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caves in Burmah. Lighting our torches, or in the remotest murky niches, or down and each man taking one, we mounted in the black profound of resounding the steep, tortuous, and slippery foot- chasms; some, bewildered or quite blindpath of damp, green stones, through the ed by the flashes of the co-eternal beam, thorny shrubs that beset it, to the low dashed themselves against the stony walls, entrance to the outer cavern. Stooping and fell crippled, gasping, staring, at our uncomfortably, we passed into a small, feet. And when, at last, our guides and vacant antechamber, having a low, drip- servants, mounting to pinnacles and jutping roof, perpendicular walls, clammy ting points, and many a frieze and coigne and green, and a rocky floor, sloping of vantage, placed blue lights on them all, inward through a narrow arch to a long, and at the word illuminated all together, double, transverse gallery, divided in the there was redoubled bedlam in that abode direction of its length, partly, by a face of Hecate, and the eternal calm of the of rock, partly by a row of pillars. Here Boodh became awful. For what deeds were innumerable images of Guadma, the of outer darkness, done long ago in that counterfeit presentment of the Fourth black hole of superstition, so many damBoodh, whose successor is to see the end ned souls shrieked from their night-fowl of all things, --innumerable, and of every transmigrations, 'twere vain to question stature, from IIop-o'-my-thumbs to Hurlo- there were no disclosures in that trance thrombos, but all of the identical ortho- of stone. dox pattern, — with pendulous ears, one For an experience of the oppressive hand planted squarely on the knee, the awfulness of solitude, and all the weary other sleeping in the lap, an eternity of monotony of waste, come now,

with Kingfront face, and a smooth stagnancy of lake, into mid-desert. expression, typical of an unfathomable “As long as you are journeying in the calm, — the Guadma of a span as grim interior of the desert, you have no paras he of ten cubits, and he of ten cubits ticular point to make for as your restingas vacant as the Guadma of a span, — of place. The endless sands yield nothing stone, of lead, of wood, of clay, of earth- but small stunted shrubs; even these enware and alabaster,— on their bottoms, fail after the first two or three days; on their heads, on their backs, on their and from that time you pass over broad sides, on their faces,- black, white, red, plains, you pass over newly reared hills, yellow,- an eye gone, a nose gone, an you pass through valleys that the storm ear gone, a head gone,- an arm off at of the last week has dug; and the hills the shoulder, a leg at the knee,-a back and the valleys are sand, sand, sand, still split, a bosom burst, — Guadma, imper- sand and only sand, and sand and sand turbable, eternal, calm, — in the midst again. The earth is so samely, that your of time, timeless! It is not annihilation eyes turn toward heaven,- toward heavwhich the Boodh has promised, as the en, I mean, in the sense of sky. You blessed crown of a myriad of progressive look to the sun, for he is your task-mastransmigrations; it is not Death; it is not ter, and by him you know the measure Sleep,- it is this.

of the work that you have done, the Our entrance awoke a pandemonium. measure of the work that remains for Myriads of bats and owls, and all man- you to do. He comes when you strike ner of fowls of darkness and bad omen, your tent in the early morning, and then, crazed by the glare of twenty torches, for the first hour of the day, as you move startled the echoes with infernal clangor. forward on your camel, he stands at your Sereaming and huddling together, some near side, and makes you know that the fled under the wide skirts of sable, which whole day's toil is before you. Then, for Darkness, climbing to the roof in fear, a while, and a long while, you see him drew up after her; some hid with lesser no more ; for you are veiled and shroudshadows between columns of great girth, ed, and dare not look upon the greatness

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of his glory; but you know where he crash of broken bones, rags, and wooden strides over your head by the touch of cases, that raised such a dust as kept him his flaming sword. No words are spok- motionless for a quarter of an hour, waiten; but your Arabs moan, your camels ing for it to subside. He could not move sigh, your skin glows, your shoulders from the place, however, without increasache ; and, for sights, you see the pat- ing it, and every step he took smashed tern and the web of the silk that veils a mummy. Once, in forcing his way your eyes, and the glare of the outer through a steeply inclined passage, abo it light.

