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A LORD CHANCELLOR'S DESCENT. was known at a very early period Lord Thurlow on being asked by a society. Frequent allusions to the poiAatterer, while Lord High Chancellor, ter's wheel occur in the Old Testament, “ if he was not descended from the showing that the manufacture must have great Secretary Thurloe?' is said to been familiar to the Jewish nation. The have replied as follows :-" There were porcelain of the Chinese boasts of a two of that name in my country, Sir. very high antiquity indeed. We canThe one, Thurloe the statesman; the not doubl that the processes of the other, Thurlow the carrier. I am de- ancients were nearly similar to those scended from the latter."

of the moderns, Though I am not

aware of any tolerably accurate account STONEWARE.

of them in any ancient author whalThe manufacture of stoneware vessels ever.

Diary and Chronology.

Wednesday, December 8. Conception of our Lady.-High Water 52m after 7 Morn–22m after 8 Afternoon.

December 8, 1752.- Born Dr. Vicessimus Koox, the distinguished writer on subjects of education and Belles Lettres. His Essays obtained for him great reputation by the eloquence of tbe language and style; his Winter Evening's Lucubrations arelalso a very agreeable collection of papers on literary topics. He also formed those popular compilations, the Elegant Extracts, Prose, Verse, and Epistles. As a writer on religious subjects and divinity, be has not published much; but his productions in this line have been highly commended by those two eminent prelates, Horsley and Porteus. The learned Doctor closed his mortal career in his 70th year, on Sept. 6, 1822

Thursday, December 9. The Seven Martyrs at Samosata, A.D. 297.-Sun rises 3m after 8-sets 57m after 3. December 9, 1565.- Expired Pius IV., ÆT. 67, after having sat five years. The atteution of this Pope was more directed to the aggrandizing of Rome, than to the Council. He appears to have had scarcely any other end in view bat that of perpetuating his name hy the erection of magnificent structures, for he commanded the ancient monuments to be preserved, and the streets restored at bis sole cost; he also caused the aquelucts which conveyed the water from the suburbs to the city, to be again repaired, and it was he that rebuilt and convertext the baths of Dioclesian into a church and monastery, which be personally consecrated, and called Sancta Maria Angelorum.

Friday, December 10. St. Eulalia, Virgin Martyr.- High Water 13m after 10 Morn-45m after 10 After. December 10, 1809. -On this day Gerona, a small but strong town in the province of Catalopia, in Spain, capitulated, after an heroic defence made by the gallant Alvarez, to the French under Marshal St. Cyr. At various periods this town has been fated to be the seat of war. was taken by the forces of the Archduke Charles in 1705, and again by tbe French under the Duke of Noailles, in 1711.

Saturday, December 11.
Sl. Damascus, Pope, A.d 351. -Sun rises om after 8-sets 55m after 3.
December 11, 1282. -Slain

Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, whilst retreating before the victorious army of Edward I., hy a warrior named Adam Franckton. The Welshmen, upon the deatb of their leader, were dispersed, and the country reduced, after baving preserved its liberty for 800 years against the efforts of the English monarchy. The head of the ill-fated Llesellyn, with that of his brother David,(who was taken in arms) were placed, crowned with ivy, on the Tower of London, as a gloomy example for the future exposure of traitors.

Sunday, December 12.

THIRD SUNDAY AFTER ADVENT. Lessons for the Day-25 chapter Isaiah, morning-s6 chapter Isaiah, Eren. December 12, 1804.-Expired, æt. 86, Alderman John Boydell, who distinguished himself as a liberal encourager of the arts of painting and engraving. He collected at a vast expense tbe paintings which composed the well-knowo " Shakespeare Gallery," which, in the spring of isot was disposed of by lottery, and he had the satisfaction to see every ticket sold, but died before the decision of the wheel, The worthy alderman was born at Dorrington, in Shropshire.

Monday, December 13. St. Lucy, Virgin Martyr, A.D. 304.-High Water Oh 31m Morn-ok 56m After. December 13, 1918. - Died Lord Ellenborough, late Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench. The merits of his lordship consisted in long and painful study; a vigorous and manly address ; a strong discriminating judgment; an utter contempt of fear; and a bold and nervous eloquence, that scorocd to stoop to embellishments. These qualities enabled bin, in the race for iame, honours, and wealth, to outstrip all his competitors.

