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The Georgia Historical Quarterly

Volume IV

MARCH, 1920

Number I

Oglethorpe's Treaty with the Lower Creek Indians.

With the determination to do all in his power to bring about a realization of the hope expressed by him in his address to the colonists on their first landing at Savannah, “that through your good example the settlement of Georgia may prove a blessing and not a curse to the native inhabitants," Oglethorpe quickly sought to make a treaty with the Indians which would be helpful to both parties to the contract, and, with the aid of the good old Mico of the Yamacraws, Tomochichi, the first treaty of the kind in Georgia was made bearing full evidence of fairness and purpose of mutual support, and it should ever be held in memory as one of the chief factors in the successful achievement of the objects aimed at in the establishment of the Colony of Georgia.

Among the papers in the possession of the Georgia Historical Society is the document herewith presented. The Treaty itself has been printed in several works relating to the history of Georgia, generally in an abbreviated form, but sometimes in an almost complete state; but the following copy, carrying with it affidavits as to its being from the official records, makes certain the fact of its accuracy and complete


Coming in the form in which it appears, it necessarily possesses more interest than is attached to the copies in other publications, and it is still more interesting by reason of the use of the name of the Right Honorable Stephen Janssen, M. P., Lord Mayor of London, who was one of the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America, appointed in 1749. The paper is a copy made from a transcript which some one had evidently procured for the purpose of perfect accuracy in duplicating the original Treaty, as shown by the

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accompanying affidavits; but who that person was cannot now be ascertained, nor can we discover the reason for the procuring of the copy which bears the marks of having been written many years back.—EDITOR.



To All to Whom these presents shall come: I Stephen Theodore Janssen Lord Mayor of the City of London In pursuance of an act of Parliament made and passed in the fifth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second Entitled an Act for the more easy recovery of Debts in His Majesty's Plantations and Colonies in America, Do hereby Certify that on the day of the Date hereof personally came and appeared before me Thomas Marriott, the Deponent named in the Affidavit hereunto annexed, being a person well known and worthy of good credit and by solemn Oath which the said Deponent took before me upon the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, Did solemnly and sincerely declare, testify and depose to be true, the several matters and things mentioned and contained in the said affidavit annexed


In Faith and Testimony whereof, I, the said Lord Mayor, have caused the seal of the Office of Mayoralty of the said City of London to be hereunto put and affixed and the Treaty mentioned and referred to in and by the said affidavit to be hereunto also annexed. Dated in London the twentyfourth day of April in the year of our Lord, 1755.

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