Imatges de pàgina

(Where the place is not mentioned, Calcutta is to be understood.]


1. At Colombo, James A. Shaw, Esq. H. M. 61st Regiment, to Mary Harriet, daughter of the late J. Trauctrell, Esq.

5. At the Goolistan, the residence of Major H. Sargent, Lieut. H. B. Blogg, Quarter Master, 7th Light Cavalry, to Helen Craick, youngest daughter of the Rev. C. M. Babington, M. A. Rector of Peterstow, Herefordshire.

6. At Kurnaul, William Cookson, Esq. Adjatant, 9th Regiment Light Cavalry, to Elizabeth Lucy, youngest daughter of Col. J. G. P. Tucker, H. M. Service.

8. At Trichinopoly, Major W. T. Sneyd, 39th Regt. N. I. to Louisa Johnston, sixth danghter of the late Dr. White, 1st member of the Madras Medical Board.

12. At Allyghur, Lieut. C. C. Pigott, 18th Regt. N. I. to Mary Madeline Fraser, third daughter of the late Henry Haunay, Esq. Elgin.

14. Mr. J. Athannass, to Miss S. Britchad.

15. At Dum Dum, F. G. Fulton, Esq. to Harriet Frances Georgiana, daughter of the late George Morse, Esq. M. D. of Clifton, Gloucester.

17. At Ellichpore, Lieut. T. Davis, 4th Regt. Nizam's Infantry, to Eliza, second danghter of the late Major Allan Roberts, of the Madras army.

19. At Barrackpore, Captain J. Graham, 50th N. I. to Harriet Anne, only daughter of Major General J. Watson, C. B. commanding the Presidency division of the army.

20. At Cannanore, Mr. J. Bunyan, to Francisca Wilhelmina, 2nd daughter of the late Mr. Sub-Assistant Surgeon William Lucasz, Madras establishment. MARCA.

1. At Cawnpore, Mr. J. Phillips, of Jubulpore, to Miss Sarah Christiana, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Joyce, of Cawnpore.

At Delhi, Mr. G. A. Webb, of the Nusseerabad Commissariat, to Miss Frederi. ca Lumley, second daughter of Mr. G. Lumley.

7. Rev. J. J. Weitbrecht, Church Missionary, Burdwan, to Martha, widow of the late Rev. Mr. Higgs, of Chinsurah.

12. Captain G. T. Marshall, 35th N. I. Examiner at the College of Fort William, to Miss Margaret Louisa, youngest daughter of Mrs. E. Turner, of Entally.

15. Mr. D. Nuthall to Miss Margaret Beecham Bottomley.



6. At Neemuch, the lady of Lient. J. G. W. Curtis, Interpreter and Quarter. Master, 37th N. I. of a daughter.

9. At Nagpore, the lady of Captain W. Ward, 5th Regt. Bengal Cavalry, of a 16. At Cawapore, the lady of C. Havelock, Esq. 16th Lancers, of a son.

The lady of Lieut. Righly, Engineers, of a son. 18. At Vellore, the lady of Capt. A. S. Logan, Paym ster of Stipends, of a daughter.

19. At Madras, the lady of Major W. Bradford, of a son. 20. At Kidderpore, the wife of Mr. H. Leopold, of a son. 21. The lady of C. Hogg, Esq. of a daughter.

22. At Ahmednugur, the wife of Mr. Sub-Conductor E. Heron, Commissariat Department, of a daughter.

At Ahewndy, the lady of Lieut. Thatcher, 6th N. I. of a daughter. 24. Mrs. Andrew Liddle, of a son. MARCA,

1. At Meerut, the lady of R. N. C. Hamilton, Esq. of a son. 2. Mrs. James Bell, of a son.

At Dinapore, the lady of Lieut. K. F. MacKenzie, 64th N. I. of a daughter. 4. At Naocolly, Mrs. Jackson, wife of Mr. W. Jackson, Asst. in the Bultooah Salt Agency, of a daughter. 6. Mrs. H. J. Frederick, of a daughter.

Mrs. Robert Cotton Mather, of a son. 10. At Benares, the lady of H. Clayton, Esq. of a daughter.

17. At Barrackpore, the lady of Capt. Penny, Asst. Adjutant General, of a daughter.



9. Mrs. Janet Botelho, wife of Mr. A. Botelho. 13. At Kamptee, Geo. Cochran, the infant son of Lieut. W. Mitchel, 22nd Regt. aged 7 months.

