Imatges de pÓgina
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RTHUR, a hopeful young Prince, unfortunate. Vol. 3. K. Zobre.

Vol. 5.Timon. visits Timon with two Misses.

ibid. ibid. - exhorted to Cruelty by him, and the Women to Luft

ibid. ibid. conquers Athens.

ibid. ibid.
Antony, Mark, his Conference with Brutus after Cæfar was mur-

Vol. 5. Jul. Cafar.
his Reflections on it, when alone.
speaks Cafar's Funeral Oration.
his Eloquence prais'd by Cassius.
his Valour degenerates into Fondness for Cleopatra.. Vol. 5. Ant. and Cleop.
resolves to leave her.
his former Bravery describd by Ostavius Cæfar.
Pompey's with that he may live on in love and luxury.
quarrels with Octavius, which ends in a Marriage with Octavia.
his Genius inferior to 6 &tavius's.
complains of O&avius's ill-treatment to Oktavia.
beaten at A&tium, and despairs after it.
sends to O&avius to treat, and is refus'd. -
grows jealous of Cleopatra.
beats Cæfar by Land, and meets the Queen in Rapture.
his Fleet revolting he quarrels again with Cleopatra.
being told she is dead he fais on his Sword.
carried to Cleopatra he dies in her Arms.
Octavins and his Generals lament and praise him.

and Cleopatra Ajax his Character.

Vol. 6. Tro, and Grer.

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Blanch, her Beauty and Virtue.

Vol. 3. K. John.
Burgundy, Duke of, a False Ally.

Vol. 4. 1 Hen. 6.
Beauford, Cardinal. vid. Winchester.
Buckingham, Duke of, treacherous, cruel, mercenary. Vol. 4. Richard 3.
in Henry 8th's Reign, rash, choleric.

ibid. Hen. 8.
his Character given by Hen. 8.

ibid. ibid.

ibid. ibid.
Bullen, Anne, her Beauty.

ibid. ibid.

ibid. ibid.

ibid. ibid.

ibid. ibid.
Brutus, reserv'd and melancholic

Vol. 5.Jul. Cæsar.
spirited up by Calius against Cæfar.
of great Authority with the People
his felf-debate upon Cafar's Death.
opens himself freely to the Conspirators.
declares for saving Anthony.
importun'd by his

Wife Portia.
his Speech to the People, to justify Cæfar's Murther.
quarrels with Calins.
relates the Death of Portia.
sees Cæsar's Ghost.
takes his last farewel of Casius.
refolves to die, and kills himself.

prais'd by Antony.
Banquo, his Character (for the rest, vid. Mlackbesh.)

Vol. 5. Mackbeth.






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Constance, a Mother passionately fond.

Vol. 3. K. John.
Cade, John, a bold crafty Rebel.

Vol. 4. 2 Hex. 6.
Clifford, bold and revengeful.

ibid. 3 Hen. 6.
Cæsar, Julius.

ibid. Richard 3.
Catharine, Q. to Henry 8.

ibid. Hen. 8.
pitied by Anne Bullen.

ibid. ibid.
her Speech to the King before her Divorce.

ibid. ibid.
prais'd by the King.

ibid. ibid.
recommends her Daughter and Servants to him. ibid. ibid.
Cromwell, Tbomas.

ibid. Hen. 8.
Cranmer's, Character by Gardiner.

ibid. ibid.
by Cromwel.

ibid. libid.
by the King.

ibid. ibid.
his Speech over Princess Elizabeth.

ibid. ibid.
Coriolanus, brave, proud, a Contemner of the Populace. - Vol. 5. Coriolanus.
chides his Soldiers when repuls'd.

ibid. ibid.
his Character.
his Entry into Rome-after a Vietvry.
his Actions summ'd up by Cominius.
approv'd by the Tribunes, he rails at the Populace.
applies to, and is kindly receiv'd by Aufidius.
not to be diverted by his Friends from invading Rome.
yields to his Mother's intreaties. - -

llain by the envy and treachery of Aufidius
Cæfar, Julius, suspicious of Calius.

Vol. 5. Jul. Cæsar.
refuseth the Crown that was offer'd.
addicted to superstition, and lov'd flattery.
diffuaded by Calphurnia from going to the Senate.
his contempt of Death.

