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They all stood suspended with amaze

New Books. ment while this operation was carrying

At length, on the instant that the The EVERGREEN AND AMARANTH.*. executioner had given the fiftieth lash, These are very pleasing little volumes. “Hold,” cried the fisherman, “ I have The selection of poetry in the former, already received my full share of the and the judicious arrangement of prose price.

in the latter, with the excellent princi“ Your share!" questioned the Mar- ples they inculcate, make them valuquis, “what can you mean by that ?" able presents for youth. We extract

“Why, my lord, you nust know I the following: have a partner in this business. My

THE DAISY. honour is engaged to let him have half

Not worlds on worlds in phalanx deep, of whatever I should get; and I fancy

Need we to prove a God is here; that your highness will acknowledge, The daisy, fresh from winter's sleep, by and bye, that it would be a thousand Tells of his band in lines as clear. pities to defraud him of a single stroke." Far who but He that arch'd the skies, “ And pray, my friend, who is this And pours the day-spring's living flood,

Wondrous alike in all he tries, same partner of your's ?”

Could rear the daisy's purple bud ? “ It is the porter, my lord, who guards

Mould its green cup, its wiry stem, the outer-gate of your highness's palace.

Its fringed border nicely spin,
He refused to admitine, but on the con And cut the gold-embossed,gem,
dition of promising him the half of what That, set in silver, gleams within ?-
I should get for my fish."

And fting it. unrestrain'd and free, 60, ho!” exclaimed the Marquis,

O er bill and dale, and desert sod,

That man, where'er he walks, may see, breaking out into a laugh,

by the

In every step, the stamp of God! blessing of heaven, he shall have his demand doubled to himn in full tale."

ROMANTIC HISTORY. Here the porter was sent for, and stripped to the skin, when two grooms laid on him, until they rendered him fit

Amongst the numerous individuals to be sainted for a second Bartholoinew. who were put to death during the arThe Marquis then ordered his major dependence, the Colombians will long

duous struggle in South America for indomo to pay the fisherman twenty sequins; and desired him to call yearly linaria Zalabarriata, better known by

remember the unfortunate Dona Apofor the like suin, in recompense of the the name of La Pola, who was sentenfriendly office hé had rendered hiin.

ced to death by Zamano, and shot, toJ.C.

gether with her betrothed husband. IN MEMORY OF THE LATE SIR W. SCOTT. Bogota, and was distinguished by her

She was a young lady of good family in For the Olio.

beauty and accomplishments. EnthuLike glowing sunshine, spread along the siastically attached to the cause of liground,

berty, she devoted herself to the haDispensing beauty, wheresoe'er 'tis cast; zardous task of obtaining and transmitLike sweet showers dropping with refreshing ting to Bolivar secret intelligence re

sound, Which melt the furious terrors of the blast, specting the force, disposition, and

Till e'en a paradise pervades the past : plans of operation of the royalist army. Thy splendid works shall issue to renown; The particulars of this important inThe richest fruits be gather'd from thy formation she contrived to collect from thought;

the Spanish officers themselves, at the And harvests be produced which thou hast

tertulias, or evening conversaziones And, in the intellectual culture, wrought at her house, which were frequented With nature, love, and human knowledge by inany of them, who listened with de

fraught. The “ Wizard of the (North!"-Thy spirit's singing, accompanied by her guitar.

light to her powers of conversation and power Will, in thy native mountains, homage gain: From those officers, who could not posThe Lordly Hall -- the Lake-the Lady's Bower sibly suspect so young, and apparently

In the pure splendour of thy genius reign, artless, a female of any dangerous de. As long as Time and Intellect remain.


sign, she used to inquire, as if merely

in the course of conversation, about If perfection were ever once beheld, asking after their absent companions,

their respective regiments: and, by we should be so fully convinced of the she found means of learning where impossibility of equalling it, as to give up all attempts at iinitation.