15. At Masulipatam, Geo. C. Bower, eldest son of Capt. G. J. Bower, H. M. 62nd Regt. aged 4 years, 4 months and 17 days.

19. The Regent Ranee of Jeypore. MARCH. 5. Mr. W. Nunn, son of the late – Nunn, Esq. of Ferayton Hall, County Essex.

Mrs. E. Waghorn, aged 28 years, 11 months and 7 days.

At Serampore, W. J. Lloyd, Esq. late of the Civil Auditor's office, aged 34 years. 10. Mr. Edward Low, formerly of Montrose, N. B.

Miss Jane Nicholson, daughter of the late Mr. C. Nicholson, aged 21 years, 9 months and 11 days.

14. Henry Francis, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Evans, aged 6 months. 15. Miss Sophia Paterson, aged 18 years. 16. Mrs. Maria E. Reichardt, the lady of Rev. T. Reichardt, aged 40 years.

8. 9.

Shipping Intelligence.


24. William Wilson, J. H. Miller, Commander, from Ceylon 31st January and Galle (No date.)

25. Edward, R. Heaviside, from Mauritius 26th December and Humburdlotte sth February

Passengers.-Mrs. Heaviside and Master Parker. 26. Victoire and Lise, (F.) C. Velebogord, from Bourbon 30th December. 27. Emerald, J. Johnson, from Port Louis 6th January.

28. Isadora, J. M. B. Serjent, from Coringa 18th, and Vizagapatam 23rd Fe. bruary. MARCH

5. Bolton, J. Fremlin, from London 17th September, Algoa Bay 29th November, and Madras 27th February.

Passengers from London.-Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Inge, Miss L. Smith, Miss Inge, Miss A. Inge, Miss Smith, Miss Wilkinson, Captain Smith, B. N. I. Lieut. Inge, H. M. 13th Regt. of Foot, Ensign Battery, H. M. 49th Regt. Mr. C. Salmon, Cadet; Mr. G. Hall, Pilot Service ; Mr. c. Smith, Mr. H. Smell, Mr. Watson, Mr. C. Oakes, Master G. Inge. Charter Party Passengers.—Mr. Francis, Mr. D. Kenderdine. From Madras.-Mrs. Campbell, Miss Daunt, Lieut. Campbell, H. M. 45th Regt.

Burrell, (Barque) I. Metcalfe, from London 26th July, Mauritius 26th December, and Point Pedro 21st February.

Passenger.--Mrs. Metcalfe.
Eclipse, (Amr.) A. Perry, from Salem 3rd November.
Rembang, (Dutch Barque) from Padang 6th January.

Passengers.--- Amelia Delernotte, F. Francis, and T. Inveldt, Captain George Rutter, died on the 1st March.

Elizabeth, R. W. Blenkinsop, from Bombay 24th December and Madras 3rd February.

6. Edina, (Barque) J. Norris, from Madras 17th and Marcanum 27th Februars. 11. Parsee, G. McKillan, from Greenock 17th October.

Alexander, W. Sanderson, from Marcanum 28th February. 12. Siriuse, (É. Brig) F. Grillet, from Marseilles 19th June and Bourbon 25th November.

Passengers:-Mrs. Isadore, Mrs. Mouveau, Miss Flora Isadore, Miss Mouveau, Mr.A. F.Waleski, Mr. F. Minard, Mr. A. L'Emger, Mr. F. Leverd, Mr. E. F. Grison, and Mr. B. F. Mouveau, Actors and Actresses ; Mr. D. Simon and Mr. H. Moulet, merchants. 13. Java, J. Todd, from Sydney 24th December.

Passengers.-Mrs. Jarvey, and Mr. W. Ambrose.

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14. Margaret, (Amr.) W. C. Stolesbury, from Philadelphia, 18th October.

15. Richard Bell, (Brig) J. Wardle, from Madras 18th February and Coringa 17th March.

17. Navarin, (F. Brig) B. Guerin, from Coringa, 11th March.


H. C. C. Ship Duke of Argyle, H. Bristow, for London. 13. Captain Cook, for Moulmein and Madras.

Passenger.-Lieut. Tayers.
Ship Isabel, T. Gional, for Liverpool.
Passengers per Isabel.-Mr. and Mrs. Platt and 5 Children.

