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May 2, 1862.-Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed.

Mr. CUTLER, from the Committee on Invalid Pensions, made the fol


REPORT. The Committee on Invalid Pensions, to whom was referred the petition of

John Lane, report : The petitioner, John Lane, of Somerset county, New Jersey, was a private in Captain Murdoch's company, 25th regiment United States infantry in the war of 1812 ; was wounded in the right knee by the bursting of a shell in the attack on Fort Erie in July, 1814. He has received one-half of a full pension since July 24, 1815.

On the 14th of August, 1852, two surgeons, Drs. Kissack and Dewey, of Millstone, Somerset county, New Jersey, made affidavit that for twenty years previous the petitioner had been three-fourths disabled in consequence of his wounds.

The petitioner asks for an increase from one-half to three-fourths pension during this twenty years. As the law requires that the pay. ment of pensions shall commence at the time that proof of disability is perfected, and as the proof of increased disability is defective, the committee can see nothing in this case to authorize a departure from the law, and therefore ask to be discharged from further consideration of the subject.


[To accompany bill H. R. No. 451.]

MAY 2, 1862.-Ordered to be printed.

Mr. CUTLER, from the Committee on Invalid Pensions, made the



The petitioner, Andrew Templeton, enlisted in the army of the United States, April 11, 1814, for “during the war," and served till July 22, 1815, when he was honorably discharged. After the battle of Plattsburg, where he served, he was quartered in a tent during the cold, wet, and variable weather, from September till the latter part of December. He then went into barracks newly constructed of green timber, when he took a violent cold, which resulted in rheumatism, in consequence of which he was confined to the hospital. That disease, thus contracted, has continued to afflict him ever since, particularly in his leg and hips, rendering him lame and unable to walk, except with the aid of canes and crutches, and altogether incapable of labor. ing, except in a sitting posture. It continued to increase upon him until it resulted, many years ago, in his entire disability to earn his subsistence by manual labor. He is, and has always been, a good citi. zen, of temperate and exemplary habits, is without property, and is now seventy-one years of age.

These facts are abundantly proved by numerous witnesses, some of whom served with petitioner in the army, and others have known him ever since his discharge.

Your committee are of opinion that a pension of eight dollars per month should be granted to the petitioner, commencing February 8, 1858, and report a bill accordingly.

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