The Oxonians: A Glance at Society, Volum 1


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Pàgina 215 - Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
Pàgina 113 - Why, on each other with fell tooth to fall; A neighbour's fortune, fame, or peace, to blight, And make new tirefome parties for the coming night. LIV. The puzzling fons. of party next appear'd, In dark cabals and nightly juntos met; And now they whifper'd clofe, now fhrugging rear'd Th' important fhoulder; then, as if to get New light, their twinkling eyes were inward fet.
Pàgina 113 - Wide-pour'd abroad behold the giddy crew ; See how they dash along from wall to wall ! At every door, hark how they thundering call ! Good Lord ! what can this giddy rout excite ? Why, on each other with fell tooth to fall ; A neighbour's fortune, fame, or peace to blight, And make new tiresome parties for the coming night.
Pàgina 111 - CUNNINGHAM. My native vale, my native vale ! In visions and in dreams I see your towers and trees, and hear the music of your streams; I feel the fragrance of the thorn where lovers loved to meet; I walk upon thy hills and see thee slumbering at their feet. In every knoll I see a friend, in every tree a brother, And clasp thy breast, as I would clasp the bosom of my mother. There stands the tottering tower I...
Pàgina ix - Le succès du livre d'Helvétius n'est pas étonnant : c'est un homme qui a dit le secret de tout le monde.
Pàgina 76 - In the excellent institution that Xenophon attributes to the Persians, we find that they taught their children virtue, as other nations do letters. Plato tells us, that the eldest son in their royal succession was thus brought up; so soon as he was born he was delivered, not to women, but to eunuchs of the greatest authority about their kings for their virtue, whose charge it was to keep his body healthful and in good plight; and after he came to seven years of age, to teach...
Pàgina 70 - B. 1 fear he's spoil'd for ever! he did name Logic, and may, for aught I know, be gone So far to understand it. I did always Suspect they would corrupt him in the college. — Will your Greek saws and sentences discharge The mercer ? or is Latin a fit language To court a mistress in ? — Master Alexander, If you have any charity, let me Commend him to your breeding. — I suspect I must employ my doctor first, to purge The university that lies in's head ; It alters his complexion.
Pàgina 196 - In what, Aretina, Dost thou accuse me ? have I not obeyed All thy desires, against mine own opinion ; Quitted the country, and removed the hope Of our return, by sale of that fair lordship We lived in : changed a calm and retired life For this wild town, composed of noise and charge ? Are. What charge, more than is necessary For a lady of my birth and education ? Bar.
Pàgina 226 - Twas hard perhaps on here and there a waif, 80 Desirous to return and not receiv'd: But was a wholesome rigour in the main, And taught th' unblemish'd to preserve with care That purity, whose loss was loss of all.
Pàgina 36 - ... in death which always inspires reverence), she pressed her trembling lips to the dear mouth which that cruel sleep that knows no waking had closed for ever. As she did so she perceived for the first time that she was not alone in the room. On the other side of the bed, on her knees, and with her head buried in her hands, was a motionless figure in the dress of a Sister of Mercy.

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