* Darton and Son, Holborn Hill,



their advanced posts were stationed.- matur una mager!-- You have, then, th She regularly transmitted all the in- heart, butchers, to kill a woman!” She formation she could collect to Bolivar, iipmediately covered her face with her by means of a frusty messenger; but, sava; and on drawing it aside for that unfortunately, one of her packets was purpose, the words “Viva la Patria!" intercepted, and the messenger, under were discovered embroidered in gold the terror of impending death, was on the basquina. The signal was then compelled to betray her. She was im- given from the Viceroy's balcony, and mediately tried by a military court (mar- they were both instantly shot. tial law having been proclaimed in the capital), and was condemned to be shot,

THE EXPOSTULATION. together with her lover ; although no

For the Olio. proofs whatever could be produced of

At a moment of parting a kiss was impress'd his having been privy to her undertak- On dear Mary's lip ere I meant it; ing. They were placed in Capilla for Though the deed of a moment, I bolaly confess twelve hours, previous to being brought An age would not make me repent it. out for execution ; but even this short For Ulook'd in her eyes, and I argued from interyal would not have been "granted, that their anger would ne'er make me rue it; had not Zamano considered it of the And when eyes are so tempting, ahl who can greatest importance to discover, if pos

condemn, sible, who were her accomplices.' To If we yield to temptation and do it? effect this, no means were left untried By smiles thus encouraged-no frowns to repel, to induce her to betray them. She was

I continued to give, she receive them ;

And each time, when her lips kiadly said on the one hand threatened by the friar

« Fare thee well," who was sent to confess her, with eter- In a kiss I replied" I believe them.” nal punishment hereafter, if she should 'Tis a freedom which mellows love into esteem, dare to conceal any thing from him; and That fixes the mind when it wavers; on the other, attempted to be bribed by And though but a trifle to her it may seem, offers of pardon and rewards for herself To me 'tis the greatest of favours ! and her betrothed, if she would declare For oft when oppress’d by the demon of woe,

In her lips I have found a physician ; by whom she had been assisted. She, And can she suppose I would freely forego however, resolutely denied having any The advantage of such a permission ? accomplice except the messenger whom Should she hint " it is time such permission she had employed. The lovers were both led out the next day, and bound for the fame she has raised can now never

Ah, could Mary indeed be so cruel ? close to each other, on two banquillos, surrounded by troops. When the picket Though she feed it no longer with fuel. of grenadiers appointed to shoot them But if, grown cold herself, her wish really is

this, was marched up close, and in readi

(Forbid it in pity, kind Heaven!) ness, she was once more offered par. She injustice at least should repay me a kiss, don on the former conditions. She in return for each kiss I have given. again, without evincing any signs of

J. W. M-Y. fear, declared that if she had any accomplices she would scorn to betray

PENNY PERSUADERS. them for the purpose of saving her own life ; but that as Bolivar was fast ap

“ Ad mensuram aquam bibentes,

Sine mensura offam comedentes." proaching, they would be known on his arrival. Having observed that her FASHION is not entirely confined to intended husband was hesitating, as if the costume of ladies and gentlemen; about to speak, through a very natural for money appears to partake of its indread of the death he saw so near, she Auence, and operates as a useful ingreimplored him, as her last request, if he dient in its application with certain had ever really loved her, to shew by classes of society. While the light his death that he was worthy of her coins of the Henrys and the Edwards choice ; assuring him that the tyrant are cherished only by the virtuosi and Zamano would never spare his life, antiquary as the circulating media of whatever disclosures he might make; the days that are past, pieces in our and reminding him, that he ought to reign are of more substantial evidence ; derive consolation from the reflection and none so much as our copper coins, that his death was shared by her he bran, spick and span from the Mint. loved. The friars then retired, and the The farthing, which is our smallest, firing party made ready. She then, for and of course of the least value, has the first time, felt dread, and exclaimed, never arrived at any degree of popula

Conque, verdugos, teneis valor de rity, if the rare broad farthing of Queen

should cease!"


