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Edwards', (Mr). hiftory of the British
colonies in the West Indies, 16

Education, plan of, for a limited

number of young gentlemen, 120 N ERMANY, public affairs of,
Eden, garden of, an account of, 124 U

Eloquence, principles of,

Geddes', (Dr.) his holy bible, 121
Elementary dialogues for the im. George the Third, hilory of the reign
provement of y uth,
10o of,

Electricity, medical effects of, 335 Germaine, lord George, character of,
England, history of,

Englefield, (fir Henry,) on the deter. Geneva, account of the revolution of,
mination of the orbits of coniets,


Gideon's cake of barley-meal, 226
Evans, (John) his juver ile pieces, 474 Climple through the gloom, a, 10;
Evidence, demonstrative observatiuris Godwin, William, his novel of Things
on the nature of,

as they are,

Extermination, or an appeal to the Graftor, duke, character of, 257.
people of England,

Grammont, memoirs of the count of,
Exposition of the old Testament, 410

Great Britain, review of the public
affairs of,

Gretry's ellay on mutic,
Grecks, philofophical dissertation on,

Grimani, Mr. his Calepin ; ou, gram-
CAN-Feredin, the wonderful tra. maire ph losophique,

T vels of the prince of, 356 Große's antiquities of Ireland, 208
Falconer's, (Dr.) miscellaneous tracts Gunning's, ( Miss) novel of the packet,

and colicctions, relating to satural
hiftory, selected from the writers of Gymnastica democratica,

Ferdinand and Constance, a sentimen-
tal romance,

Fire, a new method to extinguich,

239 ITAGEDORN, the German poet,
Fits in infants, cales of, 147 m an account of

Fleury, cardinal, fome observations Bagus, the, description of, is
on his character,

400 Hannibal, the course of, over the
Footman's, the, pamphlet, or argu-

ments against the Unitarians, 229 Haller, the German poet, an account
Fontainville Forest, a play, in five


402 Hamilton's memoirs of the couut de.
Forbes' treatise upon gravel and gout, Grammont,

392 Happiness, human, and the gi vernis
Forcipum hiftoria,

ment of the pallions, two didaciic
Foreign literature, occasional retro- eslays on,

spect of,

• 855 Harrington's, (Dr.) chemical essays,
Fox, (Charles,) observacioason his con-

dua, and his opposition, in the last Haunted priory, the, or the fortunes

feflions of parliament, 345 of the house of Rayo, a romance,
Francomania, French maduess, 227
France, present manners of, i 267 Harmonæorum numurum affertio e
a review of public affairs in, pistolaris,

563 Haygarth, (Dr.) plan for exterminat-
Franklin's, (Dr.) works, • 441 ing the small-pax,
Freedom, an attempt to establish its Hawkesbury's, (iord,) discourse on the

basis on simple and unerring prin conduct of Great Bricain to neutral
ciples, by Mr. Patton, 106 nations,

Frenchmen, enormities committed by. Head, the, and limbs, a fable, 349

them investigated, and a remedy Heathcote's oblervations on the core

346 poration and teft acts, 1 462

S sa Heart,







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Heart, the oralformation of, 373 Helme's William Henry Stukely;

or, the effects of distipacion, 467 Henry ftukely; or, the effects of diffipation,

467 Heralds, an account of the visitation

302 Herudotus, the history of, translated from the Greek,

434 Heraldry, inquiries into the origin of, Hints preparatory to the approaching History of May-flower, a fairy tale,

233 of the church and a warming pan,

, natural, miscellaneous tracts relating to,

193 Hiero, on the condition of royalty,

431 Hopes and expectations, grounded on

the present luati in of the emi.

grani clergy in England, 106 Howe s naval victory,

585 Hutchins, capt. his discovery, settie,

tlement, and present state of Ken. tucky,

239 Hutton, Dr. his dissertations in natu

ral philosophy, Hydi ophob a, facts relative to, 145 Hyde park, an account of,

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TBBETSON's picturesque guide to

Bath, Bristol hot-wells, &c. ?% Impress of seamen, on the, 442 Ireland, antiquitici of, Island of Atlantis. Israeli, D', his curiofitics of litera.

ture, llaiy, public affairs of,


AMBALLE, princess of, rerses U on,

- 350 Lake's translation of Maury's princiciples of eloquence,

314 Laws concerning literary property,

109 - respecting the ordinary prac.

tice of imposition in money leading, and the buying and selling of public offices,

110 Lempriere's translation of Herodotus, Lettre d'un Francais a un Anglais, lut

les opinions politiques, et de la souvrainté du peuple,

346 Letter to Mr. Pitt, on the war with France,

. 223 Letters, additional, of Brutus, 233

to a young man, by Dr. Priestley,

• 204 - to a gentleman of the philan, thropic society, on the liberty of the press,

to the greatest hypocrite in his majesty's dominions,

107 on the concert of princes, and the dismemberment of Poland and · France,

thirteen, on various religious subjects,

358 two, to the rev. Matthew Wilks,

to the duke of Grafton, 464 Libel, the case of, the king v. John

Lambert and others, printers of

the Morning Chronicle, 341 Libels, observations on,

342 Literary and critical remarks, on sun

dry eminent divines and philosephers,

396 Logarithms, tables of, from one to

101,000, Longitude, the theory and practice of finding,

471 discovered, by a new mathematical instrument, called gra. phor,




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Loyalty, the triumph of, a poem,

