Imatges de pàgina

6. The Baptist Board for Foreign Missions. Income, dols. 20,000.

The income of other societies whose object, with one or two exceptions, is the same, dols. 142,645 ; making a total of dols. 641,439.

Thus England and the United States alone expend, by means of these societies, to say nothing of what is contributed in other ways, for benevolent purposes more than two millions, five hundred thousand dollars annuully. In addition to this, probably not less than 1,500,000 children receive instruction in their Sabbath schools from at least 150,000 teachers, who thus make a weekly donation of 25,000 days' time to the cause of benevolence.

Let this benevolent spirit continue to increase, and it will soon fill every dark place with light, and cause the whole world to rejoice in its genial in. fluence. Let it progress during the next 40 years in the same ratio in which it has during the last 40, and wherever it is allowed to extend its operation, it will give every child an opportunity to attend a school, give every slave his liberty, enable every individual to hear the gospel preached, and give to every family that will receive it, a copy of the word of God. But opposition and reverses are to be expected, and the grand result, the univer. sal diffusion of the blessings of science and Christianity, will probably not be witnessed within so short a period as that just named. Yet the above statements show an increase of benevolence at which every friend of man must rejoice. It is the true “ glory of the age.” Viewed in connection with the promises of God it may justly be regarded as a sure indication that the true golden age of the world, when knowledge, virtue, and happiness will be universal, is fast approaching.

DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. (Where the place is not mentioned, Calcutta is to be understood.] APRIL.

MARRIAGES. 8. Cape Town, J. H. Jackson, Esq. B. C. S. to Miss Catherina J. Rabe. 19. Cape Town, J. M. Ross, Esq. Captain of the 5th Regiment, Madras Native Infantry, to Miss Emma Amelia Segruhn.

28. Cape Town, Mr. J. Harris, to Mrs. Mary Lethbridge. JUNE.

26. At Simlah, Lieut. John Kennedy Maccansland, Assistant Political Agent, Subbathoo, to Emma, fifth daughter of Colonel W. C. Faithful, C. B.

30. At Vizagapatam, Lieut. Charles James Toriano, C. E. V. Bat., to Susannah Peel, relict of Lieut. Edmund Peel, son of Thomas Peel, Esq., Penzance, Cornwall. JULY.

1. Mr. A. G. Aviet, the 4th son of Mr. Gentloom Aviet, Senior, to Miss S. A. David, the second daughter of the late Mr. A. M. David.

5. At Chandernagore, Mr. Sanuel Hawkesworth, to Miss Caroline Phillips, the eldest daughter of Mr. Julian Phillips.

At Ellichpoor, Mr. Benjamin Antony, to Miss Isabella Fonseca. 7. Senior Lieut. Henry Siddons, of the Bengal Engineers, to Harriot Emma, the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Siddons.

At Bombay, Conrad Owen, Esq. 1st Regiment, Bombay Cavalry, to Stephana Mary, youngest daughter of the late Major Hawkins, Bombay Engineers.

11. At Colombo, Lieut. G. R. Cummin, H. M. 97th Regiment, to Georgiana Maria, second daughter of Colonel Walker, Deputy Adjutant General to the Forces on that Island, and niece to the late Sir Henry Torrens.

14. At Berhampore, Mr. Augustus Charles Monnier, to Miss Mary Ann Adie.

15. At Gorruckpore, Captain Joseph Leverton Revell, 7th Regiment, to Louisa, second daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel Charles Wale Lamboon, Bengal Army.

16. At Shikarpore, Assistant Apothecary John Murray, of the 24th Regiment, Native Infantry, to Miss Julia Mary Ann Degrayter. 19. Mr. C. W. D'Cruze, to Miss Maria Cardozo.

At Bombay, Captain Thomas Miller, H. M. 40th Regiment, Commanding Depot King's Troops, to Ellen Louisa Hagard, only daughter of the late S. Hagard, Esq. of Sion Hill, near Bath.

