Imatges de pÓgina



Appeal to the public, from the ADDRESS from J. Z. Hol

misrepresentations, &c. in the well, esq. to Luke Scrafton, Critical Review, by G. Canesq. censured 155 · ning, esq. examen of

75 to the public, concerning to common sense in bethe East India company ; con half of religion ; remarks on, demned

157 with large extracts to the freeholders of Hun. (free) to the people of tingdonshire; character of 299 Great Britain, &c. substance to the ladies; disapproved of

157 397 to the public, on the dear-, to the people of England, ness of corn ; observations on on the manners of the times ;

228 subject of

400 Appendix to Dr. Swift's works to the public, on the sub and literary correspondence ; ject of the East-India dividend; character of

457 substance of, with a remark 458 Arithmetic of infinites, &c. re

to the clergy concerning marks on, and recommendatheir departure from the doc


231 trines of the reformation ; Attempt to explain the words, scope of

468 reason, substance, &c. copious Adventures of an author ; fum account of, and large extracts 41 mary of, with itrictures 216 of a layman towards a.

of Emmera, or the fair confutation of Mr. Mayo’s American ; analysis of, and pamphlet ; substance of

63 character

272 to pay off the national Amphitryon, by Plautus, speci- . debt, &c. condemned 156

115 Ananas ; or, a treatise on the Barnouin's new essay on Job xix.

pine apple ; character of 320 23--27; substance of, with apAnatomy, discourse on the im probation

66 portance of, by G. Arnaud, Beauties of English poesy; stricM. D. censured 160 tures on

408 Anglo-Norman antiquities confi- Belisarius, by M. Marmontel

dered, by Dr. Ducarel ; co summary of, with large expious account of, with re tracts, and applause 168 marks, extracts, and appro- Buck, a poem ; character of, and, bation 339 specimen

226 Annual Register for 1766. See

C. Dodsley.

Chappelow's fix assemblies; exAnother high road to hell; dif amen of, and extracts

448 approved

472 Clergy, plea for their subscripAnticbrif, fermon on the rise of tion to the thirty-nine arti200 cles ; approved

237 Anti-Thespis; or, a vindication Clio; or, a discourse on taite ; re

of the principal performers flections on, with an extract 422 at Drury-lane theatre; con- Collection (large) of ancient Jewdemned 60 ith and heathen testimonies,


mens of


on Dr.



&c. vol. IV. by N. Lardner ; Defence of Mr. Sullivan's propolarge extracts of, and appro

fitions, &c. remarks on 302 bation


of strictures Commens, Charles l's. attempt to Lowth, respecting liberty i feize five patriotic members of account of

467 the house of

165 Democratical form of governConaught wife, a comedy ; plot ment, sketch of

285 of

139 Demoniacs, sermon to prove they Conclusion of the memoirs of miss were possessed with devils Sidney Bidulph; summary of,

197 with remarks, and character Defeription of the persons, man


ners, cuftoms, &c. of the Concubine, a poem ; specimens of Greenlanders

398 Discoveries, hints for the proConfiderations on the objection a motion of farther, in elec

gainst Providence, arifing from tricity the final loss of a great part Discourje concerning the opinions of mankind, &c.

13 and errors of the church of (important) rela Rome ; character of, and detive to the allize of bread ; fign

470 character of

227 Discourses (fix) on feveral fub. on the expediency of jeets, by the rev. S. Hicks 237 -- raising the wages of clerks in Difquifitions (free and candid) republick offices; approved 228 lating to the dissenters.' Part

upon the intended na I. account of, with extracts, vigable communication be and cominendation 424 tween the Friths of Forth and Differtation on the fin against the

Clyde ; recommended 308 Holy Ghost, by S. Martin ; Convent; or, the history of Ju fummary of, with extracts, and lia ; character of


124 Cries of blood ; or juryman's

upon head-dress, &c. - monitor ; censured

( condemned

230 Crito, or essays on various fub

(a critical) on Ifaiah jects, vol. II. extracts from, VII. 13, 14, 15, 16; copious and character


extracts from, with observaCruel disappointment, or, the tions and approbation

349 history of mifs Emmeline Mer- Doftrines of the Trinity and fa

rick ; condemned 464 tisfaction, illustrated and conCruelties (exceflive) in the Irith firmed ; account of 470 insurrection in 1641 162 Dodfley's annual register for the and tyranny of the count year 1766; examen of

432 - D'Oeyras

428 Dorval, or, the test of virtue, a Cry aloud, and fpare not; or, comedy, translated from the an alarm to all protestants ;

French of M. Diderot; chacharacter of


463 Cymon, a dramatie romance; ap- Double question discussed, a difproved, with observations 58 fertation on Jer. xxxi. 29, by D.

