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By J. C. LOUDON, F.L.S. H.S. &c.







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The first volume of the Gardener's Magazine being completed, the purchasers of it will naturally, and very properly, compare its contents with the plan and promises held forth in the Prospectus. We invite them to do so. This may appear presumption or vanity: it would be so, were we not indebted to our contributors for having been enabled to carry into execution that plan and those promises. That our contributors are neither few nor unknown, that they are well qualified to be of essential service to the cause in which we are embarked, the list of them subjoined will amply testify.

We had two grave objects in view ;- to disseminate new and important information on all topics connected with horticulture, and to raise the intellect and the character of those engaged in this art. That these objects have been furthered even during the short period of this Magazine's existence, we cannot doubt, when we consider the number of subjects treated of in original articles, the quantity of valuable matter condensed in the reviews, the great variety of miscellaneous intelligence, foreign and domestic, and even the implements, new fruits, addresses of garden artists and artisans, titles of books on gardening, and rural subjects, recorded in the advertising department.

A number of the books from which information is drawn are in foreign languages s and others, from their prices, out of the reach of most readers, and especially of those readers to whom their use would be the greatest.

As the object of the Gardener's Magazine is the dissemination of useful knowledge, its subjects inexhaustible as the vegetable kingdom, and among the most interesting that concern domestic life; its plan calculated to procure information from every possible source at home or abroad: its contributors belonging to every department of gardening and botany; and its conductor devoted to the subject, from inclination no less than interest, its readers. may reasonably expect it to improve as it advances. At all events, they may rely that no exertion will be wanting on the part of its conductor to render it of real service to gardening and gardeners, and worthy a continuation of that encouragement which it has received.

J. C. L.

Bayswater, London, Sept. 1826.


• 472



A Common Sense reforming Gardener 135 Knight, Mr. Joseph, F.H.S., Nurseryman,

A Constant Reader,

378 King's Road,


A Correspondent,

162 Lachlan, Robert, Esq. London,


A Fellow of the Horticultural Society, 146 La Gasca, Professor Don Mariano, of the

A Friend to Discussion,

395 University of Madrid,



393 Lindsay, Mr. Gardener to His Grace the
Agardh, Professor, of Lund, Sweden, 146 Duke of Devonshire, at Chiswick, 89
A Middle-aged Gardener,

463 Loddiges', Messrs. of Hackney Garden, 136

An Amateur,

15 Loudon, Mr. James, Gardener, Ham

of Sussex,

House, Essex,


Anderson, Mr. John, F.H.S., Gardener Lucombe, Pince, and Co., Nurserymen,

to the Earl of Essex, at Cashiobury,




Mr. William, F.L.S. H.S. Cu- M'Arthur, Mr. Peter, F. H. S., Grange,

rator of the Botanic Garden, Chelsea, 384



Anonymous Contributor,

105 MacIntosh, Mr. Charles, Stratton Park,
Archibald, Mr. Joseph, ĉ.M.H.S. of Dal. Hampshire,

housie Castle, N.B.,

251 MacLaurin, Mr. Thomas, Gardener, Bun.

Baines, E. M., Esq., Surgeon, Hendon, : 273

ny Park, Nottinghamshire,


Balfour, Mr. William, Gardener, Howick, 274 Mac Naughton, Mr. Archibald, Hackney, 24
Pishop, Mr. David, New Scone, Perthsh. 126 Masters, Mr. T. H., F.H.S., Nurseryman,
Bowie, Mr. James, Botanical Collector at Stoke Newington,


the Cape,

363. 473 Mentor,


Braddick, John, Esq. F.H.S. of Boughton Moore, Mr. William, Gardener at East
Mount, Kent,
33. 144. 249 Ham, Surrey,


Buchan, Mr. William, F.H.S., Gardener Morris, Richard, Esq., F.L.S. of London, 116

to Lord Bagot, Blithfield, near Litch- Neill, Patrick, Esq., F.L.S. C.M.H.S., Se-



cretary to the Caledonian Horticultural

Burges, Mr. James, Coffleet, Devonshire, 389 Society, Edinburgh,


Burnard, J.P. Esq., Eden Grove, Holloway 141 Oldacre, Mr. I. of Spring Grove, F.H.S. 36. 278

C. of Rouen,

445 Penny, Mr. George, Foreman of the Her-

Collyns, William, Esq. Kenton, Devon., 401 baceous Department, Tooting Nursery, 465

D. B.

454 Petersen, Mr. Jens, of Copenhagen, now

Dingwall, Miss Ann,

153 in England,


Donald, Mr. R., of Woking Nursery, 268. 467 Philalethes,


Duff, Mr., C.M.H.S., Eton Hall, 128. 151

RA. M.

Dunbar, Professor George, F.R.S.E., &c. R. P. Esq. Louth,


Rose Park, Edinburgh,

131 R, S.


Dutton, Hely, Esq., Landscape Gardener, R. W. of London,


Mount Bellew, Castle Blakeney, Ireland, 358 Reeve, Mr.James, Gardener to G.F. Evans,

Felton, 7. Esq.