24. At Cawnpore, Mr. Henry Jacobi, to Miss Harriet Bowman.
26. Mr. Lewis Gomis, to Miss Isabella Swaris.

Mr. Charles Kerr, Assistant, Military Board Office, to Miss Apne Smith.

5. At Dacca, Mr. E. McCally, to Mrs. Jane Paul, relict of the late Rev. P, Paul.


6. Thomas James Phillips, Esq., to Miss Eleanor Ann Turner, Entally. 14. At Cuddalore, Captain R. B. Preston, 17th Regiment, Native Infantry, to Mary Louisa, sixth surviving daughter of the late L. H. Stirling, Esq. of Madras,

18. At Ceylon, Edward Mattley, Esq., to Susan, youngest daughter of the late Surgeon Abraham White, of His Majesty's Ceylon Rifle Regiment.

19. At Cawnpore, John L. Lock, Esq., to Miss Eliza A. C. Carr.

25. Mr.John Brown Ward, to Mrs. Mary Hyattee. SEPT.

1. At Madras, John Vaupell, Esq. Chief Translator and Interpreter in the Supreme Court, to Mrs. Mary N. Grey. 3. Mr. Henry Gill, H. C. Marine, to Mrs. Harriette Blaney.

Mr. James Hayden, H. C. Marine, to Miss Rebecca D'Arcy. 4. At Delhi, Lieutenant C. Reid Browne, 16th N. I. second son of the late John Browne, Esq. of the Medical Establishment, to Miss Isabella Davidson, eldest daughter of the late Captain Hugh Davidson, many years commandant of the Sylhet Sebundies.

6. At Chinsurah, Lieutenant and Adjutant J. E. Codd, H. M.'s 44th Regiment, son of the late P. Codd, Esq. of Rumstead Court, Kent, to Cornelia Mary Ann Holst, daughter of the late Captain Holst, of H. M.'s 53rd Regiment.

9. M. S. Owen, Esq. to Ann, second daughter of the late Malcolm Manuk, Esq.

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BIRTHS. 26. Europe-the lady of Thomas Bruce Swinhoe, Esq. of a daughter. MARCH.

31. In Dorset-place, Dorset-square, the lady of Major Hitchins, of a son. MAY.

25. At Singapore, the lady of Captain W. S. Wilson, of the Platina, of a son, JUNE

25. At Manaar, the lady of John W. Huskisson, Esq. C. S. of a daughter. JULY. 1. At Madras, the lady of John Smith, Esq., Captain 2nd Light Cavalry, of a son.

At Madras, the lady of T. Oaks, Esq., of a daughter. 4. The lady of Captain T. W. Tingate, of a son.

At Bombay, the lady of Captain P. Sanderson, 15th Regt. N. I. of a daughter. 12. At Muktul, the lady of Captain Raynsford, of a son.

At Baroda, Mrs. M. M. Shaw, of a daughter. 14. At Shikarpore, the wife of Serj.-Major Richard Ward, of a daughter.

At Humeerpore, the lady of E. Currie, Esq., Civil Service, of a daughter. 15. At Dapoolie, the lady of J. Bowsted, Esq., of a son.

At Benares, the lady of Rev. J. A. Schurmann, of a daughter.
17. Mrs. J. T. Pearson, of a son.
18. The lady of the Rev. Alexander Duff, Wellington Square, of a son,

At Cawnpore, the lady of G. Wood, Esq., of a daughter.
At Trichinopoly, the lady of Henry Dickinson, Esq., of a daughter.

At Ahmednuggar, the lady of J. W. Maspratt, Esq., c. S., of a daughter. 19. At Bareilly, the lady of Captain J. T. Boileau, Engineers, of a son, 20. At Secunderabad, the lady of Dr. Pearse, 31st Regt. N. I, of a son. 21. At Chunar, the wife of Apothecary John Francis Pingault, of a daughter. 27. At Monghyr, the lady of J. A. Savi, Esq., of a daughter. 28. At Cawnpore, the lady of C. Mackinnon, Esq. Surgeon, 15th N, I. of a son.