J. Brekell ; fubftance of 421 Debates in the Afiatic assembly; Durch modesty exposed to English design of 302 view ; contents of

73 Eleca


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Ejay on perfecting the fine arts
Electricity, present state of. See in Great Britain and Ireland;


Elegies, by T. Ruffel, M. D. on the opera, by count Al-
specimen of
225 garotti ; design of

English grammar, easiest intro on original genius ; fum-

duction to Dr. Lowth's ; ap mary of, with extracts and


merchant, a comedy, by towards an investigation of
Mr. Colman; plot of, with the present successful method
observations and character 214 of inoculation, by B. Chand-

Syntax (a regular), by ler, surgeon ; commended 389
James Buchanan; character on inoculation for the

of, with extracts 454. small-pox, by Dr. Rufton
Enquiry (candid) into the causes

account of

of the late riots in Munfter, on the bite of a mad dog;
in Ireland ; design of 73 reflections on

into the causes of the pre on the diseases moft fatal
sent high price of provisions ; to infants, &c. examen of
ftri&ureson,withreflections 305

on the nature and cure of
- into the means of preserv the king's evil, &c. by John
ing, &c. the high-roads; ap Morley, esq;


308 Estimate of the manners and prin-
into the principles of po ciples of the modern French;
litical oeconomy, by fir James extract of, with remarks 235
Steuart, þart. copious account Everybody's business is nobody's
of, with extracts and remarks business ; design of 72

hiftorical and critical, Fairy favour ; condemned 139
into the evidence against Mary Faith and godliness, power of,
queen of Scots ; observations exemplified; contents of 237
on, with extracts, and com- Farmer's essay on the learning of

401 Shakespeare; fubftance of,
. (a free) into the mean with extracts, and remarks 47
ing of the most excellent name Farms, uniting and monopoli-
of Jesus ; characterized

470 zing them, proved disadvan-
Entertaining me
edley ; commend tageous to the land owners ;
218 approved

Epiftles (poetical) to the author Female American ; or, adven-
of the new Bath guide; cha tures of Unca Eliza Wink,
racter of

field; reprehended

Efay on the history of civil fo. Fordyce delineated, a fatire; cen-
ciety, by Dr. Ferguson ; fub fured

ftance of, with large extracts, Francklin's translation of the tra-
and character

180 · gediesofSophocles;approved 74
on friendfhip ; a poem ; French flogged ; or, British fail-
specimen of


ors in America, a farce ; cone
on crimes and punish demned

: ments; copious account of, p verbs; or, a new gram-
with remarks, extracts, and mar; recommended


251 Fugitive pieces, by a poor poet;
fubjects of


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tures on


History of the rebellion and civil
Genias, a poetical epistle to the war in Ireland, by Dr. War-

author of Dido; censured 399 ner; observations on, with ex-
Geometry, introduction to, by W. tracts, and commendation 241
Payne ; recommended


of miss Indiana Danby,
Gorgics of Virgil, translated by

vol. III. and IV. summary of,
J. Neville, A. M. extracts and character

from, with remarks

282 of the present state of
Ghof}, a comedy ; character of

electricity, by Dr. Priestley,

230 contents of, with large extracts,
Great Britain and North Ame.

and approbation

sica, present state of, with re-

of the rise and progreto
gard to agriculture, &c. ge of the charitable foundations
neral heads of, with extracts, at Church-Langton ; extracts
and commendation
258 from, and renarks

Great' events from little causes, -am of Mrs. Drayton and her

&c. characterized 310 two daughters ; censured 463
Greenland. See History.