twenty feet in length, and no wider than
“ Time labors on,- your skin glows, his body could be squeezed through, he
and your shoulders ache, your Arabs was overwhelmed with an avalanche of
moan, your camels sigh, and you see bones, legs, arms, and hands, rolling from
the same pattern on the silk, and the above; and every forward move brought
same glare beyond ; but conquering Time his face in contact with the abhorred fea-
marches on, and by-and-by the descend- tures of some decayed Egyptian.*
ing sun has compassed the heaven, and Behold Denham in the Desert of Dead
now softly touches your right arm, and Bones, where his sick comrades were
throws your lank shadow over the sand, constantly disheartened by the sight of
right along on the way to Persia. Then the skulls and skeletons of men who had
again you


his face, for his pow- perished on those sands. During several er is all veiled in his beauty, and the red- days, they passed from sixty to ninety ness of flames has become the redness of skeletons a day; but the numbers that roses; the fair, wavy cloud that fled in lay about the wells at El Hammar were the morning now comes to his sight once countless. Those of two women, whose more, - comes blushing, but still comes perfect and regular teeth bespoke them on,

- comes burning with blushes, yet young, perhaps beautiful, were particuhastens, and clings to his side.” larly shocking. Their arms were still

When one has been sufficiently dis- clasped around each other's neck, in the Europized by remote travel, to become, attitude in which they had expired, alas to his imagination, a child again, and though the flesh had long since been receive a child's impressions from the consumed in the rays of the sun, and strangeness that surrounds him, the gro

the blackened bones alone were left. tesque and fantastic aspects of his situa- Parkyns, among the little greenishtion afford him the same emotions, of gray monkeys of Tigré, enjoyed a treat unquestioning wonder and romantic sym

to make the mouth of our young imaginapathy, that he derived in the old time tion water. He saw them conversing, from the adventures of Sinbad the Sail- quarrelling, making love; mothers were or, the exploits of Jack the Giant-Killer, taking care of their children, combing what Gulliver saw, or Munchausen did. their hair, nursing or “trotting” them; Behold Belzoni in the necropolis of and the passions of all — jealousy, rage, Thebes, crawling on his very face among love — were as strongly marked as in the dusty rubbish of unnumbered mum- men. They had a language as distinct mies, to steal papyri from their bosoms. to them as ours to us; and their women Fatigued with the exertion of squirming were as noisy and as fond of disputation through a mummy-choked passage of five as any fish-fag in Billingsgate. hundred yards, he sought a resting-place; “On their marches, a few of the heedbut when he would have sat down, his less youth occasionally lagged behind to weight bore on the body of an Egyptian, snatch a handful of berries; sometimes a and crushed it like a bandbox. He nat- matron halted for a while to nurse her urally had recourse to his hands to sus- baby, and, not to lose time, dressed its tain his weight; but they found no better hair while it took its meal. Now and support, and he sunk altogether in a

Bayard Taylor.


then a young lady, excited by jealousy plague-chased Cavrite; the grim and or some sneering look or word, made an lonely duels of the French lion-killer ugly mouth at one of her companions, under the melancholy stars; the carrionand then, uttering a shrill squeal, highly like exposures of the Parsee dead; the expressive of rage, vindictively snatched nightmarish legends of the Evil Eye. at the offender's tail or leg, and adminis- But my hope is to part with them on tered a hearty bite. This provoked a pleasant terms; so rather would I strew s. tort, and a most unladylike quarrel en- their pillows with the consolations of this súed, till a loud remonstrance from moth- many-mooded Barbaric,- moss from ruers or aunts called them to order." ins, and pretty flowers from the desert

According to Marco Polo, there have that beneficent botany which maketh the been among the monkeys, from time to wilderness to blossom like the rose. time, certain Asiatic Yankees, who did When Mungo Park, deserted by his a lively business in the manufacture of guides, and stripped by thieves, utterly an article which would, no doubt, have paralyzed by misfortune and misery, found a ready purchaser at Barnum's would have laid him down

die in a Museum.

