The Works of Jonathan Swift: Tracts, historical and political, during the reign of Queen Anne


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Pàgina 113 - An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown, and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject...
Pàgina 75 - This pow'r has praise, that virtue scarce can warm, Till fame supplies the universal charm. Yet reason frowns on war's unequal game, Where wasted nations raise a single name. And mortgaged states their grandsires...
Pàgina 389 - Instead of gathering strength, either as a Ministry or as a party, we grew weaker every day. The peace had been judged, with reason, to be the only solid foundation whereupon we could erect a Tory system; and yet when it was made we found ourselves at a full stand. Nay, the very work which ought to have been the basis of our strength was in part demolished before our eyes, and we were stoned with the ruins of it.
Pàgina 176 - She has preserved a tolerable courtreputation, with respect to love and gallantry ; but three Furies reigned in her breast, the most mortal enemies of all softer passions, which were sordid Avarice, disdainful Pride, and ungovernable Rage...
Pàgina 56 - With these measures fell in all that set of people, who are called the monied men ; such as had raised vast sums by trading with stocks and funds, and lending upon great interest and premiums ; whose perpetual harvest is war, and whose beneficial way of traffic must very much decline by a peace.
Pàgina 27 - ... neglecting that part, which would have saved and gained us many millions ; which the perpetual maxims of our government teach us to pursue ; which would have soonest weakened the enemy, and must either have promoted a speedy peace, or enabled us to continue the war. Those who are fond of continuing the war, cry up our constant success at a most prodigious rate, and reckon it infinitely greater, than in all human probability we had reason to hope. Ten glorious campaigns are passed ; and now at...
Pàgina 403 - Supposing this to be true, it may serve for a great lesson of humiliation to mankind, to behold the habits and passions of men otherwise highly accomplished, triumphing over interest, friendship, honour, and their own personal safety, as well as that of their country, and probably of a most gracious princess, who hath entrusted it to them. A ship's crew quarrelling in a storm, or while their enemies are within gunshot...
Pàgina 175 - ... seldom exposed, to form any judgment in the matter: and that fear, which is said to have sometimes disconcerted him before an action, might probably be more for his army than for himself.
Pàgina 175 - He is noted to be master of great temper, able to govern or very well to disguise his passions, which are all melted down or extinguished in his love of wealth. That liberality which nature has denied him with respect to money, he makes up by a great profusion of promises : but this perfection so necessary in courts is not very successful in camps, among soldiers who are not refined enough to understand or to relish it.
Pàgina 342 - The latter are not so perfectly adjusted, as a little more time might have rendered them ; but the season of the year making it necessary to put an end to this session, I resolved no longer to defer communicating these matters to you. "I can make no doubt but you are all fully persuaded, that nothing will be neglected on my part, in the progress of this negotiation, to bring the peace to a happy and speedy issue ; and I depend on your entire confidence in me, and your cheerful concurrence with me.

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