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Hampton rond, Virginia
Bear, North Carolina..
Cape Fear river, North Carolina..........................
Georgetown, South Carolina...........................
Charleston, South Caroline .................
Beaufort, south Carolina, .................
Savannah. Georgia ................
St. Mary's, Georgia .....................................
Pensacola, Florida .............................
Mobile bay, Alabama....................
New Orleans, Louisiana................

Office of chief engineer .........
Board of engineers ...............
Military Academy................
Chesapeake and Erie canal.
Florida Neck canal.....
Buzzard's and Barnstable bays......................
National road to New Orleans ..............
National Cumberland road....
Clearing Ohio and Mississippi of snags, &e......
Clearing Ohio and Mississippi of sand bars..
Presque Isle....
Plymouth beach
Breakwater, mouth of Delaware

REMARKS.-It will be perceived by this table that, although the number of officers would be progressively increased in each year until, in the year 1831, it would amount to the num-
ber to which it i recommended that the corps should be enlarged, there is no year within that period in which the strength of the corps would be adequate to afford the number of officers
deemed requisite for the service even of the fortifications, and that, at the expiration of the period stated, a number of the fortifications now projected will not have been commenced.
With the number of officers that would be at disposal in the several years during the progress of the gradual extension of the corps, agreeably to the project proposed for its increase, it
would, however, be practicable to give proper attention to the fortifications, and also furnish the officers requisite for the direction of the several objects connected with internal improve-
ments, which are stated in the table, by employing persons to superintend the details of the operations. Should the employment of such persons be found to be less advantageous to the
public interest than to have the duties proposed to be confided to them performed by engineers, a further enlargement of the corps inight be determined on after the completion of the pro-
ject now proposed for its increase; but it would not be advisable to provide for a greater increase at this time,

as the Military Academy upon it present establishment could not, without
prejudice to other branches of the army, furnish the number of graduates requisite to fulfil such an object.

The organization proposed for the topographical engineers would probably take effect immediately by the transfer of officers of artillery and infantiy who have been on topographical
duty, and have acquired the requisite qualifications. It is not deemed necessary to show the particular objects upon which the topographical engineers would be immediately or prospec-
tively employed, as the whole corps, increased to the extent recommended, would be constantly and profitably employed in surveys, &c., relating to the general objects above stated.

The field officers to be employed in the office of the chief engineer, on the board of engineers, in the superintendence of districts and fortifications of the largest class, and in inspections. The captains in the superintendence of construction, and the lieutenants as assistants. T'he topographical engineers to be employed in making general and particular surveys, and in preparing charts and maps of the coast and interior for fortifications and internal improvements.

WASHINGTON, January 10, 1826.


Classification of the proposed fortifications for the defence of the maritime frontier of the United States.


Cost of construc



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302 20

70 10
234 10
100 10
58 6
58 6

87 10




$730, 166 52
424, 995 32

469, 767 74
1, 259, 792 19

904, 355 40
538, 766 65
360, 000 00
360, 000 00

94, 582 50
392, 927 40




Designation of works.

Howitzers or


Fort Adams, Narraganset roads, Rhode Island*
Fort Hamilton, New York harbor, New York*
Fort Delaware, Delaware bay, and two batteries to be built by the

Fort Monroe, Hampton roads, Virginia*
Fort Calhoun, Hampton roads, Virginia
Fort at Mobile Point, Alabama*
Fort at Rigolets, near New Orleans, Louisiana
Fort at Chef Menteur, near New Orleans, Louisiana*
Fort at Bayou Bienvenue, near New Orleans, Louisiana
Fort Jackson, near New Orleans, Louisiana*
Principal work or works for Savannah, Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina,

and Pensacola, Floridat
Fort on Throgg's Point, near New York, New York.
Fort on Sollers's Point, near Baltimore, Maryland.
Fort on George's island, Boston harbor, Massachusetts
Fort on Wilkins's Point, near New York, New York
Fort St. Philip, near New Orleans, Louisiana
Fort Tompkins and dependencies, New York harbor, New York

200 2,400
100 | 1,140
100 1,560
600 2,625
200 1,130
85 750
80 400

25 224
100 750

100 | 1,540

60 835
100 900
100 | 1,336

80 400 100 970




29 490

30 2,168
30 430

4. 726

471, 181 53
673, 205 43
458, 000 00
456, 845 51

77, 810 79
485, 988 58


Fort on Grand Terre island, below New Orleans, Louisiana
Fort Pickering, Salem harbor, Massachusetts.
Fort opposite Fort Delaware, Delaware
Fort on Connanicut, Narraganset roads, Rhode Island.