409 Esq., and Lady Carberry, at Laxton

Forbes, Mr., Gardener to His Grace the Hall, Northamptonshire,


Duke of Bedford, at Woburn Abbey, 94 Rollison, Mess., Nurserymen, Tooting, 88. 366

Fraser, Mr. J., Dartfield, Loughrea, 26. 261 Rusticus of Kent,


Fulton, Mr. George, Gardener to Lord S. L., near Worcester,


Northwick, Northwick Park, near More- Salisbury, R. A., Esq., F.R.S. L.S. H.S.,

ton-in-the-Marsh, Gloucestershire, 399 &c.

43. 122

G. D.

468 Saul, Mr. Matthias, of Lancaster, 152 211. 27.

G. P.

347. 431, 451

G. R. Gardener, Champion Hill, Surrey, 278 Saunders, Mr. B., Nurseryman, Island of

G. R. G.

410 Jersey,


G. S.

858 Saunders, Mr. H., Gardener, Kitley, Devon, 265

Gordon, James, Esq. Forcett, near Ho- Sensitiva,


bart's Town, Van Diemen's Land, 207 Seymour, Mr. William, Gardener, Wed-

Gorrie, Mr. Archibald, C.H.S. of Annat dington,


Garden, Perthshire,

44 Shennan,' Mr. William Johnston, Gar.

Gray, Mr. Henry, Gardener, Camberwell, 150 dener to Major Morrison, Gunners-

Greig, John, Esq. Upper Paradise House, bury House, Middlesex,



346 Simson, Mr. 'James, Gardener, Mussel.

Grierson, William, Esq. Secretary to the burgh, N.B.


Dumfries and Galloway Horticultural Sinclair, Mr. George, F.L.S. H.S., Nur.
Society, Dumfries,

217. 457 seryman, New Cross Nursery, 26. 112

Hall, William, Esq. of Wanbro, Edward's Stevenson, William, Esq. of Beaufort

County, Illinois,

327 Row, Chelsea,


Hamilton, William, Esq. M.D., Fareham Stock, Daniel, Esq. Bungay, Suffolk, 358

Place, near Plymouth,

403 Sweet, Mr. Robert, F.L.S., of Chelsea, 31

Hirst, Mr. William, Gardener to Joseph T. A. of Petersburgh,


Batho, Esq. Cheshunt, Herts, - 465 Thompson, Mr. J. Jun., Gardener, Wel.

Hosack, David, M.D. F.R.S. L.S. H.S. beck Gardens,


&c. Professor of Medicine in the Uni- Thomson, Anthony Todd, Esq., M. D.

versity of the State of New York, and F.LS. H.S. &c.

20. 396

President of the New York Hort. Soc. 205 Thomson, Mr. John,

Huddlestone, T. C. Esq. F.H.S. 388. 470 London,

16. 118. 280

Ingram, Mr. T., Frog more,

451 Tredgold, T., Esq. Engineer, of London, 37

J. D. C. S.

470 Verus, of Berwickshire,


J. H. L Esq.,

453 W. B. of Stirlingsbire,


Ignoramus, Suburbs of York,

470 W. R. G., West Riding, Yorkshire,

J. L of Warsaw,


326 Willis, Mr. Richard, Gardener to John

Johnston, Mr. Andrew, Journeyman Gar. Harris, Esq. Radford, Plymstock,Devon, 471

dener, Shugborough Gard., Staffordsh., 407 Willmot, Mr, F.H.S. Nurseryman, Lewis-

Kitaiewski, Professor W. P. A. M.,



3. 75 Wilmot, Mr. John, F.H.S. Isleworth



Land Surveyor,


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- 146


On the present State of Gardening in Ireland, History, Description, and Mode of Treatment

with Hints for its future Improvement. By of Bishop's Early Dwarf Pea. By Mr. David

Mr. James Fraser, Gardener, Author of a Bishop

Page 126

Letter to the President and Vice President of On a new Mode of training the Peach-tree, in-

the Horticultural Society of Ireland,

vented by Mr. J. Seymour, and communicated

Page 10. 261

by Mr. William Seymour, Gardener at Wed.

Upon the Method of setting the Fruit of the dington, and Mr. Duff, Gardener to the Earl

Granadilla. By an Amateur,

15 of Grosvenor, at Eton Hall

Remarks on the Effect of the Lombardy Poplar A Catalogue of Ericæ, in the Collection of

in Park Scenery. By Mr. John Thomson, George Dunbar, Esq. F.R.S.E. &c. Professor

Land Surveyor and Pictorial Draughtsman, 16

of Greek in the University of Edinburgh.

