Imatges de pÓgina


KENT, (a Henry vi.) vii. 320. Say.


LOMBARDY, (Taming of the Shrew) iv. 192 Lucentio.


NILE, its flow described, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 156.


PISA, (Taming of the Shrew) iv. 192. Luc.


SEVERN, (1 Henry IV.) vi. 125. Hetfpur.
Salique land, (Henry V) vii. 14 Canterbury.


TRENT, at Burton, (1 Henry IV) vi. 165. Hotfpur.
Tower of London, (Richard III) viii. 169.

VALE, a dark and melancholy one, (Titus Andronicus)
xi. 34. Tamora.

II. Deferiptions of Perfons.


APOTHECARY, his poverty and shop defcribed, (Romeo
and Juliet) ix 342 Romeo.


BEAUTIFUL maid, (Taming of the Shrew) iv. 258. Pet.
A bishop in arms, (2 Henry IV) vi, 284 Westmorland.
Bedlam beggars, (King Lear) v. 143 Edgar.

Beautiful perfon petitioning, (Two Gentlemen of Verona)
iv. 5o. Pro.

A bailiff, (Comedy of Errors) iv. 318. S. Dro.



OMMONS of England, (Richard II) vi. 43. Bagot.
their inconftancy, (2 Henry IV, 238. York.

Courtier, an unfuccefsful one, (Henry VIII) viii 288. Old L.
Cheats, feveral forts, (Comedy of Errors) iv 286. Ant.
Conftables and watchmen, (Much Ado about Nothing) Ni.
$4 6.3.

Courtier, humorously defcribed, (As You Like it) iv. 170.


Candidate for an office, (Coriolanus) xi. 145. Coriolanus.



DEFORM FD perfon, (King John) v. 267. Conftance.
A dying perfon by poifon, in King John, (ibid) 325.
A dying perfon of old age, in prisoner, in Mortimer, (1 Henry
VI) vii.

by ftrangling in Duke Humphrey, (2 Henry VI) vii.
293. Warwick.

-in agonies of despair, in Cardinal Beauford, (ibid) 301
Drunken men, (Tempest) i. 67. Arion.

Dying of grief, (All's well, &c ) ii. 287. 1 Lord.

Debtor, (Timon) x. 31. Sen.

Duellift, (Romeo and Juliet) ix, 289. Mercutio,

Death, in a beautiful face, (ibid) 336. Cap.

-item, (Cymbeline) x. 296. Arv.

-item, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 348. Romeo.


ENGLISHMEN in preference to the French, (Henry V)
vii. 66. King Henry.

defcribed by the French, (1 Henry VI) 138.

-ridiculed for following French fashions, (Henry VIII).
viii. 266.

Englishmen ridiculed for hard drinking, (Othello) xii 225.


AFOPPISH Courtier, (1 Henry IV) vi. 122 Hotspur.
Flatterers of great men, King Lear) v. 138 Kent.
Fairies, (Midfummer Night's Dream) i. 02.

-item, Mab the Queen of, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 269.

Fairy-mafquerade. (Merry Wives of Windfor) ii. 97.
Fortune-teller, (Comedy of Errors) iv. 337. E. Ant.


GENERAL, leading a victorious army, (Coriolanus) ix.
145. Cominius.


HYPOCRITE, Richard III. viii. 142. Glo、
--item, (ibid) 184. Glo. Buck.
item, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 310. Jul.

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IRISHMAN, (Richard II) vi. 34. King Richard.
A juftice, (As You like it) iv 122. Jaques.

A jefter, (Twelfth Night) v. 51. Vio.


KING, a good one defcribed, (Macbeth) ix. 80.
Knights of the garter, (1 Henry VI.) vii. 191. Talb.
Kentifhmen, (3 Henry VI.) vin. 18. York.
King, a good, (ibid) 92 King Henry.


LOVER, banished, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 313. Romeo. Lovers, humorously defcribed, (ibid) 277. Mercutio.

Lovers parting (Cymbeline) x. 212.

Lovers deferibed, (As You like it) iv. 113. 122. Sil. and Glo. Jaques.

-item, Two (Gentlemen of Verona) iv. 22. Speed.

-item, ibid. 34. Val.

-con ftant, (ibid, 42. Jul.

-banished, (ibid) 48. Val.

--in folitude, (ibid) 76. idem.

