Imatges de pÓgina
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SHOVEL of his ashes took
From the hearth's obscurest nook,
Muttering mysteries as she went.
Helen and Henry knew that

Was as much afraid of ghosts as any,

And so they followed hard

But Helen clung to her brother's arm,
And her own spasm made her shake.

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HE rose that drinks the fountain


In the pleasant air of noon,

Grows pale and blue with altered

In the gaze of the nightly moon;

For the planet of frost, so cold and bright,
Makes it wan with her borrowed light.


Such is my heart-roses are fair,

And that at best a withered blossom;

But thy false care did idly wear

Its withered leaves in a faithless bosom; And fed with love, like air and dew,

Its growth

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This various world with as inconstant wing As summer winds that creep from flower to


Like moonbeams that behind some piny mountain shower,

It visits with inconstant glance

Each human heart and countenance; Like hues and harmonies of evening, —

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Like clouds in starlight widely spread, -
Like memory of music fled, -

Like aught that for its grace may be Dear, and yet dearer for its mystery.


Spirit of BEAUTY, thou dost consecrate
With thine own hues all thou dost shi


Of human thought or form, where art th gone?

Why dost thou pass away and leave o


This dim vast vale of tears, vacant and des


Ask why the sunlight not for ever

Weaves rainbows o'er yon mountain rive Why aught should fail and fade that once shown,

Why fear and dream and death an birth

Cast on the daylight of this earth

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Such gloom, why man has such a scop For love and hate, despondency and hope?

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