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--my shipmates in the wrecked Gly “ It is very bad," said I, mildly, “but ceria- I was a proud, upstart, “know. there is no better in the ship: immenothing lubber,” more fitter to handle diately we reach the Cape I will take a swab in the waist, ihan “ top the care that you shall have good and officer” on the quarter-deck ; (Jack wholesome meat." rates every thing according to his own “When we reach the Cupe.""' shouted standard of excellence.)

the fellow with rising choler, “ and As I was not quite so forinidable a when will that be ?—somewhere about personage as the skipper, I very soon the day of judgment, I guess. Here we heard of this strange accusation, and in 've been knocking about in this cursed no measured terms. The ship’s steward bay near upon tive weeks already, and had complained to me of the unplea- are as far on our way as when we santness and difficulty he nightly expe- started." rienced in serving out the provisions to Another took up the cudgels : it was the people; and requested that I would a rascally shame to keep men at sea in endeavour to satisfy them. I knew I a crazy old hulk, when the best ship might as well have bid the obstinate that ever came off the stocks could do monsoon be still, and give place to more nothing against such weather. " And favouring gales, and with as much ef- to be starved, or eat that which an Eng. fect, as to attempt to appease and satisfy lish dog would turn up his nose at," with words soine fifty or sixty hungry, chimed in a third. exasperated, and all but exhausted men “ But what can I do?" I appealed ; --English seamen, too, the most un “ the captain is the only master here." tractable and unreasonable of all God's


sneered the first speaker, creatures ;--but the next evening I ac " and a rare servant be has got in you companied him to the scene of action. to pocket his money, and feed his

Twelve or fifteen seamen had already poor sailors on this;" and again he held surrounded the harnessed casks, awaits up the skinny piece of beef iminediately ing the coming of the steward; among before my eyes. Somewhat alarmed, I them a young fellow we had shipped at demanded his meaning. “That you're Calcutta, who by the flippant and ready a d-n pitiful rascal," rejoined the exercise of a variety of cramp phrases, fellow, who had worked himself into a imperturbable impudence, and a cer decided passion; " and if you had what tain swaggering off-hand demeanour, you deserved, we should pitch you overhad acquired not a little infiuence board." As he spoke, he thrust the among the people--he was, in fact, the meat, reeking with brine, full in my “ orator Hunt" of our band of sea-mal- face, and, half-blinded with the salt contents and would-be reformers. This moisture, I staggered back a pace or two important personage, seeing me coming under the bow of the long-boat. along the main-deck with the steward, My steady friend Amber had noticed put on a face of mock-respect, and with the altercation from the poop, ard be a bustling air bid his fellows stand back rushed forward to the spoi, where the -"Here's the pusser," said he, screw excited people were now busily ening up his features with a demure air; gaged in throwing the meat overboard “ he's just finished his wine, and now from the harnessed cask with loud he's going to see you taken care of, ye shouts of triumph, and execrations vile varmint." A laugh followed this upon the heads, hearts, and eyes of sally, which, of course I did not hear. their oflicers, in which, (be certain, But the bone, or rather bones, of con dear B -) I was not forgotten.“ tention, very speedily set the steward Grasping the throat of Hughes with a and his customers by the ears; and I violence, the continuation of which interfered, demanding the occasion of must have been certain strangulation; the dispute.

this spirited fellow demanded, in accents The occasion," echoed an athletic broken into disjointed exclamations by seaman, holding forth to my view a vehenience and passion — " Rascal, piece of beef, or rather a collection of dog! low dare you insult Mr. Delbones, held together by a lean and un more ?" and casting the fellow from wholesome looking covering of lean and him, he fell with violence on his back. grisly fat,—“ look at that that's the But the storm had now burst forth too occasion;" here he introduced a curse furiously to be easily allayed, and sewhich consigned my eyes to the lowest veral shouted, “Are we to be used depths of perdition ; "is such currin like dogs and brutes ?-overboard with as that fit for Chrisiins and hard-work- thein!" and poor Amber and I had the ing men?''

