the amusement ended. She had met the mistress in the entry, dressed, passed over one field in hopes of meetas if she had never gone to bed. She ing the gentleman, and sung as she seemed to be much agitated, and in- tripped along, when she entered the quired his reason for wishing to go second field, and accidentally turning out so early in the morning. He besi- her head, she beheld, in the corner of tated a moment with increased alarm, the field, just such a man as her dream and then told her that he expected a represented, dressed in a carman's friend, who was to arrive by a stage in frock, with red hair, and apparently apBishopsgate-street, and that he was proaching towards her. Her agitation going to meet him. He was suffered to was so great, that she ran with all her go out of the house, and when revived speed to the stile of the third field, and by the open air, he felt, as he after- with difficulty got over it. Fatigued, wards declared, as if relieved from im- however, with running, she sat on the pending destruction. He stated, that stile to recover herself, and reflecting in a few hours after he returned with that the man might be harmless, she was a friend, to whoin he had told his dream, afraid that her fight, on seeing him, and the impression made on him by the might put evil and vindictive thoughts maid and the mistress ; he, however, into his head. While in this meditaonly laughed at hin for his supersti- tion, the man had reached the stile, and tious terrors; but, on entering the seizing her by the neck, he dragged house, they found that it was deserted, þer over the stile, and she remembered and calling in a gentleman who was no more. It appeared that he had accidentally passing, they all descend- pulled off all her clothes, and thrown ed to the cellar, and actually found a her into an adjoining ditch. Fortucorpse in a state which the gentleman's nately, a gentleman came to the spot, dream had represented. Before I make and observing a body above the water, any observations on the subject, I shall he hailed others who were approachintroduce a recital of a similar de- ing, and it was immediately raised. It scription, and care not if scepticism was evidently not dead, and some of sneer, or ridicule deride, satisfied that the party remarking that the robber I heard it from one on whose veracity could not be far off, went in pursuit of I could most confidently depend. I him, leaving others to guard and enwill, however, now take leave of Mr. deavour to revive the body. The pur. Donaldson, though I could with plea- suers went different ways, and some, sure dwell much longer on the memory at no great distance, saw a man at a of so valuable a friend. The other ex- public house sitting with a bundle betraordinary story to which I have al- fore him. He seemed to be so much luded, I heard from what I consider alarmed at the sight of the gentlemen, unimpeachable authority. Mrs. Brooke, that they suspected him to be the cul. told me that she was drinking tea one prit, and determined to examine the evening in Fleet-street, where a medi- bundle, in which they found the dress cal gentleman was expected, but did of the lady, which some of them recognot arrive till late.

Apologising for nised. The man was, of course, imhis delay, he said he had attended a mediately taken into custody, and was lady who suffered under a contracted to be brought to trial at the appraching throat, which occasioned her great dif- assizes. The lady, however, was too ficulty in swallowing. She said that ill to come into court, but appearances she traced the cause to the following were so strong against him, that he was

• If yo

kept in close custody, and when she shall sell ten thousand,' said the counwas able to give evidence, though he tryman. 'Will you ?' replied the other, appeared at the trial with a different with an air of affected compassion. dress and with a wig on, she was struck 'Have you made up your mind?' said with terror at the sight of him, and he again, after a short pause. fainted, but gave evidence; the culprit please, sir, said a gay, tripping young was convicted and executed. The me woman, will you buy a hundred dical gentleman added, that when she pounds for me into the funds ?' *Into had finished her narrative, she declared what funds, my dear?' replied the brothat she felt the pressure of the man's ker. Into the three per cents, sir, if hand on her neck, while she related it, you please-if it's worth your while to and that her throat had gradually con- take so much trouble.' That I will, tracted froin the time when the melan- and very much obliged to you, my dear, choly event occurred. At length, her although it is but half-a-crown. And throat became so contracted, that she so saying, he sprang out with an alawas hardly able to receive the least crity peculiar to his craft, and jerking sustenance.

his hand to his hat, with a sudden bow

was alınost instantly out of sight. A THE STOCK EXCHANGE. crowd had now collected at the corner

of the Exchange, whose eager looks The following extract is from “Our bore evident witness that something of Island;"* consisting of clever and well- no common occurrence had happened, written tales :

or was then at hand. These were the ". Two three-quarters?' 'What's frequenters of the great gamblingthe meaning of two three-quarters ?” house, where the changes of men and said a stripling of some eighteen years, times are talked over with as much who had wandered into this scene of carelessness as the chances of a horseactive business. • Ninety-two three- race. These were the bulls and bears quarters,' said a good natured broker, of that day (according to the phraseowith an obvious feeling of compassion logy of the place), whose chiaracters for the ignorance of his enquirer. were for ever shifting with the tides of

What is ninety-two three-quarters,' fortune. He who was a bull a week again asked the young man. Consols, since, when the funds were at their. to be sure,' returned the broker, pass- height, might be an earnest bear a few ing quickly forward to another place. days after, upon a decline of those