Anne be excepted; and indeed it has theatre, in the lightening hope of rebeen deemed of so little consequence, ceiving a penny from his followers. as to partake of something of the qua- So much this useful little adventurer lity of a derisire epithet, as “I don't is in vogue that one may venture to care a farthing for it!” The half- take a peep at St. Paul's, or enter the penny, which is the next in degree, has sacred avenues of Poets' Corner, with acquired more celebrity. The half a penny for his guide. Though twentypenny hatchway had a long run, and four grains make a pennyweight in even to the present day it has played its Troy, every thrifty person in England part in all the characters of the drama may avoid being pennywise and pound of the British dominions, counterfeit- foolish, for a pennyworth of sense is ing the express image of our fair sex, enough in all conscience for any reaand the amiably copper-coloured Bri- sonable creature. Would he be merry tannia, and even conveying an attenu as well as wise, 250 songs are sold for ated semblance of majesty, which none a penny; while so much is paid for a but die-sinkers can presume to keep in single match at Gretna, a hundred countenance. But the halfpenny is matches may, be had for a penny; in very popular, nevertheless, and finds weight, measure, and number, the its audience very acceptably given in penny is an acceptable friend; where the till and the counter. This being is the reader of the voluminous folio? more for convenience than profit, the the advocate of the rampart quarto? halfpenny retires at the approach of the the powder-mill at Hounslow, or the penny, which is now the most gallant double elephant at the Military Depot ; Beau of the day of copper affinities and are there not a Penny Magazine, current consequence ; indeed not a and a Penny Library to satisfy the most fruit-vender in the metropolis ; but is hungry or the most redoubtable bookenamoured of the heavy-freighted penny. worm ? and if there is royal demy and The blushing apples, the florid plums, cartridge, let it be also remembered the balloon-shaped pears, and the mel- penny royal is not less worthy of conlow gages are parted with at a penny a sideration. You are taken over the lot; sweetmeals, and puffed up pastries, ferry, a bridge, or attended to your allowed by all to be crusty and some coach by a waterman, for the welcome times tart withal, are never better se penny; and in order that a penny loaf duced into civil companionship than may be enjoyed, the sweepers of a sable when they exchange owners at a penny or light hue, now look up for their a dozen, or a penny a piece; and in penny donations; having discarded a some instances, with the permission of single halfpenny since the public have

taste and try them before you buy been divided on the currency question, them,” acknowledged to be making and they have yielded their dirty labour most of your penny and a sure bargain. to those metallic contractors, the scaGo you to a fair who would think of vengers; the butcher that whets his giving sixpence, or even a groat, to see knife as well as his wit, declares he a show? Is not a view fairly offered does not get “a penny by it;" Day, whether of a beast, bird, fish, wax, or Martin, Hunt, Warren, Turner, and mummy, even King Pharaoh, to boot, Co., may put aside their sables and lafor a penny? Are not your letters, bels, for blacking is vended with a containing the most dear, the most courtly shine, by Griffiths and Turner, painful, or the most trivial, intelligence, and others, for the penny; theatres regulated by pence? Who ever pa- are opened at a penny price; the tronised a threehalfpenny. postage? penny-a-liners calculate their advanWho ever sanctioned a threesarthing tage, and write their paragraphs cheerbillet doux? No lover could be grati- fully; the very invalids may throw fied by so odd a charge; a good round physic to the dogs, and relinquish their sum void of all fractions, is most pleas- fees simple, for if they run for the “Docing to those who love to fill up their tor,” they may secure his advice for a chinks. Formerly, subscriptions were penny; bence, seeing the utility of variously made; now, what subscrip- being in the fashion and encouraging tion is so convenient, and therefore the growth of the copper mines, most popular, as the penny auxiliaries ? at devoutly desired by shareholders. As the tavern, the coffee-house, or the grow with their growth, and shades, the waiter's heel is quickened strengthen with their strength, may in a view of the ever-grateful dash of none of us ever live so long, as ever the penny--the linkboy follows his own to be a penny-less race, while we are imaginative shadow over against the in a peni-tent security!


