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what a year

saw at home, I kept him at home; but inal. Some of the most well-defined I took those occasions to go to Augusta men, who stand out most prominently myself. Finding myself often in his on the background of history, are in this vacant seat at these times, I watched

way stereoscopic men, who owe their the proceedings with a good deal of care ; distinct relief to the slight differences beand once was so much excited that I de- tween the doubles. All this I know. My livered my somewhat celebrated speech present suggestion is simply the great exon the Central School District question, tension of the system, so that all public a speech of which the “ State of Maine" machine-work may be done by it. printed soine extra copies. I believe But I see I loiter on my story, which is there is no formal rule permitting stran- rushing to the plunge. Let me stop an gers to speak; but no one objected. instant more, however, to recall, were it

Dennis himself, as I said, never spoke only to myself, that charming year while at all. But our experience this session led all was yet well. After the double had me to think, that, if, by some such“ gen- become a matter of course, for neareral understanding” as the reports speak ly twelve months before he undid me, of in legislation daily, every member of

it was! Full of active life, Congress might leave a double to sit full of happy love, of the hardest work, through those deadly sessions and an- of the sweetest sleep, and the fulfilment swer to roll-calls and do the legitimate of so many of the fresh aspirations and party-voting, which appears stereotyped dreains of boyhood! Dennis went to in the regular list of Ashe, Bocock, Black, every school-committee meeting, and sat etc., we should gain decidedly in work- through all those late wranglings which ing-power. As things stand, the saddest

used to keep me up till midnight and State prison I ever visit is that Repre- awake till morning. He attended all sentatives' Chamber in Washington. If the lectures to which foreign exiles sent a man leaves for an hour, twenty “cor- me tickets begging me to come for the respondents” may be howling, “ Where love of Heaven and of Bohemia. He was Mr. Pendergrast when the Oregon accepted and used all the tickets for bill passed ?” And if poor Pendergrast charity concerts which were sent to me. stays there! Certainly, the worst use you He appeared everywhere where it was can make of a man is to put him in specially desirable that “our denominaprison !

tion," or our party," or our class," or I know, indeed, that public men of the our family,” or “our street,” or “our highest rank bave resorted to this expe- town,” or “our county,” or our State," dient long ago. Dumas's novel of the should be fully represented. And I fell “ Iron Mask” turns on the brutal impris- back to that charming life which in boyonment of Louis the Fourteenth's double. hood one dreams of, when he supposes There seems little loubt, in our own his- he shall do his own duty and make his tory, that it was the real General Pierce own sacrifices, without being tied up with who shed tears when the delegate from those of other people. My rusty SanLawrence explained to him the suffer- skrit, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, ings of the people there,- and only Gen- French, Italian, Spanish, German, and eral Pierce's double who had given the English began to take polish. Heavens! orders for the assault on that town, which how little I had done with them while was invaded the next day. My charm- I attended to my public duties! My calls ing friend, George Withers, has, I am on my parishioners became the friendly, almost sure, a double, who preaches his frequent, homelike sociabilities they were afternoon sermons for him. This is the meant to be, instead of the hard work of reason that the theology often varies so a man goaded to desperation by the sight from that of the forenoon. But that of his lists of arrears. And preaching ! double is almost as charming as the orig- what a luxury preaching was when I

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had on Sunday the whole result of an cause he once, in a real exigency, did individual, personal week, from which to the right thing, in the right way, at the speak to a people whom all that week I right time, as no other man could do it. had been meeting as hand-to-hand friend! In the world's great football match, the I never tired on Sunday, and was in con- ball by chance found him loitering on the dition to leave the sermon at home, if I outside of the field; he closed with it, chose, and preach it extempore, as all camped” it, charged it home, – yes, men should do always. Indeed, I won- right through the other side, – not disder, when I think that a sensible people, turbed, not frightened by his own success, like ours,— really more attached to their ---and breathless found himself a great clergy than they were in the lost days, man,- as the Great Delta rang applause. when the Mathers and Nortons were But he did not find himself a rich man ; noblemen,- should choose to neutralize and the football has never come in his so much of their ministers' lives, and de- way again. From that moment to this stroy so much of their early training, by moment he has been of no use,