31. The wife of Theodore Dickens, Esq., of a son, AUG.

5. At Jaunpore, the lady of B. Tayler, Esq., of a daughter. 6. At Azimgurh, the lady of J. Thompson, Esq., Civil Service, of a daughter.

At Chinsurah, Mrs. Frank Barber, of a daughter.

At Neemuch, the lady of William Thomson, Esq. 46th Regt. N. I., of a son. 11. At Ahmednuggur, the lady of H. H. Glass, Esq. Civil Service, of a son.

12. At Belgaum, the lady of j. Greenfel Moyle, Esq. Superintending Surgeon, S. D. A., of a son. 14. The lady of J. Ploumer, Esq., of a son and heir.

At Madras, the lady of John S. Hall, Esq., of a son. 16. At Mussooree, the lady of John Ross Hutchinson, Esq., C. S., of a son. 17. At Madras, the lady of Henry Chamier, Esq., of a son. 18. At Poonah, the lady of Captain Lloyd, Queen's Royals, of a son, 21. Mrs. C. P. Sealy, of a son.

At Futtyghur, the lady of Captain Debrett, Artillery, of a son. 23. At Ghazeepore, the lady of Col. Dennis, H. M. 3rd Regt. or Buffs, of a son. 25. The lady of Mr. J. E. Breen, of a daughter. 26. At Futtyghur, the wife of Mr. James Brierly, Merchant, of a daughter. 28. At Cuttack, the lady of John C. Brown, Esq., C. S., of a son, 29. Mrs. W. Kirkpatrick, of a son. 31. Mrs. J. P. Damoy, of a daughter.



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2. Mrs. J. B. Biss, of a daughter,

Mrs. M. D'Cruze, of a son.
6. Mrs. R. Scott Thomson, No. 6, London Buildings, of a son.
7. At Deesa, the lady of J. J. Stevens, Esq. 21st Regt. N. 1. of a son.
8. Mrs. Charles Cooke, of a daughter.

At Chowringhee, the lady of G. A. Bushby, Esq. of a son.

At Gyah, the lady of E. E. Woodcock, Esq. Civil Service, of a son. 9. At Midnapore, the lady of Colonel G, Cooper, of a son. 13. Mrs. George H, Swaine, of a daughter.

14. Mrs. James Wood, of a daughter. MARCH.

DEATHS. At Cape of Good Hope, Mary, the wife of William Carstairs, Esq., Staff Sur. geon, Poona, aged 25 years.

29. At the Cape of Good Hope, William Howard Peach, Esq., late of Cuttack. MAY.

13. At Futtehgur, Ensign J. W. Tomkins, of the 1st Regiment, Native Infantry. 14. At Sea, Mrs. Elizabeth Oakes, wife of Captain E. Oakes, of Calcutta.

At Madras, Captain James Currie, of His Highness the Nizam's Service. JUNE. 27. At Madras, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Conway, C. B.

William, the infant son of C. L. Pinto, Esq., aged 5 months and 18 days. 2. Samuel Jones, Esq., Deputy Register in the General Department, aged 61 years and 23 days. 3. At Meerut, Ensign A. H. Barnard, of H. M.'s 26th Regiment.

At Bombay, Elena, wife of John Graham, Esq., Asst. Post-Master, Bombay.

At sea, Mr. James Cullan, third Officer of the Ship Mermaid. 4. Mrs. M. A. Crawford, wife of Mr. Thomas Crawford, aged 38 years. 6. Mr. William Hudson, Portrait-Painter, aged 54 years and 8 months.

7. At Tranandrund, Mr. John Michael Lafrenais, Head Translator in the Hoo. zoor Kutcherry of H. Excellency the Dewan of that place, aged 11 years. 9.

At Noakholly, the infant daughter of Mr. William Jackson, Superintendent in the Bullooah Agency, aged 4 months and 5 days.

15. Alexander Horatio, infant son of Mr. A. Aldwell, aged 1 year and 3 months. 17. At Jessore, Catchatoor Isaac Malchus, Esq., aged 38 years and 7 months.

Mary Jane, the infant daughter of Mr. Thomas Watkins, of Kidderpore, aged 1 year, 8 months and 19 days.