The Letters of Hugh Delmore, Esq., delayed by the indisposition of our kind

contributor, will be resumed in our next number. With No. 163, will be published our second SUPPLEMENT, containing the Cream

of those Annuals published since our last. A note is left at the Olio Office for W. Cole.

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the pitches that was worked by two men:

it was the last he had to enter, and was THE DEAD AND THE LIVING at the depth of about twenty-three faHUSBAND.

thoms from the surface. By the Author of Letters from the East.” There is generally in a mine, as in a

ship's crew, one man, at last, more It is said, that there are realities in noted for his wit and intelligence than lise more sad and wild than the boldest his comrades, and a kind of oracle inventions of fancy; and when they among them. Pascoe, one of the two, occur at the gate almost of the calin was an old man, and celebrated for his dwelling, and near the happy fire-side, almost inexhaustible fund of stories, they startle us far more than if met withi and jokes, and conversation. His earlier in wilder scenes, on the stormy wave, life had been passed at sea, and he had or on the desert shore. Yet the wave wandered to many parts of the world, and the bold shore were not wanting in and his memory retained most that he the strange scene of the following tale, had seen. Their habits of life, that which is perfectly anthentic and oc- often place these miners in lonely curred in the year 1812, in a mining groups in the bowels of the earth during district of the west of Cornwall. the whole day or night, of necessity

In the month of August, one of the make them social and communicative. chief directors of the mine of Poidice, Pascoe was a treasure to these men, and by name Capt. William Nicholas, went glad was the party who could get him under ground in his accustomed duty, among them. to see how the work advanced, and view The battle of Salamanca had just been the several pitches or tracts of earth fought, and Captain Nicholas was very that were then being excavated. He desirous, ere he ascended, to have soine had been to the bottom levels, and was talk with the old man, for he had been on his way up, when he called at one of in Spain. Fate does not leave its vicVOL. VI. 2 D


tim sometimes without kindly whisper- wreck drifting, not far from their walls. ings, that if obeyed would save. More But for the excitement of his profession, than once he felt a strange reluctance and its strong contrasts, the mind of to stop, and again mounted the ladder Nicholas might have wearied also of to go to his home, where his wife, whom the scene; but no Arab of the desert he tenderly loved, was expecting him. felt keener joy, as the lonely palm and But curiosity frevailed, and he turned the fountain met his eye afar off, than aside towards the spot, wbich he soon Nicholas did, in the midst of his gloomy after entered, where the two miners toils, as the hour of his ascent to his were now eating their repast and con- loved home approached. And when he versing ; he stuck his candle against sat there beside the fire, and his wife the wall and sat down beside the old was nigh, and bent over him with warm man. He bade the other go above kisses and endearing words, and ererground; he was a young man, the son ing was closing on the bleak cliffs, and of Pascoe: and he said afterwards, that on the restless deep, that fell with a as he was leaving the spot at his cap- hollow sound on the beach—he felt that tain's bidding, Nicholas turned to him he was happy, inexpressibly happy. with a singular smile, and observed, he Such a moment was never more to come did not know what it was come over to the doomed man ! him, but believed that his dream the In the mean time he was still seated night before had brought a gloom upon far benea:h, by the side of Pascoe, conhis mind ; that he thought he was buried versing earnestly, when they suddenly in a vast tomb in the middle of the heard a rumbling noise, as if the ground earth, and the waves were rushing all was giving way near them. There was around him, and his lonely candle that an instant pause in the old man's talkhe held in his hand never went out. they looked wildly round for a moment The miners are a very superstitious on the gloomy sides of the cavern that people, and often have omens and warn- enclosed them, and then on each other. ings of their fatal mischances. He had The noise was like distant thunder, or been married but one year 10 a young the moan of the rising tempest; it lastand handsome woman, and was himself ed but a few moments, and then died in the prime of life, being much esteem- utterly away. “ It is only the men ed for the gentleness and kindness of working on the opposite side of the his manners, and his skill in the con- shaft,” said the old man, after listening duct of the mine. His dwelling was on intensely: his companion seemed of the side of the hill that fell abruptly the same opinion, and they resumed into this wide valley: in spite of the their discourse with the same ar lour. sea-winds and the soil, he had raised a The mine, in the centre of which they sweet little garden in front, and from were seated, is one of the oldest in his windows could overlook every part Cornwall, and was worked some hunof the busy scene beneath. Here she dred years since. It happened that the was often seated, watching for his com- noise they heard, instead of arising ing—or the moment when he rose out from the men working opposite, was of the shaft, with his candle flickering occasioned by the ground beginning to in his hand at the sudden gleam of day, run in at a level about ten fathoms his large flannel garments dripping with under them; there was an ancient shaft water, and the face pallid with the of the foriner mine, unknown to any damps of the region below.