J.R. P.

MEMOIR OF THE LATE SIR he besides conducted the Edinburgh WALTER SCOTT.

Annual Register. Sir Walter Scott

obtained his baronetcy shortly after the The event, for which the public has accession of George IV. been for some time prepared, took Taken all in all, our countryman place at Abbotsford on Friday, the 21st stands inferior to no name that the ult. Sir Walter Scott was born on the world has ever produced-we say this 15th of August, 1971, and consequently in the highest acceptation of the term died in his 62nd year; he was the ele -in greatness of intellectual capacity; dest son of Walter Scott, Esq. writer to and the more that the matter is sifted, the Signet in Edinburgh ; his mother this dictum, startling as it may at first was the daughter of David Rutherford, appear, will become less and less so. Esq., an able and popular practitioner There are some minds, which, accomof the same, the legal profession. She modating themselves to circumstances, was the author of some poems, and ac appear great only to their contempoquainted with Burns, Blacklock, and raries, and whose reputations wane in Allen Ramsay. Mr. Scott was educa- proportion to the distance of time we ted at the High School, Edinburgh, secede from them ; but with the sons of and afterwards served his time to the true genius the reverse holds true. If profession of the law. He was in ever, then, a human being could be July, 1792, called to the Scottish classed among the latter, Sir Walter bar, and, through the influence of the Scott must; and, if we write our anhead of the Scott family, the Duke of nals true, generation after generation Buccleugh, he was nominated Sheriff will be only, until the end of all time, Depute of Selkirkshire; and in March, gathering in to him the harvest of his 1806, obtained the place of one of the fame. No writer that ever lived has principal Clerks of Session in Scot- possessed in his life-time the extent of land. `In 1798 he married Miss Car- popularity which has been enjoyed by penter, by whom he has left several our countryman-his works have been children. The Fox Administration translated into all the languages of confirmed an intended appointment of Europe-are to be found in all quartheir predecessors in the person of Mr. ters of the globe-and will cease to deScott, without reference to his politics, light its inhabitants only when that which were Tory, by appointing him to globe and all that it inhabit shall disthe valuable situation of the Clerk of solve ;' for they are based on the grand the Sessions. The first production of principles of human nature. Mr. Scott were two ballads from the Scotland is glorious in the annals German- The Chase' and William of patriotism, as the birth-place of Waland Mary,' published anonymously.-- lace and Robert Bruce. She is now "Goetz of Berlenchingen,' a tragedy, equally glorious in the annals of literaalso from the German, appeared in ture as the country of Sir Walter Scott. 1799; and about the same time he con “ To make a third he joins the former tributed two ballads, “The Eve of St. two ;" and although we had nothing John,' and Glenfinless,' to Lewis's more to boast of the triumvirate are in . Tales of Wonder." His next work themselves a host ;-nor has the last was "The Minstrelsy of the Scottish been the least of the three in benefitting Border' in 1802, which first establish- and adorning our native land. Our ed his poetic fame. "Sir Tristram' was hills and vallies, our history, and our published in 1804; this was followed manners, are consecrated in his immornext year by 'The Lay of the Last tal pages. Thousands from foreign lands Minstrel ;' afterwards succeeded by are yearly visiting our shores, to tread

Marmion,' in 1808 ; "The Lady of the the localities which he has given to Lake,' in 1810, the most popular of his fame. Inns have been erected for the poetical productions ; The Vision of accommodation of travellers where, beDon Roderick, in 1811 ; ‘Rokeby,' fore his day, from the end of one year to in 1812; The Lord of the Isles,' in the end of ihe next, the foot of stranger 1814; and “Waterloo soon after. never planted itself, and roads have These are his principal poetical works. been opened for communication beIn addition to these, Sir Walter pub- tween districts where formerly were lished “The Border Antiquities of only the mountain path, or the sheep Eugland and Scotland ;' and also edit- track. This is being a true patriot, and ed the works of Dryden, Somers's yet the weapon wielded was more deTracts, Sadler's State Papers, Miss licate than the wand of Prospero. A Seward's Works, and those of Swift ; student in his quiet apartment at Ab

for us.

