Imatges de pàgina
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Let us leave the city
Thebes, and the temptings in't, bcfore we further
Sully our glofs of youth,

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I had not quoted him. I feared he trifled,
And meant to wreck thee; but beshrew my jealousy;
It seems it is as proper to our age
To cait beyond ourselves in our opinions,
As it is common for the younger fort
To lack discretion. Come, go we to the King.
This must be known; which being kept close,

might move
Qlore grief to hide, than hate to utter, love.

[Exeunt. SCENE changes to the Palace. Enter King, Queen, ROSINCRANTZ, GUILDEN

STERN, Lords, and other Attendants. King. Welcome, dear Rofincrantz and Guilden.. stern!

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