one, that yawned like a gulf to receive Their attachment was of many years' them. The sound now rose suddenly duration, and was hopeless till he re- again, with a quick trembling of the ceived this appointment; and then they earth on which they were seated : repaired-joyful to their lonely dwelling, strongly alarmed, they sprang to their to which the stranger's foot seldom feet, but all too late. The noise was came. A chance relative, or a friend, now incessant and awful: they saw the at long intervals, would call and taste roof and sides of the cavern tremble on of their hospitality, and look wistfully every side, as if by an earthquake. In on the waste scene around: he did not all the horror which men feel for the envy them. The vale had few exciting last few moments which precede inevi. sights or sounds, save that, in the dead table death, they ran to and fro, calling of winter-for it was a dangerous shore wildly for aid: no human power could the signal-gun was fired, and the save them in that hour. The earth that alarm-lights hoisted, of some vessel had given way slowly on every side driving on the cliffs; and they could beneath now sank at once, and the whole hear the shrieks of despair, and see the extent, of ten fathoms deep, between the

mouth of the ancient shaft and the spot was anguish in them, but no one told where they had sat, glided down with her the cause of it; on the contrary, the swiftness of an avalanche, bearing they said a part of the ground had the unhappy men with it, while their merely fallen in, and obstructed the candles, stuck in the wall above, still ascent of her husband, and that they gave their light, as if in mockery. The would quickly extricate him. It is casy abyss into which they fell was fifty to command our words, but untutored fathoms deep, and half full of water : men cannot shroud the strong emotions there was a faint struggle for life, a of the heart; and in the gloomy and dying cry: the old man's voice rose pitying eyes of the stern miners around louder than that of his companion-and her, the widow saw that all was over. then all was silent.

“ My father-my father!" said the The son of the former, who was bade young man, wildly, “ will you not save to go above ground, by his captain, lin- him ?-you loved him in life-will you gered in the ascent; it was by his means not rescue the old man ?" the event was first known: he was at Then a wild shriek passed over the the moment of his parent's engulfment crowd, and the words of the youth were climbing slowly, and turning aside from hushed, and the men, and even the chiltime to time in search of discoveries, dren turned from him to the wife, for about fifty feet above the place where all felt that the love of woman was more he had left his father and Nicholas commanding than that of a son. She seated. After the noise, the cause of bent over the fatal gulf and shuddered : which he could not divine, had subsi- “My husband !--is that your grave ?" ded, he called out loudly to know if all then a sudden movement rose among was right; but was rather offended that the people, and they said one to anohe could not get them to answer him: ther that all should be done that men he could see their candles slicking fast could do for their captain; and seizing to the walls underneath, and thought their heavy tools, they hastened under that his father and Williams were still ground, by different ways, to the scene seated beside them. He continued to of death. As she stood at the mouth pass over the brink of a tremendous listening : each sound of the heavy precipice, not aware at first of his dan- pike as it struck, and then the rolling ger ; but still receiving no answer to away of the earth and stones, came up his calls, he scrambled nearer, and the the gull

' faintly, yet horribly. dim horror of the scene was then opened « o harm himn not !” she said ; to him; the two solitary lights cast their God's sake, do not let the stones fall glare on that sudden grave: he could upon him!-Can you see him-can he see but a small part of its depth; all move his hand take the black earth below was the "blackness of darkness" from his face that he may breathe." up which came at intervals a sodden It had been mercy had they found the splash, caused by the falling of frag- body; but this last consolation was dements of rock or stones into the water. nied: they tried all that day, and the Once he thought he heard a voice call- following days, but the unhappy men ing for mercy, and that it was his father's: might as well have sank in the heart of he stayed not long to look there, but as the ocean; it was not that the earth cended fast to the summit, and shouted closed over and entombed them; but for succour.