Lover defcribed, (As You like it) iv. 136. Rofa.
Lovers parting, (Troilus and Creffida) xi. 315.



ESSENGER, with ill news, 2 (Henry IV) vi. 2111

-item, (King John) v. 266. Conft.

with good news, (2 Henry IV) vi 301. King Henry. A mad-man, King Lear) v. 194 Cara.

A miferable mother in Conftance. (King John) v. 285.

Edward IV's widow, (Richard I) viii. 207. Queen. Mermaid, (Midfummer Night's Dream) i. 1c8. Oberon. Melancholy man, (Hamlet) xii 63. Hamlet.


NEWSTELLERS, (King John) v. 300. Hub.
A nun, (Midsummer Night's Dream) i. 91. The.

OLD man oppreffed with cares, (Comedy of Errors) iv. 340. Ægaon.

Old man, vigorous, from temperance in youth, (As You Like
it) iv. 111. Adam.

Old man in the extremity of decay, (ibid) iv. 123. Faques.
Old men subject to ingratitude, (Timon) x. 38. Timon.


POST-MESSENGER, ( Henry IV) vi. 220. Trav.
-fee the fame defcribed, (King Lear) v. 145. Kent.
Pedants, in Armado, Holofernes, Nathaniel, (Love's La-
bour's loft) iii.


UARRELSO м E perfon, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 300.


SOLDIER young, brave and unpolished, (Troilus and
Creffida) xi. 334. Ulf.

Soldiers in armour, (1 Henry IV) vi. 185. Ver.
Serving-man, (King Lear) v. 168. Edgar.

Sea-faring perfons in diftrefs, (Tempeft) i. 12. Pro.
Savage man, vid. Caliban.

Swimmer, (Julius Cæfar) x. 111. Caf.

-item, (Tempeft) i. 30. Fran.

Soldier, (As You like it) iv. 122. Jaques.
School-boy, (ibid)

Shepherd, (ibid) 125.


TWINS, their likeness described in the two Antipholis's
and Dromio's, (Comedy of Errors) iv.

Talkative coxcombs, (Merchant of Venice) i. 234. Lor.
Trojans, (Trolius and Creffida) xi. 262. Æn.


VILLAIN's look, (King John) v. 296. Pemb. 301. King

WITCH, vid. Sycorax.


Woman of a fatirical wit, (Much Ado about Nothing)
iii. 29. Bene.

-item, (ibid) 47. Hero.

Wife, a good one, (Merchant of Venice) i. 234. Jes.
Woman's man, (Love's Labour loft) iii. 189. Biron.


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Witches and their charms, (Macbeth) ix.

Woman, a lewd one, (Troilus and Creflida) xi. 332. Ulyf.


YOUNG gentleman, an accomplished, (Two Gentlemen
of Verona) iv. 31. Val.

item (Cymbeline) x. 204., 1 Gent:

Youth, a pert pretender, (Merchant of Venice) i 231. Por.
Younger brother, kept without education, (As You like it)
iv. 85. Orla.

Youth, a beautiful one defcribed, (ibid) 147. Phe.

Young lady playing on the lute, and finging (Titus Andro-
nicus) xi. 43. Mar.

Youth, a pert one, (Cymbeline) x. 272. Pis.

-two of royal birth (ibid) 294. Bel.

III. Deferiptions of Things.


AN army disbanded, (2 Henry IV) vi. 294. Haft.
-embarking, (Henry V) vii. 46. Chorus.

-English, new raifed, (King John) v. 247 Chat.
Angling, (Much Ado about Nothing) iii. 46. Urf.
Ambitious love, (All's well, &c.) ii. 214. Hel.
Art and nature, vid. Nature.

Angling, Cleopatra's (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 145.


BEAUTY, vid. Bullen Anne.

-item, (Tempest) i. 47. Fer.

-neglected, (Two Gentlemen of Verona) iv. 63. Jul.
-defcribed by Romeo, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 273.


CHALLENGE, the ceremonial of one (Richard II) vi, 8.
Combat in the lifts, its ceremony, (ibid) 17.

Coronation, the ceremonies of one, (Henry VIII) viii. 327.


DENIAL of favours, (Timon) x. 38. Flav.

Diamond ring, (Titus Andronicus) xi. 39. Mar.

Death, (Cymbeline) x. 314. Poft.

Dreams, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 268, Mer.

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