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Todd on Parliamentary Government.........
Trench's Realities of Irish Life
Trollope's Barchester Towers............

Twiss's Law of Nations
Tyndall's American Lectures on Light

Fragments of Science...........
Heat a Mode of Motion
Lectures on Electricity
Lectures on Light .
Lectures on Sound.......
Molecular Physics ..





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Sandars's Justinian's Institutes
Sankey's Sparta and Thebes
Savile on Apparitions .......

on Primitive Faith Schellen's Spectrum Analysis. Scott's Lectures on the Fine Arts

Poems Seaside Musing....... Scebohmi's Oxford Reformers of 1498.........

Protestant Revolution
Sewell's History of France .....

Passing Thoughts on Religion
Preparation for Communion
Questions of the Day
Self-Examination for Confirmation
Stories and Tales

Thoughts for the Age
Shelley's Workshop Appliances
Short's Church History
Smith's (Sydney) Essays

Wit and Wisdom (Dr. R. A.) Air and Rain

(R. B.) Rome and Carthage Southey's Poetical Works....... Stanley's History of British Birds Stephen's Ecclesiastical Biography.. Stonehenge on the Dog......

on the Greyhound Stoney on Strains Stubbs's Early Plantagenets Sunday Afternoons at the Parish Church of

a University City. Supernatural Religion Swinbourne's Picture Logic



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Walker on Whist
Warburton's Edward the Third
Watson's Geometry
Watts's Dictionary of Chemistry
Webb's Objects for Common Telescopes.
Weinhold's Experimental Physics......
Wellington's Life, by Gleis
Whately's English Synonymes


White and Riddle's Latin Dictionaries
Whitworth's Measuring Machine
Wilcocks's Sea-Fisherman
Williams's Aristotle's Ethics...
Willich's Popular Tables
Wood's (J. G.) Bible Animals

Homes without Hands
Insects at Home
Insects Abroad...............
Out of Doors

Strange Dwellings
(J. T.) Ephesus
Woodward's Geology
Wyatt's History of Prussia

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Taylor's History of India

Manual of Ancient History
Manual of Modern History

4 -(Jeremy) Works, edited by Edin. 18 Text-Books of Science...

12 Thomé's Structural and Physiological Botany

..... 12, 13 Thomson's Laws of Thought

7 Thorpe's Quantitative Analysis Thorpe and Muir's Qualitative Analysis ... 12 Tilden's Chemical Philosophy ............ 12, 14

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Zeller's Plato......


Stoics, Epicureans, and Sceptics... Zirnmern's Life of Schopenhauer

In course of publication, each volume in fcp. 8vo. complete in itself, EPOCHS OF MODERN HISTORY:





E. E. MORRIS, M.A. Lincoln Coll, Oxford;
J. S. PHILLPOTTS, B.C.L. New Coll. Oxford ; and

C. COLBECK, M.A. Fellow of Trin. Coll. Oxford.

This striking collection of little volumes, to give us excellent work. . . . The style is a valuable contribution to the litera- of the series is, as a general rule, correct ture of the day, whether for youthful or and pure; in the case of Mr. STUBBS it more mature readers. As an ábridgment more than once rises into genuino, simple, of several important phases of modern and manly eloquence; and the composihistory it has great merit, and some of its tion of some of the volumes displays no parts display powers and qualities of a high ordinary historical skill. ... The Series order. Such writers, indeed, as Professor is and deserves to be popular.' STUBBS, Messrs. WARBURTON, GAIRDNER, Creighton, and others, could not fail

THE TIMES, Jan. 2, 1877.

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Eleven Volumes Now Published :The ERA of the PROTESTANT REVOLUTION. By F. SEEBOHM,

Author of 'The Oxford Reformers-Colet, Erasmus, More.' With 4 Coloured Maps and 12

Diagrams on Wood. Price 2s. 6d. Mr. Seeboum's Era of the Protestant , and philosophic thought, and as a comRevolution shews an admirable mastery position it is very well ordered. . . . This of a complex subject; it abounds in sound / volume, in short, is of the greatest merit.'