Ship Argyle, Capt. McDonald, for Madras. 17. Hall, J. W. Hughes, for Liverpool.

Protector, T. Buttanshaw, for London.
Per Ship Protector, for London.-Mrs. Rawlins, Mrs. W. Buttanshaw, Mrs. Ma.
thews, Miss Barwell, Colonel Murray, Colonel Williamson, Major Wardlow, Capt. W.
Buttanshaw, Rev. C. Rawlins, Lieut. Graham, Infantry ; and 8 children.- For the Cape.
-Dr. Mathews and Lieut. Smith, Cavalry.

Ship Laura, J. Taylor, for the Mauritius.
Emulous, (Brig) T. Wellbank, for the Mauritius.

Trial, (Barque) W. H. Vaughan, for Arracan.
19. Ship Adelaide, R. D. Guthrie, for the Mauritius.
20. Ship Sophia, R. Thornhill, for London.

Passengers.-Mrs. Col. Craigie and 3 Children, Mrs. Harington, Mrs. Bram. ley and i Child, Col. Cragie, Col. Lockett, Major Trelawney, A. D. Maingy, Esq. Lieut. G. F. White, Lieut. W. White, Mr. Mills, Mr. Tuttle, Mr. Homfray, Dr. J. Duncan and 2 Master Burrows. 22. Malcolm, (H. C. S.) Eyles, for London.

For London.-Mrs. Templer, Mrs. Col. Davis, Mrs. Gaitshill, Mrs. Freeman,
Mrs. Pittar, Col. Walters, James MacDowall, Esq. M. D. Senior Member, Medical
Board ; James Clark, Esq. Assistant Surgeon ; Arthur Pittar, Esq. E. Hope, Esq.
Miss Templer, Miss Lucy, Miss Ada, Miss Charlotte Templer, Miss Gaitshill, Miss
Freeman, Master F. V. Davis, Master Pittar and Sergeant Moseley.
24. Edward Barnett, (Barque) H. S. Rose, for Madras and Ceylon.

Virginia, (Ditto) J. Hullock, for Madras.
Spartan, J. Webb, for Madras.
Shahool Hamed, E. Dumont, for Bombay.
Childe Harold, H. Greenfield, for London.

Passengers.-Mrs. Smithson, Mrs. W. Ainslie, Mrs. Herbert, Mrs. Cox, W. Smithson, Esq. E. Cox,

Esq. and F. R. Vincent, Esq. 25. William the Fourth, E. D. O. Eales, for Socotra.

26. Edmonstone, M. McDougall, for Bombay. MARCH. 4. Betsy, (Barque) G. A. Jones, for Rangoon.

Fattle Rohoman, W. Buttler, for Bombay.

Thomas Dougall, D. K. Brown, for Mauritius. 5. Yare, (Brig) H. H. Fawcett, for Ditto. 7. Roxborough Castle, W. Fulcher, for London. II. Baretto Junior. 12. Sherburne, (H.C. C. S.)

Passengers for London.—Mrs. Orchard, Mrs. Tritton, Miss Lang, Mrs. Brew,
Mrs. Furnell, Mrs. Wilan, Major Orchard, H. C. European Regt. Capt. Blyth, H.
M. 49th Regt. Dr. Furnell, B. M. S. Lleut. W. Tritton, 41st N. I.; C. Laing, Esq.
J. Brew, Esq. H. M. 49th Regt. J. Haig, Esq. Mr. Moore, Misses M. Orchard,
Flora Orchard, and M. Orchard, Master J. Orchard, John Orchard, Melmoth
Orchard, Miss Mary Anne Furnell, Master Michael Furnell, Master Roberts, Misses
Isabella Blyth and Adelaide Blyth, Master Samuel Blyth, Miss Seraphina Willan,
Harriett Wynn Willan ; Masters J. Willan, and Geo. Baldwin ; Misses Mary Anne
Brew, Frances Jane Brew, Emma Brew, Masters G. E. Brew and J. W. Brew,
together with 40 men, women, and children of H. M.'s and H. C.'s Services.
14. Sterling, (Brig) J. Burnett, for Mauritius.

Young Rover, (Bark) P. G. Baker, for Moulmein.
Lord Althorp, (Brig) B. Sproull, for Liverpool.
Atlas, G. Hustwick, for Mauritius.
Congress, (Amr. Brig) T. Cloutman, for Boston.

