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Ham. No, believe me, 'tis very cold; the wind is northerly.

Ofr. It is indifferent cold, my Lord, jadeed.

Ham, But yet, methinks, it is very sultry, and hot for my complexion.

Ofr. Exceedingly, my Lord, it is very sultry, as 'twere, I cannot tell how. -My Lord, his Majesty bid me fignify to you, that he has laid a great wager on your head : Sir, this is the matter

Ham. I beseech you, remember---

Ofr. Nay, in good faith, for mine ease, in good faith :--Sir, here is newly come to court, Laertes; (73) believe me, an absolute gentleman, full of moit excellent differences, of very soft fosiety, and great thew: indeed, to speak feelingly of him, he is the card or calender of gentry; for you thail find in him the continent of what part a gentleman would see. · Ham. Sir, his definement suffers no perdita in you, though I know, to divide him inventorially would dizzy the arithmetic of memory; and yet but raw neither in respect of his quick fail: but, in the verity of extolment, I take him to be a soud of great article; and his infusion of such dearth and rares ness, as, to make true diction of him, his seinblable is his mirrour; and, who else would trace him, his umbrage, nothing more.

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Ofr. Your Lordship speaks most infallibly of him.

Ham. The concernancy, Sir?-_Why do we. wrap the gentleman in our more rawer breath?

[To Horatio.. Ofr. Sir.

Hor. Is’t not poslible to understand in another tongue? you will do't, Sir, rarely. .. Ham. Whatimports the nomination of this gentlee. man?

Ofr. Of Laertes?

Hor. His purse is empty already: all's golden words are spent.

Ham. Of him, Sir,
Ofr. I know, you are not ignorant,-..

Hani. I would you did, Sir; yet, in faith, if you: did, it would not much approve me.Well, Sir. . Ofr. You are not ignorant of what excellence Laertes is. .Ham. I dare not confefs that, left I fhould com-. pare with him in excellence : but to know a man: well, were to know himself.

Ofr. I mean, Sir, for his weapon: but in the im. putation laid on him by them in his meed, he's un.. fellowed. i

Ham. What's his weapon?
Osr. Rapier and dagger..
Ham. That's two of his weapons; but well:

Ofr. The King, Sir, has waged with him six Bar.. bary horses, against the which he has imponed, as, I take it, fix French rapiers and poniards, with theiralligns, as girdle, hangers, and fo: three of the carriages, in faith, are very dear to fancy, very re-. fponfive to the hilts, most delicate carriages, and of very liberal conceit.

Ham. What call you the carriages ?

Hor. I knew you must be edified by the margent, ere you had done..


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