18. At Delhi, Mrs. Davis, wife of Mr. C. J. Davis, of the Pension Establishment. 19. At Bombay, Sarah Maria, lady of Sir J. W. Awdry, aged 34 years. 22. At Bombay, Mr. H. Meirs, Carpenter of H. M. S. Magicienne, aged 37 years. 25. At sea, Captain J. M. Budwell, Commander of the Bark Ann, aged 33 years, 27. At Dinapore, Mr. William Wortus Taylor, aged 46 years.

Mrs. Ann Sheppard, widow of the late Mr. Thomas Sheppard, Branch Pilot, aged 48 years, 28. F. G. Ingles, son of Mr. Henry Ingles, aged 1 year and 2 months.

29. At Trichinopoly, Louisa Sarah Grantham, the infant daughter of Lieut.-Col. the Baronde de Rutzleben, commanding the 44th Regt. N. I., aged 1 year, 8 months 31. At Ootacamund, Mr. Peter Prim.

Mr. James Taylor, junior, aged 19 years and 2 months.

Mrs, Annabella Boyle, widow of the late Mr. Boyle, aged 24 years. AUG.

1. At Bombay, Mr, F. W. Kennedy, Midshipman, H. M. Ship Magicienne.

2. At Surat, Elizabeth Laurie, youngest daughter of R. C. Chambers, Esq. Civil Service, aged 17 months.

Mr. Thomas Beal, of the Ship Andromache, aged 22 years.
Captain Richard L. Laws, Commander of the Ship Dunvegan Castle, aged
Edward Francis, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Dickens, aged 2 days.

Mrs. Mary Hubberd, relict of the late Mr. Edward Hubberd, Indigo Planter, 3: At Rajcote, the lady of Captain A. T. Reed, Commanding the left wing, 12th Regiment, Native Infantry.

At Nellore, Editha, davghter of Lieut. and Adjutant Span, 53rd Regt. N. I. 4. At Monghyr, Lieut. c. W. Carleton, of the Pension Establishment. 5. At Bengetty, Moorshedabad, Gregor McGregor, Esq. aged 27 years.

At Howrah, Henry Matson, son of Mr. James Matson, Assistant in the How. 6. At Malligaum, Henry Arthur, the infant son of Lieut. J. Eckford, 19th N. I.


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39 years.

aged 27 years.

rah Dock, aged 16 years,


7. At Bombay, Major R. Gordon, Inspecting Engineer of Guzerat, aged 48 years.

Miss Mary Ann Isabella MacMahon, eldest daughter of Benjamin and Harriet) MacMahon, aged 5 years and 6 months.

At Bancoorah, John MacRetchie, Esq. aged 37 years.

James Paton, Esq. late Surgeon of the Ship Exmouth. 9. William Pinkney, Esq. Officiating Agent and Deputy Post Master at Kedgeree, aged 45 years.

Thomas Barrow Day, F.sq. Surgeon of the H. C. C. Ship General Palmer, aged 29 years,

At Madras, James, the third son of Lieut. E. Willis, 28th Regt. N. I., aged 13 months and 28 days. 12. Mrs. M. Vellentine, aged 56 years.

At Dacca, Cecilia Smithson, the wife of Mr. John Browa, of Burreesaul.

At Bengetty, Moorshedabad, Emily Helen Garstin, youngest daughter of Lieut. C. H. Boisragon, 73rd Regt. aged 11 months. 13. Mr. J. Wilson, aged 45 years.

William, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bell, aged 2 years, 5 months, and 12 days.

At Agra, Emily Wortley, the infant daughter of Lieutenant Moir, 28th Regi. ment N. I. aged 13 months.

14. Lieutenant Oswald Halpin, 7th Regiment Bombay N. I., aged 25 years. 15. Mr. Richard Brooke Smith, Chief Officer of the ship John Adam, aged 31 years.

At Bombay, John Archbold, Esq., M. D. Assistant Surgeon H. M. 40th Regi. ment, aged 33 years.