Meteorological Register, kept at the Surveyor General's Office, Calcutta, for the Month of February, 1834. Minimum Temperature Maximum Pressure Observations made at Max. Temp.and Dryness Minimum Pressure Observations made at observed at Sunrise. observed at gh. 50m. Apparent Noon.

observed at 2h. 40m. observed at 4h. Om.


of an Evap. Surface.

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Rain, Old Gauge.









1 130,090 61,3 59,5 59, 12868,4 74,769,8 s. E.[,100 71,779,175,4 s. ,04073,284, 178, s. w.,03273,7 81,677,5 s. ,02272,875, 73,2 s. 2 ,074 65, 62,5 63,1 n. 14268,8 72,967,3 n. ,13471,878, 71,4 N. E.,08872,3 82,676,2 N.


172,8 80, 174,3 n.w.1,078/71, 174,172, n.w.
3 ,15460,8 59,559,3 n. 220 66,770, 63,6 N. E. 20069,275,7 68,8 N. E.,132 71,680,472,4 N. E., 12071,780, 73,5 n. 128 71,373,271,2 N. E.

,136 60,6 57,556,3 n. ,200 66,5 71, 64,2 N. E1,17668, 176, 70,2 N. E.,112 71,581,574,8 N. E.,108 71,6179,875,6 N. ,112 71,273, 171,6 N.
5 ,196 61, 57,5 58, N. ,26068, 72, 67, N. E.,20269,8 75,8 70,3 n. ,12071,281, 175,9N. E.,104 72, 81, 176,51 N. ,116,71,374,2 72,1 n.w.
6 ,16460,3 57, 156,8 N. ,220 67, 71,865,5 N. E.,17670,377, 170,6 N. E.,104 71,880,472,3 N.w.1,094 71,783, 73,5 w. 1,100 70, 175,672, N. E.
7 ,120 57,154,254, N. E. ,166 64,869,763,6 N. E.,130 67,775,670, ,062 69,7179,472,8 n.w.1,050/70,479, 74, n.w.,054 70, 73,971,6 N.

,054 58,654,4 54,7 N. E.,10666, 73,267,4 N. E.,08268,478,572, s. w.1,006 70,4 81, 75,3 w. 1,976172, 182,177, N.w.1,986 71, 75,272,7 N. E.
,036 62,2 60, 60,1) E. ,09868,274,5/68,5 N. E.,064 70, 79, 72,8 N.w.1,008 72,382, 176,5 n. ,990 72,6 80,276,8 n.w. 004'71,675,874,
,080 68, 66,3 66,5 E. ,172 71,376, 174,1 E. ,12073, 80, 78,5 N. E.,040 74,6 85, 81,4 s. E.,014 75, 84,8 81,8 E. ,026 74,7179,578,7's. E.

,056 68,568, 68, ,124 72,477,274,31 s. ,09674,5 81,378, s. w.,02275, 7 86,480,7 n.w.1,010 76,2/86,8 81,6 n. 1,014 75,5 80,6 79,6 N. E.
12 ,04267,6 67,6 67,9 CM. ,100 73, 75, 74, w. 1,060174, 178,576, w. 1,01275,684,278,4 s. w.1,000 76,283,177,6 s. 1,012 75, 178,675,6 CM.

,002 65,465,665,4 N. E.,058 69,5 70,568,3 N. ,042 72,274,7 72, N. ,014 73,8 77, 173,6 N. ,000 74, 77, 173,8 N. E. 010 73,273,471,3 N.E.
14 ,028 64,5 62,463, N. E.,094 66, 63,4 64, N. E.1,046 66,565, 164,6 E. ,008 66,364, 64,31 E. ,980 66, 63,8 64,5 s. E. 1,000 65,762,8 63,7 n.E.
15 ,004 63,8 61,561,5) s. ,072 67, 88,566,7 w. 1,042 69,773, 170,21 N. ,98671,977, 71,5 n.w.1,97871,876,6 72,6 n.w.1,982 69,971,4 70,3 n.w.
16 ,072 58, 55, 55, N, E.,150 66, 70,7 64,61 n. ,134 68,4 74,669,4 n.w.1,07870,477,570,2 n.w.1,07270,8176, 70,5 n.w.1,076'69,570,869,11 N.
17 ,12258,2 56,6 57, N. E.,180 66,372,667,9N. E., 152 69, 76,271,1 N.w.1,07270,280,474,2 N.w.1,050 71,680,774,8 n. 050 70,7174,671,4 N.W.
18 ,018'59,3 57,557,5 n. ,064 68, 174,270, s. w.1,020 70,478, 172,6 s. w.1,94072, 82,776, w. 1,922 72,7 83, 77,2 w. ,930 72,577,4 74,
19 29,908 59,558, 58,2 CM. ,966 69,5 7,66 74,3 s. .94872,381, 78, w. 1,88674,687, 179,5 n.w.,880 75,8 86,6 80, n.w.1,888 74,778,8 76,2 x.w.

