The Supremes: A Saga of Motown Dreams, Success, and Betrayal

Da Capo Press, 30 de juny 2009 - 480 pàgines
Drawing on intimate recollections from friends, family, and Motown contemporaries, Mark Ribowsky charts the Supremes' meteoric rise and bitter disintegration. He sheds light on Diana Ross's relationship with Berry Gordy and her cutthroat rise to top billing in the group, as well as Florence Ballard's corresponding decline. He also takes us inside the studio, examining how timeless classics were conceived and recorded on the Motown “assembly line,” and considers the place of Motown in an era of cultural upheaval, when not being “black enough” became a fierce denunciation within the black music industry.

Deftly combining personal testimony, history, and expert analysis, Ribowsky not only tells the full, heartbreaking story of the Supremes, but shows why Gordy's revolutionary concept of “blacks singing white” was essential to the modern evolution of music.

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THE SUPREMES: A Saga of Motown Dreams, Success, and Betrayal

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Acrid biography of the biggest female vocal group of all time.Ribowsky (Josh Gibson: The Power and the Darkness, 2004, etc.) dredges up all the muck he can find on Motown Records' hit-making trio, who ... Llegeix la ressenya completa

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If you have never read anything about Motown and/or The Supremes...this book will fascinate you. If you have read anything about Motown and/or The Supremes...this book will not surprise you. Llegeix la ressenya completa


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Mark Ribowsky is the acclaimed author of eight books, including He's a Rebel, a biography of Phil Spector. He lives in New York City.

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