351 Looking-glass for a right honourable mendicant,

462 ATEcromancer, the, or the tale of Louis XIV. a new age of,

the Black Forelt, Lucy, a novel,

234, Netherlands, a gazetteer of the, 329 Lungs, theory of, 9 Neutrality, armed, the account of,

260 Newfoundland island, history of the goveroment of,

238 New South Wales, account of the na. tives of,

47 Novels, an efray on,


Northmore's translation of Plutarch's M A CKAY's theory and practice trearise upon the distinction between

V of finding the longitude, 471 a friend and flatterer, . 322 Macleod, colonel, confiderations on North, lord, character of, 252 false and real alarms,

463 Nuit Dr. his dissertation on the There Magic lantern, the,

'mal waters of Pifa, • 188
Mathematical drawing instruments,
description of,

Maury's principles of eloquence, 314
Mayo's chronological history, 414
Medical commentaries tor the year

Biervations on a currrent that 1793,


often prevails to the westward facts and observations, 144 of Scilly,

236 Meditation, the, of a fi ent senator, Ode on converting a sword into a

pruning hook, Memoir on the circles of reflexion, (des, moral and descriptive, 378 &c.

• 532

Ode, a farewel onc, on a distant proMeteorological observations and essays, fpect of Cambridge,

473 407 Offices, publc, preient state of, rem Militia, a sketch of the abufes in, fpecting fees, &c.

with observations on officers on haif Opium, inquiry into the nature of, 66 pay, &c.

104 Orcon's expofition of the Old Testa Miller, William, on catholic baptism, ment,

410 114 Owen, on the state of religion and Milne's, (Dr.) indigenous, botany, 248 politics in France and Great Britain, Milns's well-bred scholar, 237

341 Moleswort, James, als Griffin, alias duke of Ormond, his life and ad

P. ver tures,

Monn's agr cultural dictionary, 444 DACKET, the, a novel, 199:-
Mornington, lord, fubft.nce of his P Panzani, remarks on the memoirs

speech in the commons, jan. 2ift,

344 Parton on frecdom,
Mores, character of,
122 Parliament, efiay on,

222 Mount Ceo's, account of, 425

Parma, a description of a printingMu'der's historia forci uni,

house there,

422 Murder, on the punishment of, by Parsons, (Mrs.) Lucy, a novel, 234 death,

191 Posquir's crying epifle from Britannia Muscular ad on, trea:ise on, 218 to colorel Mack, Mula Berkham:edie ufis, or practical Pauw, M. de, his philofophical differprolusions, by fom® young gentlemen

tation on the Greeks,

77 of berkhamed-ferrol,

Peace with the Jacobins impossible,, Thomas, the crial of, for fedi.

Peace, of 1782, account of, 202 Music, slay on,

Peart, Dr. on the properties of mats Alysteries, the, of Udolpho, a romance, ur, the principles of chemistry, &c. 361

165 : Phy


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Physiognomy of men in different

climates, a dissertation on, sim Pisa, a chemical dissertation on the *Thermal waters of,

D ADCLIFFE’s; Mrs. mysteries of Pitt and Hastings, their merits as mi Udolpho,

361 Difte:s in war and peace, 107 Rarasea, fir John, his fable of the Pitt, Mr. a reply to his speech on the head and limbs, opening of pariiament, Jan, 21st, Realons for national penitence, 114 1794, on the object and grounds of Reeve's history of the government of the present war, 104 Newfoundland,

333 Plymley's charge at the primary vifi-' Reformers of England, a friendly ad

tation of the archdeacuary of Salop d ress to, in 1793,

230 Reflexion fur le proces de la Meine, Plowder's remarks on the memoirs of par une Femme,

346 Paozani,

458 Relics in Christ church, Dublin, 213 Plays, the, of Lear and Cymbeline, Religion of nature, the, a fhort disby Wiliam Shakspeare, with notes, course delivered before the national 387 assen:bly at Paris,

119 Playfair's peace with the Jacobins Rennel's, James, esq. observations on impoflible,

466 a current that often prevails to the Plurarch's treatise upon the distinction westward of Scilly,

236 between a friend and flatterer, 322 Reptiles in Great Chaco, an account Poems, by the late Mr. Samuel Maith of,

522 Oram,

Reply of the count Lally Tolendal to lyric and pastoral,

108 the abbé D- grand vicar, 531 -, by John Bidlake, 304 Retrospect, the, or reflections on the Poor, bistriry of the,

30 state of religion and po.itics in Poland, public affairs of, 591 France and Great Britain, 341 Pope, the works of, by Gilbert Wake Rich, hints to those that would be field, 181 come so,