16. Mr. William Osborne, Surveyor.
22. At Allahabad, Garrison Serjeant-Major John Keck.

23. At Agra, Captain F. B. R. Oldfield, of the 25th Regiment, N. I. and Deputy Commissary General.

At Cawapore; Eliza Bingley, relict of the late Dr. Smith. 27. Ensign A. Forbes, of the 59th Regiment, N. I.

At Meerut, Jane, eldest daughter of Capt. Roebuck, 71st Regt. N. I.

At Meerut, Augustus Townsend, infant son of S.Lightfoot, Esq. aged 4 months. 28. Lieut. Henry Doonithorne, H. M. 44th foot, aged 35 years.

At Cuttack, the infant son of J. C. Brown, Esq.

At Howrah J. Thomas Tingate, son of Capt. T. W. Tingate, aged one month and 15 days.

Miss Cecilia Rozalia Ledeard, aged 22 years, one month and 15 days. 29. Mr. Frederick Lee, aged 21 years.

Sarah Knight Chisholm, the wife of G. W. Chisholm, Esq. aged 48 years, 7 months, and 20 days.

Laurence Hope, son of Mr. Luis Richards, of Chandernagore, aged 12 years, 8 months and 25 days.

At Meerut, Edwd. James, fourth son of Capt. Alexander, 5th Cav, aged 1 year,

At Cawnpore, Isabella Eleanor, the infant daughter of Lieut. Charles Carter, H.M. 16th Regiment of Foot, aged 1 year and 8 months.

30. Isabella, wife of Assistant Surgeon W. B. O'Shaughnessy, M, D. aged 28 years and 6 months.

Mr. Joseph Brown, aged 70 years.
Mrs. M, Å. Flemiug, widow of the late Dr. R. Fleming, aged 40 years.

Mr. James S. Kirmon, of the Ship Neptune, aged 25 years.

Capt. George K. Bathie, of the Ship Asia, aged 38 years.
At Howrah, --Sheils, Esq. Surgeon of the Ship Amelia Thompson.

At Fort William, Isabella Jane, the eldest daughter of Serjt. 1. Tratt, Cale cutta Town-guards, aged 3 years and 10 months. 3. At Barrackpore, Brigadier General Knox.

Mr. E. P. Ferris, aged 31 years and 9 months.


shipping Entelligence.


ARRIVALS, 7. Selma, (Bark,) D. Luckie, from Liverpool 6th April.

Tyrer, L. Ellis, from Liverpool 13th April.

William, (Bark,) T. Hemlin, from Greenock 5th April. Passengers from Greenock.-Messrs. B. R. Landall, Mr. John P. Casenemore ; Miss Jane Boyder.

Edward, R. Heaviside, from Tondemanar 23rd July. Passenger from Mauritius .-Mrs. Heaviside. 8. Irt, (Bark,) W. Hoodless, from Valparaiso, Coquembo and Hausco 23rd April,

11. Ernaad, J. L. Gillett, from London 5th February, Port Louis 15th June, Ma. dras 20th July, and Vizagapatam 1st August.

Passengers from London.-Mrs. Stavers, Mrs. Dagoain, Mrs. Florence, Miss Ranken, Lieutenant H. Laurell, Bengal Light Cavalry; Lieutenant C. Chetham, 11th B. N. I.; Lientenant R, P. Alcock, 46th ditto ; Mr. H. Shakes. pear, Cadet ; Mr. J. Davidson, Mr. Tweedle, Mr. T. Roubam, and B. Bricksalt, merchants.-From Madras.-Miss Manly, and Mr. H. Steer, Ensign, 6th M. N. I. From Vizagapatam.--Mr. S. Hawkins, and Mr. John Dyer.

Katherine Stewart Forbes, J. Anderson, from London 12th February.

Passengers from Madras.—Mr. J. J. D'Anselme, Mr. Frank Dickenson to join the Ship City of Edinburgh, and Mr. E. J. Roberts.

Sterling, J. Burnett, from Ceylon 25th July.
Passengers from Mauritius.-Mr. J. Darward, marirer.

