Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: With Tables of the Names of the Cases and the Principal Matters, Volum 8


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Pàgina 462 - opinion of the Court was, whether the plaintiff was entitled to recover, and if he was, whether the full value of the skins or nominal damages only. Parke for the plaintiff. The plaintiff is entitled to recover the full value of the skins. The property was in the bankrupt
Pàgina 171 - Crawford, and Company, or to their assigns, (the act of God, the King's enemies, fire, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation of whatever nature and kind soever excepted,) for certain freight and reward, payable by bills in that behalf: and, although the said goods and merchandizes were then and there had and received by the said George
Pàgina 851 - upon trust to preserve contingent remainders; with remainder to the first and other sons of TM by MH successively in tail male, with remainder to the use of the right heirs male of TM for ever; and as to all the other settled premises, to the use of TM for life, with remainder to the use
Pàgina 451 - of our lord the King, in and for the county of Middlesex, and also to hear and determine divers felonies, trespasses, and other misdemeanors in the said county committed, near unto the place where the said society is now established, and made a complaint upon oath, that he, G.
Pàgina 163 - of the property of such bankrupt before the bankruptcy : provided that no creditor, though for a valuable consideration, who shall sue out execution upon any judgment obtained by default, confession, or nil dicit, shall avail himself of such execution to the prejudice of other fair creditors, but shall be paid rateable
Pàgina 783 - rolls; that the admissions to the tenements called conventionary were " to the tenants, their heirs, and assigns for ever, according to the custom of the manor, doing the services and paying the rents accustomed. Fealty done, and pledges for reparations, payment of rents," &c. That these tenants leased for fourteen or twenty-one years without any
Pàgina 543 - or neglect, therefore, by the plaintiff to pay before the distress was made; and the jury, under his direction, found a verdict for the plaintiff, but liberty was reserved to the defendants to move to enter a nonsuit. A rule nisi having been obtained for that purpose,
Pàgina 313 - the term of his natural life, and from and after his decease to the use of his issue lawfully begotten, and for the want of such issue to the use of EL, her executors and administrators,
Pàgina 606 - such person may appeal to the justices at the next general or quarter sessions of the peace to be held for the county, &c. wherein the cause of complaint shall arise, such appellant first giving to
Pàgina 306 - the Yorkshire Summer assizes 1827, a verdict was found for the plaintiff, subject to the opinion of this Court on the following case : — By a lease, dated the 24th of November 1783, and made between the Lord Bishop of Durham of

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