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Psalm cxxi.

UP to the hills I lift mine eyes,
Th' eternal hills beyond the skies;
Thence all its help my soul derives;
There my Almighty Refuge lives.
He lives, the everlasting Lord,
That built the sky, the ocean pour'd;

The heavens, with all their host, he plann'd;
And earth still shews her Maker's hand.

He guides our feet, he guards our way;
His morning smile cheers all the day;
He spreads the evening veil, and keeps
The silent hours, while Israel sleeps.

Israel, a name divinely blest,
May rise secure, securely rest :—
Thy guardian's ever watchful eyes
Admit no slumber, nor surprise.


ST. PAUL'S. C. M. Rom. iii. 19-22.
VAIN are the hopes the sons of men
On their own works have built;
Their hearts by nature all unclean,
And all their actions guilt.

Let Jew and Gentile stop their mouths,
Without a murmuring word,

And the whole race of Adam stand
Guilty before the Lord.

In vain we ask God's righteous law
To justify us now;

Since to convince and to condemn
Is all the law can do.

Jesus, how glorious is thy grace!
When in thy name we trust,
Our faith receives a righteousness
That makes the sinner just.


BODDINGTON. L. M. Psalm cxix.
WE all, O Lord, have gone astray,
And erred from the heavenly way;
The wilds of sin our feet have trod,
Far from the paths of thee, our God.
Thine eyes in each a sheep behold,
Whose feet have wander'd from the fold;
That guiltless, helpless, strives in vain
To find its safe retreat again;—

Hear us, great Shepherd of the sheep!
Our wand'rings heal, our footsteps keep;
We seek thy shelt'ring fold again;
And shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain?
Teach us to know and love thy way;
And grant, to life's remotest day,
By thine unerring guidance led,
Our willing feet thy paths may tread.

LXIV. BATH Abbey. p. M. (8-7's.) Rev. vii. 13-17. WHAT are these in bright array ?

This innumerable throng,

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Round the altar night and day
Hymning one triumphant song:
Worthy is the Lamb once slain,
"Blessing, honour, glory, power,
"Wisdom, riches to obtain,
"New dominion every hour."

These through fiery trials trod,
These from great affliction came;
Now before the throne of God,,
Seal'd with his almighty name,
Clad in raiment pure and white,
Victor palms in every hand,

Through their dear Redeemer's might,
More than conquerors they stand.

Hunger, thirst, disease unknown,
On immortal fruits they feed;
Them, the Lamb amidst the throne,
Shall to living fountains lead:
Joy and gladness banish sighs,
Perfect love dispels all fears,
And for ever from their eyes
God shall wipe away the tears.


NEW SABBATH. L. M. Matt. xviii. 20.
WHEN two or three with sweet accord,
Obedient to their sov'reign Lord,
Meet to recount his acts of grace,
And offer solemn pray'r and praise;
"There," says the Saviour, "will I be,
Amid this little company;

"To them unveil my smiling face,
"And shed my glories round the place."
We meet at thy command, dear Lord,
Relying on thy faithful word;
Now send thy Spirit from above,
Now fill our hearts with heav'nly love.


HARLAEM. L. M. Luke xv. 10.

WHO can describe the joys that rise
Through all the courts of paradise,
To see a prodigal return,

To see an heir of glory born?

With joy the Father doth approve
The fruit of his eternal love;

The Son with joy looks down, and sees
The purchase of his agonies.
The Spirit takes delight to view
The holy soul he form'd anew;
And saints and angels join to sing
The growing empire of their King.


WINCHESTER. L. M. Rom. viii. 33.

WHO shall the Lord's elect condemn ?
'Tis God that justifies their souls;
And mercy, like a mighty stream,
O'er all their sins divinely rolls.
He lives, he lives, and sits above,
For ever interceding there :
Who shall divide us from his love?
Or what should tempt us to despair?
Faith hath an overcoming power,
It triumphs in the dying hour;
Christ is our life, our joy, our hope,
Nor can we sink with such a prop.

Not all that men on earth can do,
Nor powers on high, nor powers below,
Shall cause his mercy to remove,

Nor wean our hearts from Christ, our love.



Matt. ii. 2.

YE worlds of light, that roll so near
The Saviour's shining throne of bliss,
O tell how mean your beams appear,
How faint and few, compar'd with His.
His beams divine, spread wide abroad,
Mark out the Christian's troubled way;
Still, as he goes, he finds the road
Enlighten'd with a constant day.
Thus, when the Eastern sages bring
Their royal gifts, the star appears,
Directs them to their new-born King,
And guides their steps, and calms their fears.
Lord, speed us to our resting-place,

From darkness as from sorrow far,

To where, in boundless realms of space,
Shines ever bright the Morning Star.




P. M. (6-7's.)

ABBA, Father, while we sing,
Hear the thankful praise we bring;
Taught to cast our cares on thee,
Daily mercies, Lord, we see:
Yet enrich us with thy grace;
Give us with thy Sons a place.
By the Holy Spirit led;
Nourish'd with celestial bread;
Strengthen'd through their mortal strife
Kept to everlasting life;

Peace and hope to them are giv❜n;
Time and glory; earth and heav'n.
What though trials wait us here;
Christ endur'd what we must bear ;
If his grace our strength sustain,
Welcome sorrow, shame, and pain;
Peace shall flow from ev'ry loss;
Endless glory from the cross.

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