that one this undefined passion for seeing them can see, at all. Still, for that great act in public. It springs from our balancing we speak of Isaacs gratefully and rememof sects. If a spirited Episcopalian takes ber hiin kindly; and he forges on, hoping an interest in the alms-house, and is put to meet the football somewhere again. on the Poor Board, every other denomi- In that vague hope, he had arranged a nation must have a minister there, lest “movement” for a general organization the poor-house be changed into St. Paul's of the human family into DebatingCathedral. If a Sandemanian is chosen Clubs, County Societies, State Unions, president of the Young Men's Library, etc., etc., with a view of inducing all there must be a Methodist vice-president children to take hold of the handles of and a Baptist secretary. And if a Uni- their knives and forks, instead of the versalist Sunday-School Convention col- metal. Children have bad habits in that lects five hundred delegates, the next way. The movement, of course, was abCongregationalist Sabbath-School Con- surd; but we all did our best to forward, ference must be as large, “lest 'they'- not it, but him. It came time for the whoever they may be -should think annual county-meeting on this subject to 'we'- whoever we may be — are going be held at Naguaclavick. Isaacs came down."

round, good fellow! to arrange for it,Freed from these necessities, that hap- got the town-hall, got the Governor to py year, I began to know my wife by preside, (the saint !-- he ought to have sight. We saw each other sometimes. triplet doubles provided him by law,) In those long mornings, when Dennis and then came to get me to speak. “ No," was in the study explaining to map-ped- I said, “ I would not speak, if ten Goverdlers that I had eleven maps of Jerusa- nors presided. I do :.ot believe in the lem already, and to school-book agents enterprise. If I spoke, it should be to that I would see them banged before I say children should take hold of the would be bribed to introduce their text- prongs of the forks and the blades of books into the schools,—she and I were the knives. I would subscribe ten dolat work together, as in those old dreamy lars, but I would not speak a mill.” So days, -- and in these of our log-cabin poor Isaacs went his way, sailly, to coax again. But all this could not last,- and Auchmuty to speak, and Delafield. I at length poor Dennis, my double, over- went out. Not long after, he came back, tasked in turn, undid me.

and told Polly that they had promised to It was thus it happened. — There is speak,—the Governor would speak,-ånd an excellent fellow,-once a minister,—I he himself would close with the quarterly will call him Isaacs, — who deserves well report, and some interesting anecdotes of the world till he dies, and after, — be- regarding Miss Billin's way of handling her knife and Mr. Nellis's way of footing well to call for me, and peeped out, “Inghis fork. “ Now if Mr. Ingham will only ham!” A few more wretches cried, “Ingcome and sit on the platform, he need ham! Ingham!”

Still Isaacs was firm; not say one word; but it will show well but the Governor, anxious, indeed, to in the paper,-- it will show that the San

prevent a row, knew I would say somedemanians take as much interest in the thing, and said, “ Our friend Mr. Ingmovement as the Armenians or the Mes- ham is always prepared, — and though opotamians, and will be a great favor we had not relied upon him, he will say to me.” Polly, good soul! was tempted, a word, perhaps." Applause followed, and she promised. She knew Mrs. Isaacs which turned Dennis's head. He rose, was starving, and the babies,- she knew fluttered, and tried No. 3: “ There has Dennis was at home, - and she promis- been so much said, and, on the whole, ed! Night came, and I returned. 'I so well said, that I will not longer occuheard her story. I was sorry. I doubted. py the time !” and sat down, looking for But Polly had promised to beg me, and his hat; for things seemed squally. But I dared all! I told Dennis to hold his the people cried, “ Go on! go on!” and peace, under all circumstances, and sent some applauded. Dennis, still confused, him down.

but flattered by the applause, to which It was not half an hour more before he neither he nor I are used, rose again, returned, wild with excitement, - in a and this time tried No. 2: “I am very perfect Irish fury, — which it was long glad you liked it!” in a sonorous, clear before I understood. But I knew at once delivery. My best friends stared. All that he had undone me!