441 Port Jackson, acerunt of,

44 Robinson's (Mr.) Sydney St. Aubyn, Portal's obfervations on pulmonary a vovel,

468 consumption,

- Mils, M. E. her farine, Portici, description of the muscum at, of Sertha,

468 420 Robb, Rev. W. on human happiness Portraits of illustrious Germans, 492 and the government of the passions, Pott's discourse on the Lords day, 478

112 Prtig, loole hints to prevent, 107 Roberspierre, execution of, 578 Prieilley's, Dr. letter to a young nian, Rome, description of the carnival

occasioned by Mr. Evaofan's treatise there,
on the diffonance of the four evan- Ruse, the, an ode to,

204 Rowley's, Dr. practice of physic, 333 Primrose Hill, an ode, rec'ted ve Roy, general, his military autiquities Sepi. 22, 1993,

171 of the Romans in North Britain, Property, literary laws concerning,

137 109 Ruggle's history of the poor, 30 Pfalms, a liberal version of the, into Ruh, Dr. on the punifament of mur. modern language, 375 der by death,

191 Public affairs, a revicw of, 563 Ruflia, fome account of, Pugh, John, his treatise on the science of muscular action,

218 Pulmonary consumption, observations

S. . on the nature and treatment of, 501 Purli, the, a musical dramid, 235 Acrificing of men in Guinea, 542

Scholar, the well-bred, 237 Scotland, conquest of, by Edward the Firit,

280 n adrupeds of the province of Sea-nymph, the, a poem,

U Great Chaco in Paraguay, 520 Selion's lermons, on various subjects, Queen Eizabeth, an original letier 62 Şelico, an African tale, translated into



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English verfe, from the French house of commons, in behalf of prole of M. Florian,

108 Thumas Muir and Fylhe Palmer, Sermon by the bishop of Gloucester,

Stockdale, Percival, on the liberty of by William Jones,


the press, - delivered on the 6th of Feb. Struma, or scrofula, commonly called 1685-6, .


the king's evil, a treatise on, 110 by Coetlogon,

114 Sugar, an account of making it in – by Johnson, John, for the fast Bengal,

- 352 1794,

116 Syriacum elementale fiftens grammaby William Reid, ' 117 ccam, - vy William Herdman, 231 Sydney St. Aubyn, in a series of let- by Wollaston,

by Rowden, - by Pearfun,

by Dr. Brown of Utrecht, TEARS of the muse; the an e-

legiac poem,

474 - - by the bifhop of London, 241 Teeth, on the diseases of, : 235 - to crowned heads, 344 Teuch, capt, his account of Port I by the bishop of Carlifle, 439 . Jackson, by Dr. Layard,

476 Tallagh church in Ireland, account by Robert Walker, 478 of, - by Dr. Erfkine,

Taylor's table of logarithms, 33 by George Richards, 353 Thames, the prelcut ftate of, contia by John Humphrys, 359 dered,

480 Sermons on various subjects, by Sul'on, Thermometer, the, construction and

use of a, Serpent in the garden of Eden, con Theatres, an inquiry into the costume Ti je cures of,

125 of those of all nations, 527 Seymour's tranNation of Campe's dia Things as they are, or the adventures

logues, for the improvement of 'of Caleb Williams, youth,

100 Thoughts on the nature of true drvo Shrine of Bertha, a dovel, . 468 cion,

477 Siege, the, of Berwick, a tragedy, Thurlow, lorl, chara&er of, . 258

326 Townson's, (Dr.) discourse on the co Sinclair, fir John, a letter to, 239 vangelical history,

, 306 Six, James, efq. his construction and Tocfio of Britannia,

338. use of the thermometer,. 470 Travels in Guivea and in the Caribbee Sketch of a tour on the continent, in Illands in America,

540 the years 1786 and 1787, 413 Treatise, a, upon gravel and gout, 392 Skirving's trial,

461 Trial of Mr. Waiker of Manchester, Slavery and famine, punishments for fedition,

of William Skirving, 461 Sleep, ftanzas to,

• . 379

Trinity, remarks on,
Smith's, (Dr.) tour on the contiuent, , Tychlen, professor, on the Syriac

418 grammar, 's, Dr. Edward, sketch of a

's, (Mr.) assertio numorum tuur on the continent in the year Ha[monæorum,

553 1736, and 1787, Small-pox, plan for exterminating of, Smith, Charlotte, her Wanderings of TTANDERSTEGEN, efq. his reWarwick,

84 V ply tv a pamphlet, inutled, ReSocial compad, two systems of, 222 futation of charges, &c. respecting Sonyíter, the annual pulitical, 228 frauds in the salt duties, 120 Sonnet to the memory of a friend, 475

- , Williair, efq. his preSpain, history of,

sent state of the Thames, 480 Specimens of the manner in which Ve&tis, utility of,

548 pub'ic worship is conducted in dit. Venereal disease, sketches of facts and fencing congiegations, 476 opinions respecting it,

472 Speech of William Adam, erg. in the Versailles, an account of, 160







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