,952 63,4 60, 60,1 N. ,02070, 178, 170,3 N.w.1,008 75,8 83,275,5 N.w.1,946 77,487, 77,6 x.w.1,940 77,686,4 79, n.w.1,95075,577,376, N.

30,004 64, 61, 61,6 E. ,058 71,2 80,272,4 N. E.1,042 73,6 83,8 77,2 N.w.1,980 77,8 88,1 79,2 n. 1,97679,4 39, 80,2 n.w.1,980, 78,581,476,4) n. 22 ,014 65,762,5/62,5 N. 1,080 72,8 81,573,5 n. 1,06275, 186, 178,71 N. ,99676,4 88,780, s. w.1,98077, 88,881,2 s. w.1,998 76, 80,7 77, 23 29,966 65,8 62,862,8 s.w.1,026 72, 79,871,6 w. ,002 74,483, 79, N.w.1,94276,189, 80,5 w. 1,920 76,7 88,2 79,5 w. 1,940 75,479, 76,3 w. 24 ,984 66,4 64, 64,3 s. ,044 75, 82,577,4 s. ,008 76,6187,5 80,3 s. ,940 78, 91,382,4 s, w.,924 78, 92,483,8 w. ,928 77,283,581,3 N.w. 25 30,048 72, 70,270,5 E. ,120 75, 79,8 77,4 s. w., 110/76,7186, 181,5 S. E.,070 78, 88,2 82,4 E. ,058/78,488, 82,7 s. E.1,05078, 82,4 78,7| E. 26 ,144'66,166,7 66,7 N. E. ,204 74,477,575,2 N. E.,190 75,480,3 77,2 E. ,120 76,2 82, 79, E. 1,11277,283,379,6 E. 1,11276,879,5 74,4 N. 27 ,096 65,764,5 64,6 N. E.,152 74,775,5 74,8 N. E.,112 75,376,675,8 E. ,04473,873,672,3) E. ,00873,773,4 72, ,982 73,772,872, 23 29,946, 69,266,366,71 w. 032 73,677, 74,4 s. w.,01675,582,8 77,8 w. 1,958 76,785, 79,7 s. w.,93277,4185,779,7 s. w.,91877, 81,876,6 s. w.






May, 1834.

I.-The Karens of Burmah a remnant of the Ten Tribes of


To the Editors of the Calcutta Christian Observer. GENTLEMEN,

The discovery of the lost tribes of Israel, and their conversion to Christianity, are in view of prophecy events of such paramount importance, that no apology will be deemed necessary for laying the present communication before your readers, believing, as the writer confidently does, that a part of these lost tribes are found in the Karens of Burmah and Siam.

The Karens are possessed of oral traditions on religious subjects to an extent unparalleled in the history of uncivilized nations. Some of these traditions are in prose, in the form of sayings or commands from a father to his children, and have been handed down to posterity, much in the manner that unwritten proverbs are, more or less of which exist among all nations ; others, in verse, possessed of all the peculiar characteristics of Hebrew poetry, and have been perpetuated by being sung at the graves of their old men. The latter are the national songs of the people, and are sung in slow mournful tunes, much resembling European music in the minor

The writer on first starting the idea, that the Karens were the lost Israelites, a gentleman of his acquaintance observed at cnce, “They have got a Jewish look," à fact which cannot fail to strike

any one, The nations around all pluck out the beard, and many of the Karens conform to them in this respect, yet great numbers suffer it to grow, which is their proper national custom, for the Karen father says to his children, “O children and grandchildren! a man without a beard is of a race of women, but a man with a beard belongs to the race of ancient kings.”

It were impossible for the aborigines of this country to suppose that ancient kings wore beards, but it comes naturally enough from an Israelite.



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