the people who did not know me personWhat happened was this. — The audi- ally yelled with delight at the aspect of ence got together, attracted by Governor the evening; the Governor was beside Gorges's name. There were a thousand himself, and poor Isaac's thought he was people. Poor Gorges was late from Au- undone! Alas, it was I! A boy in the gusta. They became impatient. Ile gallery cried in a loud tone, " It's all an came in direct from the train at last, re- infernal humbug," just as Dennis, wavally ignorant of the object of the meeting. ing his hand, commanded silence, and He opened it in the fewest possible words, tried No. 4: “I agree, in general, with and said other gentlemen were present my friend the other side of the room.” who would entertain them better than The poor Governor doubted his senses, he. The audience were disappointed, and crossed to stop him,- not in time, but waited. The Governor, prompted by however. The same gallery-boy shouted, Isaacs, said, “ The Honorable Mr. Dela- “How's your mother?” — and Dennis, field will address you.” Delafield had now completely lost, tried, as his last shot, forgotten the knives and forks, and was No. 1, vainly: “ Very well, thank you; playing the Ruy Lopez opening at the and you ? ” chess-club. “ The Rev. Mr. Auchmuty I think I must have been undone alwill address you.” Anchmuty had prom- ready. But Dennis, like another Lockised to speak late, and was at the school- hard, chose “to make sieker.” The aucommittee. “ I see Dr. Stearns in the hall; dience rose in a whirl of amazement, perhaps he will say a world.” Dr. Stearns rage, and sorrow.

Some other impertisaid he had come to listen and not to nence, aimed at Dennis, broke all respeak. The Governor and Isaacs whis- straint, and, in pure Irish, he delivered pered. The Governor looked at Dennishimself of an address to the gallery, inwho was resplendent on the platform; viting any person who wished to fight to but Isaacs, to give him his due, shook come down and do so.-- stating, that they his head. But the look was enough. A we

were all dogs and cowards and the sons miserable lail, ill-bred, who had once of dogs and cowards,- that he would take been in Boston, thought it would sound any five of them single-handed. “Shure, VOL. IV.


I have said all his Riverence and the tion now for years ; - but I shall not Misthress bade me say,” cried he, in defi- be likely ever to show my head there ance; and, seizing the Governor's cane again. from his hand, brandished it, quarter- No! My double has un lone me. staff fashion, above his head. He was, We left town at seven the next morn. indeed, got from the hall only with the ing. I came to No. 9, in the Third Range, greatest difficulty by the Governor, the and settled on the Minister's Lot. In the City Marshal, who had been called in, new towns in Maine, the first settled minand the Superintendent of my Sunday- ister has a gift of a hundred acres of School.

land. I am the first settled minister in The universal impression, of course, No. 9. My wife and little Paulina are was, that the Rev. Frederic Ingham had my parish. We raise corn enough to lost all command of himself in some of live on in summer. We kill bear's meat those haunts of intoxication which for enough to carbonize it in winter.' I work fifteen years I have been laboring to de- on steadily on my “ Traces of Sandestroy. Till this moment, indeed, that is manianism in the Sixth and Seventh the impression in Naguadavick. This Centuries,” which I hope to persuade number of the “ Atlantie” will relieve Phillips, Sampson, & Co. to publish next from it a hundred friends of mine who year. We are very happy, but the world have been sadly wounded by that no- thinks we are undone.


A star into our twilight fell,

'Mong peasant homes in vales remote ; Men marvelled not till all the dell

Was waked as by a bugle-note.

They wondered at the wild-eyed boy,

And drank his song like draughts of wine;
And yet, amid their new-born joy,

They bade him tend the herds and swine.

But he knew neither swine nor herds,

His shepherd soul was otherwhere;
The flocks he tended were the birds,

And stars that fill the folds of air.

To sweeter song the wind would melt

That fanned him with its perfumed wing;
Flowers thronged his path as if they felt

The warm and flashing feet of Spring.

The brooklet flung its ringlets wide,

And leapt to him, and kept his pace,-
Sang when he sang, and when he sighed,

Turned up to him its starry face.

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