Lenin Lives!: The Lenin Cult in Soviet Russia

Harvard University Press, 1997 - 337 pàgines
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Was the deification of Lenin a show of spontaneous affection--or a planned political operation designed to solidify the revolution with the masses? This book provides a startling answer. Exploring the cult's mystical, historical, and political aspects, Nina Tumarkin demonstrates the galvanizing power of ritual in the establishment of the postrevolutionary regime. In a new Preface and Postscript, she brings the story up to date, considering the fall of the Soviet Union and Russia's new democracy.

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Illness and Immortality
The Nation Mourns
The Body and the Shrine
Lenins Life After Death

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Quant a l’autor (1997)

Nina Tumarkin is Professor of History at Wellesley College and a Fellow at the Russian Research Center at Harvard University.

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