THE TIMES, Jan. 2. The CRUSADES. By the Rev. G. W. Cox, M.A. late Scholar of Trinity

College, Oxford ; Author of the Aryan Mythology' &c. With a Coloured Map. Price 28. 68. • The earliest period, in point of time, / and latest histories of Greece. Mr. Cox's is that of the Crusades, of which we have narrative is flowing and easy, and parts a summary from the accomplished pen of of his work are extremely good.' the well-known Author of one of the best

THE TIMES, Jan, 2. The THIRTY YEARS WAR, 1618–1648. By SAMUEL Rawson

GARDINER, late Student of Ch. Ch.; Author of History of England from the Accession of

James I. to the Disgrace of Chief Justice Coke' &c. With a Coloured Map. Price 25. 60. • The narrative-a singularly perplexing incidents that marked its progress. Mr. task-is on the whole remarkably clear, GARDINER's judgments, too, are usually and the Author gives us a well-written just.... The Author, we should add, is very summary of the causes that led to the skilful in his delineation of historical

! great contest, and of the most striking characters.' THE TIMES, Jan. 2. The HOUSES of LANCASTER and YORK; with the CONQUEST and

LOSS of FRANCE. By JAMES GAIRDNER, of the Public Record Ofice; Editor of The Paston

Letters' &c. With 5 Coloured Maps. Price 28. 6d. Mr. GAIRDNER's Epoch, 'Lancaster and the conclusions of the Author are just and York, is usually correct and sensible, and i acccurate.'

THE TIMES, Jan. 2.

London, LONGMANS & CO.



Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford: Her Majesty's Senior Inspector of Schools. With 3

Coloured Maps and 3 Genealogical Tables. Price 25. 6d. * This Epoch is a very good one, and is well the spirit and genius ef that chivalric well worth a studious reader's attention. age.'

Tue TIMES, Jan. 2. Mr. WARBURTON has reproduced extremely The AGE of ELIZABETH. By the Rev. M. CREIGHTON, M.A. late

Fellow and Tutor of Merton College, Oxford. With 5 Maps and 4 Genealogical Tables. 23. 6d. Mr. Creighton has thoroughly mastered | tween this country and the other States the intricate mysteries of the foreign poli- ' of Europe, and the character of the policy tics of the whole period; and he has of the Queen and her counsellors.' described extremely ably the relations be

Tue Times, Jan. 2. The FALL of the STUARTS; and WESTERN EUROPE from. 1678

to 1697. By the Rev. EDWARD HALE, M.A. Assistant Master at Eton. With Eleven Maps and

Plans, Price 28. 61. Mr. Hale has thoroughly grasped the them in a very effective light.' great facts of the time, and has placed


1603-1660. By SAMUEL RAWSON GARDINER, Author of "The Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648.'

With 4 Coloured Maps. Price 2s. 6d. Mr. GARDINER'S “First Two Stuarts work. Mr. GARDINER's sketch of the time and the Puritan Revolution" deserves of James I. brings out much that had more notice than we can bestow upon it. , hitherto been little known.' This is in some respects a very striking

The Times, Jan. 2. The WAR of AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE, 1775–1783. By JOHN

MALCOLM LUDLOW, Barrister-at-Law. With 4 Coloured Maps. Price 2s. 6d. Mr. Ludlow's account of the obscure the Red Indian communities is admirable annals of what afterwards became the ' for its good feeling and insight. . . . The Thirteen Colonies is learned, judicious, volume is characterised by impartiality and full of interest, and his description of and good sense.' THE TIMES, Jan. 2. The EARLY PLANTAGENETS. By the Rev. W. STUBBS, M.A.

Regius Professor of Modern History in the University of Oxford. With 2 coloured Maps.

Price 28. 6d.

* As a whole, his book is one of rare' clear, well put together, and often picexcellence. As a comprehensive sketch turesque ; his language is always forcible of the period it is worthy of very high and sometimes eloquent; his power of commendation. As an analyst of condensation is very remarkable, and his institutions and laws Mr. Stubbs is cer- chapter on the contemporaneous state of tainly not inferior to Hallam. His nar- Europe is admirable for its breadth and rative, moreover, is, as a rule, excellont, conciseness.' THE TIMES, Jan. 2. The AGE of ANNE. By E. E. Morris, M.A. of Lincoln College,

Oxford; Head Master of the Melbourne Grammar School, Australia; Original Editor of the
Series. With 7 Maps and Plans. Price 28. 6d.

Volumes in preparation, in continuation of the Series :-
The NORMANS in EUROPE. By Rev. A. H. Johnson, M.A., Fellow of
All Souls College, Oxford.

[Nearly ready. The BEGINNING of the MIDDLE AGES; Charles the Great and Alfred;

the History of England in connexion with that of Europe in the Ninth Century. By the Very Rev. R. W. CHURCH, M.A. Dean of St. Paul's.

(In the press. The EARLY HANOVERIANS. By the Rev. T. J. LAWRENCE, B.A.

Warden of Cavendish College, late Fellow and Tutor of Downing College, Cambridge. The FRENCH REVOLUTION to the BATTLE of WATERLOO, 1789–

1815. By BERTHA M. CORDERY, Author of The Struggle Against Absolute Monarchy.' FREDERICK the GREAT and the SEVEN YEARS' WAR. By F. W.

LONGMAN, of Balliol College, Oxford.

London, LONGMANS & CO.

Spottisoode & Co., Printers, Neu-street Square, London.

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