botsford possessed a magic capable of pity; they brought her in guilty of charming pilgrims from beyond the At- mutiny, and Nunez himself condemned lantic, of delighting millions who have her to be exposed to wild beasts in a never looked upon him, and of making forest at some distance from the Spanthe solitary place blossom like the ish garrison. His sentence was immerose !

diately put into execution; Maldonada In fact, the henefits which Sir Walter was led into a spacious plain in the Scott has conferred, and will continue midst of the forest, and there bound to to confer, although in ashes, on Scot, a large tree, which was the usual place land, are incalculable. Never more, of binding criminals for execution.while the world lasts, can we be a land She had not been here long, when an unrenowned. In the political scale of old lion from the thickest part of the nations, we may rise, or we may fall. In forest came running at her with all the his pages, we are a glorious people, fierceness of famine. She now concludand a favoured spot for ever! Cervan- ed herself lost, when the generous sates has done much for Spain, and Shak- vage, observing her bound to a tree, speare for England, but not a tithe of repressed his impetuosity, and instead what Sir Walter Scott has accomplished of being her destroyer, was resolved

In each of these great writers to become her defender. He, therewe find many localities sanctified by fore, couched down by her, and kept their genius, in their respective coun- off the tyger, the leopard, hyena, and tries; but that of Scott pervades every every other beast of prey that were atcorner of his native land.

tracted to the same place. In this situEdinburgh Evening Post. ation the historian affirms, she continued

for three days encircled by a whole THE BRAVE PROTECTOR. herd of wild animals, and protected by For the Olio.

the old lion. When her husband, who

had fortunately escaped from the InMALDONADA was a subaltern officer's dian enemy, happened to pass this way wife, and one of those who ventured in his return to the garrison, he pertheir fortunes with Nunez, when he ceived a wretch unprepared for defence, went upon the discovery of new coun and approaching, found it to be his tries along the great river Plate, in wife. As he approached, all the aniAmerica. This woman's husband was mals, except the lion, fled ; and after eyer foremost in danger, and always mutual tears, the unfortunate woman testified an aversion to the cruelties informed him of all that had happened used by the Spaniards upon the unre in his absence. Upon this they both sisting Indians; his courage, however, fled to a tribe of Indians called the was not sufficient to atone for the mild- Arancans, where he was soon constiness of his disposition, with a body of tuted general among them ; he taught men to whom murder was grown fa- them the art of war, and this nation is miliar. Nunez sent him out with a

the most formidable enemy both of the party, where he was sure the Indians Spaniards and Portuguese to this day. would be victorious. What this general suspected actually happened; the Spanish party, consisting of twelve

Science and Art. men, were set upon by a number of Indians, taken prisoners, and all slain, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION.-Not the except the husband of the unfortunate least curious subject of all those which Maldonada, whom they brought away are treated of in Sir David Brewster's to be sacrificed upon some

Natural Magic is that of spontaneous lemn occasion.

In the meantime, combustion. A flame may be produced Maldonada began to perceive the genes by merely mixing oil of vitriol with oil ral's evil intentions towards her huse of turpentine, or aqua fortis with oil of band, and also guessed at his sad fate. vitriol. Spirit of nitre and oil of sasWomen, when injured, more frequently safras will take fire when mixed. Galen give an imprudent looseness to their says, that the dung of a pigeon will take passions than men. She openly accused fire when rotten. Finely-powdered char. the general of cruelty and injustice; coal will take fire of itself. The burnand he, to vindicate his reputation, had ing cliff at Weymouth is another striking the woman summoned before a court of instance of spontaneous combustion, soldiers, composed of those who were and it is very well known that, near chiefly devoted to his interests. It is the village of Bradley, in Staffordshire, easy to imagine that here she found no the earth has been on fire for nearly

J. C.

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