801 400
20 250
100 760
300 1,800




308 320

200 3,618

264, 517 52
116, 000 00
347, 257 71
800, 000 00

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Fort at narrows of the Penobscot, Maine.
Tower at Bayou Dupre, near New Orleans, Louisiana
Fort on Dauphin island, mouth of Mobile bay, Alabama
Fort near Provincetown, Massachusetts, fort near St. Mary's, Georgia, prin-

cipal fort near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and fort near Beaufort, S.C.
Fort on Oak island, mouth of Cape Fear river, North Carolina.
Fort near Plymouth, Massachusettst.
Fort Griswold, near New London, Connecticut
Fort on Nantasket Head, Boston harbor, Massachusetts.
Fort on Hawkins's Point, near Baltimore, Maryland.
Secondary works near Pensacola, Fla., Savannah, Ga., and Charleston, S. C.t.
Fort Sewall, Marblehead harbor, Massachusetts.
Fort Preble, Portland harbor, Maine.
Fort on House island, Portland harbor, Maine.
Fort near the mouth of Kennebec river, Mainet
Fort on Naugus Head, Salem harbor, Massachusetts.
Fort on Jack's Point, Marblehead harbor, Massachusetts.
Fort on Cedar Point, Potomac river, Marylandt
Fort on Rose island, Narraganset roads, Rhode Island

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TABLE A.-Classification of the proposed fortifications, fr.-Continued.

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$29, 000 00 140, 000 00

2, 429 51

Works for Mount Desert island and Sheep's Cut river, Maine*
Secondary works at Portland, Maine, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and for

Gloucester harbor, Massachusetts*.
Redoubt for Hog island, Boston harbor, Massachusetts.
Closing Broad Sound passage, Boston harbor, Massachusets.
Reducing altitude of Gallop island, Boston harbor, Massachusetts .
Works for New Bedford harbor, Massachusetts*
Closing west passage of Narraganset roads, Massachusetts.
Works for Stonington harbor, Connecticut, and Sag Harbor, New York*
Fort Trumbull, New London harbor, Connecticut.
Fort Hale, New Haven harbor, Connecticut.
Fort Wooster, New Haven harbor, Connecticut...
Fort on Middle Ground, New York harbor, New York.
Fort on East Bank, New York harbor, New York..
Works near St. Mary's, Potomac river, Maryland*
Works near Annapolis, Chesapeake bay, Maryland*
Fort on Point Patience, Patuxent river, Maryland
Fort on Thomas's Point, Patuxent river, Maryland.
Fort near Beaufort, North Carolina.

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Redoubt on Federal Point, mouth of Cape Fear river, North Carolina.
Fort on Bald Head island, North Carolina.
Works at Georgetown harbor, mouths of Santee river,† Bull's bay, and St.

St. Helena sound, South Carolina; Osabaw sound, St. Catharine's sound,
Sapelo sound, Doby inlet, Alatamaha sound, St. Simon's sound, and St.
Andrew's sound, Georgia; Charlotte harbor, Espiritu Santa bay, Apala-
chicola bay, St. Joseph's bay, St. Andrew's bay, Santa Rosa bay, and

Perdido bay, Florida*
Tower at Pass au Heron's, Mobile bay.





16, 677 41

[blocks in formation]

Works on Barnstable bay and Buzzard's bay, to cover Cape Cod

Works on Martha's Vineyard sound.
Works on Delaware bay, to cover artificial harbor near Cape


Works near mouth of Elk river, to cover Chesapeake and Dela

ware canal. Works on Newport News, Craney island, and Naseway shoal, to

cover naval depot in Burwell's bay. Works to cover proposed new outlet of Albermarle sound.

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