What do you think of it? what do you securities. A victory or a peace would think of things now?' said a stout gen- be wont to make a hundred bulls, or tleman, evidently from the country, to a speculators for a rise; a defeat, a few care-worn personage, whose opinion he riots, or an unfavourable report, would seemed anxious to gain. The person turn the whole hundred bears beyond whom he addressed was a slin, short, redemption. But now there seeined to withered form, with a forehead as be something quite rare ; it could not deeply furrowed as though he had been be a battle or a conquest--for profound wont for years to poise the balance of peace reigned throughout the land; it empires. His eyes started strangely could hardly be a mere disturbancefrom their sockets ; his lips seemed the for an eyent of that sort would never eternal utterers of calculation ; his stir up such a coinmotion as the present: long wasted fingers moved to and fro it was an affair, to judge by the riveted with a precision which close thought gaze of the multitude, of most unproalone could have dictated; whilst the mising appearance. At this moment, janndiced sunken cheek betekened the when heals and shoulders were mixed ravages of incessant toils and straining up together in a most motley assembly, accuracy. What do you think?' was a youth, a stranger, who had long the reply of this ghost-like counsellor, watched the party with intense interest, who scarcely deigned to cast a look ventured amongst them: but his preupon his visitor when he spoke. "I sence was instantly detected, and no think they'll be lower,' said the other. sooner perceived than resented. A Do you?' was the answer of the broker, general clamour arose ; one seized the who accompanied the exclamation with unhappy intruder by the shoulders, a convulsive shudder, and a shrewdly another pulled him by the coat, a third penetrating glance. "What inakes you knocked off his fat, and it cannot be think so ? continued he. I think I ascertained to what extent the violence

would have been carried on, had not the young man dexterously extricated

E. Bull.

himself from his tormentors. Gladly showing the superstitious miracles that enough did he scamper down the court, are attributed to the Virgin, gives the into whose precincts he had so incau- following humorous account: tiously entered; and it is even said, “ Milagro the third acquaints us that he felt his pockets as he issued with the death of a devotee, who came forth from the inhospitable land, fear- 10 a violent end, and, not being judged ing that, instead of being punished for worthy to be interred in consecrated his curiosity, he had fallen among ground, was hastily thrown into a thieves. The mysterious conversation ditch. Incensed at the dishonour thus still went on; but its purport remained offered to his remains, the Glorious apconcealed from the public, who conti- peared to a priest of the same church, nued to stray about the Exchange, buy- and commanded that they should be ing and selling, as the fancy of each removed to a decent tomb, threatening prompted. At length runours of strange to take ample vengeance unless her occurrences reached the barrier of that commands were obeyed. Her will was unapproachable spot; and truths, which speedily done: on opening the ditch, a would have been kept secret had'it been flower of esquisite fragrance was seen possible, were no longer suppressed. growing from the mouth, and the tongue It is customary when a failure takes exhibited all the freshness of life. place at the great mart of money, for an Sometimes she appeared to her dying individual, appointed to the office, to suppliant, taking care that the soul strike several times against the wall - should be escorted by angels to its eterwith his hand. This signal announces nal reward. Generally, however, her that bankruptcy has happened; the spe- worshippers were too wicked thus sumculating mob rush together with eager- marily to enter heaven, and were forness to gain the name of the defaulter, tunate enough to escape, for a time, the and each begins to anticipate the accu- doom they deserved. Thus there was a racy of his own private surmises. Pre- notorious robber by profession, who, sently the name is mentioned, and the with all his crimes, never failed to accounts are of course referred to the repeat his Ave, and to bow before the all-powerful committee; whilst, if the image or picture of Our Lady whenunfortunate insolvent be a man of note, ever he saw one. At length be was a hundred tongues are let loose at once, taken, condemned to be hung, and led and become profusely slanderous, as away to the gallows which had been jealousy or interest

: may chance to dic. erected for him; there his eyes were Bang-bang-bang,' resounded covered, the rope adjusted to his neck, at this time against the wall more than and up he was hoisted, amidst the aconce, or twice, or thrice: the assembly clamations of the spectators, who exultwere aghast; no one knew the cause of ed in his well merited punishment. In such united disasters, though whispers appearance, no Jack Ketch could have of a general bankruptcy were by no done his business more dexterously or means silent. Bang - bang-bang,' more effectually; so that, after gazing Consols eighty-eight--seven-six-five a time, the crowd departed, together four-three-two-one. "Bang-bang with the ministers of justice. On the -bang' Failures of ten, twenty, fifty third day came the kindred and friends Lone hundred thousand. The public of the culprit to cut down the body and soon participated in the terror-confu- honour it with the rights of sepulture; sion, panic, snspicion, despair, suc- but, instead of a corpse, they found the ceeded; and in a very short interval as rogue, not merely alive, but merry and great an alarm prevailed as when the laughing. He told them that no sooner pretender of fading memory, was march- had the hangman pulled away the plating to London with his handful of form, than the Glorious placed her Scots. In a quarter of an hour after the hands under his feet, and held them breaking out of the rumour, one thou- there as comfortably as if he had been sand pounds were worth a diamond of seated in an arin-chair; he would have double their cost; and in a short half been glad to hang a whole year! The hour after that, no ordinary man would wondrous news flew from mouth to advance five hundred pounds to his mouth; but some there were who did neighbour upon any pretence.'