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Cæfar, Julius, firm against those who wrong him.

Jul. Cajar.
Affair usted.

his Gholt appcars to Brutus.
Cafins, confers with Brutus againft Cæfar.

ibid. ibid.
his Character.
resolves to kill himself if Cæsar is made King.
his Quarrel with Brutus.
ill Omens 1tagger him tho' an Epicurean.
presages he should die on his Birth-day,
kills himself.

mourn'd and prais’d by Titinius, Mesala and Brutus. Casca's Character.

ibid. ibid. Cleopatra, the power of her Beauty over Antony.

ibid. Ant. and Cleo.
tenderly passionate.
her Character of Antony when he had left her.
ber failing down the Cydnus describ'd.

:[for the rest vid. Antony.
her Lamentation over the dead Body of Antony.
resolves to die.
visited by Ostavius.
affronted by her Treasurer Selenens.
kills her self with an Afpick.

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D. Dowglass

Duncan, K. of Scotland murther d. vid. Macbeth.

Vol. 3. 1 Hen. 4.

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Edward the Black Prince.

Vol. 3. Richard 2. Eleanor Wife of D. Humphrey, Ambitious and given to superftition.

Vol. 4. 2 Hen 6. walks in Proceffion for Penance, 'and is banish’d. ibid.) 2 Hen. 6. Edward 4th, amorous, brave, successful.

ibid. 3 Hen. 6. his two Sons.


. Richard 3. { - murther'd.

ibid. Edward P. of Wales, Son to Henry 6.

Vol. 4. Richard 3. Q. Elizabeth, prophetically deferib'd by Granmer.

ibid. Henry 8. • Complimented by the Title of the Vestal Queen. Vol. 1 Midl. N. Dr. Enobarbus, a brave Roman Captain.

Vol. 5, Ant. and Cleop: dies with grief for deserting Antony.

ibid. ibid.

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Fulconbridge, boastful, brave and enterprizing.

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910?, SAJ

Hotspur. (vid Percy) H. sth in Armour.

Vol. 3. 1 Hen. 4.
Henry 4th describ'd by Hotspur.

Vol. 3. 1 Hen. 4.
his Son Prince Henry.

Vol. 3. ibid.

Vol. 3. | 2 Hen. 4.
Henry sth.

Vol. 3.. Henry si

Vol.4 1 Hen. 6.
Henry 6th, meek, religious, unfortunate.

• Vol. 4. 1,2,3. Hen. 6.
Henry 8th, vid. Q. Catharine, Anne Bullen.

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I'S, &c.



COHN, King, dissembling, cruel, irresolute, unfortunate. Vol. 3. K. John.
Foän, Maid of

Vol. 4.1 Hen. 6.
raiseth Fiends.

ibid. ibid.
taken Prisoner.

ibid. ibid.
Condemnd to be burn'a.

ibid. ibid.
James I. King, prophetically describ'd by Cranmer.

ibid. Hen. 8.
Julio Romano, his Character.

Vol. 2. Wint. Tale.


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3 Gene.


Vol. 3.

EAR, King, choleric, fickle, mad, miserable.
Lepidus's Chara&ter by Antony.

by Pompey.

K. Lear.
Vol. š. Jul. Cæfar. 4

Ant. and Cleop. ?




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Vol. 311 Hen. 4.
Margaret, Henry 6th's Queen, enrag'd with her own miseries,
exults at others.

Vol. 4. Richard 3.
Moor, Sir Thomas.

ibid. Hen. 8.
Menenius Agrippa, his Fable of the Belly and Limbs. Vol. 5. Coriol.
his Character by himself.

ibid. ibid.
his Character of Coriolanus.

ibid. ibid.
Macbeth, his bravery in Battel.

Vol. 5. Macbeth.

hath his Greatness foretold by Witches
the conflict of his Mind when he first intended to kill the

his Temper describ'd by his Lady.
The refolves on murthering the King, and encourages

- ; he staggers in his Resolution, and is confirm'd again by his

his Soliloquy before he kills ihe King, and horror after.
meditates Banquo's Death, and employs murtherers.
Banquo's Ghost appears to him.

consults the Witches again.
- his Character by Malcolm.
distracted with horror.
despairs, on hearing the English advance against him.
told of his Lady's Death.
Nain by Macduff

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