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vering the fcheme projected efq. extracts of, and characby France in 1759; cenfured 18 ter

152 Macaulay's history of England, Observations on the farmer's three vol. III. extracts of, with re letters, &c.

159 flections, observations, and ap

on the causes of the probation

81, 161

dearness of provisions ; Médical efsays and observations, tracts of

226 by Dr. Bifret ; subjects of, with

on fpecific medicines, extracts, and strictares 336 &c. and most other diseases in-.

advice to consumptive cident to the human body; and asthmatic people, by Dr.

strictures on

454 Stern ; approved 392 Occasion of the dearness of proMemoirs (historical) of the Irish vifions, &c. recommended 307 rebellion in 1641; cenfured 310 Ode to genius, by J. Jennings; of his late royal ftrictures on

224 highness, William Auguftus, to the earl of Chm; speduke of Cumberland ; cha nen' of

297 racter of

396 Oeconomy of human life ; chaof the court of Portu racter of

67 gal, &c. analysis of, with ex- Origin of the Newcastle burr'; tracts 428 censured

462 Method (new and easy) of giving

P. mercury' to those aflicted with Papers (two) on the subject of the venereal disease, &c. ap

taxing the British colonies in proved

452 America ; defign of 395 Midrifiy (art of) reduced to Peerage of Scotland ; approved principles, by Dr. Altruc ;

288 commended

234 Perplexities, a comedy; plot of 139 Modern gallantry displayed ; or, Phillis at court, a comic opera; the courtezan delineated; con character of

229 demned

314 Philodamus, à tragedy ; conMoses's petition to be blotted out demned

399 of the book of God explain- Plan for raising money for difed, in three discourses, by B. charging the debt due to the Keeling, M. A. analysis of 319 artificers of London-Bridge, N.

&c. by a citizen of London ; Nautical almanac and astronomi summary of, and large excal ephemeris for the year tracts

68 1767 ; character of, and ex- Plautus’s comedies, translated by tracts

441 Bonnel Thornton; obfervati Neceflity of laying open the trade ons on, with extracts, and comto the East-Indies ; account mendation

113 of


Poems on various subjects, by Noah, translated from the Gera Mr. Jerningham; specimens man by J. Collyer; observa of

2zI tions on

280 and translations, by the aur Nunnery ; or, the history of miss thor of the progress of physic; Sophia Howard; outlines of 146 approved

293 0.

by G. Canning, efq; 296 Observations on Mr. Vanfittart's Poer's manual, a satire, by John Darrative; by Luke Scrafton, Robinson; character of :144


mens of

Poet's wardrobe ; or, livery of the riage-act; approved 299

mufes; reprehended 220 Scheme for the improvement of
Political speculations, part II, the broad wheels, by R. Whit-
substance of

worth, efq.

Pour (le) & le contre, &c. specie School for guardians, a comedy ;
461 account of

Price's four differtations ; copious Sea (the) ; a conference between
account of


Ariftus and Eugenius, by
Proceedings of a general court Thomas Podmore; fummary
martial, held upon the trial of of

Capt. Douglas, &c. summary Sermon, on the 30th of January,

of, with extracts 311 by the bishop of Oxford ; ap-
Providence, book II. by the Rev. proved

Jof..Wise ; strictures on

143 on the same, by Dr. Po:-
teus ; commended

Quarantine, nature of it, as per (confecration), by Dr.
formed in Italy, &c. design of Dodwell ; extracts of, with



occasioned by the death
Races at the Olympic games 384 of the marquis of Tavistock,
Rational Rosciad, in two parts; by T. Bedford, M. A. cha-
character of
60 racter of

Reflections (critical) on the cha preached before the uni-

racter and actions of Alex versity of Cambridge, by Dr.
ander the Great, by his se Swinney ; subject of 320
rene highness the prince of Sermons to young men, by Dr.
Brunswic; copious extracts of, Mayhew ; ftrictures on, with
with remarks and approbati-

an extract


and discourses, by Dr.
Religion, appeal to common sense Warburton, bishop of Glou-

in behalf of it. See Appeal. celler ; subjects of, with ex-
Remarks on certain positions in tracts, remarks, and charac.
Hobbes's rudiments of govern-

ment and society ; extracts

on several subjects, by
from, with observations, and Dr. Ogilvie; subjects of, with

an extract

on the conduct, and Shakespeare, essay on his learn-
writings of J. J. Rousseau ; ing. See Farmer.
reflections on

374 She-gallant ; or, Square-toes out-
Rescue; or, Thespian scourge, witted, a comedy ; plan of,
by J. Brownsmith; design of 145.

with strictures

Review of the present itate of Sick man's companion ; fubftance
the nation; censured 157

of, with extracts, reflections,
Rise and progress of the present and character

tafte in planting parks, &c. Sidney Bidulph. See Conclufion.
approved, with a specimen 460 Six assemblies.

See Cbappelow.
Roscius ; or, spouter's compani- Small-pox, present method of
on; condemned

inoculating for, by Dr Dimf-

dale; process of, with obfer-
Scheme to pay off the national vations

debt, by a repeal of the mar- Snare broken, a thanksgiving



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discourse ; character of 63

mens of

218 Snarlers, a poem; account of,

V. with a specimen

61 Vanity of human life, a monody; Sovereign princes, reflections up character of

on their condition, by Alex- Verses to Francis Bindon, esq. ander the Great, with remarks on a picture of Dr. Boulter,

by the prince of Brunswick 384 archbishop of Armagh ; acs Stage (the) the high road to count of

400 hell ; design of 318 Veftry, a poem ; character of 291 State necessity not considered as View of all the changes in go

a question of law; remarks vernment, since his present

on, and fpecimens 225 · majesty's acceffion ; number Summary of the foul's perceptive of

299 faculties ; censured 74 (à short) of the present T.

ftate of the Isle of Man; apTables, and tracts relative to sé. proved

398 veral arts and sciences, by J. of the Trinity in the glass Ferguson ; obfervations on, : of divine revelation, &c. in with extracts


threediffertations;censured 400 Tentamen fophifticon, a chemical (a short) view of the laws ,

effay, by E. Wallis ; repre now fubfifting with respect to hended

391 the powers of the East India Terra Australis Cognita, vol. I. company to borrow money uns

extracts of, andapprobation 204 der their feal, &c. " recomTheatrical campaign, for 1766,


457 and 1767; character of 314 Vindication (a fecond) of the right Thebaid of Statius, translated of protestant churches to re

by Mr. Lewis, with notes, &c. quire the clergy to fubscribe remarks on, with extracts, and to an established confeflion of commendation

360 • faith, &c. by T. Rutherforth; Thespis; or, an examination into design of

75 the merits of the performers at Voyage round the world in his Drury-lane theatre ; character majesty's ship the Dolphin, &c. of 60 character of

456 Time and eternity, thoughts on,

W. by E. Harwood ; approved 237 Warning against popish doctrines, Topic (new) of conversation; re &c. characterised

469 commended

230 Williamson (Dr:) his narrative of Treatise on the stone, gravel, &c. the 'extraordinary case of a late by J. Awfiter, M. D. cen- •

great commoner ; condemned füred 160

395 Trial of England's Cicero, on Winter (a poem on), by T. Bafour important articles, &c. ker

; character of, with exdesign of


141 Tristram Shandy's life and opi- Woman of fashion, or, the hif

nions, vol. IX: remarks on, tory of lady Diana Dormer; with extracts


465 Triumph of inoculation ; ap- Word of God, importance of the, proved

232 by R. Hart, A. M. characterTunbridge epistles, &c. speci ized



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