Imatges de pÓgina



P. M. (4-7'8.)

AS the sun's enlivening eye
Shines on every place the same,
Thou, O Lord, art ever nigh
To the souls that love thy name.

When we move at duty's call,
Thou art with us by the way,
Thou art ever with us all,

Those who go, and those who stay.

From his holy mercy seat
Nothing can our souls confine;
Still in spirit we may meet,
Still in sweet communion join.

For a season call'd to part,
Let us then ourselves commend
To the gracious eye and heart,
Of our ever present friend.

Jesus, hear our humble prayer,
Tender shepherd of the sheep,
Let thy mercy and thy care,
All our souls in safety keep.

In thy strength may we be strong,
Sweeten every cross and pain,
Till we see thy face ere long,
Never more to part again.




AS through this vale of tears I stray,
Be thou my light, be thou my way;
No foes, no evil need I fear,

If thou, my Lord, my God, art near.

L. M.

When rising floods my soul o'erflow,
When sinks my strength in waves of woe,
Saviour! thy timely aid impart,

And raise my head, and cheer
my heart.
Teach me, where'er thy steps I see,
Dauntless, untir'd, to follow thee;
If rough and thorny be the way,
My strength proportion to my day.
Uphold and guide me by thy hand,
To heavenly Canaan's happy land,
The land where sin and death shall cease,
The land of rest, and joy, and peace.


AWAKE, my soul, and with the sun
Thy daily stage of duty run;
Shake off dull sloth, and early rise
To pay thy morning sacrifice.
Redeem thy mispent moments past,
And live this day as if thy last;
Thy talents to improve take care;
For the great day thyself prepare.

L. M.

Glory to God, who safe has kept,
And has refresh'd me while I slept;
Grant, Lord, that when from death I wake,

I may of endless life partake.

Direct, controul, suggest this day,

All I design, or do, or say;

That all my powers, with all their might,
In thy sole glory may unite.





AWAY, thou dying saint, away!
Fly to the mansions of the blest;

Thy God no more requires thy stay,
He calls thee to eternal rest.

L. M.

Thy toils at length have reach'd their close,
No more remains for thee to do;

Away, away, to thy repose,

Beyond the reach of sin and woe.

Away to yonder realms of light,

Where multitudes, redeem'd with blood,

Enjoy the beatific sight,

And dwell for ever with their God.

And may our happy portion be,
To join thee in the realms above,
The glory of our Lord to see,
And sing his everlasting love.


BESET with snares on ev'ry hand,
In life's uncertain path we stand;
Saviour divine! diffuse thy light
To guide our doubtful footsteps right.
O make our roving treach'rous heart,
Like Mary, choose the better part;
Scorning the trifles of a day

For joys that none can take away.
Then let the wildest storms arise,
Let tempests mingle earth and skies,
No fatal shipwreck shall we fear,
But all our treasure with us bear.
If thou, bless'd Saviour, still art nigh,
Cheerful we live, and cheerful die;
Secure, when mortal comforts flee,
To find eternal joys in Thee.

L. M.

[blocks in formation]

BE still, my heart; these anxious cares
To thee are burdens, thorns and snares;
They cast dishonour on my Lord,
And contradict his sacred word.

Brought safely by his hand thus far,
Why should I now give place to care?
How can I want, if He provide,
Or lose my way with such a guide?

Did ever trouble yet befal,

And He refuse to hear my call?
And hath He not the promise pass'd,
That I shall overcome at last?

He that hath help'd me hitherto,
Will help me all my journey through;
And give me daily cause to raise
New Ebenezers to his praise.

[blocks in formation]

L. M.

P. M. (4-7's.)

BLESS, O Lord, each opening year
To the souls assembled here;
Clothe thy word with power divine,
Make us willing to be thine.

Where thou hast thy work begun,
Give new strength the race to run;
Scatter darkness, doubts and fears,
Wipe away the mourner's tears.

Bless us all, both old and young,
Call forth praise from ev'ry tongue;
Let our whole assembly prove
All thy power and all thy love.



C. M.


BLESS'D be the dear, uniting love,
That will not let us part;
Our bodies may far off remove,
We still are one in heart.

Join'd in one Spirit to our Head,
Where he appoints, we go ;
And still in Jesus' footsteps tread,
And shew his praise below.

Cioser and closer let us cleave
To Him and all his ways;
Out of his fulness still receive,
And grace to answer grace.

Thus let us hasten to the day,
Which shall our flesh restore ;
When death shall all be done away,
And Christians part no more.

GERMAN HYMN. P. M. (4-7's.)

BREAD of Heaven! on thee we feed,

For thy flesh is meat indeed;

Ever let our souls be fed

With this true and living bread.

Vine of Heaven! thy blood supplies
This blest cup of sacrifice;

Lord! thy wounds our healing give,
To thy cross we look, and live.

Day by day with strength supplied,
Through the life of Him that died;
Lord of life! oh! let us be
Rooted, grafted, built on thee.

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