A Summary of the Roman Civil Law: Illustrated by Commentaries on and Parallels from the Mosaic, Canon, Mohammedan, English and Foreign Law : with an Appendix, Map, and General Index, Volum 1

Benning & Company, 1849

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Pàgina 548 - And Pharaoh's daughter said unto her, Take this child away, and nurse it for me, and I will give thee thy wages.
Pàgina 424 - We cannot allow the colonies to check, or discourage in any degree, a traffic so beneficial to the nation.
Pàgina 130 - Ceteris servis, non in nostrum morem descriptis per familiam ministeriis, utuntur. Suam quisque sedem, suos penates regit. Frumenti modum dominus, aut pecoris aut vestis, ut colono, injungit: et servus hactenus paret; cetera domus officia uxor ac liberi exsequuntur.
Pàgina 15 - Britain may hereafter enjoy the same except the Right and Privilege of sitting in the House of Lords and the Privileges depending thereon and particularly the Right of sitting upon the Trials of Peers.
Pàgina 482 - And each of the parties shall say to the other, ' I call upon these persons here present to witness that I, AB, do take thee CD to be my lawful wedded wife [or husband.'] Provided also, that there be no lawful impediment to the marriage of such parties.
Pàgina 502 - But with us, in the politer reign of Charles the Second, this power of correction began to be doubted...
Pàgina 642 - Of this are all hospitals for the maintenance of the poor, sick, and impotent ; and all colleges both in our universities and out of them.
Pàgina 418 - On the arrival of the Normans here, it seems not improbable, that they, who were strangers to any other than a feudal state, might give some sparks of enfranchisement to such wretched persons as fell to their share, by admitting them, as well as others, to the oath of fealty ; which conferred a right of protection, and raised the tenant to a kind of estate superior to downright slavery, but inferior to every other condition.
Pàgina 527 - In case of divorce a mensa et thoro, the law allows alimony to the wife : which is that allowance which is made to a woman for her support out of the husband's estate : being settled at the discretion of the ecclesiastical judge, on consideration of all the circumstances of the case. This is sometimes called her estovers...
Pàgina 419 - Neither of the one sort nor of the other have we any number in England. And of the first I never knewe any in the realme in my time ; of the seconde so fewe there be that it is not almost worth the speaking.

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