Observations on an Hypothesis concerning the Communicated by the Professor


Effects of Green Vegetable Manure. By An. On the evil Effects of a Head Gardener being

thony Todd Thomson, M.D. F.L S. &c. Au- lodged any where else than in his Garden.

thor of Lectures on Botany,

20 By a Common Sense reforming Gardener 135

On the Life of a Jobbing Gardener. By Mr. Catalogue of the different Species of Palm culti-

Archibald M‘Naughton, New Ground Work. vated in the Stoves of the Hackney Garden.

man, Hackney,

24 Communicated by Messrs. Loddiges

On cultivating a Collection of Grasses in Plea- On a new Verge Cutter and Orange Tub, in.

sure Grounds or Flower Gardens. By Mr. vented by Mr. Charles Mac Intosh, Gardener
George Sinclair, F.LS H.S. &c. Author of to Sir Thomas Baring, Bart., and also on a

Hortus Gramineus Woburnensis, 26. 112 new Mode of preserving Cauliflowers by the

Of the best Mode of washing Water Cresses and same, in a Letter to Mr. Mackay, of the Bel.

other Salads, so as to free them from the grave and Clapton Nurseries

Larvæ of Insects and Worms. By Mr. James On the Remuneration of Gardeners. By P.

Simson, Gardencr, Musselburgh, near Edin- Burnard, Esq. of Eden Grove, Holloway 141


29 On the Beurré Spence and other new Pears, and

On the Cultivation of Hothouse bulbous-rooted on the Art of keeping Fruit. By W. Brad-

Plants. By Mr. Robert Sweet, F.L.S, Au- dick, Esq. F.H.S. of Boughton Mt. Kent 144

thor of the Botanical Cultivator, Cistineæ;

Remarks on the Constitution and Adminis-

and other Works,

. 31 tration of the London Horticultural Society.

Historical Notice of the Present de Malines By a Fellow of the Society

Pear. By John Braddick, Esq. F.H.S. of On the Cultivation of Gourds and Pompions.

Boughton Mount, Kent,

S3 By Mr.Henry Gray, Gardener, Camberwell.

On the Cultivation of the Grape known as

Dated December 12. '1825


West's St. Peter, as practised at Spring Grove.

On the Cultivation of the English and Ame-

By Mr. Isaac Oldacre, F.H.S., Gardener to rican Cranberry, and the Water Cress, at

the Emperor of Russia,

36 Bretton Hall, By Mr. Christie Duff, late

On the Relations of Heat, Moisture, and Eva-

Gardener there. Dated December 20. 1825. 151

poration, in natural and artificial Atmo. On the Management of newly imported Orange
spheres. By Thomas Tredgold, Esq. Civil and Lemon Trees. By Mr. William Moore,


On the Cultivation of Vines in the open Air in

Gardener at East Ham, Surry. Dated Ja-


Great Britain.

nuary 25,

F.R.S. LS. HS, &c.,

By R. A. Salisbury, Esq. An Account of an Experiment, which serves


On the Culture of the Huntingdon Willow, Salix

to show that Hot-house Flues may draw

alba, as a Timber Tree. By Mr. Arch. Gor.

very well without terminating in an up-

rie, C.H.S. &c. of Annat Garden, Perth-

right Shaft or Chimney. By Mr. Matthias


Saul, of Lancaster, Inventor of Saul's Fruit

On the Benefits to be derived by the Country

Gatherer (Encyc. of Gard. { 1347.) and other

Machines. Dated February 7.


Labourer from a Garden, and the Means of on the Winter Management of Bees, by a

teaching him how to acquire those Benefits.

By William Stevenson, Esq. Author of the

Clergyman, in Morayshire. Communicated


by Miss Ann Dingwall. Dated Feb. 9.

Agricultural Surveys of Surrey and Dorset-

Historical Notice of Two Varieties of the

shire, &c.

. 101

Some Account of a Conservatory lately erected

Garden Pea. By Mr.T.H. Masters, Eden Nur-


sery, Stoke Newington. Dated Feb. 25.

at the Grange, the

Seat of Alexander Baring, On the Cultivation of Pear Trees for Perry.

Esq. M P. Hampshire. By Mr. Peter M'Ar.

By Rusticus, of Kent. Dated February 25.

thur, F.H.S. Gardener there, with a prelimi.


nary Notice respecting the Architecture of Remarkable Specimens of Pæonia papaveracea,

the Mansion, by an anon. Contributor 105

Remarks on Mr. Thornpson's Observations on

Madras, Citron, and Magnolia Conspicua, in

the Gardens ot' Wormleybury, in Hertford.

the Effect of the Lombardy Poplar in Park

shire. Communicated by Sir Abraham Hume,

Scenery. By Richard Morris, Esq. F.L.S.,

Bart. F.R.S. H.S. &c. the Proprietor. Dateci

Surveyor and Landscape Gardener

- 154

Remarks on the Effects of the Cedar of Lebanon Sketches of the . Botanical, Horticultural, and

in Landscape. By John Thompson, Esq.

Agricultural Circumstances of Spain. By Don

Pictorial Draughtsman, and Student of Land.

Mariano La Gasca, Professor of Botany in the

scape Gardening

Or forsing Fioses. By R A. Salisbury, Es Notices of Ihree New Keeping Pears. By John

• 249


Braddick, Esq. F.H.S.

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