not believe it, and who exclaimed that

he had practised some trick to escape MIRACLES OF THE VIRGIN. the gallows and the devil. Again was!

he clutched by the hand of the law, and Vol. 35 of the Cabinet Cyclopædia, sentenced to be beheaded; and again speaking of civilisation in Spain, and did the Glorious befriend him! in vain


did the executioners strike; they could confessor and penitent being filled not so much as touch him, Astonished with devout astonishment at the condeat the miracle, they acknowledged the scension of heaven's great queen. Her hand of Heaven, and left hiin in peace. praises were soon resounded throughIt is added, that he amended his life, out the monastery, both by night and and died in a good old age.

day." Milagro the twentieth exhibits an equal instance of her maternal care. A

Table Talk. monk one day entered a wine-shop, and drank so deeply, that he could not SINGULAR TRADITION.—The inhabi. stand on his legs, but laid himself tants of the neighbourhood of Sicligully down on the ground. There he re- believe that a tiger watches over the mained until the approach of evening, deserted tomb of a warrior, whose when the vesper-bell smiting his ear, name has been lost amid the stirring roused him to something like recollec- events which followed the early Moos tion. With difficulty he raised him- ulman conquests of Bengal. The lamp self, and staggered along the cloisters has long ceased to burn upon his grave; towards the door of the church. As he but some unseeu hand preserves the proceeded, what should meet him but interior of the mausoleum from the dirt the devil, in the shape of a bull, which and litter which usually accumulate in was preparing to gore him with its ruined buildings. The tomb itself, horns, when the Glorious descended, standing boldly on the summit of a hill and with her mantle scared the enemy in the vicinity of Rajmahal, forms a away. Just however as he was begin- very interesting and picturesque feaning to ascend the steps, the same devil ture in the landscape. A similar superassailed him, in another form ; but the stition prevails at Secundermallee, in same aid was at hand. The third attack the Carnatic. The mountain is held was more serious: a large lion, and sacred by all castes, it being supposed fierce as large, obstructed his passage, to contain the tomb of Alexander the and opened its jaws to devour him. In Great, whose temple, on the summit, is consternation, he invoked Our Lady's said to be regularly swept by royal aid; and, as before, she immediately tigers with their tails. appeared--this time with a large staff The BEGGARS OF MULLINGAR. in her hand Don Traitor,' said she “When the gallant 50th were removed to the lion, 'hast thou no fear of me? to Mullingar, it was supposed that this I will now give thee thy deserts, and town produced a greater number of beg. make thee know what an enemy thou gars than any in the King's dominions hast dared to brave!' She began lustily -a swarm of paupers rendered the to lay on the beast ; never were his streets almost impassable, and ingress sides so lathered in his life. Don or egress to or from a shop was occaTraitor,' said the Glorious, let me sionally impracticable. Now beggars again catch thee here, and thou shalt were to the Mad Major an abomination; be drubbed still better!' Well pleased and for two days he ensconced himself was Don Devil to scamper away, and in his lodgings, rather than encounter long was it before he was cured of his the mendicants of Mullingar. Confinebruises. Anxious to see her votary in ment will increase bile, and bile may safety, the Glorious took him lovingly induce gout; and at last, wearied of by the hand, led him to his dormitory, captivity, he sallied forth, and to every laid him gently in bed, threw the application for relief he specified an coverlid over him, put on his night- early day, requesting the numerous cap, and said, ' Lie still; for well tired supplicants to be punctual to the apart ihou, and a little sleep will recover pointed time. His wish was faithfully thee. Tomorrow, when thou arisest, attended to, and on the expected morngo to my friend such-a-one, and confessing the street where he resided was to him ; for he is a good man, and well I literally blocked up. The Major, unknow he will give thee heavy penance. der a volley of blessings, appeared at The drunken knave by this time was the hall-door. 'Are you all here?' he sufficiently recovered to ask her name; inquired in accents of the tenderest and knowing that she was the mother compassion. All, your honour,--all, of our Lord, he attempted to rise and young and owld !' responded a big begfall at her feet; but she vanished from gar-man. We're all here, Colonel, his eyes. The following day he made avorneen "' exclaimed a red virago, his confession, and was absolved, both 'but my own poor man, Brieney Bok

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