desert place,- at that moment, of all “It should be known,” says the vera- others, the extraordinary beauty of a cious old Venetian, “ that what is report- small moss in fructification caught his ed respecting the dead bodies of diminu- eye. “I mention this,” he says, “ to show tive human creatures or pigmies, brought you from what trilling circumstances the from India, is an idle tale; such pre- mind will sometimes derive consolation; tended men being manufactured in the for, though the whole plant was not larisland of Basman in the following man- ger than the top of one of my fingers, I ner. The country produces a species of could not contemplate the delicate conmonkey of a tolerable size, and having a formation of its root, leaves, and capsule countenance resembling that of a man. without admiration. Can that Being, Those persons who make it their busi

thought I, who planted, watered, and ness to catch them shave off the hair, brought to perfection, in this obscure leaving it only about the chin. They part of the world, a thing which appears then dry and preserve them with cam- of so small importance, look with unconphor and other drugs; and having pre- cern upon the situation and sufferings of pared them in such a mode that they creatures formed after his own image? have exactly the appearance of little I started up, and, disregarding both danmen, they put them into wooden boxes, ger and fatigue, travelled forward, asand sell them to trading people, who sured that relief was at band; and I was carry them to all parts of the world.” not disappointed."

Not the least familiar of the aspects of Richardson, in the midst of Sahara, bethe Barbaric are its actions and situations beld with brimming eyes two small trees, of horror. I could tell tales from the the common desert acacia, and by-andlater, not less than from the older travel by two or three pretty blue flowers. As lers, that would send my readers shud- he snatched them, to fold them in his dering to sleepless beds: the ferocities bosom, he could not help exclaiming, of Tippoo reenacted in the name of Nena Elhamdullah ! “ Praise be to God!"- for Sahib; the noiseless murders of Thug- Arabic was growing second-born to his gee's nimble cord; the drunken diablerie tongue, and be began to think in it and of the Doorga Pooja ; the monstrous hu- to pray in it. An Arab said to him, man sacrifices of the Khonds and Bheels; “Yakob, if we had a reed, and were to the dreadful rites of the Janni before the make a melodious sound, those flowers, gory altar of the Earth goddess; the in- the color of heaven, would open and shut discriminate slashing and stabbing of the their mouths.” Amok; the shuddering dodges of the Once, Mungo Park (the once too often



Let us

of telling this story can never come) sat out fear, commanded the females of her all day, without food, under a tree. The family, who all the while had stood gaznight threatened to be very pitiless; for ing on him in fixed astonishment, to rethe wind arose, and there was every sign sume their spinning. Then they sang, of a heavy rain ; and wild beasts prowled to a sweet and plaintive air, these words: around. But about sunset, as he was pre- “ The winds roared, and the rains fell. paring to pass the night in the branches The poor white man, faint and weary, of the tree, a woman, returning from the came and sat under our tree. labors of the field, perceived how weary pity the white man; no mother hath he and dejected he was, and, taking up his to bring him milk, no wife to grind his saddle and bridle, invited him to follow corn.” Flowers in the desert! * her. She conducted him to her hut, Flowers in the desert! And De Sauwhere she lighted a lamp, spread a mat ty shall spare them, though he botanize on the floor, and bade him welcome. on his mother's grave. Borro-boolah-gah Then she went out, and presently return- may know us by our India-rubber shirts ing with a fine fish, broiled it on the and pictorial pocket-handkerchiefs; and embers, and set his supper before him. King Mumbo Jumbo may reduce his reThe rites of hospitality thus performed bellious locks to subjection with a Yankee toward a stranger in distress, that sav- currycomb; but these, our desert flowage angel, pointing to the mat, and assur- ers, are All Right, De Sauty! ing him that he might sleep there with

* Leigh Hunt.



There is a lady in this case.

telegraph-wire when the insulation is perFor three days she had sat opposite me fect. I looked up, and detected a pink at the table of the pleasantest of White flush making its way browward on the Mountain resorts, (of course I give no lovely countenance across the table. hint as to which that is,- tastes differ,) " I beg your pardon,” said I, with much and I had gradually become enthralled. Her beauty was dazzling, and her name “ It was my fault, Sir; excuse me," was Tarlingford. For the first of these said she, permitting the pink flush to items, I was indebted to my own intelli- deepen, rosily. gence; for the second to the hotel regis- Shall I pass you the buttered toast ? " ter, which also informed me that she was said I. from New York.

