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Leaves from an Actor's Note-Book; with Sword and Gown. By the Author of " Guy Reminiscences and Chit-Chat of the Green- Livingstone.” Boston. Ticknor & Fields. Room and the Stage, in England and Ameri- 16mo. pp. 308. 75 cts. ca. By George Vandenhoff. New York. D. The Money King and other Poems. By Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. vi., 347. $1.00. John G. Saxe. With a New Portrait. Bos

The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro- ton. Ticknor & Fields. 16mo. Pp. X., 182. Carbon Oils, from Coal and other Bitumin- 75 cts. ous Substances, capable of supplying Burn- Chambers's Encyclopædia; a Dictionary ing Fluids. By Thomas Antisell, M. D., Pro- of Universal Knowledge for the People. On fessor of Chemistry in the Medical Depart- the Basis of the Latest Edition of the German ment of Georgetown College, D. C., etc. New Conversations-Lexicon. Illustrated by Wood York. D. Appleton & Co. 8vo. pp. 144.

Engravings and Maps. Part VII. New York, $1.75.

D. Appleton & Co. 8vo. pp. 64. 15 cts. The Boy's Own Toy-Maker; a Practical A Good Fight, and other Tales. By Charles Illustrated Guide to the Useful Employment Reade, Author of “Love Me Little, Love Me of Leisure Hours. By E. Landells, Author Long," Peg Woffington,"

," " Christie Johnof “ Home Pastime, or the Child's Own Toy- stone," etc., etc.; with Illustrations. New Maker.” With Numerous Engravings. New York. Harper & Brothers. 12mo. pp. 341. York. D. Appleton & Co. Square 16mo. 75 cts. pp. viii., 153. 50 cts.

Family-Circle Glee-Book; containing about The Children's Picture-Gallery. Engrav- Two Hundred Songs, Glees, Choruses, etc., inings from One Hundred Paintings by Emi- cluding many of the most Popular Pieces of nent English Artists. Adapted for the Young. the Day; arranged and harmonized for Four New York. D. Appleton & Co. 4to. pp. 105. Voices with Full Accompaniments for the Pia$1.50.

no, Seraphine, and Melodeon. For the Use of Women of Worth. A Book for Girls. Illus- Glee-Clubs, Singing-Classes, and the Home trated by W. Dickes. New York. W. A. Circle. Compiled by Elias Howe. Vol. II. Townsend & Co. 16mo. Pp. 302. 75 cts. Boston. Russell & Tolman Square 8vo.

The Headsman; or, The Abbaye des Vi- Pp. 240. $1.50. gnerons. A Tale. By J. Fenimore Cooper. Gold Foil Hammered from Popular ProyIllustrated from Drawings by F. 0. C. Dar- erbs. By Timothy Titcomb, Author of " Letley. New York. W. A. Townsend & Co. ters to the Young." New York. Charles 12mo. pp. X., 496. $1.50.

Scribner. 16mo. pp. 358. $1.00. The Physiology of Common Life. By George Address Commemorative of Rufus Choate. Henry Lewes, Author of " Seaside Studies," By Theophilus Parsons. Delivered before the “Life of Goethe," etc. 2 vols. Vol. I. New Students of the Law School of Harvard UniYork. D. Appleton & Co. 16mo. pp. viii., versity, at their Request, on the 29th of Sep368. $1.00.

tember, 1859. Boston. Little, Brown, & Co. The Glory of the House of Israel; or the 8vo. pp. 40. 25 cts. Hebrew's Pilgrimage to the Holy City; com- Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. By prising a Picture of Judaism in the Century Alphonse de Lamartine. Ne Yor Shelwhich preceded the Advent of our Saviour. don & Co. 18mo. pp. 275. 50 cts. By Frederick Strauss. Philadelphia. J. B. Loss and Gain; or, Margaret's Home. By Lippincott & Co. 12mo. pp. xxiii., 480. Alice B. Haven. New York. D. Appleton $1.25.

& Co. 16mo. pp. 315. $1.00. Women Artists in all Ages and Countries. At Home and Abroad; a Sketch-Book of By Mrs. Ellet, Author of " The Women of the Life, Scenery, and Men. By Bayard Taylor. American Revolution,” etc. New York. Har- New York. G. P. Putnam. 12mo. pp. vi., per & Brothers. 12mo. pp. XX., 377. $1.00. 500. $1.25.

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