next momeni been “food for the fishes,"


For the Olin.

but for the timely arrival of the cap TII E BABINGTONS.
tain, two or three of the petty officers,
and some gentlemen passengers. The
former endeavoured in vain to make

Concluded from p. 218. himself heard; his voice and gestures were treated with open derision; and In all this we have seen how be was a fellow, seeing the cook's grease foiled by Father Panl, whose connection bucket standing near him, seized up a with Coventry, and known adiicrence handful of the stinking filth, and threw to the Lancastrian cause, procured him it full at his face. By timely bobbing information from the inmost penetralia his head, Captain Green avoided the of that divided court. Thus the priest unsavoury and uncorteous salutation, bad the means of removing the importbut the red spot inmediately rose to ant papers from Curborough, and of his brow. He snatched up a handspike seeing the ladies, with their attendants, that rested against a gun, and, had the ushered under the sanction of Sir Oliblow been as truly levelled as it was ver himself, into a safe asylum for the powerfully dealt, the adrenturous dab- night, without giving him such an inbler in grease* had paid with his life sight into matters as might urge the for his insolent temerity; as it was, it fiery knight to break prematurely with alighted upon his arm, which it frac- Vaucler. tured in two places. Hereat, the men He entered the cell,--a tall man in with a furious cry, made a simulta- complete armour, a reason for which he : neous rush at the captain, whom they gave in the unsettled state of the counbore down,' beat and stamped upon. iry, and, as he unhelmed, his sharp but This was done with lightning quick- not unhandsome visage, with aquiline ness; but as he laid on the deck, strug; nose, and small black eye, were disgling with the ruffians, he loudly and closed by the mingled fire and lampundauntedly exclaimed: “Give me my light. His whole features, however, pistols—Amber, Terrasso, Delmore!" were discomposed, forming a portentous Immediately we extricated him from contrast to the suppressed tone (alınost his perilous situation; and, perhaps, a sinking into a hiss) with which he little startled at the boldness of their greeted the brothers, and requested proceedings, the men drew back. By some insight into the strange circumthis time, the main-deck and waist on stances he had just witnessed. Sir Olithe starboard side was entirely filled ver looked dubiously at him, as if he by every soul in the ship--the anxious, knew not whether at once to proceed to the infuriated, and timid. The captain some desperate act, or to reject the susleant against a gun carriage ; his picions the priest had infused into him; usually dark and embrowned features but Paul, with an inimitable mixture of now frightfully pale and ghastily dis- simplicity and effrontery, after quieting torted with passion and mortified pride. the angry growls of Thunder and Coun“ Tis well,” said he, in a thrilling tone, tess, replied, and with a sneer, the bitterness of which “ Ha! then thou knewest not, Sir strangely accorded with the expression Governor, to their full limit, the unhapof his countenance,“ now I know, and py suspicions to which we loyal Lanwill keep no measures with ye. Boats- castrians"-(he laid strong emphasis on wain, lay those men in irons,” (and he the word) — " are exposed, otherwise pointed to three or four of the most thou mightest haply have deemed that active of the mutineers, and among even thy close disguise would scarce them my gaunt opponent Hughes.) The have made the broad meadows and boatswain hesitaled. Thirty determi- woods of merry England so safe as the ned fellows confronted him, with no towered ramparts and rolling seas of very encouraging aspect. Captain Calais.” Green continued in a louder key, “Do Vaucler's eyes glittered as though you, too, hesitate ; obey me, I say," and they would have scorched the priest's he cocked a loaded pistol which he held very soul; but the steady glance that in his hand; for by this time we had encountered his, made him quail, and been supplied with arms from abaft. Paul continued, To be continued.

