802.11wlan Hands-on Analysis: Unleashing the Network Monitor for Troubleshooting And Optimization

AuthorHouse, 2005 - 292 pàgines
The equivalent of a five-day, hands-on WLAN Troubleshooting and Optimization seminar, the book includes a license for a 90-day fully functional LinkFerret Network Monitor, capture files and filters. A supported client adapter is isn't required for capture file analysis. It's also a great standalone text. Many prefer to read it cover-to-cover before performing the hands-on analysis. LinkFerret is live for 90-days from installation. You'll know every frame, field and bit in the 802.11bg specification; every frame flow sequence that reflects normal operation and those that indicate failures or performance issues. In 40 to 60 hours you'll emerge as a topnotch WLAN troubleshooter. This isn't one of those mile-wide, inch-deep lightweights that you wade through without splashing your cuffs. It's for serious people, with a serious commitment. It dives deep into the core of WLAN functionality and analysis, where the lifeguards don't venture and the concepts have sharp teeth.

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