Ignorant philosopher, by M. de
Half an hour's advice to nobody Voltaire ; extracts from 416

knows who; substance of 298 Iliad of Homer; book I. tranf-
Happy life; or, the contented lated by Dr. Langley ; stric-
man ; extract, of, and cha-


316 Il Latte, an elegy ; design of,
Hebrew language, Gill's differ and specimen

tation concerning the anti: - Penferoso, a rhapsody; fub-
quity of the; copious account

ject of

of, with remarks

i Imitations of part of the first and
Hibernia Curiosa; approved 309 fourth books of Horace; cha-
Hints (important) towards an racter of

amendment of the royal dock. Impartialist, a poem ; condemned
yards; recommended

Historical essays upon Paris, by Inoculation, practice of, justified;

M. de Saintefoix ; character a sermon by R. Houlton,

456 M. A. design of, with obferva-
History (general) of the world, tions on a letter annexed 238

by W. Guthrie, J. Gray, ---, essay on.
esqrs. &c. vol. XII. extracts

for the small-pox; ac-
from, and approbation 53 count of

- of Greenland, by David Inquiry into the management of
Crantz, account of, with large the poor, &c. recommended 158

22 Interest (true) of Great Britain,
of England. See Mac in regard to the trade and go-

vernment of Canada ; cen-
of mifs Pittborough; plan sured

of, and commendation


of miss Alicia Monta. Jephthah's rash vow considered,
gue; extracts of, with obser-

a fermon, by Dr. Randolph ;
vations, and character

analysis of

of Mr. Byron, and miss

Greville; fridures on
217 Kellyad; or, a critical examina-

See Eljay.



tion into the merits of Thef from, and recommendation 458 pis; cenfured

61 Letter to the bishop of Od, Knowledge (mutual) in a future containing animadversions on

state, a sermon, by W. Dodd, a character given of the late LL, D. remarks on


Dr. Bentley ; copious extracts L. from

465 Lecture on hearts '(celebrated fa- Letters between Henry and Fran

tyrical); approved 160 ces, vols. III. and IV. apLillie, case of miss, and her three plauded, with extracts

30 fifters ; remark on 230

which have passed beLetter to a member of parlia tween J. Beard, esq. and Dr. ment, on the distresses of the

Shebbeare; business of . 229 poor ; recommended

72 (the farmer's) to the peoto the proprietors of East ple of England; approved 306 India stock, from Mr. Van (familiar) between Abrafittart; design of, with large ham Hill, esq. and several eextracts, and character


minent persons of the last cento G. G. condemned 158 tury; copious extracts of, with to the hon. J. P. in Ire- approbation

376 land; commended ibid (occafional) on the prac

concerning the custom of tice of inoculation; characgiving vails; approved 160


390 to the earl of Bute, on his on the importance of the union with the earl of Chat

rising generation of the laham, &c. censured.

229 bouring part of our fellowfrom Dr. Glass to Dr, Ba subjects, by Jonas Hanway, ker, on the small-pox ; sub efq. commended

397 stance of, with observations 233 on the British Museum, to the proprietors of Eait &c. character of

ibid India stock, upon the question from the countess de Sanfor granting lord Clive three cerre to the count de Nancé; hundred thousand pounds; re censured

400 marks on

300 on different subjects, in to the fame, upon their four volumes, vols. III. and present negociations with go IV. character of, with extracts, vernment; extract from 301 and commendation

434 to the author of a letter to Lettre contre la raison ; à monDr. Formey; substance of, and

fieur le chevalier D'Eon, par character


monfieur Treyssac de Vergy; to Dr. Rutherforth, &c.


314 general heads of

316 Lexiphanes, a dialogue ; design to his grace the duke of of, with extracts, and remarks Grafton; remark on 393

264 (a seventh) to the people Lobb, Dr. memoirs. of. See of England ; strictures on 394 Faith.

to Dr. Maty, concerning Looking-glass; or portrait of life; the Patagonians; censured 457 character of

231 to a member of parliament, Love in the city, a comic opera ; concerning the effects of the condemned

139 growth of popery, on the

M. price of provisions; extract Mac Allefter, his letters discp

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