“ Yet may Lancastrians well rejoice

at the tidings that the young Princess I do not know whether my poor friend Dowager of Wales hath fled the court, here meant to perpetrate a pun; but an air of

even though their houses are invaded gloomy levity appears to me to pervade the from hall to bower by the emissaries of whole of this narrative, strangely inconsistent with its character.

the suspicious Edward."

J. M. B.

Sir Gilbert assumed to admiration a refreshments, mingled with anxious look of astonishment, and, after some suřmises as to the cause of their present incoherent exclamations, paused awhile situation, repaired to their chambers

. and said,

Barbara Somerville had requested that “ Then is Richard of Gloucester the her woman might occupy the same cause of this insult' to Curborough - apartment with herself, which was None other would have dared to im- situated in a lofty square turret with peach Sir Oliver Babington. As for me, balcony and bartizan, rising high over I am safe-these woody retreats, and the gables and chimnies of the house. the numerous and powerful friends who The night soon passed, and when the are even now organizing the overthrow first tints of dawn began to streak the of the voluptuous Edward, are bulwarks · sky, the air was tranquil and even mild, I can surely trust. I purpose a speedy every vestige of the late tempest having return, however, to Calais, wbere the disappeared. garrison is entirely devoted to me; and At this hour a female figure, whose our plans once organised, Brittany, nay, clustering tresses had escaped from beFrance himself, will combine to make neath a thick kerchief, was seen seated our cause triumphant. I only grieved in the massy and spacious balcony, her that the sacred privacy of Curborough arm supporting her cheek on its carved should be invaded."

balustrade, her whole attitude and ap“ Chafe not thyself on that score," pearance denoting the utmost dejection, replied the monk; “nor thou, brother, while her eye wandered over the lordly look so angrily on those walls, which mansions of the Lombard merchants in for this night must be thy lodging ; the adjacent street, or turned mechaninor start, as if Curborough needed thy cally to the spires, woods, and waters of single sword to its defence; well do I the city, though it was evident her inknow that the secresy of this expedition ward gaze marked them not. The camp will secure thine house from violence." of night was breaking up, the heavens

“I fear not for Curborough,” said still hung with sable pall, except where Sir Oliver, then first breaking silence, the east uncurtained a realm of calm “ but the papers

but gorgeous coloured light, checquered " Are all safely bestowed,” rejoined from the sober gray and pallid white to the monk, keeping his eye fixed on the bright green and orange-tinted red. Vaucler, who almost writhed beneath it. The city herself, thus over-canopied,

“Then, indeed, I may defy them,” stood like some princess of fairy lore said the knight, with kindling spirits, awakening from enchanted sleep; her

as for the fight of Lady Anne, what massy towers, superbly black, were hath it to do with the honour of mine relieved to their very pinnacles against house ? So help me St. Katherine, as the kindling sky, or stood huddled in I know not ought of the errant damsel! the gloom like a cougregation of misty I trust a knight may be dissatisfied with phantoms; the lake lay white and livid a mercenary sovereign without incur- in its terraced borders of garden and ring the imputation of a kidnapper !" orchard ; the trees swayed heavily to

Here the knight filled a goblet of the sighs of the receding night-gusts, claret, and passing it to Vaucler, pro- while in the shadowed streets, a solitary posed “Success to the gallant Earl of footfall, as though the awakening city Oxford and our allies in Cornwall; whispered, was occasionally heard from and now brother, we will ask no better some early straggler, who turned up his counsellor than thy grape of Bour- face from the darkness in which his feet deaux for to-night. With the dawn we stumbled, to the fiery pageantry which will return to Curborough, and see began to streak the sky. The female at what welcome these unbidden visitants length broke out into this half-whishave found in the absence of its lord!" pered soliloquy

