Imatges de pÓgina

moderately high, increased at the top of the shoulders, by the addition of a draping, which extends from thence to the middle of the bust, the sleeve close fitting in the upper part, and full and rounded for the rest of the extent: the termination of the dress is edged by an ornament which takes a double serpentine form. The bonnet low and projecting in front.

FIGURE 2.-EVENING DRESS.-Lace dress. The corsage half-high mounting, close fitting, and ending in a point. The sleeves formed of bouffans and terminating in a deep lace ruffle; the flounce is deep and has a narrow blond heading, the skirt is ornamented by ribbon and lace alternating in a serpentine line, and terminating in a nœud with long ends.

FIGURE 3.-CONCERT DRESS. Organdi dress and satin Palatine, with capuchon, and an edging of the material of which the dress is composed. A couple of barbes are placed on each side of the coiffures.

FIGURE 4.—A satin dress, over which a figured satin opera cloak is placed, looped in front, and having a rather deep fringe surrounding it.

The first Half-figure has the corsage gathered in front, and the sleeves composed of various frillings, terminate at the elbow. The bonnet is not high in the crown, but is sloped both from the top and the back, increasing in width at the ears.

Second Half-figure has the corsage set in small gathers, and in parallel lines; the upper part of the sleeve ornamented with ruches in several rows. The bonnet drawn, and having a twisted ribbon of the same.

The Bonnets are ornamented principally with feathers; and a species of short barbes completes that in the centre.


FIGURE 1.-CONCERT DRESS.-Levantine dress. Half high mounting corsage, short sleeves and a full flounce. Cloak of velvet, with crimson bordering and collar, with ribbon nœuds at each extremity of the arm-holes. Blond cap with marabout feathers.

FIGURE 2.-WALKING DRESS.-Poult de soie redingote, trimmed with velvet, which extends from the shoulders in a V form down the entire length, and surrounds the lower part of the dress, an edging of black lace completes the effect. Satin bonnet with voilette attached.

FIGURE 3.-PROMENADE DRESS.-Satin cloak, over a dress of gros d'Afrique, which has a full deep flounce and heading. The cloak has a lozenge-cut collar, and terminates in front in a peak, being hollowed out at intervals. An edging of passementerie completes the effect. Satin bonnet and feathers.

The Paletot of satin bordered with fur, with wide sleeves, and ornamented with nœuds, composes the subject of the half figure on the left.

The bonnets in satin and velvet, with feathers and ribbon ornaments. Caps in tulle, with bouquets, &c.



It is now morning. Still and glassy lies the lake, within its green and dew-sprent shores. Light mist hangs around like a skiey veil, and only reveals the uncertain outlines of woods and hills. The warm vernal air is just stirring in the valleys, but has not yet ruffled the water's mirror.Turns the eye upward, the misty vault opens into the calm clear heavens, over which there seems suffused a genial spirit's breath. Far distant on the horizon flash out the gilded and reddening peaks, and from yonder crown of snow, a sudden radiance announces the risen sun. Now in the east stream the golden rays through the soft blue vapor. The breeze freshens, and comes loaded with fragrance from the woods. A faint, dark curl sweeps over the water; the mist rolls up, lifts itself above meadow and hill, and in gathered folds hangs light around the mountains. Away on the level lake, till it meets the sky, silvery gleams the. sheated wave, sprinkled with changeful stars, as the ever rising breeze breaks it in ripples. Now the pennon, that hung loose around the mast, rises and fitfully floats. We spread the sail, and casting off from the shore, glide out. with cheerful hearts on our voyage. Before us widens the lake; rock after rock receding back on either hand, and opening between, still bays, hung round with sparkling. woods, or leading through green meadow vistas to blue sunny hills.

It is now noon. In the middle lake speeds the bark over light glancing waves. Dark opens down the clear depth. White toss the crests of foam, and as the sail stoops to the steady wind, swift flies the parted water round the prow, and rushing pours behind the stern. The distant shores glow bright in the sun, that alone in the heaven looks unveiled with vivifying goodness over the earth.— How high and broad swells the sky! The agitated lake. tosses like a wide field of snowy blossoms. Sweep after sweep of the long-retiring shores; hill gleaming over hill, up to the shadowy mountains; and over these, Alpine needles, shooting pearly white into the boundless azureall lie still and happy under the ever-smiling sun.

And now it is evening. The sun is sinking behind the dark mountains, and clouds scattered far in the east, float soft in rosy light. The sun is now hidden, and strong and wide sweeps up its golden flame, like the holy blaze of a funeral pile. The breeze slackens, the waves subside in slumber, and slowly the bark steers into its sheltering bay. Long shadows stretch from hill to valley, fall like dark curtains on the lake, and a solemn, subdued serenity broods like a protecting spirit, over the hushed and quiet earth.Only the far summits yet retain their brightness. Faint blushes stain the eternal snows, recalling the first dawning roses, like the memory of early joys in the tranquil moments of departing age. These, too, fade; but the evening star looks bright from the blue infinite, and like the herald of a better world, leads us softly to our haven.

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