Duke of Roxburgh, J. Petre, from Bombay 23rd July.
Passenger from Bombay.- John de Rocha, Esq. Merchant.

Hayden, (Danish,) J. Burd, from Bombay 17th July, and Pondicherry 1st Aug.

Passengers.-Mrs. Burd; Mrs. Duns; Dr. Canetz, and Captain Muller, from Europe. Captain Mackenzie, from Bombay.

Amelia Thompson, W. Pigott from London 11th March, and Madras 2nd Aug.

Passengers from London.-Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, Miss Eliza Turner; Captain P. Patterson, H. M, 26th Regiment: Mr. Colvin Corsiar; Mr. Crawfurd Rees, and Mr. Alexander Roswell.

Georgiana, T. Thorn, from London 27th March, Johanna sth July, and Ma. dras 2nd August.

Passengers from London.-Miss Norton ; Lieutenant Anderson, 44th Regiment, N. I. ; Ensign Botin, H. M. 3rd Regiment; Ensign R. Dyce, H. M. 3rd Regiment Baffs. From Madras.-Mrs, Steward, Captain Steward, Mr. McIntosh, Cadets, and Mr. W. Taylor.

Eleanor, A. C. McTaggart, from Madras 18th July. 12. Sylph, (Bark,) R. Wallace, from China, 25th June, and Singapore 26th July.

William Wilson, J. H. Miller, from Mauritius 23rd June, and Tondemanar, Ist August.

Bengal, (Bark,) C. Lee, from Liverpool 8th April.

Futty Rohoman, (Bark,) C. D. Rice, put back leaky.
13. Cavendish Bentinck, R. A. J. Hoe, from Bombay 22nd July.
Passengers.-Captain W. Butler, Country Service.

Cecelia, P. Roy, from Singapore 10th and Penang 20th July.
Passengers from ang.-Mr. T. R. Hampton, and J. Blackburne.

Ann, (Bark,). Jemsetjee Aradjee, put back from sea leaky.


DEPARTURES. 8. Fanny, (Bark,) R. Edwards, for Madras. 10. Layton, G. Wade, for China,

Bordelais, (F.) M. Laporte, for Bourbon. Passengers per Adelaide for China.-William Blenkin, Esq. For Singapore. Lieutenant Innes, Artillery.

Passenger per Aurora for London.- Professor Withers, of Bishop's College. For Cape.-Dr. Grimes. 13. Yare, (Brig,) H. H. Fawcett, for Mauritius,

Captain Cook, W. Thompson, for China. 16. Sophia, J. Papson, for Penang and Singapore.

Passengers per Gener Palmer (H. C.) for London.-Mrs. Sutton; Miss Campbell ; Major Gray, H. M. 44th Regiment; Captain Douglas, ditto ; Lieutenant Crossman, Thomas Anderson, Esq. C. Jaineson, Esq. and H. Harris, Esq.

Passengers per Asia for Penang.-Right Reverend the Lord Bishop, Rev. J. Bateman ; Mrs. Bateman; and Mrs. Dickens. For China.-C. Kerr, Esq. For England.-Mrs. Allen, and C. H. Smyth, Esq. 30. Mary Ann Webb, W. Viner, for Liverpool.

Majestic, A. Lawson, for Mauritius.

Patriot King, J. Clarke, for Liverpool.
Passenger per Patriot King.-Captain C. Gale, 18th Regt. N. I.
31. Guillardon, J. J. R. Bowman, for Mauritius.
12. Andromache, J. Andrews, for Madras.

John Bannerman, J. Watt, for China,
Mermaid, P. M. Stavers, for China.
Sylph, R. Wallace, for Singapore and Chioa.
Hayden, J. Burd, for China.

Passengers per Hyden, for Straits and China :-Mrs. Stevenson and child ; Mrs. Duns; Dr. Stevenson ; -Martin, Esq; Capt Muller.

Passengers per Forbes (Steamer), for Madras :- Miss Pringle, Major Pringle, Cornet H. Siddons; Joseph Worthington, Esq.; Ramchunder, (a Native Gentleman.)

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