the water into which they fell was be. The wife of captain Nicholas was lieved to have consumed them quickly, anxiously waiting his coming : the din- even like fire; such was the strong proner-hour, a very early one in these perty of the mineral with which it was scenes, was past : she thought some un impregnated; the mundic water they expected occurrence or discovery de- called it. For experiment, they tied a tained him; but as the time passed on, piece of meat to a string, and throwing she stood at the window, whence every it down into the water, it was in a few ohject in the mine was distinctly visible: days totally eaten away; then they suddenly she saw a man appear at the were persuaded that the bodies also mouth of the shaft, with gestures of des were consumed. pair, and he cried with a lond and bit Soon after this, the working of the ier cry; then there was a great rushing lower parts of the mine was suspended; of the people to the spot. And she, too, a partial decay fell on the concern; rushed from her dwelliug, and descend many of the people sought other scenes ed the hill without a pause, and min- of toil and speculation. The aspect of gled with the crowd: their looks were the valley was no longer the same. The all turned upon her, and she saw there san rose as sublimely, and the sweep

6 for

Ocean beyond was as glorious; but for- confused clamour, that grew louder tune dwelt no longer there.

every moment, approached their door, The widow lived alone for some time and at last they heard the voices of many in the desolate dwelling, the only good people, in pity, in wonder and fear. one in the region; the others were only But ere they could know the cause, the cottages of the miners or fishermen. door opened, and the miners entered, Beneath the bold precipices, the boats and laid the dead husband at the feet of were moored during the day, and at eve the living one. The wife looked wildly they pushed to sea with the wind off- for a moment into the face of the latter, shore. The widow, still young and hand- and then knelt beside the body. Those some, refused to forsake her husband's who wilnessed it said it was an awfol home. The garden went to decay, like thing to see her dabbling with the hair the once busy scene beneath, It was and fingers, and kissing the cheek and observed that she always shunned to lips of the dead, who had been the prey walk near the fatal place, but chose the of the grave for twelve years. The love summits of the cliffs ; and would sit of woman has been called, by a great there for hours, looking at the vessels writer, “a fearful thing ;" here it was in full sail, or at the fishermen on the a glorious and indelible thing, that could sands beneath, pursuing their toil. It thus laugh the king of terrors to scorn, so happened that, after five years, this and gain the victory over him. The lisa state of life grew irksome. There came ing husband did not think so; he sat in a man, in the prime of life, and of some gloomy silence; he dared not speak, property, who sought her love; and she his feelings, that second husband : but married him; and they continued in the he could not bear this outpouring of same dwelling on the hill-side. Whe- tenderness—this bursting forth anew of ther she was happy there, was doubt- affection, that he had thought buried in ful. A melancholy look settled on her the tomb. Perhaps no man could supcountenance as well as her heart; and port unmoved the sight of his wife's the tenderness of this second husband, kisses lavished on the former husband who was strongly attached to her, could of her bosom, and her tears falling in not dispel it.

torrents on his cheeks, and her moans Ten or eleven years after the fatal coming from a heart, tried almost more occurrence, it was determined to again than it could bear, for he had been the work the mine to its full extent. Many love of her youth-a handsome, a genof the old miners came eagerly back to tle, a generous being ; such was not the the vale; for the red stream, the decay- present partner of her life. ed heaps, the sea-beat cliffs, were dear “William, my own William," she to their eye. With great and prolonged said, clasping his nerveless hand alefforts the water of the deep shaft was inost in frenzy in her own,

“sent to drawn away, for they sought to pursue me back again, thus! God has sent you their discoveries in that direction. The back-in mercy! Oh! in mercy!” body of the old man was found first,

Concluded in Supplement, p. 450 and at last, standing in an upright posture, even as it fell, that of the unfortu- THE POSTHUMOUS LETTERS OF nate Nicholas was discovered. But, in HUGH DELMORE, ESQ. stead of being dissolved, it was in a

For the Olio. perfect state of preservation; the hand of corruption was not on it; the strange property of the water had congealed

Continued from and preserved it. The limbs, the features, the clothes-all were there. The The boatswain, though strongly atattitude was not that of a man who had tached to the captain, had, in common died in horror. They looked on it in with most merchant seamen, an utter astonishment for some time, and then dislike to any appearance of what, in bore it to the surface. The men gather- forecastle parlance, is designated' maned strangely round the form of their of-war law;' and he looked wistfully ancient captain, and, after consulting in his face, hoping, perchance, to disbriefly, resolved to bear it to his widow's cover some appearance of relenting: dwelling. When they drew nigh, the but the ominous cloud still lingering people came in such numbers around, there, he seized in his herculean grasp that it was difficult to pass through (he was a huge, loosely-built Shetlander, them.

with sinews of iron) ihe nearest fellow, The second husband and his wife and, assisted by the petty officers, in were seated in their parlour, when a two minutes consigned the trio to “du



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