John Stuart Mill: A Criticism : with Personal Recollections

Longmans, Green, 1882 - 201 pàgines
This book gives an overview of Mill's philosophy, along with many biographical details. The author supplements quotations from Mill's works with his own personal recollections of the philosopher.

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Pàgina 179 - A portion of mankind may be said to constitute a Nationality, if they are united among themselves by common sympathies, which do not exist between them and any others — which make them co-operate with each other more willingly than with other people, desire to be under the same government, and desire that it should be government by themselves, or a portion of themselves, exclusively.
Pàgina 179 - But the strongest of all is identity of political antecedents ; the possession of a national history, and consequent community of recollections ; collective pride and humiliation, pleasure and regret, connected with the same incidents in the past.
Pàgina 106 - Christian morality (so called) has all the characters of a reaction; it is, in great part, a protest against Paganism. Its ideal is negative rather than positive; passive rather than active; Innocence rather than Nobleness; Abstinence from Evil, rather than energetic Pursuit of Good : in its precepts (as has been well said) "thou shalt not" predominates unduly over "thou shalt.
Pàgina 137 - The tradition of followers suffices to insert any number of marvels, and may have inserted all the miracles wjhich he is reputed to have wrought. But who among his disciples or among their proselytes was capable of inventing the sayings ascribed to Jesus or of imagining the life and character revealed in the Gospels ? Certainly not the fishermen of Galilee ; as certainly not St.
Pàgina 176 - ... inasmuch as any, even unintentional, deviation from truth, does that much towards weakening the trustworthiness of human assertion, which is not only the principal support of all present social well.being, but the insufficiency of which does more than any one thing that can be named to keep back civilization, virtue, everything on which human happiness on the largest scale depends...
Pàgina 180 - German name, though they have at no time been really united under the same government; but the feeling has never reached to making the separate States desire to get rid of their autonomy. Among Italians an identity far from complete, of language and literature, combined with a geographical position which separates them by a distinct line from other countries, and, perhaps more than everything else, the possession of a common name, which makes them all glory in the past achievements in arts, arms,...
Pàgina 169 - What was abstract and purely scientific was generally mine; the properly human element came from her: in all that concerned the application of philosophy to the exigencies of human society and progress, I was her pupil, alike in boldness of speculation and cautiousness of practical judgment.
Pàgina 49 - This is not so much a history, as an epic poem ; and notwithstanding, or even in consequence of this, the truest of histories.
Pàgina 175 - Men, as well as women, do not need political rights in order that they may govern, but in order that they may not be misgoverned.

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