Fields, Osgood & Company, 1869

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Pàgina 306 - Flying between the cold -moon and the earth, Cupid all arm'd: a certain aim he took At a fair vestal, throned by the west; And loos'd his love-shaft smartly from his bow, As it should pierce a hundred thousand hearts: But I might see young Cupid's fiery shaft Quench'd in the chaste beams of the watery moon ; And the imperial votaress passed on, In maiden meditation, fancy-free.
Pàgina 221 - Sincerity ! Thou first of virtues, let no mortal leave Thy onward path! although the earth should gape, And from the gulf of hell destruction cry To take dissimulation's winding way.
Pàgina 15 - Thus sore and sad that lady grieved, In Cumnor Hall so lone and drear, And many a heartfelt sigh she heaved, And let fall many a bitter tear. And ere the dawn of day...
Pàgina 253 - You have this day spoiled a gay mantle in our service, young man. We thank you for your service, though the manner of offering it was unusual, and something bold." "In a sovereign's need," answered the youth, ''it is each liegeman's duty to be bold.
Pàgina 14 - No lark more blithe, no flower more gay; And like the bird that haunts the thorn, So merrily sung the livelong day. " If that my beauty is but small, Among court ladies all despised, Why didst thou rend it from that hall, Where, scornful Earl, it well was prized?
Pàgina 9 - They seeing the good lady sad and heavy, (as one that well knew by her other handling, that her death was not far off...
Pàgina 254 - May it please your grace," said Walter, hesitating, " it is not for so humble a servant of your Majesty to measure out your bounties ; but if it became me Us choose " " Thou wouldst have gold, I warrant me," said the Queen, interrupting him ; " fie, young man ! I take shame to say, that, in our capital, such and so various are the means of thriftless folly, that to give gold to youth is giving fuel to fire, and furnishing them with the- means of self-destruction.
Pàgina 250 - The young cavalier we have so often mentioned had probably never yet approached so near the person of his sovereign, and he pressed forward as far as the line of warders permitted, in order to avail himself of the present opportunity. His companion, on the contrary...
Pàgina 15 - The village maidens of the plain Salute me lowly as they go; Envious they mark my silken train, Nor think a countess can have woe. "The simple nymphs, they little know How far more happy's their estate — To smile for joy — than sigh for woe — To be content — than to be great.
Pàgina 250 - I told you as much before," said Blount ; " do, I pray you, my dear Walter, let us take boat and re: urn." " Not till I see the Queen come forth," returned the youth, composedly.

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