St. Petersburgh: A Journal of Travels to and from that Capital; Through Flanders, the Rhenich Provinces, Prussia, Russia, Poland, Silesia, Saxony, the Federated States of Germany, and France, Volum 2


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PÓgina 660 - I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? your gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one now, to mock your own grinning? quite chapfallen? Now get you to my lady's chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must come; make her laugh at that. Prithee, Horatio, tell me one thing. Hor. What's that, my lord? Ham. Dost thou think Alexander looked o' this fashion i
PÓgina 626 - ... gorges, as if the chisel had been used to hew passages through them. They should rather be called lanes, so narrow are they, so deeply sunk, and so smoothly perpendicular do the gigantic walls of rock rise on both sides. The walls themselves are cut vertically into separate masses, by narrow openings reaching from the summit to the very bottom, as if a cement, which once united them, had been washed away. These perpendicular masses, again, are divided and grooved horizontally into layers, or...
PÓgina 627 - Bastion, is the name given to one of the largest masses which rise close by the river on the right bank. - One narrow block, on the very summit, projects into the air. Perched on this, not on, but beyond the brink of the precipice, you command a prospect which, in its kind, is unique in Europe. You hover, on the pinnacle, at an elevation of more than eight hundred feet above the Elbe, which sweeps round the bottom of the precipice.
PÓgina 188 - ... patriotism. The celebrated leader of the Cossacks during the period of the French invasion, having intercepted a great part of the booty which the French were carrying from Moscow, sent it to the metropolitan or head of the church, with a characteristic letter, directing it to be " made into an image of the four Evangelists, and adorn the church of the Mother of God of Cazan.
PÓgina 628 - ... and now covered with natural wood. The access to the summit is so difficult, that an Elector of Saxony and King of Poland thought the exploit which he performed in scrambling to the top of the Lilienstein deserving of being commemorated by an inscription.
PÓgina 628 - From the farther bank, the plain gradually elevates itself into an irregular amphitheatre, terminated by a lofty, but rounded, range of mountains. The striking feature is, that, in the bosom of this amphitheatre, a plain of the most varied beauty, huge columnar hills start up at once from the ground, at great distances from each other, overlooking, in lonely and solemn grandeur, each its own portion of the domain. They are monuments which the Elbe has left standing to commemorate his triumph over...
PÓgina 651 - ... and I felt thankful to him for that first impression on my mind. His person was erect, and denoted not the advance of age. His open and well-arched eyebrows, which give effect to the undimmed lustre of the most brilliant eye I have ever beheld ; his fresh look and mild expression of countenance, at once captivated my whole attention, and when he extended his friendly hand to welcome me to his dwelling, I stood absorbed in the contemplation of the most literary character of the age.
PÓgina 626 - In one place the walls are not more than four feet asunder. Some huge blocks, in their course from the summit, have been jammed in between them, and form a natural roof, beneath which you must creep along, above the brook, on planks, if the brook be small, or wading in water, if it be swollen ; for the rivulet occupies the whole space between the walls in this narrow passage, which goes under the name of
PÓgina 720 - In this very curious series of literary and peronal sketches, Mr. Hunt has sketched in a very bold manner, not only the public, but the private characters and habits of many of the celebrated writers of the present day — Lord Byron, Mr.
PÓgina 425 - I certainly shall not (like a late writer) recommend it to the traveller's use, except for washing or household employments ; " After all, the best, the purest, the most grateful, the most healthy, the most delightful, and really national beverage of the inhabitants of St. Petersburg, is the water of the Neva. Oh, commend me to the water of that river for quenching thirst, pleasing the palate, and assisting digestion ! Malvern must yield the palm to it, and so I take it must every other water in...

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