Here we must pass from the cell at “ Was ever lady so distressed as I? Chadstow to the spacious mansion of the murder of my princely lord,-the Pool-house, situated about the middle detested addresses of Gloucester,--and of the straggling street, or rather village, the scarcely less loathed friendship of extending along the borders of the large his brother, which I choose as the least sheet of water already mentioned, and evil, are not enough, it seems, for that leading to the church of Chadstow. The wretched she who might once have fair refugees had been hospitably re- looked to the throne of England. This ceived by the widow of Master Richard horrible Vaucler! to avoid whom I Dyott, a gentleman of no mean name in would fly to the very arms of Richard those parts, and after partaking of sonie himself-this Vaucler, who dared to in

sult me with his love--be, too, comes to from her usual frank and buoyant manpersecute me! If that villain once get ner, “because the signal services of Sir me within his grasp, adieu hope, hap- Oliver to the king, and my lady's close piness, honour !—but no! the widow connection with the court, seemed to of Edward, and the Princess—(let them render it the last place where your re. deny my title as they may) the Princess fuge would be suspected.” of Wales hath a resource against that !” “ But our hosts themselves"

The unhappy lady shuddered as she “ Do not dream that your highness is spoke the last sentence with raised other than you appear-a humble metones, when a manly but subdued voice nial. The purport of this strange miswas heard from below

sion to Curborough is as much a mystery “Now St. Chad be praised! This is to myself!". more than I hoped !”

“ Alas, lady, where that dreadful The princess looked down into the Vaucler shows his face, what can it forstill dusky court, but her eyes, dazzled bode but evil to my safety ?”—here the by the eastern glare, only served her to hapless Princess gave way to a passion discover a muffled form of unusual of tears. height.

“Oh, Mark, Mark !” exclaimed Bar" Descend, lady,” he continued, “to bara, in great distress,“ my faithful, the lattice in the liall; we may not par- my beloved ! wherefore dost thou tarry ley here."

at court ?-alas me! thou canst not see “ And who art thou that thus stealest our peril!”. upon the sorrows which have driven me “ I have this morning,” said the prinfrom a fevered couch to breathe them in cess, conversed with Father Paul; he the ear of heaven ?"

talks (as well he may) of peril from Sir « One who never intruded on the un Gilbert Vaucler: in short, lady, as soon happy, if he could not administer coun as courtesy will permit, we must leave sel," responded the deep tones of Father Litchfield.” Paul.

“ It will be wisely done, even though The princess immediately quitted the suspicion may be incurred. To Whichbalcony, and with noiseless steps pass- nover Vaucler will not dare to come. ing through the chamber where Bar- See that the horses await us eastward bara lay in profound repose, descended of the great pool : the bye-roads will the large and gloomy staircase into the secure us from notice, and if my father's hall, and found the priest already at the towers and walls be not high enough, lattice.

nor the moat wide enough, they shall “ Listen, lady, for I may not tarry! at least have all the advantage of my They you wot of have departed from numerous armed vassals, and the poor Chadstow ! For Curborough and its skill of one who knows how to defend, inmates there is nothing iminediately to in the halls of her ancestors, her whom dread; but tell the Lady of Whichnover Mark Babington hath committed to the that noon must not find you in or near keeping of a Somerville !" Litchfield-leave me to assign some

“And Lady Babington ?" cause for your departure, and speed to

She must not know of our departhe hilly towers of thé Somervilles. ture, that is, if, without her privacy, we Once there, you may be safe; but from can make the necessary acknowledgthis snake Vaucler, both you and we

ment to the Dame Dyott for her hospihave that to dread which will demand tality. And now, dear lady, I leave you all your wisdom to avert.” With these -be cautious in the arrangements-put words the priest disappeared in the dis- back your thick tresses, and renew tant glooms of the street.

those stains on your cheek and brow. The day was fully advanced ere the I will join you by the lane leading south Lady Babington and she of Whichnover from St. Chad's.” arose from heavy slumbers. The Lady

(To be continued.) Anne, babited as a servant, while attiring, in her assumed character, the beau Huet, bishop of Avranches, in his tiful Barbara, betrayed so much agita- writings, has the following remark :tion, that she hastily asked “what new “I never read letters in the evening, alarm had occurred ?"

before going to bed, or in the afternoon, “Alas, lady,” said the Princess, before dinner. Letters generally con“ why-why did you venture with me tain more bad news than good; and in to Curborough ?"

reading them, we call up subjects of “Because,” replied Barbara, with a inquietude, which disturb our repasts compassionate respect very different and our repose,



The Fate Book.

