Imatges de pÓgina

authority, that this play was touched in different parts by Shakespeare, but written by fome other poet. I do not find Shakespeare's touches very discernible.

Johnson. It may not be amiss to remark, that this tragedy, which (set. ting aside the feebleness of compofition) would be regarded as too bloody on the modern stage, appears to have been highly relished in 1686, when it was revived with alterations by Ravenscroft. Instead of diminishing any of its horrors, he seized every opportunity of making large additions of them, insomuch that when Tamora ftabs her child, the Moor utters the following lines :

Sbe bas out-done me, ev'n in mine own ari,
Out-done me in murder- -kill'd ber oun obild.
Give it me'll eat it.


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