History of India Under Queen Victoria from 1836 to 1880, Volum 1


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Pàgina 334 - I wish for a peaceful time of office, but I cannot forget that in our Indian Empire that greatest of all blessings depends upon a greater variety of chances and a more precarious tenure than in any other quarter of the globe. We must not forget that in the sky of India, serene as it is, a small cloud may arise, at first no bigger than a man's hand, but which, growing larger and larger, may at last threaten to burst, and overwhelm us with ruin.
Pàgina 459 - Once fairly SEEN, all our doubts and fears regarding them were ended: and then the garrison's long pent-up feelings of anxiety and suspense burst forth in a succession of deafening cheers; from every pit, trench, and battery — from behind the sand-bags piled on shattered houses — from every post still held by a few gallant spirits, rose cheer on cheer — even from the hospital!
Pàgina 35 - Highness; that he avowed schemes of aggrandizement and ambition injurious to the security and peace of the frontiers of India; and that he openly threatened, in furtherance of those schemes , to call in every foreign aid which he could command.
Pàgina 499 - O iron nerve to true occasion true, O fall'n at length that tower of strength Which stood four-square to all the winds that blew!
Pàgina 316 - the British Government would be guilty in the sight of God and man if it were any longer to aid in sustaining by its countenance an administration fraught with suffering to millions.
Pàgina 84 - The insult of eight hundred years is at last avenged. The gates of the temple of Somnauth, so long the memorial of your humiliation, are become the proudest record •of your national glory : the proof of your superiority in arms over the nations beyond the Indus.
Pàgina 35 - Governor-General confidently hopes that the Shah will be speedily replaced on his throne by his own subjects and adherents ; and when once he shall be secured in power, and the independence and integrity of Afghanistan established, the British army will be withdrawn.
Pàgina 272 - Great tracts are teeming with produce they cannot dispose of. Others are scantily bearing what they would carry in abundance if only it could be conveyed whither it is needed. England is calling aloud for the Cotton which India does already produce in some degree, and would produce, sufficient in quality and plentiful in quantity, if only there were provided the fitting means of conveyance for it from distant plains to the several ports adopted for its shipment.
Pàgina 38 - the ready power to crush and annihilate them, nor the will to call it into action, were wanting, if it appeared requisite, however remotely, for the safety or integrity of the Anglo-Indian Empire or frontier.
Pàgina 37 - India and its allies, he will continue to prosecute with vigour the measures which have been announced, with a view to the substitution of a friendly for a hostile power in the eastern provinces of Afghanistan, and to the establishment of a permanent barrier against schemes of aggression upon our northwest frontier.

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