Notices of New Books. History of Dover and of Dover Castle.

By W. Batchelor. 12mo. Dorer. The following miracnlous tale is re It has often been a matter of regret to lated in the Delhi Ukbar :--At Gotah, us, that none of our eminent publishers a Brahmin murdered a child (of four have commenced a series of local hisyears of age) of one of the inhabitants tories, framed in such a manner that of that place, for the sake of jewels each, like the tributary streams of the which were on the child's body; the ocean, would furnish its portion to the father accidentally found the murderer enlargement and illustration of general in the act of killing the child, but as he history. The success of such a work was of Brahmin caste, was permitted to admits of scarcely a doubt. It would be fly from the city. The wretched father, received by the general reader as an after burying the child, came home, and important addition to our national lidid not even mention the subject to bis. terature. Antiquarian detail involving wife. A few hours after, two mendicants us in the very vortex of controversy, came to his house, and asked something usually characterizes local histories. to eat; food was accordingly prepared Free from such a fault is the present and set before them. They then asked unassuming volume ; and could each the man where his child was; to which town or county boast of a compendium he did not give a direct reply, but the equal to the one before us, the proposed hermits refused to eat any thing unless addition to our intellectual amusement given to them by the hands of that would be unnecessary. On commencing child : the conversation ran so high, that our editorial labours, we had determined it attracted the attention of the good to commit works of this kind to the rewife; she upbraided her husband for view of the provincial press ; but, denot complying with the Fakeers' re- siring to pay honour where honour quest, when he told her to go and bring is due, we cannot with any degree of the child, if she can find him. She propriety shelve the present epitome, accordingly went out, calling loud the bearing, as it does, the impress on every child by name, when the two sages page of indefatigable zeal, industry and desired the husband not to sit there, research. Dover, with its stately forbut to go and look after his wife. The tress,“ proudly rising pile on pile," man did so, and to his great joy, found with its meandering stream, its romantic the mother returning home with the scenery, its Albion Hills, claims in a child. They then hastened towards the peculiar manner the attention of the house; but found no trace of the two historian, antiquarian and general traFakeers, who disappeared on the man's veller; nor can the eye of the artist leaving the house. They however fell view, without the highest gratification, upon their knees, and praised God for

“ This noble wreck, in ruinous perfection.” the mercy which was shown to them. Our early writers emphatically term this

Asiatic Jour. feudal fortalice “Clavis et Repagulum

totius regni.” It is reported when the Dauphin of France, during the imbecile reign of John, invaded the kingdom, that the French monarch inquired where

his son was, and on being answered at Take five hundred protestations, half Stamford—“What !” said he," has he as many vows, three thousand lies, fifty not taken Dover Castle ?" The reply pounds weight of deceit, an equal quan was in the negative. “Then by the tity of nonsense, and treble the whole arm of St. James,” exclaimed the king, of flattery; mix all these ingredients up “my son has not a foot in England." together, and add thereto half a scruple Our author, as may be supposed, deof sincerity, sweetening it often with votes a considerable portion of his pages some or all of the following phrases,- to this period. He has arranged his Angel, Goddess, Charmer, Honey, and matter chronologically and given a good the like. When it is flavoured to your index-thus affording every facility for taste, take as much of it as you think reference. As a specimen of his geproper, fold it up in gilt paper, seal it neral style, we select the following with the impression of a Alaming heart passage, which throws some light upon full of wounds ; let it be carefully delivered, and it is irresistible.

an interesting page in English history.

Probatum est sæpissime.

- Suffolk Tower, one of the Saxon por'ions of the Castle," says our apthor,




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