Muslins, if you please,” said she, and I, too, had come from New York ;- a so sweetly that I was blinded to the abcoincidence too startling to be calmly sence of sugar in my second cup of cofoverlooked.

fee. Our acquaintance began oddly. One I was confused by this incident. Many morning, at breakfast, I was musing over men would have concealed their disquiea hard-boiled egg, and wondering if I tude by an affectation of sudden appetite, could perforate her affections with any- or by bullying the waiter, or by abrupt thing like the success which had followed departure from the scene. I did neither. my fork as it penetrated the shell before I felt I had a right to be confused, and I me, when I felt a timid touch upon my gloried in it. toe, thrilling me from end to end like a Very soon Miss Tarlingford withdrew,

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and I experienced an aching void within, and a vacuum began to come under my which chops and fritters had no power to waistcoat. replenish.

For three blissful days Miss TarlingI opened a chambermaid's heart with ford and I were seldom separated. Her a half-dollar, and the treasures of her sister, a pale, sedate maiden, of amiable knowledge were revealed to me. The

appearance, and her brother, a small, beauty and her party were to remain a rude boy, of intrusive habits and unfortnight. Among her companions there guarded speech, I consented to undergo, were no males, except a youthful irre- for the sake of conventional necessity. sponsibility. Exultemus !

To the mother of the Tarlingfords adLater in the morning I heard the tink- ditional respect seemed due, and was acling of the parlor pianoforte. Music has corded. soothing charms for me, though I have Three blissful days of sunshine, meadnot a savage breast. I drew near, and owy rambles, forest explorations, the found Miss Tarlingford tritling with the majestic tranquillity of Nature spiced keys,—those keys which lock together so with the sauce of flirtation, or something many chains of human sympathy. She stronger. Sometimes we took our mornrose, and gave out demonstrations of im- ing happiness on foot, sometimes our midpending disappearance. I interposed, — day ecstasy served up on horseback, some

“ Pray, continue. I am famished for times our evening rapture in an open music, and came specially to listen.” wagon at two forty. “ It is hardly worth while.”

The puerile Tarlingford, interfering at “ How can you say so? It is I who first, was summarily crushed. Aspiring know best what I need.”

to equestrian distinctions, he wrought up* I will play for you, then."

on maternal indulgence, until, not withAnd she did. This was wonderful. out misgivings, maternal anxiety was stiUsually, a long and painful struggle fled, and, with injunctions that we should precedes feminine acquiescence, on such hover protectingly near him, he was sent occasions. Repeated refusals, declara- forth, a thorn in our sides. In half an tions of incapacity, partial consent vouch- hour he was accidentally remembered, safed and then waywardly withdrawn, and was found to be nowhere within view; poutings, head-tossings, feebler murmurs so we pursued our way, well pleased. He of disinclination, and final reluctant yield- had dropped quietly off, at the first caning form the fashionable order of proceed- ter, into a miry slough, and had returned ing. The charm of it all is, that the orig- sobbingly, covered with mortification and inal intention is the same as the ultimate mud, to the arms of his parent. Keen action. Whence, then, this folly? Hav- questioning at dinner was the result. ing been many times wretchedly bored " Why did you so neglect him ? ” deby this sort of thing, I was now corre- manded fond mamma, adding, reproachspondingly gladdened by the contrast. fully, “ The child's life might have been Miss Tarlingford played well, and I sacrificed.”

"Mother, we looked for him, and he Pretty well,” she answered, frankly; was gone. Why didn't he cry out ?” * but not so well as I could wish."

“ So I did," shouted this youth of open Shock Number Two. It is customary speech ; " but you two had your heads in good society for tolerable performers together, laughing and talking like anyto disavow all praises, (secretly yearn- thing, and couldn't hear, I suppose.” ing for more,) and to assail with invec- (With a juvenile sneer.) tive their own artistic accomplishments. “Oh, fie, Walter! Now I think you Here was a young lady who played well, were so frightened that you could not and had the hardihood to acknowledge speak.” it. This rather took away my breath, "I shall know better than to intrust


said so.



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