Edmund Campion: A Biography

Williams and Norgate, 1867 - 387 pàgines

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Pàgina 161 - England — cheerfully to carry the cross you shall lay upon us, and never to despair your recovery, while we have a man left to enjoy your Tyburn, or to be racked with your torments, or consumed with your prisons. The expense is reckoned, the enterprise is begun; it is of God, it cannot be withstood. So the faith was planted: so it must be restored.
Pàgina 93 - Becoming traitor, and methought I saw One of our giant statutes ope his jaw To suck me in: for hearing him, I found That (as burnt venomed lechers do grow sound By giving others their sores) I might grow Guilty, and he free.
Pàgina 161 - If these my offers be refused and my endeavours can take no place, and I having run thousands of miles to do you good, shall be rewarded with rigour, — I have no more to say, but to recommend your case and mine to Almighty God...
Pàgina 311 - Comming to Rome, in his short abode there, was charitably relieved, but never admitted in the seminary, as he pleseth to lye in the title of his...
Pàgina 177 - Very many, even at this present, being restored to the Church — new soldiers give up their names, while the old offer up their blood ; by which holy hosts and oblations God will be pleased, and we shall, no question, by Him overcome.
Pàgina 175 - I ride about some piece of the country every day. The harvest is wonderful great. On horseback I meditate my sermon ; when I come to the house, I polish it. Then I talk with such as come to speak with me, or hear their confessions. In the morning, after Mass, I preach ; they hear with exceeding greediness, and very...
Pàgina 321 - ... wherein have I offended her ? In this I am innocent : this is my last speech : in this give me credit : I have and do pray for her.
Pàgina 21 - I saw myself to win! What wretched errors hath my heart committed, Whilst it hath thought itself so blessed never! How have mine eyes out of their spheres been fitted, In the distraction of this madding fever!
Pàgina 308 - In condemning us you condemn all your own ancestors — all the ancient priests, bishops and kings — all that was once the glory of England, the island of saints, and the most devoted child of the See of Peter. " For what have we taught, however you may qualify it with the odious name of treason, that they did not uniformly teach ? To be condemned with these...
Pàgina 159 - My charge is, of free cost to preach the Gospel, to minister the Sacraments, to instruct the simple, to reform sinners, to confute errors — in brief, to cry alarm spiritual against foul vice and proud ignorance, wherewith many my dear countrymen are abused.

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