The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British India and Its Dependencies, Part 6,Volum 20

Black, Parbury, & Allen, 1825
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Pàgina 558 - Siraf, embarked for India, with his sole property, a cat: " There he fortunately arrived, at a time when the palace was so infested by mice or rats, that they invaded the king's food, and persons were employed to drive them from the royal banquet. Keis...
Pàgina 513 - Truth must therefore be spoken by witnesses of every class.—The soul itself is its own witness; the soul itself is its own refuge; offend not thy conscious soul, the supreme internal witness of men! The sinful have said in their hearts, 'None sees us;' yes; the Gods distinctly see them; and so does the spirit within their breasts.
Pàgina 511 - A mansion with bones for its rafters and beams ; with nerves and tendons for cords ; with muscles and blood for mortar ; with skin for its outward covering; filled with no sweet perfume, but loaded with...
Pàgina 514 - Single is each man born; single he dies; single he receives the reward of his good, and single the punishment of his evil, deeds.
Pàgina 515 - Though oppressed by penury, in consequence of his righteous dealings, let him never give his mind to unrighteousness ; for he may observe the speedy overthrow of iniquitous and sinful men.
Pàgina 515 - He who perseveres in good actions, in subduing his passions, in bestowing largesses, in gentleness of manners, who bears hardships patiently, who associates not with the malignant, who gives pain to no sentient being, obtains final beatitude, iv.
Pàgina 511 - Eager desire to act has its root in expectation of some advantage ; and with such expectation are sacrifices performed ; the rules of religious austerity and abstinence from sins are all known to arise from hope of remuneration. " Not a single act here below appears ever to be done by a man free from self-love ; whatever he perform, it is wrought from his desire of a reward.
Pàgina 166 - By a son a man obtains victory over all people; by a son's son he enjoys immortality; and afterwards by the son of that grandson he reaches the solar abode.
Pàgina 75 - His head was well-proportioned with his body; the nose was prominent; the eyes large ; and the mouth larger than the mouth in man. His chin was fringed from the extremity of one ear to the other with a shaggy beard, curling luxuriantly on each side, and forming altogether an ornamental, rather than a frightful appendage to his visage.
Pàgina 91 - THE Honourable the Governor in Council is pleased to publish for general information the following Rule, Ordinance and Regulation I.

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